Saturday, May 13, 2006


When Vicente Fox comes to Washington, he'll hit Yakima before heading to Seattle.

...Bah, forgot to say, hopefully he can sign a peace treaty in the Tomato Wars.

A Deeper Problem 

The EFF sure like their jackassery. In response to the fact that the state is cleaning up its records, the EFF is pissed:

Jonathan Bechtle, director of EFF’s Voter Integrity Project, said he was not surprised by the 55,000 illegitimate voter registrations and called it a symptom of a deeper problem.
Yes, a deepre problem: people die and move. It seems to me the only way to solve this "problem" is to force people to stay in the same county for the rest of their lives. Or to not vote. Either way, doesn't seem like much freedom.

Guest Blogging 

I've never guest blogged for someone with less readership, or a younger blog than this one. But I'll be playing a bit at Will's place. But no going over to washblog and yelling at the hippies.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Sales Tax Exemption 

Look, the sales tax is just too regressive for the Republicans to want to eliminate. Maybe if they could just figure out a way to have the sales tax exemption just for yachts and caviar, it would be a tax cut that Bush could approve.


I don't know what the Boeing price hike means for workers in the area. If anything.

Green Panther 

Dear North Carolina,

I'm sorry you elected yo'self a crazy lady.

Have a nice Weekend,

Carl Ballard

Why Democrats Matter 

Holy cow! Look at all the great work the delegation is doing. And this when we're in the minority. Imagine what Democrats can do with a majority.

Desmond Tutu 

Nick has some pictures from his visit to St. Mark's

Spying on Americans 

Mike! is for it.

Sorry About Light Posting Yesterday 

The interweb went out at my abode and I was unable to reinterweb it. In any event enjoy this article by the Seattle Archbishop in yesterday's PI that I wanted y'all to enjoy when it was still timely.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

There Are Good Venues 

Not in walking distance to your house. Geez.

No Comment 

Reichert sure likes to not talk to reporters.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I Listen to Both 

But wow, KPTK is kicking ass. And given how much it's commercials, the ability to hold people is quite surprising.

T-Town, Mothafucka! 


Still the 360 

They'll be able to hold off adding a new Western Washington area code for a while. I didn't even realize that it might be a problem.

Seattle Metropolitans 

On this week's podcast, I make a reference to the Seattle Metropolitans. It's kind of sad that the first U.S. team to win the Stanley Cup lives in such obscurity, but the point I was making in the podcast is of course that we can live without.

The Republicans Lie East 

Josh Feit is so evenhanded when calling Republican bullshit. It's not mythology, it's a lie.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Naked Ladies and Money 


Goldy Hits the Big Time 

Our pal David "Goldy" Goldstein has joined The Huffington Post as a guest blogger. Congratulations, Goldy!


Cigarettes have some of the most inelastic demand of any product on the market. Sadly, gas too. But higher costs will prevent new smokers, even if it doesn't stop people from smoking in the short term.

Drinking Liberally 

Go to the Montlake Ale House tonight. If you don't hate America, or have kids or some other obligation, you'll come.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Well that Explains 

Why he never responded to my email. I didn't realize that email was only for pleasant conversations. Especially when you say stupid things. I should really tell the person trying to get me to buy stock in their company every day. Or the people calling me an asshole for being a firefighter (aah the fun of small town life).

I really don't understand this idea that we should be civil. I mean at what point are they looking in American history is he looking at? At the swiftboaters accusing war heroes of all sorts of bullshit? At the Clinton impeachment? At Watergate? At the murder, the arrest of civil rights workers, and at the actual (as opposed to email) lynch mobs? Is he looking at the constant attacks on Lincoln, calling him dictator for far less than Bush has done and in much worse circumstances? Is it possible he's ignoring the viscous attacks between Jefferson and Adams? The arrest of people for sedition? The attacks on Washington by Paine and others? Because otherwise, add to humorless jackass, totally ignorant.

Shit Sandwich 

When Tom Tomorrow came to town, he showed this cartoon (sit through an ad. It won't kill you), and I'd figured it would never see the light of day, because, um shit.

Dave Reichert 

He votes with the Republicans all of the time when it matters, and most of the time when it doesn't.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah 

Arthur at Washblog met with Maria Cantwell and it went OK.

Maria has not "Crawforded" those who want her to explain. Whether or not I liked her answers is immaterial.

Furthermore, I did not see an imperial senator full of poise, polish and indifference whose focus was on "yeah yeah yeah-ing" her way through an endurance contest she could not avoid. At one point, Lietta literally expressed her sense of wanting to speak to Cantwell "woman to woman" and declared that if she (Maria) truly was not "impersonal" , the impersonal manner in which she has been coming across has been destructive to her image. The reaction was visible.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The War on Sex 

That really was an amazing article in today's (technically, half an hour more, what am I doing awake?) NYT Mag. Is Patty a hero or is Patty a hero? (pg. 3, of approximately 1000)

For those who were listening, that silence may have given an indication of what had been going on inside the F.D.A. After the agency's advisory committees voted in favor of over-the-counter status for Plan B at the end of 2003, and after it was further approved at every level of the agency's professional staff, standard procedure would have been for the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research arm of the F.D.A. to approve the application. But one member of the F.D.A.'s Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee had reservations: Dr. W. David Hager, a Christian conservative whom President Bush appointed to lead the panel in 2002. (After an outcry from women's groups, who were upset at Dr. Hager's writing that he used Jesus as a model for how he treated women in his gynecology practice, he was shifted from chairman of the panel to ordinary member.) Dr. Hager said he feared that if Plan B were freely available, it would increase sexual promiscuity among teenagers. F.D.A. staff members presented research showing that these fears were ungrounded: large-scale studies showed no increase in sexual activity when Plan B was available to them, and both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Society for Adolescent Medicine endorsed the switch to over-the-counter status. Others argued that the concern was outside the agency's purview: that the F.D.A.'s mandate was specifically limited to safety and did not extend to matters like whether a product might lead to people having more sex. Meanwhile a government report later found that Dr. Janet Woodcock, deputy commissioner for operations at the F.D.A., had also expressed a fear that making the drug available over the counter could lead to "extreme promiscuous behaviors such as the medication taking on an 'urban legend' status that would lead adolescents to form sex-based cults centered around the use of Plan B." In May 2004, the F.D.A. rejected the finding of its scientific committees and denied the application, citing some of the reasons that Dr. Hager had expressed.

The drug's manufacturer reapplied two months later, this time for permission to sell it over the counter to women ages 16 and up, seemingly dealing with the issue of youth. Then, last August, Crawford made his announcement that the F.D.A. would delay its decision, a delay that could be indefinite. The announcement made headlines across the country. Dr. Wood, the F.D.A.'s women's health official, resigned in protest. Democrats in Congress asked for an investigation into what they felt was politics — the anti-birth-control agenda of the politically powerful Christian right — trumping science. The Government Accountability Office conducted a study of the events and issued a report last November concluding that the decision to reject the findings of the scientific advisory panel "was not typical of the other 67 prescription-to-O.T.C. switch decisions made from 1994 to 2004." Currently, Senators Hillary Clinton and Patty Murray are holding up the nomination of Andrew von Eschenbach as F.D.A. commissioner until the F.D.A. issues a verdict on the drug.

I agree with everything Natasha says.
Another point covered in the article is the sense among Americans that cultural messages are a little too x-rated for young people, as indicated by the high percentage of parents who want their children to hold off on sex until they're older. But about the same amount also want contraception explained in school. Just in case. This seems like a pretty reasonable position to me. It's also a mainstream position, doesn't get more mainstream than over 90% approval. So don't you forget it.

The argument that young people shouldn't be taught about contraception and methods to avoid disease is a lunatic fringe view. It's significantly less popular than Dick Cheney. I have a sense that the public gets guilted and wheedled into it both by the social desire to appear moral and the sense of concern that a good deal of sex education already seems to be happening on MTV. Perhaps they're influenced by the strawmen of the abstinence-only fringe, who suggest that really, sex education is just the endorsement to get wild that parents fear. But just for a lark, I went over to Planned Parenthood's Teenwire site, and found a link to a teen sexuality quiz whose first question encourages teens not to be embarassed about being virgins and whose continual message is to wait. That's the message from Planned Parenthood, the big boogeyman of the right, just below an article about how hard it is to be a teen parent. Based on the poll results quoted in the article above, it looks like Planned Parenthood is already telling young people to wait and be aware of consequences. They aren't just discussing body parts void of any larger consideration as the NYT article, in a weak point, suggested that proponents of birth control have been doing.

If Only There Were Sports in Seattle 

Otherwise it'd be a dead city. I guess the M's and Seahawks, and Thunderbirds, and UW teams just don't count.

Union Power 

The Seattle Times' union has ditched their commitment to keeping the city a 2 paper town.


Nice pictures.

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