Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Arab American Community Coalition and the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee on the Seattle Shooting 

Howie has the whole statement.

Violence against anyone because of ethnicity or religion does not advance the cause of peace, justice and liberation in Lebanon, Palestine or Israel. Attacks on civilians must stop in Gaza, Beirut, Haifa, and certainly in downtown Seattle.


I'm sorry I'd missed it before, but wow!

Let me suggest that the President who started the war in Iraq based on false information, the President that mishandled Hurricane Katrina relief, the President who has created the largest deficit in the history of the solar system, is not entitled by any law, religion, morality, ethics or common sense to dictate to the American people one sense of morality, much less any others.

Oh please 

Please please please Ted Stevens should totally be on the Daily Show. And if he could talk about how much he hates Cantwell, that would be nice.

The Chief Political Justice 

Dan Savage resolves any questions that we had about Washington Chief Justice Gerry Alexander's gay marriage decision.

It is sad watching an old man who will do anything to hold on to power.

Who Filed 

The mostly complete list is on line for state and national candidates.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday Island Blogging 

The Jesus Barn

Angry with Israel 


Matt Rosenberg's Kind of Democrat 

So I was going to post this up with this week's podcast, but sadly, the podcast was destroyed. Still, good enough on its own I think.

On this week's podcast, Bob Ferguson showed up mid recording and said what may have been one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. He said that the reason the 32nd Dems endorsed him because he was the liberal. That must be why they also endorsed Maggie Fimia. They only take liberals! Maggie Fimia who 3 years earlier was being courted by the Republicans to make a switch (although, to her credit, she didn't). By the by, how's that working out, 32nd District Democrats/city of Shoreline? I mentioned a Sharkansky endorsement, but through lazy research, I'm going with the first post by an SPer that I could find and it was Rosenberg explaining how he's not like Ron Sims or Larry Phillips. And approvingly linking to an article that says he might weaken Democrats. Hey! Rosenberg got one right. Can we get an actual liberal Democrat in that seat? Or at least have a re-vote of that one, please?

The Republicans have made clear for at least a decade that they don't like democracy. Anybody who watched them impeach President Clinton for not losing to Bob Dole should know that. Anybody who remembers Florida in 2000 or the hours long lines outside the Democratic precincts in Ohio last cycle knows why the Republicans want an elected head of an elections office. Anybody who watched as the Republicans desperately tried to steal the election right here in 2004 know they were demanding that our Secretary of State act as partisan as those. If they can't have it on the state level, they'll take it in the largest county.

Serious people have stopped taking Sharkansky and the Republican party seriously on elections. But reporters will have to once again quote their lies when this comes up on the ballot. And the Republicans will use Ferguson for cover. And if the stupid idea passes and we do have an election, the Republican candidate will keep up the lies and the media will be obligated to report it.

Aging Hippie Fest 

Looks like the Darcy Burner/Stephen Stills event was a hoot for everybody but Dean who's caught staring at his watch in the first picture.

Homo Nups 

At least our supreme court made crazy people happy.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

For Those of you 

Who think that the Democrats are monolithic. Those who came to the party recently and have seen us all get behind Cantwell. Maybe you were Nader supporters who understand that we have to win elections. Maybe you're new to party politics. But you've seen most of us older hats at politics go to the mat for Cantwell.

One of the people I've been linking to the most about Cantwell is Shaun. If anybody thinks that we're a monolith, you should really should check out both our arguments online: most recently here about the King County Ken Blackwell amendment. And even moreso you should have been at the 32nd in the 1990's and early this decade. Shaun was the chair for part of that time and I was part of an insurgent faction (is insurgent the wrong word if we're in the middle of an actual insurgency?) (and is faction the right word if I was under 18 for most of that time, and as such not technically a part of the party?).

We ran a few people against the incumbents including Carolyn Edmonds who won. And some folks who didn't. Anyway, we disagreed about a lot of things, as do pretty much every party org with more than a handful of people. We were on different sides of many an issue and chose many different candidates. We had heated and intense debates.

But we're all Democrats. We all have some basic understandings of what we want from the country, the state, and the county that allow us to debate the specifics.

Johnson for Supreme Court 



A friend of a friend was going to have a party for coming back after a year in Baghdad. I guess that's on hold now.


What's new is that agreeing with Tim Eyman is so embarrassing now that it hurts right winger's credibility when talking about him to their rightwing audience.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

From ERW 

Because it beats sleeping, here's an email from Equal Rights Washington.

A deeply divided Washington State Supreme Court has just upheld the state’s law that bans marriage equality. One thing the justices agreed upon is that the legislature has the power to protect gay and lesbian families and even grant full marriage rights. Now is the time to continue the discussion about gay and lesbian families with our legislators.

Please click on the link below to let your legislators and Governor know that you support gay and lesbian families and want to be part of this vital and timely discussion.


We recognize that many people are angry about the court’s decision. Now, however, we must focus on entering into constructive dialogue with our legislators. Whether you are gay or straight, we urge you to take a moment to express in personal terms why you support full equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals.

Please click on the link below to let your legislators know that you support gay and lesbian families.


Disappointed as we are in the court case today, we are resolute in our commitment to achieving full equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals and families. We will prevail. And we wish to thank clergy people and all our straight allies who have been so wonderful in the aftermath of the decision in promising to support the LGBT community.

Moving forward,

Barbara Green

Executive Director

Equal Rights Washington

Please Take Action and Forward to Your Friends and Family


I really need to get some sleep, but man oh man, I can't wait for one of them to win the primary so we can focus on races that aren't 99% to go the right way.

Go Through the Legislature 

Time to build support for the gay marriage in the legislature. Not sure what the margin is, but I'm 1-1 in the prediction department when the podcast comes out.

... And Will was right, 5-4.

...Here's the decision. A concurrence. And three dissents.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Bit Late 

Archbishop Brunett waited until the court was about to rule on if the state needed marriage equality before he decided to weigh in.

I Miss Carolyn Edmonds 

Does anybody else believe that if Ferguson was from East King County instead of Seattle that he'd be running as a Republican without actually changing any of his views? I know some readers supported him and I'm genuinely interested if this sort of thing plays well for y'all.

Drinking Liberally 

At the Montlake Ale House tonight. Also, rumor has it that there's one on the other side of the Cascades every week.


The Daily Score has some reading for you.


Always good to write letters.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Bio-fuels in the Northwest 


Puget Sound Energy Foundation 


GET thee to a University 

The U.W. could use some money if it's going to have tuition at anything approaching reasonable.

My Favorite Sentence Ever 

When we had Dan Savage on the podcast a while ago, we talked about Sharkansky for a moment (I'm too lazy to listen right now, I still haven't had time to listen to the boomer podcast at this point. So this is from memory.). Savage said that he'd hired Sharkansky because of several traits including that he was a good writer. Of course my first thought was "". Anyway, I thought of that when I read this sentence: "As with every other post that appears here, whether written by me or anybody else, Eric was speaking only for himself." So remember kids, when Stefan Sharkansky writes something it's Eric speaking only for himself. When Rosenberg writes something it's Eric speaking for himself, but it's very well written.

Anyway, just to repeat "As with every other post that appears here, whether written by me or anybody else, Eric was speaking only for himself."



Sunday, July 23, 2006

American Flags 

Obviously, Lebanese Americans, and people who want peace over there hate America. It's just like all those immigrants waving flags in the rallies a few months ago. The more flags they have, the more they're against the country. Or something. Oh, and this lady is about to burn hers. It's the only explanation that will satisfy Sound Politics.

I Don't Know How You're Supposed to Pronounce it 

But whenever I see Tim Eyman's latest initiative, I think "yacht Connecticut". Is there a proper way pronounce YATDCT? Because I'd hate to look foolish when I go around saying I hate the yacht Connecticut initiative.

The Smoking Ban 

The smoke filled rooms have been replaced by Tully's. I blame the smoking ban.

State Issues 

I can understand why people running for federal office refuse to answer state questions (although, I think it provides an insight into their character, so they probably should). But this exchange with Josh Feit seems over the top.
JF: Here in Washington state, the legislature passed a gay civil rights bill last spring. Do you support that bill?

MM: I have my hands full with federal issues. I do not and will not talk about state issues. Because, I’m working at the federal level. I’ve got my hands full.

JF: But surely you have an opinion…

MM: Again, you can look at my record at Safeco to understand that Safeco was a very welcoming employer and had very generous and very aggressively non-discriminatory benefits.

JF: So, Tim Eyman tried to get an initiative on the ballot to repeal [the gay civil rights bill]. Would you have voted for that?

MM: Again, I’ve been asked about the gas tax last year. I’m now being asked about this. I’ll be asked about other things. I do not comment on state initiatives because I’m focused on the federal issues. There’s plenty of issues to ask me about all day long. And by the way, the precedent for that was set by Scoop and Maggie. [Former Washington Senators Henry “Scoop” Jackson & Warren G. Magnuson].

JF: The precedent for not answering…[McGavick’s eyes darkened]… questions?…

MM: You can think it’s funny, I think it’s appropriate. As a senate leader working on federal issues to not wander into every state issue going on at the legislature…

JF: I’m just curious what you believe. I mean, you’re a Washingtonian. I’m a Washingtonian. This one issue is raging in our state. I want to know what you think about it.

MM: There are lots of issues that I will be able to affect as your Senator. So, let’s talk about them.
He could have spent less time on the subject if he'd just answered the question instead of saying that Maggie wouldn't have answered the question. Coming as it does from someone who helped defeat Maggie, it rings even more hollow.

But then he goes on to say he'd be in favor of a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage if the State Supreme Court overturned the state ban. I mean think of that for a minute: There already is a state who's supreme court has implemented gay marriage. So if it's just a federal issue, then he should already support the hate amendment. But if it's a local issue, then he shouldn't get involved. By his logic, the only people who have any right to vote for the hate amendment are Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. And maybe the senators from the states with civil unions.

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