Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bus Service to Union Gap 

Looks like a hell of a step in the right direction.

Of course the main benefit is the benefit to the community, but a side benefit is that moving toward urbanization in the smaller and medium size cities is an important piece of a Democratic strategy. When you can see the government work in a simple way like a good bus service, you have more faith in the ability of government to work for other things: healthcare, other transit, helping the environment, education, consumer protection. When you use the bus and it isn't like some people think of the government, the DMV before the internet era or some Reagan era conception of a welfare queen, it's easier for the government to work as a positive in people's lives.


You can ask some questions of the L&I Director.

Lisa Bowen 

I'm happy to pass these along, other candidates. Especially legislative and local candidates. Anyway, from an email from the lady who's trying to unseat the Republican Deputy Whip in the 13th District:

Lisa Bowen For State Senate Campaign Update #1

Lisa BowenWe're off and running! I decided to run for the State Senate because I believe rural families need a voice in Olympia. Since my opponent took office, Washington State has lost 10% of our family farms. I believe we can do better for rural families.

We live in a beautiful setting but too many rural families struggle to make ends meet. They need someone in Olympia on their side. Someone who will fight to make health care affordable, ensure our schools are competing with urban and suburban schools. And, of course work to make sure state goverment is fiscally accountable. I want to be that voice.


We got off to a great start last month receiving over $7,000 in donations and in-kind contributions. However, we have a lot more work to do. We need to prove this is a viable campaign and early money shows we can be successful. I know we can do this, but I need your help!

To make a donation to my campaign, click the button below.

Thank you!


We have a goal of knocking on over 10,000 doors in this election. As you can imagine, some of the houses in my rural district are spread out so it's going to take a lot of work. If you can help introduce me to your neighbors and walk a precinct with me, that would be great. Just email us at: lisabowen@elltel.net

We started doorbelling last month in Roslyn. It may have been just a bit too early as I slogged through the snow to meet with folks.

I also wanted to thank Colin and Margaret Condit for taking the time to doorbell with me in their Ellensburg neighborhood. Thank You!


Get ready for the Kickoff! My kickoff will be:

TIME: 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

PLACE: Olmstead State Park

DATE: Saturday, May 20th


From I-90:

Take exit #115 (Kittitas). Go north on Main Street to T-intersection. Turn left and go three miles. Turn left on North Ferguson Rd. Drive about 1/2 mile to park.

Local Politics 

Finally, an excuse to link to Molly. So good stuff on Darcy Burner, Eric Omeg, and the importance of keeping a local perspective.

We don’t want to emulate the way Republicans run their campaigns, complete with distorted information, smear tactics and voter suppression, but we can use some of their strategies that do work and that we can live with, like getting involved on the local level, cultivating candidates and supporting them in all races, from School Board to US Senate. We all know that money has corrupted our political system and that far too many of our representatives are beholden to the Corporations that helped pay their way into the halls of power, but grassroots activism works too, and we must make a serious effort to wrestle the purse strings of power from Corporate interests and take hold of them ourselves.

We must get behind good local candidates, help cultivate their talent and support them financially so that they are only beholden to us. Until we can get the money out of politics and commit to publicly funded elections, we will have to buy our candidates the same way Corporate America does. It may not be fair, but it will work. If we all do it, it won’t take much from each of us, after all, the mantra of grassroots activism is “every little bit counts.” Darcy Burner, in raising $150,000 in ten days largely from individual small donors, has proven the slogan to be true. There are lots of great local candidates out there, so find them, toss a little money their way and we will be one step closer to having real representation in government again. If you can’t beat ‘em, buy ‘em. It’s not ideal, but it’s a reality we would be well served to recognize. Hey, no one ever said politics was pretty.

More on Buses 

Ezra over at Urban Transit has some thoughts on Sims' new plan and on how the city needs to step up and play nice.

Woo Hoo! 

Gregoire's pharmacy rules rule!

Costco Wins With Wines 

Well, they won. I'm not sure how it squares with the 21st amendment, but I'm not one of them lawyers.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Dear Nordstroms; 

I understand that you probably wouldn't miss me too much. The shirts, and maybe a tie or some pants that I won't be buying are hardly what make or break your sales targets.

But shit, you're willing to alienate your pro-gay rights customers and your anti-shooting the retarded in the back of the head customers. So, you may see other people decide not to come to your store too. I mean there are other stores where things are only pennies on the dollar compared to the costs in your store. And they don't hate large numbers of Americans.

So remember, next time make sure John N. is less insane!

Carl Ballard


But Then You'd Have to Ignore 2004 in Washington 

August wonders about the 'wingers who'll never think to criticize Burlusconi, much less call him or his running mate a "Sore Loserman." But if you were looking for consistency from the 'wingers, you should have given up in 2004.

Hey Big Spender 

If this is how Mike McGavick spends his own money, imagine how he'll spend yours.

The 48th 

Daniel met the candidates and he has something to say. And he's got an act blue page if you want to help tip the balance.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

And Sometimes the Best Posts 


Emerald Downs 


Money money money money money 

Noemie explains how alternative energy is bringing the scratch to Washington State. Her metaphor is to the goldrush.

Meet Peter Goldmark 

More about the Democrat who will beat Cathy McMoron. (thanks to Washblog).

Naked Ladies 

Erica C. Barnett has a very interesting piece in this week's Stranger on the strip club zone, and the response of the citizenry, Steinbrueck and the Seattle city council.

One thing I found interesting is the people pushing against the red light zone. We'll keep the sex offenders there. And the garbage, oh the garbage. And almost anything bad. But you know what, the ladies can dance nude in my neighborhood. I'll make that concession.

Working Together 

Will, over at his new digs, calls bullshit on Nicole Brodeur.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dick on the Campaign Trail 

Darcy Burner writes a heck of a letter to Dick Cheney. And by the by, it might not be a bad idea to google bomb Dick Cheney although it might be tough as there are a lot of things that get linked to using Dick Cheney.

Dear Mr. Vice President:

During your recent trip to Washington State to support White House endorsed candidates, you were quoted by both Seattle newspapers as telling 8th District Representative Dave Reichert that you would “campaign for your opponent if it’ll help.”

As Reichert’s Democratic opponent, I would like to take you up on your kind and thoughtful offer and I cordially invite you to come and spend a day campaigning with me in the 8th District. The district reaches from Microsoft’s Redmond Campus to Mount Rainier National Park and offers a microcosm of America. Here are some of the events I would like to plan for your visit to the 8th.

Let’s start at Mount Rainier where we can take in the beautiful and precious parklands and forests. Here you may be able to see clearly why our district so opposed the Republican plan — supported by Mr. Reichert — to make it easier for developers and private interests such as mining companies to take over and ruin these treasured public lands.

Moving north from Mount Rainier, I would like to have you meet with some of our brave Iraq veterans and their families to learn first hand of the inadequate body and vehicle armor your Administration provided them. Also, I am sure National Guard families and veterans will want to ask you why your Administration and Mr. Reichert opposed giving them the same health benefits as the regular military along whose side they have fought.

In Kent, we could meet with some workers who have had their jobs exported oversees and you can explain why the Bush tax policy gives tax breaks to American companies who out source American jobs. They’d like to know why their own tax dollars are being used to help them become unemployed.

Then, perhaps, we could visit a senior center and you could try to explain to our elderly why your prescription drug benefit — supported by Mr. Reichert — is creating such confusion and chaos.

Finally, we could stop at Bellevue Community College where I could easily assemble a group of students who can not understand why the Bush Administration and Mr. Reichert would propose and support making it harder for student to get college loans.

It will be a full day, but it will be a rewarding and interesting one. Again, I greatly appreciate your offer and look forward to your reply.


Darcy Burner
Candidate for Congress
...I put up a diary on Kos, if you want to recommend it.

Well, OK 

When I read the title of this post, I figured it would be about bloggers eating Irish babies. But no, just a good idea about pushing legislation from the netroots.

Podcasting Liberally 

Like every time, after the podcast I though, "man, that was shit". But when I get home and listen to it, I'll probably go to "man, that was the shit."

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"I read Dr. Seuss the other day" 

I weep for the nation.

Ride the Damn Bus 

I still think off grade is super important for Seattle and some of the denser parts of the East Side. Get out of traffic. But a bus system can be extremely important for the rest of the region. Growing up in the in the suburbs I rode the bus a lot. One of the greatest things growing up was when the ST 522 replaced the Metro 307 to get from my old haunts to downtown. No more 15 minute layover at Northgate (for some reason). The trip time was cut probably in half.

So for the most part, I applaud Sims' new transit plan. East-West is a tricky thing for tall, skinny Seattle, and so I'm glad he's addressing that, however imperfectly. But ultimately, it won't be a success unless people are willing to sit down and take the bus. That means two things: Transit has to be quicker and/or cheaper than driving.

So cheaper, probably. Quicker, probably not, for the most part.

More Protest Pictures 

Washington Outsiders has a couple more. But be forewarned, one has Kevin Moeller of Snohomish.

Drinking Liberally 

Tonight and every Tuesday at the Montlake Alehouse.

2307 24th Ave E

Monday, April 17, 2006

Cantwell Protests Gas Price Gouging 

From The Carpetbagger Report:
Led by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), Senate Democrats will deliver a letter to President Bush on Tuesday asking him to support legislation to prevent price gouging in advance of summer's anticipated increase, pointing to the federal Energy Information Administration projections.link
Sadly, this message will fall on deaf, dumb, stupid, and corrupt ears, but Maria's move will further irritate Ted Stevens (R-Oil Company Whore). Avarosis thinks that it helps her reelection campaign.


NPI has a good one with Kos and Jerome.

Balance When Protesting Dick 

So Dick Cheney was in town today. I don't know if you heard. And there were some people who aren't totally in love with the man and everything he does. So the Spokesman-Review, to their credit, sent a photographer to cover the protest. And he also snapped some pictures of the protest of the protest. Fine, whatever. Here's one picture they took of a protester of the protest. A Mr. Kevin Moeller of Snohomish:

And just so you know that there weren't just people who were kinda sacrilegiously pro war, there were also people who just hate the fact that liberals are allowed to talk. Take a Mr. Kevin Moeller of Snohomish, for example.

Ok, so I'm maybe making a bit of a deal about Kevin Moeller of Snohomish. Maybe it's because the captions don't give a number of protests, but instead say that there are about 120 protesters both pro and con. But there's no hint that there may have been more than one protester who was pro-Cheney. Maybe because of the 4 pictures of the protests, half were of one guy who was pro. Now 1 out of every 120 would square approximately with his approval ratings. But maybe a in the future, we can have a bit more of the actual protest and a bit less Kevin Moeller of Snohomish.

...There's more pictures now, and it isn't nearly as bad


He'll be in town tomorrow. And just in case you forgot, still a bad, bad man (and yes, ignore the Chinese teas thing in the second paragraph).

Foes of the visit, including those who support the independence of Taiwan, the religious movement Falun Gong and Tibetan rights, are working to organize protesters to gather at Hu's hotel and possibly Bill Gates' Medina mansion, where Hu will dine Tuesday evening.

"Taiwan is being bullied around by China," said John Chou of Shoreline, a retired engineer who runs a weekly bilingual newspaper and a member of the Taiwanese Association of Greater Seattle. "We want to show China that we don't like this situation where China keeps saying Taiwan is not a nation."

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Tentative Contract 

The garbage workers probably won't be going on strike.

Meet Dick Cheney 

Or better still, join a group of your fellow Citizens to yell at him from across the street (from Washblog).

A Good Year 

One indication of how Democrats feel about the upcoming election is the fact that our side is willing to stick it out in the trenches. And on the House side, we really are sticking it out. And we're going to have some great pick up opportunities too.

Rep. Sam Hunt, D-Olympia, said his caucus has all but one incumbent ready to run for re-election statewide.

Hunt, the organizer for House Democrats, said he also has lined up candidates to run against Republicans in several districts where the GOP member isn’t coming back.


That's a lot of taxpayer money for political gain. Thanks Republicans!

DL Monroe 

Looks like a hoot and a holler.

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