Saturday, June 17, 2006

Reading Comprehension 

Pajama Jihad skimmed one of my posts (4 paragraphs, one of them one sentence, ooh how tough to read) and didn't seem to understand it. His comments in red, mine in the normal black.

I've never been a fan of playing Eastern Washington against Western Washington or everyone against Seattle. Whatever flack I may throw at King County has more to do with the outrageous way it's used its government for partisan political purposes rather than anything inherent in it.

The Republican party has a big tent; it can, and does, cover Seattle just as well as it does Eastern Washington. Democrats, on the other hand, have a quite different solution: make the cities big enough to dictate terms to the rest of the state.

Your party gave up on Seattle decades ago. Like last cycle, we'll be contesting many more seats for the legislature than you. There are more Democrats elected in Eastern Washington than Republicans elected in Seattle.

Further, the states where cities "dictate terms" are the ones that are best off economically. They're also the most tolerant. King County, our most urban county has the greatest bond rating in the state.

Don't believe me? Ask left blogger Carl of Washington State Political Report. "[Y]ou don't need to win 3 counties to win this state . . . ," he said in a post describing his 3 county strategy for a Democrat victory. "What we have to do is grow the cities. We want to urbanize the suburbs of all those cities."

I didn't call it a 3 county strategy; Your hint should have been when I said "Will said that I had a 3 county strategy." Then your next hint should have been when I listed more than 3 counties. But Ferry County (population: less than my hometown) is less important than King County (population: more than 13 states).

It gets better, read on:

It does, I heart this paragraph:

Ultimately, rural Eastern Washington shit it's own bed. It's not up to Western Washington to unshit it. It's not up to Eastern Washington's cities to unshit their beds. It's not elitist to say that if you want us pay to unshit it, we get some disgression over how the unshitting is going to get done. It's not elitist that we want to scotch guard our own bed. Somebody needs to tell the people of rural Eastern Washington that, and it may as well be someone rural. And, yes, Will, Vashon is rural.

Well ain't that swell (and on a side note, why is it that lefty bloggers feel the need to swear like troopers?), the big city Democrats are going to tell us rural and suburban types how to fix all our problems. And they're not elitists. Right.

Well, I swear like a firefighter, because I am a firefighter. The better question is why do the Republicans not want to use a good metaphor just because it uses a swear word?

I don't speak for "big city Democrats" as I haven't lived in the big city since I was 10. I do speak as someone (but not for everybody) who grew up in the close in suburbs, as someone who has lived in smaller urban areas, and someone who lives in rural King County. I did in the post (where you quoted!) make a distinction between rural Eastern and Western Washington. Rural Western Washington doesn't revel in it's inability to fund anything and call us elitist for not giving them all of our money.

They can act as self-righteous as they like about paying to fix rural problems; I'd like to see how they'd cope if those hicks they despise stopped sending them meat and produce. Good luck eating concrete and asphalt, bud.

I assume I'm bud here and the rest of the paragraph is just PJacking off. So again, I am rural. My previous residence WAS A PIG FARM, you elephant shit for brains.

But Monsanto is more efficient than having thousands small farmers. Urban Democrats, stupidly, feel the need to save you from yourselves and fight corporate farming. I don't care what one of those two I get my meat and produce from. I don't care how many Eastern Washington small farms die out. I don't care that taxing districts whose residents took the lead in the tax revolt are the ones that will be going bankrupt. I don't care if your children can't get an education because your school district closes down. I don't care if your can't get water because your water district can't operate.

Republicans understand that we need to have a holistic view of the state. Rural problems affect more than just the people who live out there, and urban issues aren't just urban issues. We need all of them: urban areas, suburbs and rural areas.

But you've given up on Seattle. And the smaller cities are the ones getting hurt worse because of rural Eastern Washington greed. Spokane and the Tri-Cities are hit harder than Seattle, and my point was that as a state, that policy is both retarded and elitist.

Democrat's problem is that we're too sympathetic to small farmers. For example, the last legislature passed a biofuels package. It should have been a renewable fuel package. In the short term there isn't much of a difference, but over the long run, it'll hinder technology (created in the cities, most likely) moving beyond slash and corn. We did this out of a misplaced effort to save farmers. But we aren't going to be able to eat the fuels. And we aren't going to get any rural Eastern Washington votes out of it, because, apparently we're elitist for not just giving y'all shitloads of money and shutting up.

Each area has unique problems and requires unique solutions. A solution that fixes a problem in the city may not work in rural areas because the necessities of life there are different.

Fine, stop taking my money for your "solutions." Also, stop voting against allowing Sound Transit to do it's "solutions" as rural Washington did.

Allowing one region to dictate the way things are going to be to the others is foolish and dangerous. The founding fathers of our nation understood this and created a bicameral legislature in which the more populous states held greater sway in the House of Representatives, but each state was represented equally in the Senate.

Yeah, after slavery, the undemocratic setup of the Senate was their biggest fuckup. At least we solved half of it with a Constitutional amendment, and not an epic civil war. Also, what's the deal with the Tuesday after the first Monday? Oh well, we got a totally kick-ass bill of rights, that more than makes up for the bad parts.

The founders of Washington State did not follow that example, and so we're left with a situation where "you don't need to win 3 counties to win this state."

Well I said that about Cantwell specifically, who won in the undemocratic institution you were praising a second ago. And it would have been so much more balanced if a county with less than 10,000 people had the same sway as a county with over a million and a half. Way to not be eleitist.

God help us all if the Democrats retain control of the state. I could do without their brand of urban despotism.

It's called democracy, look it up. Also, Western, and Urban Eastern Washington are giving you money, that's not despotism, it's very nice of us.

[ed. A Correction from friend Tim Goddard:
One historical quibble, which actually sheds a great deal of light on some
things: You wrote that "The founders of Washington State did not follow" the
example of the founders. But they did--State Senators used to be elected
from each county. Then came the Supreme Court's "one man, one vote"
declaration, declaring it unconstitutional for state constitutions to work
like the Federal constitution, which forced the new position on us, where
there is no fundamental difference in the makeup of our house & senate.

I only learned this recently--it's really a terrible thing. Even if the SC
should reverse that decision, the cities will never vote themselves out of
power, so we're stuck with the new system forever.

Sadly No! Your friend is an idiot. The relevant part of the state constitution has always read:

The house of representatives shall be composed of not less than sixty-three nor more than ninety-nine members. The number of senators shall not be more than one-half nor less than one-third of the number of members of the house of representatives. The first legislature shall be composed of seventy members of the house of representatives, and thirty-five senators.
You could look it up if not for that rural Eastern Washington education.

...A couple minor edits.

Seattle is Not New Orleans 

Our problem will never be a storm that's a few days out. So inadequate evacuation system isn't really a problem.

The Game 

Kells Noon today if I can keep my eyes open.

Some Seattle Liberal in the Huff Post 

Of course I mean Jim McDermott. (Take that Goldstien I didn't even mention your still illogically thesised post on the Huff Post, and not just because it's an embarrassment to common sense. Shit, why not say how Rove is for the first time targeting a Microsoft Exec named Darcy? I'm sure he's had sooooo many chances to do that one before this year too. Damnit, and I wanted to talk about Jim McDermott and the war in Iraq. And to say tip of the hat to Shaun).

Friday, June 16, 2006

Did Locke Vote to Enrich Mike!? 

Emmett wants to know. And so do I.


Looks like a pretty good line up over at HA Radio. Funny thing, Goldy asked me on Tuesday if I wanted to be on the radio, and then never followed up!!! That's it Goldberg, I will use this blog and all the hundred fifty or so hits a day to distroy you!

People who aren't Goldy can use this as an open thread.

Today's New York Times 

Thank you Mr. President for giving the paper of record an excuse to write about the Burner Campaign.

Not Doorbelling 

But I like it.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bill Gates 

Will eventually be moving to full time at the Gates Foundation and not full time at Microstoft.

Also, sorry for the late post and light posting, real life related program activities that may or may not seep into tomorrow.

Darcy Burner 



So I guess since Will is the only person who's expressed interest so far in seeing the US in the World Cup at Kells. Anybody is free to head on down, of course. I'll buy the first round for those of y'all who show up at kick off. Noon saturday.


The initiative process is the problem because he can exploit it (among other things).

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dressed up for Radio 

Thanks a million to Ellen for taking some podcasting liberally pictures. I'm the one with the tie on. It goes well with the didn't shave that morning. As you can see, I'm praying to whatever we sacrificed in the pit there. Hopefully one child is enough.

Also, looking through the YKos stuff, is it odd that I'm (slightly) better dressed than the DNC Chair?

Capitol Way 


Dino Rossi 

They could call it the Loser's Lobbyist League.

Mic Dinsmore Leaving 

I hate to sound cynical, but does this mean that there's something bad on the horizon at the Port of Seattle?

Ave Maria 

I think Feit is being too cynical about Cantwell here. It's not like someone with her position on the war is going to be thrilled with incidents like Haditha. In fact, if you're out to win the war (and I think it can't be done with Bush as president, so let's get the fuck out on what amounts to our own terms) you're pretty much against this bullshit. While there probably are some politics (that's her job afterall) the real story will be any investigation.


Protest President Bush if you can get out to Maydenbauer.

3 County Strategy 

In the podcast, Will said that I had a 3 county strategy. Well, you don't need to win 3 counties to win this state. That's why we have Maria Cantwell and not Slade Gorton as our Senator. That said, I'm for winning King, Pierce, Snohomish, Whatcom, Spokane, Walla Walla, Clark, Whitman, Franklin, Benton, and San Juan counties. But not by pandering to morons. Not by giving them more money to waste.

What we have to do is grow the cities. We want to urbanize the suburbs of all those cities. That's why the East Side is getting so Democratic, because Bellevue and Renton and Kent are cities in their own right, not just semi-rural adjuncts of Seattle. The same process in the Spokane Valley will do more for Democrats in the 5th than any amount of pandering to Ferry County. Goldy complained about rural taxing districts nearing bankruptcy, but most of those districts brought it on themselves. Most of them voted for 912, after seeing the consequences of all the previous anti-tax bullshit. They want their districts to die, and it isn't my job to stand in their way.

Ultimately, rural Eastern Washington shit it's own bed. It's not up to Western Washington to unshit it. It's not up to Eastern Washington's cities to unshit their beds. It's not elitist to say that if you want us pay to unshit it, we get some disgression over how the unshitting is going to get done. It's not elitist that we want to scotch guard our own bed. Somebody needs to tell the people of rural Eastern Washington that, and it may as well be someone rural. And, yes, Will, Vashon is rural.

These cows and horses don't get a vote, but they are rural:


Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Unemployment is up, even as jobs are created here in Washington.

Website Relaunches 

State Rep. Pat Sullivan and U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell both sent me emails telling me how much they like their new websites. And I agree with them.

Um What? 

I know there are some problems, but this seems pretty out of control. And having different people take and dispense tickets seems like it would have been more expensive than the problem. So first better accounting, so we can see what the actual problem is rather than what it might be.

And fuck the EFF. Like if their recommendations were in place, next year the they wouldn't be calling the extra staffing make work programs.

Drinking Liberally 

At the Montlake Ale House tonight. Come for the booze, stay for the news.

Monday, June 12, 2006

We are so Smart 


I Was Actually Rooting for Iran 

In the complex (and let's face it, more than a little retarded) metric of teams I root for in international competition and specifically the World Cup, Iran is higher on my list this year than Mexico (or Angola). See, when Iran wins a major soccer game there is celebrating in the streets. And while it's more subdued than when your city wins the Superbowl (or so I've heard) it's something. And there are women without veils. Enough of them that the authorities have trouble cracking down. And getting on to the next round would have done more for women's rights in Iran (although, not much) than Mike!'s strategy for, I don't know what he thought banning them would accomplish. So I was hoping to see that. Also, because a victory would have pissed Mike! off. And because Mexico are our rivals. But anyway, it looks like they're in last place in their group, and not too likely to move up with a game against Portugal (who I am rooting for).

Also, if you're interested, I'm going to watch the U.S.A. game in town (either Kells or Mick Kelly's because I'm a nut for the Irish bars).


What Atrios and Schmitt said.

Tim Sheldon 


Condit's Dam 

It's going to go next year.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


What Will said. I think there are needs to make reasonable accommodations for people of conscious. But for my home town if the pharmacy refuses to serve you it's at least a few hours' trip out of your way and an $11.50 added charge (provided there's no cost of gas etc.) I don't think that's reasonable. Is making a rape victim take a bus even a few miles out of their way reasonable? I'd say no. The point is that the law should be on the side of people who need medicine. People with a freakin' prescription.

Help Darcy 

The Republicans are running scared. President Bush is coming out to Medina to beg for money for Dave Reichert. But of course Democrats can also use his trip as a fundraising vehicle. I'm glad to see that Darcy Burner is on top of it.

But let me suggest the Bush Speech fundraising game. It's like the Bush Speech drinking games that are all around the web, only at the end you're still sober and poorer. Hopefully TVW will play the whole speech, otherwise I don't know how we tally it.

* Every time Bush says 9/11 or some other iteration, give a buck. Buck fifty when he trys to sound like Tony Blair and says, "September the eleventh."

* Every time Bush invokes our soldiers give 50 cents.

* Every time Bush says "nukuluer" give a buck. When he says "nuclear" subtract 50 cents and yell, "Holy shit! He pronounced it right!"

* Every time that "free people are free" to do something illegal in the U.S. give 5 bucks.

* Every time he calls Dave Reichert independent, give a buck.

* When Bush talks about how strong the economy is, search your wallet and find a buck to give.

* When Bush uses a comic book word (evildoers, bad guys), take a shot, and then give a buck.

* When Bush says that God supports his policies, 25 cents (you aren't made of money).

* 5 cents per smirk. 25 cents when it's at an inappropriate place.

* When the audience applauds somewhere where it makes you sick, 25 cents.

...Forgot my Act Blue page.

Lots of Stuff at Progressive Majority 

Lots going on there, but this post is mostly to remind you that Wellstone Action is coming up, if you want to get involved.

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