Saturday, March 25, 2006

SayWA Ad 

I still like it And it's better than any of the other stuff that the Daily O came up with.

Constitutional Law PAC 

The Majority Rules Blog has the goods on Slade Gorton and Ken Eikenberry's PAC that you got all upset about a while ago and then forgot about because that's what they wanted you to do. And what ought to be done about state PAC's.

In today's edition of the Seattle PI Neil Modie continues the reporting on this issue with a story entitled "Political Spending Cap May Backfire" With the Washington State Legislature's just passing SSB1226 to limit campaign contributions by individuals to state judicial candidate's committees, the reality remains that individuals can give whatever they want to PAC's that spend money 'independently" on judicial races.

As we have already pointed out, most recently in our blog on March 7, 2006, entitled "Campaign Contribution Limits - Job Half Done", the Washington State legislature only did half of the job in trying to limit special interest influence in our elections in Washington State. By not setting any kind of limits on contributions to PAC's they are now a giant loophole.

"one of the largest crime scenes the city has ever had" 


The Difference 

Shaun makes a good point about the Joel Connely article that's been circling the local blogtopia (yes! skippy coined that phrase!).

In fact, the filibuster was discussed by Senator Kerry and others in caucus before he left for a previously scheduled appearance on a panel at the World Economic Forum. Senator Kennedy took the point in Kerry's absence, and Kerry scheduled a red-eye flight so that he could return and pick up the reigns.

Though it wasn't out of the blue, it wasn't a caucus sponsored filibuster. There was no partisan obligation to support it, and Kerry didn't publicly attack those who, for whatever reason, didn't join him. He simply fulfilled a longstanding pledge to join, and if necessary to lead, a filibuster against a Supreme Court nomination he viewed as a threat to the privacy rights protected by Roe.

Friday, March 24, 2006


And I was hoping for a Republican v. Republican showdown for the looniest seat on the Supreme Court. Oh well, we'll just have to beat him for Senate.

...Bah. Not enough sleep and having to put out something before I went out to the station, I confused two TMW posts in my mind. I apologize go show some love to Kilmer.

Fake Sex Offender Calls 

It's like the Republicans want to weaken the guard of parents or something. My best guess is that they want people to know that sex offender notices are fake so they can have sex with your 5 year old. Does Kevin Carns have sex with children? Definately as a metaphor.

GOP operative Kevin Carns wants to send voters the message that his party is harder-nosed than the Democrats. That's why The Speaker's Roundtable, a Republican political action committee that Carns directs, paid for the automated phone calls targeting Democratic state Reps. Hans Dunshee of Snohomish and John Lovick of Mill Creek.

"A Level 3 sex offender has been released into your community," an authoritative male voice said in the calls to homes in the legislators' districts. After recounting that the unidentified offender was convicted of rape with a deadly weapon and was suspected in the abduction of an 11-year-old girl at knifepoint, the voice said Dunshee and Lovick "failed to protect your children by refusing to vote on a bill that would put child rapists in prison for life."

The tactic, or a variation of it, is not new: The Roundtable spent $75,000 on cable television and radio commercials, phone calls and postcards making much the same point across the state soon after the start of the legislative session.


Cascadia Scorecard has a nice recap of Gore's climate change speech. But I'll make a point I made on the podcast: This is the same Al Gore who ran in 2000. He was passionate then. I'm sorry if you focused on the fact that sometimes he wore earthtones and sometimes he didn't. You missed a great candidate.

Carl has an Act Blue Page! 

Carl has an Act Blue Page to support Darcy Burner. Please give if you can.

In other news, Carl has an Act Blue Page to support Darcy Burner. Please give if you can.

Finally, Carl has an Act Blue Page to support Darcy Burner. Please give if you can.

In case anyone (other than me) missed it.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


I'm a bit worried that Gregoire can't seem to get above the 50% mark.

We Live in Hope 

Brian Baird seems to think that the troops are coming home soon.

Our Senators v. Feingold 

Where do our Senators stand on the Feingold Resolution? Kovie at Dailykos asks them.

Short answer: Patty hasn't decided and Cantwell pulled a Cantwell (again).

Bad New Initiative 

There's an initiative to make any effort to deny state benefits to illegal immigrants. Of course there are several problems with this, not the least of it is that it's not going to solve the problem.

I'm for pretty much open immigration. Anybody who's not here to hurt us gets to come in. And that's one of the reasons I really liked Mahoney's op ed in yesterday's Times (firewall, linking so someone who posts a fair chunk of it). I certainly don't agree with all of it. The God's law stuff sounds as silly coming from him as it is from Hutcherson. But the basic point is that compassion to our fellow humans is truly important.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Free Parking 

I'm all for paying to park in downtown Olympia. I never noticed it was free because I didn't drive when I lived down there. I say charge for it and do other things to get people out of their cars. I actually really liked the bus system down there and it was compact enough that I could ride a bike pretty much anywhere I wanted to go. But I've also talked to people who lived a bit further out from where I did and they hated the bus system, so improving routes to make it easier for them to get out of their cars should go hand in hand with the cost to park.

The City Council unanimously agreed Tuesday night to study the proposal, saying it would provide a financial reason for store employees suspected of parking all day in the spots meant for customers to park elsewhere. That would increase turnover and make it easier for shoppers to find a space.


In the podcast I said that Bill Clinton spun a 3rd place into something positive. Joel Connelly tried to correct me but I didn't feel like explaining that we were talking across purposes and that I had meant Iowa. Anyhoo, as it turns out, Clinton came in 4th in Iowa; I had forgot that Uncommitted came in second. 1992 was a strange year as we had someone from Iowa and someone from the state next to New Hampshire running. But I think my point still stands that retail politics is a bad way to pick a candidate if the goal is someone who can win a big national media driven campaign.

Local Caller Nails Lying John 

A local caller nailed Lying John McCain. Check it out.

And to think that this bush-hugging Creep wants to be President.

Podcasting Liberally 

The new podcast is up. 2 Journalists.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Real City 

The New Yorker knows Seattle exists.


Of course you can give money right up until Election Day. But Democracy for Washington explains that if you give money to Darcy Burner now, it will help her raise enough to get a nice chunk from the D-Trip.

The Darcy Burner for Congress campaign is presently working hard on fundraising to meet an end-of-March goal of $320,000 on hand. If it is successful, she will be eligible for an additional $250,000 from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's "Red to Blue" program.

Her campaign is almost there, but she needs help from you and I for that last push over the top. If you've been wanting to help her campaign financially but haven't done so yet, now is the best time to do it.
They suggest adding a couple pennies to show that it's from them. I say just use the Act Blue link to show it's from this blog. Either way money contributed before the end of the month will make a huge difference. It's also the end of the quarter, so the more she's able to raise, especially from people like you and me, the better she'll be able to raise money in the following 3 months and into the future.

It Might Be 2001 or so 

Because otherwise, it's pretty clearly time to let go of the Kalakala

Drinking Liberally 

I'll be there to counter Goldy and Will's anti Catholicism.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Toxic Chemicals 

So a couple of Ballard groups and the Washington Trucking Association are opposed to the tunnel replacement package. The main reason seems to be that a truck loaded with toxic chemicals wouldn't be allowed into the new tunnel (making it a place I'd like to drive in even more).

Many Ballard business people, who run shipyards and fuel docks along Salmon Bay, say a central issue is that trucks with fuel oil for the fishing fleet, and solvents and toxic wastes from shipyards, won't be allowed through the tunnel and will have to travel on surface streets instead.
I'm not sure I want those things to be on a Viaduct running through the middle of Downtown though. So um for those of us who don't want toxic waste spilling out from the top level of a newly rebuilt Viaduct if, heaven forbid, there's a crash have another reason to support the tunnel.

Reichert Reverse Robinhood 

A good event if you can get to Mercer Island on a Thursday morning.

D.A.R.E. To Get out of Bellevue 

Good for Bellevue schools.

Patty Murray is Right 

Patty Murray sent out an email in support of Darcy Burner. Lynn at Evergreen Politics has the goods as, she always does. The only change I've made is the fundraising page is to my Act Blue site.

It is time that we had a representative in the 8th Congressional District who will fight for the issues and the values we care about. I am confident that Darcy Burner is such a person. In 2004 we came within a few percentage points of winning the 8th District. We learned some very important lessons from that election – we must start earlier, spend more time in the parts of the district we lost, and WORK HARDER THAN WE EVER HAVE.

Darcy Burner is a thoughtful, hard working candidate who will represent the people living and working in East King County. Growing up in a military family and rising as a leader at Microsoft, Darcy understands the issues facing the people of the district – from the high tech centers in the north to the working families in the south.

DARCY LEFT HER JOB AT MICROSOFT TO HELP CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF THIS COUNTRY. I commend her for her willingness to make that sacrifice to fight for the people of the 8th Congressional District and Washington State. Now she needs your commitment to support her. A contribution of $50 - $100 - $200 - $500 or whatever you and your family can afford, will help us change the direction of this country and put it back on the right track– but we cannot do it without your generous help!

Please visit her campaign website and make a donation TODAY! Donors can contribute up to $2,100 per election.

Clover Park Schools and the WASL 

It's pretty strange that we don't have a standard, statewide definition of Sophomore.

Hey Sloggers 

I'm not exactly sure you found what you want in that post, but feel free to kick the tires and look under the hood. Anyway, thanks to Eli for the link.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

$35 Billion 

Holy cats! It's national, but the Bellingham pipeline explosion is the local hook.

Daniel Lapin 

Who knew charity could be so profitable?


Evalyn Poff

Poff was a former Thurston County Democratic Party chairwoman and was named state Democrat of the Year in 2000.

She was a member of the county Human Services Review Council, which makes recommendations to government leaders on how to spend public funds for social services. And she worked in the state Legislature information center during sessions.

She also served as an elections inspector, was House Democratic Campaign Committee treasurer and was campaign treasurer for numerous candidates for city, county and state posts.

“She was a dear friend and a community activist extraordinaire,” said state Rep. Brendan Williams, D-Olympia. “She was a tireless worker for causes that she believed in. She used to boast that she’d never been involved in a losing campaign. Just having her good name and effort out there on your behalf could almost assure you a victory.”


I liked Obama. Good stories told well. Funny. He said many of the right things. We need more than just the money. Specifics for parents. Why the government is important. He really got the crowd going. And it was a great event in general. Maria did fine. She probably could have handled the hecklers better, but the meat of the speech itself was good.

But I didn't get the same feeling that Belltowner did about Obama. I've been more excited by Lieberman (who I thought was brilliant) than by Obama. Maybe as someone out of school for a while and with no children, education, especially K-12, isn't my top issue. And as I say, he was still quite good.

And a few random thoughts:

* Belltowner has an amazing ability to spot semi-famous people.

* Man alive, do I wish Ron Sims had beat Slade Gorton.

* Standing and sitting and standing and sitting and standing can take its toll. Of course, having walked around the Central District for a couple hours beforehand probably didn't help.

* I don't know abut you, but I believe that children are the future.

* The people from the various programs were actually pretty interesting. I think we've all sat through introductory remarks that have made us want to chop our ears off just so we could enjoy sweet, sweet silence. Not so this one.

* David Della afterword had a funny lucid couple minutes with me, Goldy and Belltowner, and I'm pretty sure he didn't know who any of us were.

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