Saturday, May 06, 2006

It's Funny Because it's Kinda Sad, but not Really 

Buh bye Sonics. It's been Super.

Bird Flu 

Given that no H5 flu has ever been a pandemic, I think the odds are with us that it won't happen. But it's still nice to know how well prepared King County is for such a pandemic.

Any Buyers? 

My blog is worth $29,356.08.
How much is your blog worth?

Hat tip to Shaun

Good Old Mountain Dew 

The kids are mostly all right, but the Mountain Dew, I don't know.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Best Boom Towns 

Inc.com has released its list of Boomtowns. In Washington:

44......Mount Vernon-Anacortes

UPDATE: Added link. Here's an explanation of the criteria that was used to select Bremerton (and the rest).

My Post 

In case you want to see what my outer patriot was writing over at the General's place and for some reason, you hadn't been able to actually read it over there without a link, here you go.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Probably Light Posting Tomorrow 

As I'll be doing some filler for the General and then, let's say a hot date that night. It isn't actually, but if anybody asks, let's say that's the story.


The party is really going all out for her. Although, you really can't lump the timing of a press release about a recent vote with the rest of that. The rest seems to show how highly the party thinks of her and her campaign.

Also, I'd note that CTG's consultant chapter talked about how the party likes to wrest control of the candidates as much as possible. I don't know how much they're doing it this cycle or specifically with Burner, but it might be a good time to, I don't know, give her some scratch so she can stay as independent as possible. While still getting the goods from the party.

I'm Not Sure 

That Darcy Burner actually needs to win Buckley in order to win the district. After all, Kerry and Murray seemed to be able to do it. And while I applaud that at every opportunity Darcy actually makes the effort (just like I did when Gregoire made the effort in rural parts of Eastern Washington) I just hope that unlike Gregoire, she doesn't ignore the base. She wants to represent the whole district and that is admirable. And she has a big district that includes dense liberal parts of the Eastside and sprawlville to rural areas out East and South.

Fuel Efficiency Standards 

Remember when we had a real Attorney General? One who worked with other states on the important legal matters of the day? Sigh.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dear Richard Cohen; 

First off, yeah, Colbert was funny. He even managed to get a few genuine belly laughs. "He isn't retired yet," tell me that didn't get laughs from the audience. "The most famous husband since Desi Arnaz," again, watch the audience. The rest is just commentary.

Or rather, turning his humor on people who report and write commentary, because then he had the audacity to make fun of your profession. Imagine! So your colleagues were complicit in outing a CIA agent, in the administration's lying us into war, in helping steal an election. How dare, someone mention it?! And in their presence!??!???!!!!?

And yes, it is less courageous than making similar jokes at Pravda in the 30's. Anything less than that must by definition be cowardly. I mean are you so retarded that you think that? That this administration never does anything to anybody who offends it? As if Joe Wilson's presence there wasn't proof enough that people who say bad things about this president face serious problems. Because that would explain a lot of the rest of your article. Maybe your whole life.

Perhaps the reason that you couldn't think of "something funny" to say as a kid is because you were a humorless jackass even back then. Here's something funny to fall back on whenever you have trouble: "Rectum" It's a funny word despite the fact that we all have them. And with the exception of Dori Monson, who has a stick up his, you won't get in trouble for saying it, because it's not really a swear word.

Maybe some time down the line you thought the role of comedy was to embolden people to do worse things to the country. Because comedy isn't funny unless it's Bush making stupid assed jokes about having a twin. Or maybe you prefer the Ann Coulter jokes about murdering Supreme Court Justices that aren't actually funny beyond the inherent funniness of the words "Creme Brule."

Kiss kiss!

Carl Ballard

Not exactly Washington State, but I just couldn't wait until Friday

...Sent and here's the link

Emergency Contraception 

Holy shit, what is the Department of Health doing?

Podcasting Liberally 

It's up.

Mike! on Brown People 


Mike McGavick, a Republican from Seattle who will likely face Cantwell in November, said in a statement before the rally that protests would likely offend more citizens.

“I fear that those Americans who are presently empathetic will become increasingly offended by disruptions of those who are not citizens,” he said.

Hat tip to Slog

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Noemie Gets the Best Interviews 

A good conversation on Washblog with Don Hopps of the Institute for Washington's Future and Northwest Sustainable Energy for Economic Development.

Demonstrating Weakness 

Here's what the Bishop of Spokane and the President of the U.S. Conference of Bishops has to say on the immigration issue.

The reality of increasing numbers of undocumented persons cries out for a just resolution. Unfortunately, their presence has occasioned a certain amount of immigrant bashing, and even some rather mean-spirited legislation proposed on the national level. Many years ago, when I was Bishop of Yakima, I heard an immigration officer speak of the futility of trying to seal our borders. Now there are those who speak of trying to build walls. I remember a rather poignant comment last January in Jerusalem. Bishop William Kenny CP, the Auxiliary Bishop of Stockholm, said that any nation who tries to build walls is demonstrating its weakness.

We certainly need to secure our borders. But we have a need for workers in the United States, and people have responded to that need. There is no question but that the issues surrounding immigration are complex. My hope is that our nation will find a solution that respects the rights of everyone involved.

Over the years, the Catholic Church has spoken frequently about the question of migration. In 1996, the Catholic Bishops of Washington State issued a pastoral statement. In that document, they say, “Without addressing the complexities of the movement of peoples and cultures, we remind our community of faith that these are not solely issues of policy and management. They are situations of real persons confronting their needs for employment, housing, education, and even mere survival. For the most part, our day-to-day life is not concerned with the implementation of policies but how we interact with the diversity of persons in our midst and the cultures they represent.”

Drinking Liberally 

Go to the Montlake Ale House tonight. Dirty hippies, if not welcome, tolerated.

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Future! 

Inslee introduced the Apollo Initiative today.


I miss the Procession of the Species. Video. More Video.

The Rally in Seattle 

So the Times and the P.I. covered it. Slog should have more than just this at some point. There's a diary on Kos that has my favorite picture.

Environmental Standards 

The state settled a case about environmental cleanup standards at an old pulp mill. And now they will probably change the rules so that they don't get taken to court again.

Abusive Sheriff's Deputy Arrested 

Innocent until proven guilty and all that. And no name released(first item).

And their Ice Tea Tastes Like Shit 

Seriously, I can't say that I'd ever planned to eat at Septieme again anyway, but now moreso.


Looks like Reichert's campaign isn't following the rules.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Cantwell on Face the Nation 

You can get the transcript here (you have to scroll down--oh, and it's a .pdf for some reason).

SCHIEFFER: Well, where--where's the price gouging coming? Is it at the pump, is it at the middleman, is it at the producer? Where is it coming?

Sen. CANTWELL: Well, we want to make sure that there is a strong law on the books that looks at the wholesale price of gasoline, because we have a question about whether gasoline is being exported out of the country for a cheaper price just to drive up the cost here in the United States. And there's been some evidence of that. So what we want to do is have a strong law in place to protect consumers today and to make sure that we're giving that the attention.

Then secondly, the most important thing to do, is to get off of this overdependence on oil and--foreign oil. Now the president says that in his State of the Union but we have to get serious about it. And getting an alternative fuel market going in the United States and getting some true competition will do a lot more than anything on the supply side that can be--than can happen now.

SCHIEFFER: Well, what about Senator Murkowski's point, we ought to start drilling up in the, the Arctic reserves up there? Will that make a difference?

Sen. CANTWELL: Well, I--you know, one penny is what somebody thinks that that would reduce in 10 years the cost of gasoline. So the experts--the--the bottom line is, is that we are set on the world price of oil. That is that the United States cannot drill our way out of the fact that what we pay at the pump today is impacted by these countries like Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia. And so we don't want a future where we're 50 or 60 percent dependent on foreign oil, and if God only gave the United States 3 percent of the world's oil reserves, we're kind of stuck on being impacted by those countries and their--those policies.

But, if the United States could get aggressive, and this is the time we should do this, America should be proud and excited about it, being energy leaders instead of being laggards in these new energy technologies.

BIAW Cuts $235,000 to DWT 

A thank you for trying to help steal the election.

Bread and Roses is Moving 

The Catholic Worker community in Olympia dedicated to helping the homeless is picking up it's stakes and moving to a better location and a long term lease.

Tip hat to olyblog


John Kenneth Galbraith

Out of the Mainstream 

The Whatcom County Republicans are supportive of the Minutemen.

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