Saturday, April 15, 2006

Open Thread 

I don't know if I'll be posting anything from here on out today. Enjoy the almost sun.


The Trib sure is sensitive. Especially considering that they got it right.

Gas Prices 

They'll probably be somewhere between $3 and $3.25 a gallon if you believe this Seattle Times article. Too bad it's the bus or bust for most commuters.

Hey Folks in Everett, Watch Out. 

Dick Cheney is coming to Everett, and he doesn't seem to have ruled out shooting someone in the face.

Friday, April 14, 2006

To the Airport! 

Sound Transit makes it official.

Wasting Taxpayer Money for Political Ends 

Over at Slog, Eli Sanders explains how the Republicans' claims against the Burner campaign are just them trying to put a damper on her great news. Out fundraising an incumbent 2-1. And spin will happen throughout the campaign. But there's plenty of counterspin as well, and you know, let the voters decide.

But investigating a complaint, no matter how phony, costs money. There are person hours. There's the papers its filed on. There are staples and paper clips. You and I pay for that.

Now maybe we could afford this frivolity when there was a Democrat in the White House. We could, as I recall, waste millions on a politically motivated Independent Counsel and impeachment. But now that we're fighting a war (that Reichert supports: he thought we were going to find WMD well after that was a silly suggestion) and tax cuts for the super wealthy (that he voted for the latest round of), we just can't afford to have taxpayer money go to these sort of political shenanigans.

...edits grammar

SPSCC Expansion 

A new satellite campus in Hawks Prairie.

Kos Mentions Darcy 

Front Page on some local candidates:

Darcy Burner is taking on freshman Republican Dave Reichert in WA-08. She will report numbers of over $300K for Q1, which is impressive. But more so than that, the Washington state blogosphere helped her raise over $90K online in the closing hours of the fundraising quarter without any national buzz. That's not Daily Kos or Atrios, that's the local bloggers, and $90K is more than what we "big boys" can usually raise. If that's not a sign of the growing power and influence of the local blogs, I'm not sure what is.

Meanwhile, it was quite shocking to see just how much local activists hate Sen. Maria Cantwell. It isn't that they're disappointed in her positions on issues like Iraq in an effort to appear "moderate" or "centrist", it's that she won't even talk to them about those issues. The dislike was near universal and truly based on that lack of communication

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spokane Protest 

The Spokesman-Review has some pictures. It was obviously much smaller than the ones in the big cities. But still 250 in Spokane isn't something to scoff at. I for one couldn't be prouder of my Senate Majority Leader.

Some Helpful Suggestions 

Darryl writes a helpful letter to Diane Tebelius.


Erica C. Barnett gives us the low down on changing codes. And how having a minimum is still bad bad bad. Making people pay more for parking is a pretty poor substitute for better public transportation. Anyway, read the whole post on this sexy sexy topic.

Can Maria Wait It Out? 

Maria's "Outlast Rick White" strategy may not be working very well.


I know this will seem strange to some of you, but Knute Berger, Skip to the kids, made a silly argument in this week's Weekly.

Wright Time for an Open House 

I'm never going to get tired of puns with his name in them. But Jimmy has all the details of Richard Wright's opening of his campaign headquarters this afternoon.

Freep the Daily O 

This is their trick to get folks to their home page. Instead of offering quality articles (when the legislature is out of session) they have polls. And I don't like seeing McGavik up in their unscientific web junk. So, um, scroll down and vote if you want.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Countywide Garbage Strike 

Could be trouble.

Hey Republicans! 

Surely there's something that Darcy Burner actually did, um what's the word, wrong. So perhaps you should focus on trying to find that instead of freaking out about the things that she's done right. Because when you freak out about the fact that she has committed volunteers that kind of makes it look like you don't have anything on her. Especially after complaining about the A's she got at UW law school. What's next, her kid is rad? She walks on water?

...Here's the video that has the crazies freaking out.

I'm not as Sure 

Some folks seem to think this means that Maria is for getting out. But a year of transition really doesn't mean anything.

Podcasting Liberally 

I'm not on it but General J.C. Christian, Patriot is. Go listen.

See John Asscroft Live 

WSU-Vancouver has plenty of tickets still available.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hey Reichert - Return the Money 

Sign a petition telling The Racist Reicherthole to give Tom DeLay's money back (thanks to Washblog).

...Bumped by Carl, because it's more important than the thing I put above it.

Libertarian for Senate 

Woo hoo! Although she's running a silly anti-war candidacy (there's plenty of good anti-war candidates, of course). Still, she'll probably be worse to Mike What'shisname.

Hat tip to thehim.

Drinking Liberally 

I may or may not be there depending on how well I feel (real well and I'm on duty, horrible and I'm staying home-- so needle threading). But the General is going to be there. We've only had enlisted up to now.

Golden Tennis Shoes 

Looks like this year's event was both a hoot and a holler.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Pike Place Politics has a nice picture and some spot on analysis.

Oh Man! 

Speaking of people who write letters, Doc gets one from the General.


Cantwell writes letters. She writes stacks and stacks of letters. Or just one on Enron.

March Today 

Slog has some details.


What a failure of common sense and fact checking.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


DFV has some resolutions.

Stay Focused 

Seriously, lets get the personality problems behind us and kick R-65 to the curb.

Oh Enron 

So we're clear, they stole more than $20 million from Snohomish PUD ratepayers, and now they're offering to settle for $2.3 million. Puh leez.

Kyle Taylor Lucas 

I think Kyle Taylor Lucas, or Not Tim Sheldon, should be one of the races the local blogs rally around. The fact that she looks like a good solid Democrat who'll be able to get things done and will actually fit the district is somewhat incidental.

Lucas, 52, said she grew up in the Simpson Timber Co. logging camps around Shelton, in the heart of the 35th Legislative District, which includes an area reaching from west of Olympia to Bremerton.

She now runs a media relations firm, but until last year was executive director of the Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs under ex-Gov. Gary Locke.

The candidate told an applauding crowd of more than 225 people at the Thurston County Democrats’ convention Saturday morning that she would support health care coverage and the environment. Lucas said she also would carry true Democratic values — unlike Sheldon, who she said led a “Democrats for Bush” effort in the last presidential election and a supporter of GOP gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi.

Lucas questioned Sheldon’s voting record, accusing him of voting against health care for 40,000 children. She questioned his holding of two elected jobs as a part-time senator and full-time Mason County commissioner.

“I am a Democrat and apparently the only one running in this race for senator,” Lucas said, winning applause from party activists who long ago grew tired of Sheldon’s independent streak on tax and environmental issues. “Fire Tim Sheldon and hire Kyle Taylor Lucas,” she added.

Washington State Quarter 

Vote here.

I voted for Design #2 because there was no way to write in Say WA.

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