Saturday, March 04, 2006

Still A World Class City 

Sonics deal is dead.


Your city is falling apart.

Snoqualmie Rez. 

They totally deserve it. The downside will be the closest tribal casino to Seattle.

After five years of waiting, the 600-member tribe gained the final approval it needed this week when the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs approved reservation status for 56 acres of forested land about a quarter mile north of Interstate 90.

Tribal leaders hope to begin construction this fall on a $90 million, 150,000-square-foot casino projected to draw 3,000 visitors a day in 1,700 vehicles and employ more than 700 workers. A hotel could be built at the site eventually, but there are no current plans for one.[...]

The Snoqualmie Tribe signed over its land to the U.S. government in 1855 as part of the Point Elliott Treaty. Prior to that, there were 4,000 tribal members whose land stretched from Snoqualmie Pass to Marysville.

They lost federal recognition as a tribe in 1953 and didn't regain it until 1999. In 2001 the tribe filed an application to put land into a trust and on March 2 the Bureau of Indian Affairs accepted the application.

Today members of the Snoqualmie Tribe live in east King County as well as outside the state.

End of Session 

The supplemental budget is going to get wrapped up in time and we'll have to start getting used to ending the sessions on time.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Holy cats that's bad shape.


I mostly agree with Will here, but I am a bit amused by the hero worship.

Hijacked Bus 

Wow. It seems the Spokesman Review only opens up the news section when their mayor is having sex with kids or their buses are being hijacked.

Money money money money money money 

That's a lot for an interem chief of staff to make.

Bizjournal Senate Poll 

Go vote.

Election Intimidation - The Series 

From the excellent Washblog:
In the past week, I have received two phone calls of a prerecorded message stating that "they" were from the Republican National Committee. "They" also informed me that their records show that it appears that I may not be properly registered to vote at my current address.

I hung up without listening to the complete message and called the Supervisor of Elections Office. The man who answered could not believe it and started to laugh.

A few days later, the same call came. I was not home so it was left on my answering machine.

These people will stop at nothing! Please let someone know the instant this crap happens!
I know that "they" can be one of our trolls, who wouldn't have the courage to leave a message.

Aaron Brown Surfaces Again 

From a recent lecture at Oregon State:
Brown, . . . . described cable news anchors as "highly paid piece(s) of meat" . . . .
Or in the case of Tucker "Bowtie Boy" Carlson, a meathead.

Sims vs. the Hutch 

Looks like the debate went well.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Darcy Burner! 

While I'm still experiencing a bit of an uptick in traffic for mentioning the good work Inslee has done, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that there's a good shot at having another great tough as nails suburban Democrat. Darcy Burner is also talking energy and really fighting hard:

Doesn't George Bush realize he has been America's No. 1 petroleum cheerleader? Just last summer, he signed an energy bill that gave away billions in taxpayer money to oil companies that are currently enjoying record-breaking profits. Since he took office, finding innovative strategies in his energy proposals has been as hard as finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq!

When it comes to energy, the priorities of this administration and the Republican-led Congress have been upside-down. And true to form, one day after the president paid lip service to energy alternatives, his Energy Department was making cuts in alternative-fuel research and his energy secretary was telling the press and the Saudis that the president didn't really mean what he said.

I wish the president had meant what he said, because he was right: We are addicted to oil and our addiction poses a severe threat to our national security, our environment and our economy. People suffering from an addiction do absurd, even self-destructive things to feed it, and it is no different with the U.S. addiction to oil.[...]

So let's innovate. We Americans are good at that, especially when we have a clear goal. But instead of lip service, we need a real plan to mobilize the creativity of our nation and forge a new path. In the process, we will open the door to a vibrant new economy. Investments in alternative-energy technologies will produce new industries and family-wage jobs, and there are many ways to build on existing strengths right here in the Northwest. For example:

• Create incentives for our local heavy-truck industry to design more-efficient vehicles.

• Guarantee local biofuels entrepreneurs access to existing fuel-distribution channels.

• Apply local manufacturing expertise to wind turbines. (Twenty years ago, Boeing built the world's largest wind turbine right here in Washington. Since then, while our country was cutting funding for alternative-energy research, other nations pressed forward and today's largest wind turbine manufacturers are in Europe, the leading producer of the world's fastest-growing power technology.)

• Capitalize on the confluence of our software industry, innovative local utilities, world-class universities and top-notch research labs to design "smart grid" technologies to run electrical grids more efficiently, operate our traffic arteries more smoothly, and design and operate green buildings that will cut fossil fuel dependence without compromising quality of life.
I know, I know, there's a lot of hand wringing about winning in the 'burbs. The district has never sent a Democrat to D.C. And oh it's just spoiled Eastsiders. Well I remember hearing similar things about Jay Inslee. The 1st had only elected one Democrat in more than 30 years and she lost the next cycle. The yokels in Snohomish County are just some backwards hicks who'd never elect a Democrat. He's already lost in Eastern Washington, why does he even want to come here? Blah blah blah.

But I'm a sucker for a long shot. In '98 a bunch of high school and college kids worked plenty hard to get him elected (the Varsity Army). Precinct level working our butts off. Going door to door offering rides to the elderly on election day. And then he won. So the volunteer effort and the money really made a difference.

So please, consider helping Darcy out. As always, your time matters more than your money but give what you can.

Hat tip on the artile to Daniel


All right!


Way to go Washblog.

Maria Strikes Again 

The Senate voted 89-10 to renew the Patriot Act. Senior Senator Patty Murray voted to preserve American freedom. Junior Senator Maria Gorton Cantwell voted with the Republicans. Again.

Goldy on the Senate Race 

Even before he gets the sand out of his beach towel, Goldy analyzes the Elway poll on the Senate race. After reviewing the numbers, things look even worse for Mike! W! McGavick!

Lack of Posts Today 

Sorry, just got back from a fire not too long ago.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

MyDD Interviews Tom Foley 

Jonathan Singer at MyDD has an interview with Spokane's own Tom Foley. As we all recall, Tom was Speaker of the House (1989-1995) and represented the 5th Congressional District for 31 years (1964-1995) before the deplorable George "Two Term" Nethercutt lied him out of office.

Tom, we miss you terribly.

World Cyber Games Grand Final 

The Olympics it ain't, but then again I think we can safely say we're still a bigger city than Lake Placid.

Podcasting Liberally 

No me, but some Ron Sims!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Lowest Washington State unemployment rate in 6 months.

Thank You For Not Smoking 

That is definitely one thing I don't miss about taking the bus. They've also done it on the ferries, and they are nicer now.

Darcy Burner 


Drinking Liberally 

I can't be there tonight, but feel free to enjoy it.

Hey Soldiers! 

A slight uptick in the number of hits, thanks so much. I'm not sure why you didn't link to the Evergreen Politics post, because Lynn did a hell of a job interviewing him.

Monday, February 27, 2006

It's Good to be King 


Property Rights 

First read this, then say to yourself, this is quite crazy.


Hell of an interview over at Evergreen Politics.

The Bush Administration lives in a big castle with a moat around it. Good ideas get thrown up but bounce back off those high walls. There is no response. Just recently Bush is mouthing support for getting off oil and there is some good news in that. It may allow us to get some bills through in 2006 if control of Congress switches – bills about flex fuel, the use of biodiesel and increased research & development.

The UAW also came out a few weeks ago to say that looking at alternative fuel sources for automobiles is a good idea. They’ve seen that some manufacturers have moved forward. They’ve seen success in Brazil where 40% of what’s in the tanks of cars is now biofuels.

Manufacturers have been about to get huge efficiencies by going to less wasteful practices. BP committed itself to meeting the Kyoto targets themselves and they’ve done it with 2-3 years to spare and saved tons of money in the process. GE has made a commitment. Venture capitalists are dreaming of the technological companies they can back that will do well in the new businesses of fuel efficiency and alternative energy development.

The Democrats are united behind this. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are committed and if we get a Democratic majority in the House and Senate this year, we can probably move some of the agenda, not the whole new Apollo package because we’ll have to drag the White House along, but some of it.

Greenlane Maritime Cargo Security Act 

Patty Murray is doing good.

Mike! Your Pro-Choice Candidate 

Fresh back from gathering dirt on Jebbie bush, Goldy eviscerates Mike! W! McGavick!'s stand on abortion. My favorite quote:
McGavick’s campaign calls his abortion stance "complicated." [] I call it "lying" . . . .
A Republican liar. Who could have guessed.

Actually, Mike!'s stand isn't all that complicated. He favors choice, but only as long as guys just like him get to choose.

In other news, Republican Preznit George W. bush has achieved an approval rating of 34%. Nixon has nothing on this guy.

Dear Rep. Kurt Olson; 

Are you retarded?

I'm just asking because you'd think that keeping tourists out of your frozen piece of crap state would be bad for your constituency. I mean don't get me wrong, I've put photos from your state on my web page and even had one on my desktop for a while until I realized that the Puget Sound is prettier. But to make it even tougher for real Americans to come to your silly young state can't be good for you.

And you're doing it in hope of polluting ANWR! I can't even imagine having a state rep who was so against my interests. What's next, feeding your constituents to polar bears in an attempt to punish Alabama? Punching your friends in the face because you don't like Montana?


Carl Ballard


Voting on Civil Rights 

The bad initiative that keeps on giving.


That's quaint and all, but not hardly necessary.

Brian Sonntag 

Should be a good Cap Chat. Get your questions in before Wednesday.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Wear a Rubber 

Cowlitz County had a 123% increase for gonorrhea last year. And holy cats people, if you just picked up someone up at a party, that doesn't make them STD free.

The Cowlitz County Health Department is holding open houses to help people get tested and treated, but they're also interviewing patients to try and get a handle on why the rates are so high.

What they've found is that many patients think they're being more careful than they really are.

Rather than picking up a stranger at a bar, many STD patients interviewed said they find sex partners at parties, where friends of friends are considered safer.

"They don't know the person, but it doesn't feel as anonymous as a random pick-up in a bar," said Dr. Mimi Fields, the county's health officer. "There appears to be some sense of security or safety (at a party) and the feeling that this is an OK person because they wouldn't be here if they weren't." "Young people, unfortunately, have a feeling that 'Oh, it's not going to happen to me,'" said Dr. Phyllis Dunckel, a family practice physician with the PeaceHealth Medical Group with a special interest in HIV. "And people tend to make presumptions of sex partners based on appearance or presumed social status --- and you can never, ever do that."
And the meth sure doesn't make people make good decisions.

Dunckel said drugs often seem to be linked to STD outbreaks, adding that's why prevention programs ranging from the county's syringe exchange program to more comprehensive sexual education classes in schools are needed.

"The county needs to come out of the last century and realize kids are having sex and to have the knowledge and equipment to do it safely," she said. "And I worry the people who are really at risk (for STDs) aren't getting the news. And if someone's whole drive is to get drugs and money for drugs, then all bets are off."

Equally troubling, all agreed, is the lack of regular health care that goes hand-in-hand with poverty. Without education about STDs and quick treatment for those infected, it's difficult to stop the infection cycle, said Nickel.

In Cowlitz County, 30 percent of the STD patients interviewed did not finish high school, where most sex education takes place. And it's not just high school where they're missing out.

People with money see their doctors more regularly, are screened for problems early and are counseled on how to decrease their risk. Young adults at college also are almost bombarded with safe sex messages from resident advisors, counselors and student health centers.

And, even if someone thinks they need an STD test, if they can't get in to see a doctor -- a problem several local patients have reported to health officials -- they can't get tested or treated. The health department is holding open houses for testing and treatment this month to address that concern. (Patients can be diagnosed using a urine test, though sometimes the genitals must also be swabbed).

Steve Hobbs 

Thg person who lost to Dave Somers in the Democratic primary is going to challenge Dave Schmidt for state senate.

No Tube For You! 

Too expensive to replace 520 with a tube.

Silly Spat 

Honestly, trust isn't that important to the legislative process. I agree with Lynn Kestler on the issue, but seriously, she lined up the votes with pressure and being right not trust. That said, is there really a dispute over what type of a head nod Ken Jacobsen made?

Not so, Jacobsen said: “She never asked me to pass the bill. She said she wanted it, and I nodded. Nodded as in ‘I understand.’ I never said I would have a vote.”

I Always Just Took The Bus 

But I didn't have a car when I lived in Olympia, so I never noticed a parking problem at the Farmers Market. But they're studying adding a garage to hold 350 cars.

Cantwell by 30 Points 

Our newly-suntanned pal Goldy directs us to the latest Elway poll showing that Senator Cantwell leads Mike! by 30 points. Here's my favorite quote:
"“Cantwell will try . . . to make McGavick’s middle initial `W.’”
Mike! W! McGavick! I like it. But I don't like! Mike!

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