Saturday, May 20, 2006

Skykomish Pollution 


The Feingold Event 

A nice diary on Kos. Even though I disagree with some of the hero worship, especially of someone I'm not that fond of.

Nickels' Transportation and Tax Plan 

It'll be out Monday. For a year and change, I've been behind the plan on the grounds that we don't need more gnashing of teeth while we're a medium size quake away from collapse.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Sometimes the Asides 

Are much more interesting than the article. Eli Sanders has a long piece on the Jim McDermott/John Boner lawsuit in this week's Stranger. It's a recap piece mostly. I got some details, certainly, and some inside the capital stuff that's always fun. Seriously, if you haven't read it, go read it now. I'll wait. Hell, I read Goldy's kind of boring piece where he calls George Bush a fascist and says we should joke about overthrowing the government. But I was sick, so I didn't get to this one until today.

Anyway, toward the end we have this aside where Feit points out that under Boner's legal theory, he could sue the papers, or anybody who talked about what was in the papers. So why cast the net so narrow? Paraphrasing his lawyer: "Carvin replies that McDermott has been singled out because unlike the newspapers or their readers, he's a public official sworn to uphold the law, and unlike the Martins, he hasn't admitted any guilt."

Think about that, Republicans elected a man to lead them who believes that elected officials have an obligation not to tell the truth. The framers, of course, wanted free speech to be more absolute for members of Congress, adding a provision that "for any speech or debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other place."

Of course, he didn't leak on the floor of the House, and as such, it's only a first amendment issue. If he'd read the transcript on the floor of the House or introduced it in committee, that would be that. Frankly, it would be better. We'd have the whole transcript, not just what the Times decided to release.

The point, of course, still stands that Boner wants our members of Congress to be less truthful than the population as a whole. No wonder he leads Republicans so well. I guess if you want honesty, you could donate to McDermott's Legal Defense Fund.


Maybe no mo' fun forest.

Discrimination Written into the Constitution For The First Time Since The Civil War? 

Mike! is pro!

We're Number 4 

OK, so gas is higher on Vashon than it is in the rest of the area anyway. But 4th most expensive in the country. Hmm.

Open Thread 

Oatmeal looks very similar on the way up and on the way down edition.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

He's a Good Man 

Mild mannered attorney and anti drug war warrior Roger Goodman is running for the house in the 45th. Goodonhim. Geez, are there no end to the puns? Anyway, I did like him at Drinking Liberally, although the drug war really isn't my issue. Healthcare and transportation are much more important.

So, Looking at my Calendar 

It looks like it's late May, 2006. And so perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, it's a little past due to getting around to helping out with the severe storms that hit the state in late January and early February. I mean, surely there was some time in the last 4 months when Bush wasn't playing a guitar where he could have helped out a little.

I mean, I know he's got other priorities. Like not helping the troops in Iraq. Or cutting taxes. Or riding a dune buggy. I don't really know what the man does.

The point is, I'd think a governor (even a Democratic governor) asking for some disaster assistance, might just take, I don't know, just one month. Oh well, at least it only applies to a limited area, and helps out in a limited scope.

President Bush today authorized federal aid for Washington counties that were pounded by storms last winter.

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said the president’s declaration of a major disaster in the region will open up assistance for local governments and nonprofit groups, supplementing the state and local recovery efforts.

The government will share the cost of emergency work that was done during the period between Jan. 27 to Feb. 4 and the repair or replacement of facilities damaged by severe storms, flooding, tidal surge, landslides and mudslides, Snow said in a statement[...]

The declaration applies to Clallam, Grays Harbor, Island, Jefferson, Kitsap, Mason, Pacific, Pend Oreille, San Juan, Snohomish, and Wahkiakum counties. The agency said other areas may be added if further damage assessments warrant the expansion.

“Homeowners, business owners, and property owners won’t be able to seek assistance,” said Rob Harper, spokesman for the Washington Emergency Management Division.


The settlement for the Spokane Diocese in their sex abuse suit was rejected by Judge Patricia Williams.

The settlement, announced earlier this year, was controversial because it covered just 75 people who had filed lawsuits contending they were abused by priests. But about 185 individual claims have been filed against the diocese, although Williams has said some claims are duplicates and others are invalid.

Lawyers representing people not covered by the settlement earlier this week filed an alternative plan that would assess individual parishes nearly two-thirds of the market value of their churches and schools in exchange for avoiding possible foreclosures.


Redmond residents opposed a 52% property tax increase.

Geez Sandeep 

An interesting article in the Biz Journal about King County employees and the Healthy Incentives plan. But it starts out singling out DLer and sometimes podcaster Sandeep Kaushik personally. And I always thought it was bad for the staff to make the news.

Sandeep Kaushik's boss wants him to quit smoking. It's nothing personal, really. But Kaushik works for King County Executive Ron Sims, a man who is the driving force behind the county's new wellness-focused benefits plan, known as Healthy Incentives.

A self-described smoker for some 20 years, Kaushik, who serves as deputy communications director for Sims, chuckles when asked about his health challenges.

"I do want to quit smoking," he said.


What Shaun said. Except I was raised a bit more pessimistic, and if you want to donate to move Darcy Burner up the list, you can also donate here.

Making Taxpayers Pay For Your Political Rally 

Mike! is pro.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Scoop Statue 

Well of course it should be in front of the Jackson School.

If You've Got $250 

Why not spend it on helping Maria Cantwell out and seeing her and President Clinton on Saturday, June 3?

Nuck Nuck Nuck 

Laugh for Washington NARAL.

Sick sick sick 

Well you might have noticed me not there at the end of the podcast. I haven't listened to it yet, do they mention it more than Goldy saying "was it something I said?"? Well I suddenly decided to start throwing up and feeling like shit. But after sleeping most of today, I can report that liquids are staying down! Anyway, sorry for the light posting. And for the question mark before and after the quotation mark.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Shady accounting 

Mike! is pro.

Rep. Jim Moeller 

Jon Devore scores the kick-ass interview with the Vancouver Democrat. (note, may change, I'm not sure how to hit a perminant version.

Q: It's an election year, as you noted. Are you running again?

A: I am running again. (Smiling.) This is my official announcement.

Q: This would be your third term, if you're re-elected?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you have any announced opposition?

A: No announced opposition right now, although I would expect someone to step up in the next few months.

Q: How about the overall political outlook for Democrats in 2006 in the state?

A: I think it looks pretty good. I think we have a chance of picking up some seats, maybe more in the Senate than in the House, is my understanding. Overall, the whole outlook for Democrats looks pretty good. The Bush administration problems are going to trickle down.

Quite honestly, Democrats have done a pretty good job, particularly in the last session, in addressing a whole host of issues, and the people have backed them on it. One of the most controversial and big-picture items was the fuel tax, along with an increase in weight fees, to fund $9.5 billion worth of road projects over the next 18 years.

[Then opponents ran Initiative 912, seeking to repeal the fuel tax increase.] The electorate said, "Wait a minute. This means safety on the roads I take my children on, it means economic prosperity," and I think they got it.

In some ways I think people in general are coming to realize the "just say no to taxes" mantra only buys you poor roads, poor schools and poor public safety.

Well Yeah 

Every senior who Reichert doesn't personally help sign up for Medicare D is going to be mad at him. So he might as well just sign them up. Hopefully for him, they won't hit the doughnut until mid November.

Vote Today 

If you're one of them people who'll be voting.

Drinking Liberally 

At to the Montlake Ale House tonight. Come for the booze, stay for the news.

Monday, May 15, 2006


I can read the Progressive Majority blog again.


He'll be in town Saturday, helping out Cantwell's campaign. I'm still not a fan (to say the least) of the Democratic Senator most for Impeaching Bill Clinton. And the guy who's often times with us when we don't need him and confirming Ashcroft when we do. Anyway, I don't know if I'll see him or not.

Sen. Feingold will join local elected officials at a rally on Saturday, May 20th, 12:30 PM, at Whittier Elementary School, 1320 NW 75th Street. Afterwards, volunteers will canvass the neighborhood. (Please RSVP rsvp@wa-democrats.org if you’re planning to attend.)

Bread and Roses 

Ask a question of Selena Kilmoyer of Bread & Roses.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day 

Winning is Everything 

So sez a leading Democrat.

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