Saturday, April 01, 2006

$130,000 in 10 Days 

To the two folks who donated through my act blue site and all the people who donated other ways, thanks so much. We were part of helping Darcy Burner meet her goal last quarter (I donated before I had an act blue site, because, you know, good self promotion there). We moved a step closer to kicking a Bush rubber stamp out of the House of representatives and replacing him with an amazing dynamic woman.

House Parties 

I'd missed this article because it wasn't in the section and I don't normally read the Party Crasher column. I guess I should have thought to read it this time. Also, I do agree with Dan Savage's idea of having house parties all over town: raise money for charity and say that, no infact we aren't afraid of going to them.

The World's Best Skylines 

Seattle is #15 on this list of the 15 Best Skylines in the World (and #3 in the United States, behind New York and Chicago and ahead of Dallas).

So FSA is leaving 

For Arizona of all places. Stewart is claiming that it's the estate tax. The estate tax that exempts agriculture. The estate tax that exempts freaking ag! We had an estate tax that included ag. Then it got thrown out of court and we passed one that completely exempts agriculture. Then they leave? It doesn't make a lick of sense.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Murray'll Run for the Senate 

I'd hoped he would stay put because there's nothing like being a Freshman legislator to not get stuff done. Not that it's a surprise, but still.

Pass the Collection Plates 

Because the Seattle Arch is going to have to pay off its sex abuse claims with the reserve funds.

That Kerry Fella 

As the kids like to call him, is coming to town.

Please join the Cantwell Campaign in welcoming US Senator John Kerry for a reception in honor of Washington State's own US Senator Maria Cantwell - Tuesday April 11, 2006, 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
I know a lot of you were upset that John Kerry wasn't everything you wanted in a candidate. I was a Clark supporting Dean alternate, so he wasn't my first choice. But I always did admire the man both for his accomplishments and what he would have brought to the table if he'd won the election. Since then he's been leading the way on issues important to the party from the energy initiative to the attempt to filibuster Alito.

Ice Cream 

I'm not a big fan of making it into the mainstream media. It's not that I don't appreciate the publicity. Hello, Monsonites (Monsoons? Morons!). It's just that as a member of a fire department they are quite particular about the flow of information. The rule is if you make the paper, or the radio, or the TV, you have to buy ice cream for the station.

I had to buy some because my hand was in the in the dead tree version of the Drinking Liberally story in The Stranger. So I would have liked a heads up (maybe even an invite). I mean my clip at a bar was clean enough to use on the air. I could have used some good ice cream last night after that call too. Marion berry pie was the best flavor we had.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Reichert's Choice 

The D-Trip has a great new web ad on Reichert and stem cells. Check it out and then come back here and give his opponant some money or some time or both.

Money Money Money Money Money 

Safeco loves to give the scratch to Mike McGavick.

Another Podcast Thing 

For those of you without some inside knowledge, Nick and Will trying to explain that thing someone said to Hillary and something similar someone said to John Breaux one time might be a bit confusing. So here's some context from Ezra Klein.

Carol Binder 

The Biz Journal has some nice excerpts from an interview with the executive director of the Pike Place Market Public Development Authority.

On long-term challenges: There's a lot of wear and tear with 8 (million) to 10 million visitors a year. The city needs to establish public support to keep the market the way it should be kept up physically ... The pipes are old and breaking, the roof is 30 to 35 years old and will have to be replaced with something of like kind, so it will have to be custom. ... This group of small businesses can't afford that whether it's in the form of debt or increased rent.[...]

On maintaining the market's diversity: The market has a very long history of offering opportunities to different immigrant groups. In the early days, it was the Italians, then the Japanese, now flowers are sold by the Hmong. People are bringing the skills they've brought over from their countries. Sometimes, it's one of the few opportunities to apply the knowledge that they've brought here and make a living doing that. That is a very important tradition to maintain.

On how residential development in the surrounding neighborhoods will benefit the market: (Having more residents) will engage the city and make it a vibrant city and I'm excited about it. But I am concerned that it will all be high-end. My concern is that it be mixed. I think downtown Seattle should be for everyone.

First, I Won't Campaign With a Beard 

NPI has Darcy Burner's appearance on Dave Ross. Good stuff, and it's still a good time to throw some scratch her way.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

30 feet 

I don't like these new limits on height in Edmonds. Although, I think the rest of the restrictions are mostly fine.

Bald Eagle Web Cam 

Watch it or the terrorists win.

Via August and having nothing to do with Washington State.

I Miss Not Having to Drive 

But alas, such is the rural life. Anyway, congrats to Alan Durning over at Cascadia Scorecard for being able to go without. For those of you who've been doing it for a while, it looks like he could use any tips that you have.

So, I Have a Question 

Do we have to wait until Jenna and Not Jenna are dead before we're allowed to say that Bush is a bad father?

I mean compared to Nancie Thorne, the mother of the 15 year old girl who died on Capitol Hill, George W. Bush is a horrid parent (based only on what little we know of their children). But conservatives are attacking the mother of a dead kid like it's going out of style. So I guess that's when it's OK. I guess that's why they love to attack Cindy Sheehan. I don't know if that's sicker than when they just blame the victims. In either case, as long as they get to keep cradling that pistol grip, caress it softly, kiss it tender, show off to the guys how big it is, it doesn't matter that there are actual dead people. Yell at a grief stricken mom, if you think it'll help you keep hold of that gun. Any tiny hint of compassion is too much when there's a Bushmaster at stake.

Don't Want to Drive it Underground 

Mayor Nickles is right on.

Podcasting Liberally 

It's up. Yeah, it didn't come across very well but the glosticks point I was trying to make was that the only tangible thing that the Greens have done is elect George W. Bush and the only thing green about him is the glow sticks we've stuck in Iraqi prisoner's rectums. Also, these 15 minutes are the perfect encapsulation of why I didn't want Pelz as chair. Seriously, do you think Laura Ruderman would have gone out of her way to complement Richard Nixon? How about minimize the greatest thing the Democrats have ever done, the Civil Rights Act?

Students Protested in Yakima 

The kids are all right.

Chanting in Spanish and waving Mexican flags, students from Davis and Eisenhower high schools, as well as Yakima Valley Community College, took to the streets in opposition to proposed legislation that would make it a felony to be an illegal immigrant.

Yakima police estimated more than 400 students and community members gathered at the peak of the protest, which didn't end until after school let out at 1:35 p.m.
Thanks to the General for the tip.

Tomorrow is Friday 

Tom Tomorrow will be at the Elliot Bay Bookstore, 101 S. Main, on Friday at 6 p.m. See you there!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Time to Give 

Daniel has Obama's fundraising appeal for Maria Cantwell. I of course am still pushing Darcy Burner. But as the quarter comes to a close it's an important time to give to candidates or causes you believe in. The numbers will be recorded and made public and how well they do will have an impact on how much hype they can achieve and how much money they can make in the future. You can bet all of your favorite candidates have a press release lined up and the bigger the number they can plug in the more likely newspapers will be to run their story. In Burner's case (and several other Democratic challengers around the country), there are funds from the national party up for grabs. So it really is an important few days.

Next quarter I'll turn the focus toward the legislative candidates.

Making Movies 

Oh such glamor. Such style. Such pizzaz. But not worth the tax breaks.

Drinking Liberally 

I'll be there tonight and you should too. Unless you're near the tri-cities, then enjoy the one out there.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Open Thread 

My World Web Internet is going really slow, so I'm going to do something crazy and read my book. Lincoln is getting caught up in the civil war. I hope it works out in the end. Maybe he figures out a way to free the slaves or something.

Transit to the Eastside 

I'm not sure why you can't take the bus across the lake. I used to do it when I lived in the North End and went to Bellevue Community College. Light rail would (I guess) be out of traffic. But even then, I don't know how much time you save vis-a-vis the bus. But I do hate scare tactics.

Computer Recycling 

See, put Democrats in charge and look what we do.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Talking Points about Dave Reichert 

From a suggestion by Daily Kos:
The transitive property of geometry: If "A" equals "B" and "B" equals "C", then "A" equals "C". Or, more precisely:


The lack of strategy in Iraq? It couldn't have happened without Dave Reichert.

The record deficit? It couldn't have happened without Dave Reichert.

The poor response to Katrina? It couldn't have happened without Dave Reichert.

The continuation of illegal wiretapping? It couldn't have happened without Dave Reichert.

And on and on.
Dave Reichert is nothing but a bush puppet. We should make sure that every voter knows this.

Carl has an Act Blue Page to support Darcy Burner. Please give whatver you can.

UPDATE: Be sure to read the comment below from our pal moe99. It is an even more damning indictment of Citizen Dave.

A Rubber Stamp 

I don't know why people who oppose the Bush administration want Arlen Specter to chair the Judiciary committee instead of Ted Kennedy. They want James Inhofe to chair the Environment and Public Works committee. They want Trent Lott to chair the Rules Committee. You'd think just those three committees would be enough to get some good investigations. But I guess some of them would rather explain why they're better than Maria Cantwell than actually moving toward that goal.

Combating Global Warming 

Noemie at Washblog has a list of orgs that are doing good work in the state. If the environment is your issue, these are great things to get involved with.

SayWA in the LA Times 

The SayWA campaign hits the LA Times.
All evidence of the problem, says [Victoria Clipper GM] Darrell E. Bryan: "It needs too much explanation." [] He joins a crowd of befuddled Washingtonians whose response to the campaign is "Say what?"
According to the article, the slogan took 18 months, 32 people, and $150,000.


Of course there needs to be more regulation of these types of guns.

Community Court 

King 5 had an interesting report on Seattle's Community Court in its first year.

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