Saturday, July 15, 2006


Dan Savage thinks that if you go to prison for tax evasion, it's crazy to call you mobbed up. Even if you want to overturn the 4 foot rule, it doesn't mean all your allies are on the side of angels.

Also, prostitution is the criminal activity most likely to happen at strip clubs. That can't be a surprise, can it?

Chapter 11 

The Bishop of Spokane lets us know what's up.

Did Reichert Raise Any Non Bush Money? 

Holy chimps! You'd think being a sitting Congressman and having the President come to town would be better for you than that.

...Pretty good idea to recommend this diary.

Ken is Super Excited 

That Bill Richardson is coming to town. I can't make the shinn diggs because of real life related program activities, but it should be a hoot.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Island Blogging 


CEO-speak freed from the constraints of possible inquiry by shareholders 


FYI, I'm not sure I agree with Randy's final assessment. While I agree that most of that paragraph is insane, it's tough to take "let the University of Washington and Washington State University operate more privately," as anything but privatization. I mean making something more private is kinda the definition of privatization.

I suspect that like Bush and Social Security, privatization of some of our most cherished public institutions didn't sit well when he got called on it. So he decided a better word was needed. Or in Mike!'s case, no word and pretending he never said it. The point is give him power and he'll work to make the U.W. less publicly accountable. And probably other institutions too. Run it more like Enron!


Earlier today (approximately 9:43:07 am) someone in Seattle, was already bored with work, and decided to check out the Political Report. That person was the 100,000th visit to ye' olde Political Report. I know, it's a small number compared to the big boys, but it's totally righteous that enough of y'all stop by and read this dang thing.

Barb Chamberlain 

The Spokane County Young Democrats have got some details on her run for County Commissioner.

The "N" 

And the "o"

Keep it 

There is a rule that the Washington Health Care Facilities Authority, who give non-taxable loans to non-profits. But they have to explain where the money is going. Now, we're moving toward, do whatever you want with the money. It's pretty scary.

"It seems like a basic thing," said Will Pittz of Citizen Action, a consumer group that wants to save the reporting requirement.

"There are nonprofit hospitals out there that tend to act like large corporations," he said. "They need to be accountable for those charitable purposes."

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Stop Electing Judges! 

Holy shit! At the least, we need to get the money out of these races. My only advice is if you get one of them coming to your door, lie to them, and at least have them drop off some literature. I mean, I haven't seen anything that slick in legislative races.

Rick Larsen 

I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

That's Expensive Gas? 

The good people of Whatcom County should come to Vashon.

Burn Through 

The Q2 Senate fundraising numbers are out. Cantwell raised $2 million, and has $6.4 on hand. Mike! raised $1.7 million and has about $1 million on hand. But the funny thing is that he's raised all told $4.4 million. I mean that's quite the burn through rate. Sure, he'll have all that Safeco money if he can get within striking distance. But it is interesting that he doesn't seem to know the value of a dollar.

I haven't looked into the specifics yet, and I don't plan on it. But, it would be interesting to see what's burning through all that scratch. And how well he'll do now that Cantwell is spending money.

Price Fixing 

Finally McKenna does something right.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Big Boxes 

Go Spokane! That would be totally rad.

Is This Mike On? 

Good stuff even if the intro is too long.

9-11 Changed Everything 

In this week's podcast, there's a bit where I go off on what's different between not only Lieberman and Cantwell (and there's plenty) but also between Washington and Connecticut. And I think one of the critical things is that Connecticut necessarily has a more visceral reaction to Bush's fucking up post 9-11.

If you're from Connecticut, you probably have many fewer degrees of separation from someone who died, someone who was there, someone who didn't know if their father or husband was going to come home. Probably closer to a rescue worker who went down there on mutual aid.

For them to see Bin Laden get away and Lieberman be pro getting distracted in Iraq is simply a bigger deal than it is for us in Washington. It's not theoretical to them.

When the worst thing that happened to Washingtonians is that Boeing had to let some people go, it isn't on the same level as realizing the guy you rode the train with from Greenwich to Downtown isn't coming back because he worked for Cantor Fitz. It isn't the same as knowing someone who lost Mom. And even if Cantwell and Lieberman had acted the same, it would be 100 times worse for them, so it's 100 times tougher to gain traction. If you or your friends work in a building that obviously should be a landmark, but isn't because they were too interested in the world's largest lava lamp, and your Senator didn't do anything, it's different there than here.

If you've experienced firsthand what thousands of dead means, and you see your Senator not caring about collateral damage, it's a bit different from anything most Washingtonians could feel.

Sorry for this abrupt transition, but in the podcast, I also mention my tie and hat: I'm wearing my Atrios shirt, Kos Tie, and Media Whores Online hat. You can see it here, although I should point out that I don't wear a hat indoors unless I'm posing for a picture.

Hey George - STFU! 

A Washington blogger named George inserted an anti-Cantwell post at Skippy. Here was my comment to George:
Well, George, you can work to elect Mike! McGavick if you want. But those of us who are Democrats and who support the Democratic Party wish that you would just shut the fuck up.
Encouraging Cantwell's defeat is not an acceptible goal for a real Democrat.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Shaun fact checks DINS Tim Sheldon.

Too Funny 

Not Washington State, but Mmm... Peach Mint Tea.

Via digby

Hey People Who Can't Sing 

Please make Simon Cowell miserable.


Hey, great diary on Kos, go recommend.

I found money from Bob Ney. That info is on the Democratic congressional campaign committee site. But I found more.
RICHPAC, Pombo's PAC shared its wealth - $5000, some of which is Abramoff money. Roy Blunt's PAC, Rely On Your Beliefs, ponied up $5000, with more Abramoff money. And then there's John Doolittle's (takes a little more looking) Superior Leadership for CA PAC. This includes money from Brent Wilkes (friend of Duke), Tony Rudy (big Friend of Jack - FOJ), and other FOJs from the Alexander Strategy Group.
And our littlegirlnextdoor was happy to take it all. She even posed for a picture in a taxpayer paid mailer with a Wendy's restaurant sign in the background. She got $5000 from Wendy's International Inc PAC.
Also, interestingly, number five on her list of top contributors' zip codes is Bentonville, Arkansas - Walmart money. $13,068 - a lot of money for such a small town girl (The Center for Responsive Politics, opensecrets.org). Number nine is also from out-of-state.
There's more, and I haven't stopped looking.

Drinking Liberally 

At the Montlake Ale House tonight. I'll be dressed in both Kos and Atrios colors.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Lefty Blogs 

Hey, it's been over a year since I've been listed. It seems like just yesterday. And yes, I'm very proud of the fact that I have the most posts. And probably the lowest post to word word to post ratio too, but since they don't say the number of words, that's just a guess.

{Open Thread} 

30 Mile Fire 

4 years ago, today, 4 wildland firefighters lost their lives in the Okanogan National Forest.


Shaun has a longish post defending her, and it's always nice to see. There really has been a great conversation going on over at Upper Left, on the main page an in the comments, of late on what it means to support her and why some of us do and some don't.

Million Dollar Darcy 

The Seatimes reports that the Darcy Burner campaign has now raised over a million dollars in her campaign to eradicate The Reicherthole.

Bush's War 

It diminishes Bush's culpability in lying the country to war and stubbornly refusing to do anything to do it well when you put Cantwell in the same category.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


I think CitizenSteve just coined a phrase.

More Wilson 

Than you could possibly ever want or need.

What Do We Pay Them For 


Yay Italy 

OK, this is the last World Cup post for 4 years. Enjoy a blog about Washington State Politics. And enjoy the Zidane headbutt over and over again!


Can we please do something about this?

Washington state ranked sixth in the nation in money spent to lobby state legislators, according to a comparison the watchdog group Center for Public Integrity did last year.
But I think my old Senator hits the chord about right, while Mike Hewitt is a WATB:

Sen. Darlene Fairley, a Democrat from Lake Forest Park, said she generally doesn’t have a problem with the wining and dining. She doesn’t get out much herself but worries some of her colleagues take it too far when the Legislature is in session.

“I’ve heard some senators say … that they never have to fix dinner because they go out every night with lobbyists. Fine, but after awhile don’t you think you owe them?” she said.

She said some think it is a “perk of being a senator.”

Fairley mentioned Senate Minority Leader Mike Hewitt as among those who often dine with lobbyists. Hewitt said that, as leader of the Republicans in the Senate, people constantly want to meet with him. He said most of his lunches are taken up with Republican caucus business.

“Really, the only time I have available is in the evenings,” said Hewitt, who is from Walla Walla. “That’s when people tend to get on my schedule.”

Hewitt said the role of lobbyists is to give information on each side of an issue. He said he doesn’t have a prob-lem with a lobbyist picking up a meal tab.

“Anybody who thinks they can buy your vote with a dinner is simply not well-informed,” Hewitt said.

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