Saturday, June 10, 2006

"an Insecure, Catty Bitch" 

And the sky is blue.

...Lame! Kos backs down from bitch.

Political Events 

We've all known that Bush was coming to town for a while but now it's official.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Now That Goldy Has A Radio Gig 

I guess that I don't care if John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur have to fill out some disclosure paperwork if they want to use their time to promote the failed death and gridlock initiative. I guess I'm anti-paperwork, but either way, it isn't a horrible burden.

5 Dollar Primary 

If the primary were today, and everybody who's being talked about were running, and nobody had been eliminated by the harsh reality of not fundraising well or doing well in one of those blindingly white farm states, I'd be an Al Gore man. But as that sentence hopefully illustrates, I'm hardly completely sold. Still, I'm donating 5 bucks to the Draft Gore '08 people.

It's only $5, and let's see what it might get you: If enough people give money right now, it puts the environment front and center. That's much better than flag burning, or how much we hate gayz, or OHMYGOD MEXICANS!, or whatever the Republican agenda is tomorrow. It shows that there's a desire on the part of the electorate for competence above flash and stupidity. Something desperately needed.

And finally, maybe, just maybe, it'll get Al Gore into the race.

I'll tell you a bit about why I'm an Al Gore man, because I wasn't always. I supported Bill Bradley in the 2000 primary. I liked both candidates, and always said as much when I was making phone calls on his behalf. I'd always thought of Gore as Clintonian centrism without the personality. Not something that appealed to me. I liked Clinton, but primaries are for the soul of the party and I wanted us to move left.

But as Clinton said, you fall in love in the primary and fall in line in the general. And I was fine trying to beat that Texas guy who liked to execute people and cut basic services. And I got to go see Al Gore and Joe Lieberman right after the convention, and I was happy to go even if I wasn't particularly excited by either of them. I'd always sort of believed that Gore is good one on one and bad in a crowd, I mean shit I'd heard that dozens of times.

But Gore wasn't bad to that crowd. He was electric. He was a rock star. He was funny and lucid. He was the guy who had hit shit with a hammer on Letterman (remember that?). And it turned from a chore to see him to a real treat. And the more I learned about how invented the internet was a lie, and how Naomi Wolf and earthtones was the fever dream of Dick Morris, I came to be glad that he was the nominee.

I came to realize that he was an environmental champion, so much that he actually changed my opinion on nuclear energy. I came to realize that he would be a powerful and wonderful voice in the country and that he would continue to move us forward.

And of course that made that November and into December oh so much more painful. But how much damage could Bush do? Well, finding out that answer was so painful. And now perhaps, Gore's thoughtful competence is the best thing that can happen to this country, and well worth $5.

Woodinville Wins 

And the homeless lose. If you are as impressed by this little redneck white-bread mountain town as I am, drop a note to Mayor Cathy VonWald and let her know.

Get Mad 

Bonnie Mager, a candidate for Spokane County Commission, has something to say about entrenched power.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Amending the First Amendment Because You're Opposed to Something That Hasn't Happened Since the 1970's? 

Mike! is pro.

The David Goldstein Show 

I'd have preferred Horses Ass Radio, but what's in a name?


For Blogger being not fucked up this second, and to Cantwell for opposing the estate tax repeal.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Although, I think hate struck out swinging. But I can't figure out the HTML to make that K backwards.


Daniel weighs in on the first officer refusing to go to Iraq.

Spokane Based Spoof 

Dog Bites Man is starting tonight. It looks pretty good from the previews, and most important, it's based in Spokane.

In Effect 

It's officially illegal to discriminate against the homoz today.


So in this week's podcast I wanted to ask Dan Savage about his support for the war and, you know, how's that going? But he preempted me with his it's the sex columnists who took the country to war bit. So whatever.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

For Goodness Sake Comment 

DFW has this up about the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission: If you care about your civil rights, this is a pretty important email to make. I certainly don't know all of the legalities, but I don't like being spied on.

The Commission decided to ask for comments from interested persons on the threshold legal and jurisdictional issues relevant to the request for investigation, and to reconvene after having the opportunity to consider the submissions. Specifically, it invites comments on the following preliminary questions:

* Does WAC 480-120-202 or any other state law or regulation prohibit a regulated telephone company or its affiliated interests from providing customer telephone calling information to the National Security Agency (NSA)?
* Does the Commission have the legal authority to compel a regulated telephone company or its affiliates to disclose whether it has provided customer calling information to the NSA?
* Does the Commission have the legal authority to compel regulated telephone companies or their affiliates to release relevant information about such allegations?
* Would an assertion of the military and state secrets privilege by the United States Government preclude the Commission from taking action against a regulated telecommunications company?
* If the Commission decides to investigate the matter raised in the ACLU’s May 25, 2006, letter, which procedural options would be most appropriate? (e.g., informal investigation, formal investigation, complaint).

Notice of Opportunity to Comment:

The Commission asks interested persons to respond to these questions, or others that they deem relevant to the limited topic under consideration, on the following schedule:

Opening comments:

June 30, 2006

Answering comments:

July 17, 2006

The Commission requests that comments be provided in electronic format to enhance public access, for ease of providing comments, to reduce the need for paper copies, and to facilitate quotations from the comments. Comments may be submitted by electronic mail to the commission?s Records Center at records@wutc.wa.gov. Please include:

* The docket number of this proceeding (UT-060856).
* The commenting party's name.
* The title and date of the comment or comments.

An alternative method for submitting comments is by mailing/delivering an electronic copy on a 3 ½ inch, IBM-formatted, high density disk, in .pdf Adobe Acrobat format or in .doc MSWord 97 or later. Include all the information requested above. The Commission will post on its web site all comments that are provided in electronic format. The web site is located at http://www.wutc.wa.gov/060856. If you are unable to file your comments electronically or to submit them on a disk, the Commission will always accept a paper document.

Notice of Consideration:

The Commission plans to consider the comments and possible ensuing process in conjunction with its July 26, 2006, open meeting.

If you have questions, please call David Danner, Executive Director, at (360) 664-1208 or by e-mail at ddanner@wutc.wa.gov.

The Border 

I for one feel safer.

Darth Eyman Fails Again 

KOMO-4 reports that notorious horse's ass Tim Eyman has failed to qualify his gay-hating initiative for the November ballot.

Little bush cuts AIDS Funding 

From Tina Podlodowski at the Lifelong AIDS Alliance:
Federal government cuts $20,000 from Chicken Soup Brigade budget

For the first time ever, Congress has reduced the amount of money available to feed people living with HIV/AIDS in our community. We just received word that Chicken Soup Brigade, Lifelong's Food Program, will lose $20,000 in funding immediately.

This reduction means that we will have to cut 1,000 meals and 1,000 bags of groceries for people living with HIV/AIDS in our community this year.
Please help LLAA if you can.

Drinking Liberally 

Monday, June 05, 2006

Dear Ken Hutcherson; 

I'm sorry you've been duped by Tim Eyman today. I really am. Don't get me wrong: I totally disagree with your position on the gay rights initiative in this state. And I'm doubly dubious of your lies in support of it (really! bringing up gay marriage).

But I have to say, that maybe you should have known about trusting someone that enthralled with money. After all, no one can serve two masters. And we all know Mr. Eyman's feelings on mammon.

So yeah, you teamed up with someone who forced the state to cut public health services to the poor. cut fire services and parks. Hurt communities. Hurt schools. Made it tougher for the governor to insure all children in the state. I don't know what kind of Christian you think attacks the poor and children, but I can't see anybody but you being at fault for trusting him with that record.

Anyway, maybe next time you won't look to someone who's shockingly faggy to run your anti gay initiative.

Carl Ballard


Hate the Homos Day 

Not Washington State, but go read Gilly's post. He's got the goods on the Bush family and the party of family values. Seriously, stop whatever it is you're doing, and read about all the Bush family and Republican perverts.

I Don't Understand the Purchasing Index 

But apparently it's quite good here versus the rest of the country, but still down in May.

West on East 

So, I know, that you'll know everything that Western Democrat says in this post on the Goldmark and Wright campaigns. But it's nice for a national website to be picking it up.

Radio Goldy - A Hit 

Goldy did great!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

(Open Thread) 

Radio Goldy 

Tonight on KIRO 710 7:00- 10:00. He's currently whoring for ideas, so if you've got any, let him know.

Rubber Duckies 



Jimmy's got audio from Inslee, Burner, Wright (the rock star) and Goldmark at the state party convention.

An Inconve 

According to my ticket stub, that's what I saw last night. Of course what I actually saw was An Inconvenient Truth. Will also saw it, and is surprised that a Tennessean would take the lead on this issue. How dare it not be some sort of wacko from some hippie town? Also, I liked Fahrenheit 9/11.

As for myself, I was quite impressed with the movie. It was 90% the slide show and 10% Gore talking about things in his life, what it means to be able to give the presentation, and why he feels it's important.

It certainly wasn't dry. Gore's jokes worked well. "I used to be the next president of the United States. Don't laugh, that's not funny." The clip from Futurama had people rolling. "And that man went on to the Bush Administration." He was always funny when he answered the critics.

But of course the important things are the science and what we can do. And those are the reasons you should see it. I'll suggest a few things that you can do to help. First inflate your tires. Change your oil. Ride the damn bus. Get some of your produce at one of these fine farmers markets. I can personally vouch for the Lake Forest Park and Vashon ones, and of course Pike Place. Write Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray. Write the president. Collect signatures for the energy initiative, last I heard they were a bit behind their goal, so your help will make a huge difference. And of course you can see the movie. Make it happen my friends.

Wingnuts are Noticing 

Darcy Burner. And while they're dismissive, we can't be complaisant.

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