Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dear Mike!; 

So, I know you can't be responsible for everything that your supporters do. But, I do think it's interesting that Rudy Giuliani has picked you to support, the way he picked Bernard Kerik. Of course, if you keep taking money from his pac, I'll assume you're pro corrupt police. At the very least, you have a duty to ask about how much of a hand he had in his Police Commissioner's crimes.


Carl Ballard

PS, kisses doesn't mean that I want to have a dalliance with you in a penthouse for rescue workers. I mean, if you're Kerikesque, you might think about that.

...Edited and sent

No On 933 

Don't forget communities and neighborhoods.

Number Two 


Friday, June 30, 2006

I Prefer Liberal, Myself 

But whatever you want to call us, Shaun and I do like her. I flirted with the idea of opposing her in the primary because of her position in the war. But I'd always liked her. And I had always been excited about her in the general. And now, I like her position on the war (although, it could be better). But remember, she is definitely liked by many liberals, and with good reason.

Friday Island Blogging 


Mike! is "For" Ending Social Security 

David Postman comes close to getting a straight answer.
For now, McGavick seems like he just wants the issue to go away. He told Postman that on Social Security he wants "to get this out of the political world and into a thoughtful space."[link]
I'm guessing that the "thoughtful space" isn't located between Mike!'s ears.

Running Clean 

Craig Salins of, Washington Public Campaigns, has an interesting post up at Evergreen Politics.

Darryl is Old 

And he wants cash.

You can't run them over 

A more speech solution is always better than violence. And the roads will be closed for the Nazi march at the capitol. Also: a comment thread more offensive than Goldy's!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Josh Discovers Mike! 

Josh Marshall has announced a contest to get Mike! McGavick to come clean on his support of the bush Maladministration's plan to kill Social Security:
So here's the deal. We're holding a contest to see who can get a straight answer out of Mike McGavick on Social Security -- against phase out or in favor of it. To the winner goes a special TPM 'Privatize This' t-shirt, a TPM mug and ... and a special place in our new TPM Hall of Social Security Heroes.
One of our loyal readers deservses this prize. After all, Mike! wouldn't lie to one of us. Now would he?

BRT and the 'Burbs 

Dan Savage is at it again on BRT. I can't say that I disagree with him from a Seattle standpoint, it would certainly be better to have something off grade. Or baring that more permanent. But Sims isn't the mayor, he's the King County exec. He has to tend to the suburbs too.

And, yes, Urban Archipelago, I understand. But what I found weakest about the U.A. argument was its discussion of the suburbs*. When you go North on Aurora or Lake City Way, you don't suddenly hit the exact same McMansions at 145th (or 85th if you're a purist) for 7 miles and then, instantly farm. Hell, the strip club is on the suburban side of 522. The same is true going South, only moreso. Hello White Center! Howyadoin Skyway? Supurb suburbs if ever there were any.

The point is one of the ways you grow the base is to urbanize the suburbs. And that brings me back to BRT. I love the bus only lanes on Bothell Way. Man, there's nothing like passing the snarl of traffic as you sit on the bus. Reading. Having a conversation. You look out and, "Ha! Suckers!" you think to yourself. That feeling is identifying with the cities more than the car centric exurbs and rural parts of the county and state. And that person understands that government worked for them that day. And they're more likely Democratic voters.

BRT works in areas that aren't dense enough for fixed mass transit, but can help push it that way.

*Also, sadly, this paragraph in retrospect:

The lesson is simple for urban residents: Seattle shouldn't cast its lot with the rest of the state. Rural and suburban voters have shown again and again that they aren't willing to fund urban infrastructure. Throughout Washington State, transportation taxes like 2002's Referendum 51 have tanked, while anti-transit measures like Tim Eyman's I-776 have passed overwhelmingly. While that might seem like grim news for cities like Seattle, there's a silver lining: When cities set their own transportation priorities, truly urban systems (like the monorail) get funded and built, while the suburban mega-highways that lard initiatives like R-51 go unfunded. We don't use suburban roads. We can let the suburbs figure out a way to pay for them.

Bad News From Stately Gates Manor 

Another Microsoft product that's getting delayed.


Also great on net neutrality. Although, I have fewer favorite Republicans than Lynn.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Snohomish PUD Wins Against Enron 

From Skippy:
"The Snohomish County Public Utility District does not have to pay more than $120 million for canceling its contract with bankrupt energy giant Enron Corp., federal regulators declared Wednesday.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said in a news release that it was denying Enron's claim because the company's "financial fraud induced Snohomish to enter into the contract."


"All this time, Snohomish County rate payers have had a big $120 million bill hanging over their head," Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., said Wednesday. "To finally get relief, it's a great victory."


"Their audiotapes became a path for helping to explain the books and the schemes," Cantwell said. "It was incredible investigative and legal work by a little utility."
Not that I expect any of this to show up in my electricity bill.

UPDATE: More here (with thanks to Will).

Better A Week Old Than Never 

I really like this picture. It's more than a week old, but I told Ellen I'd put a link to it and then it wasn't up the next day, and I just forgot until now. But anyway, I like how I look there. Also, not to date her or anything, but it's pretty amazing that I'm like a decade younger than Molly. You can use this as an open thread.

Brian Baird 

A worthy effort on Net Neutrality.

...Now with correct link


Doug Dawson is dead.


I've decided to not just on the blog, but in talking call this thing we post and comment on blogtopia because it's the best running gag in blogtopia and because yes! skippy coined that running gag! Oh and because it's shaped like a topia, not a sphere. Anyhoodle, I use it a couple times in the podcast this week but nobody else thought it was funny. I think it has to do with how green the other people are to writing blogs (except Joel, who doesn't write a blog at all). Anyway, no podcast next week as Tuesday is July 4.


Worst. News. Ever! It was really strange to live in Olympia and see them and Calvin Johnson, you know, around.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Got any help for Will?

Sadly Yes! 

Although totally tangential, I love it that Sadly No! mentioned Darcy Burner. Such is the power of the netroots.

A Good Fight 

I'm hoping we can beat back the estate tax repeal initiative. A part of me looks forward to these fights. Especially with a win at our backs. I think beating 912 and showing the legislature we've got its back may well embolden it to do good in the future.

With the estate tax specifically, we can (and should) frame it as elitist to want to repeal it. A defeat will send a signal that the citizens of Washington are OK with progressive taxation. That we'd rather educate our kids (such as we do) than give money to heiresses. Also, maybe it'll shut the Times Ed. Board up for a little while.

Of course there is a danger of losing this thing. Fortunately you can help out Permanent Defense. I can't find an official No campaign, is it online yet?

Drinking Liberally 

At the Montlake Ale House tonight. I'll head out there tonight if I can keep my eyes open.


Good news.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Is There Anything More Fun 

Than Daniel Lapin's continuing fall from his pearch?

I'd Like Some Steak Fajitas 

The sexy sexy sexy Edie Gillis (everyone who worked on or volunteered for the Cooper campaign deserves at least two sexys, especially me) draws up a great metaphor for the pharmacy board nonsense. And if you've got a spare $75, why don't you go sit at the table with her and Dean and other people willing to pay that kind of cash to get up early and listen to a panel on said pharmacy board craziness?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Warren Buffett 

He'll be giving most of his money to the Gates Foundation starting in July. This really is amazing. He'll be giving $37.4 Billion in Burkshire stock to 4 charities. The Gates Foundation is going to get $31 billion. I'm honestly thrilled. There may be diseases we can wipe out because of this.

Hey Ezra's Readers 

I'd have figured if one of Ezra's guests ever linked to me from his Tomorrow's Media Conspiracy Today it would have been Nick. No matter, I'm happy to say I still heart Cantwell.

High Capacity 

Bellevue is looking at the best way to have ST move folks East and West.

Good Show Goldstone 

I especially liked the part where you hung up on Peter Goldmark. And then where you let the same forced pregnancy lady who keeps calling in talk and talk and talk crazy. Anyway, you might want to let Shaun know that we're two different people. Even though he already knows it.

More on Cantwell and the Levin Amendment 

Here's the campaign blog on Maria Cantwell on the amendment.

Also, incidentally, is calling her Maria (as Andrea does after the first time when she uses the full name) a female thing? I mean other than Feinstein, most female senators get identified by their first name and not their last. But even the most personable of Democratic Men are identified by their last names (think Wellstone). I don't know, maybe I'm missing something. Maybe it's just a numbers game. There are several Bobs and Johns in the Senate but only one Maria and one Hillary. There are two Barbaras and I still hear Boxer referred to as Barbara a good amount of the time, though, so I don't know.


What Switzerblog said.

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