Saturday, February 25, 2006

Paine Field 

It'll get a new taxiway paid for by the Feds.

Nice Picture 

She fits right in. Why don't you make sure she's the state's next Representative.

Chocolate for Choice 

March 8. A good event even if they're asking me for money that I don't have anyway.

Open Thread 


A fine idea.

Shield Law 

Looks like a good idea.

Sure, Why Not 

I support this even if it won't actually go anywhere.


A regular passenger only ferry even with a Southworth component would still be pretty amazing. So yay for grant money.

Friday, February 24, 2006


We really need to get the levy rules fixed. How in the hell can it matter if just over or just under 60% of people approved the bond? I understand the legality, but I'm asking morally.

"A Real BS Deal" 

Boeing is screwing the Machinists on storage and distribution of 787 parts and tools. Subcontracting to a South Carolina firm. The article didn't say if they were union, but it seems like Boeing could have been more forthcoming and worked with their union.

But in this case, Boeing executives didn't mention their outsourcing plan until the eve of Wednesday's announcement, Blondin said.

"It seems like they've decided to move forward on the 787 without much input or help from the work force," he said. "It's not right, and not ethical."

However, Hanson said the company is working with the union to make sure its members have the skills they need to fill jobs on the 787 program.

"We will continue to partner with them on an ongoing basis," she said.

Maria Cantwell 

First off, she'll be in Pullman tomorrow. Looks like a fun event.

Second off, Mark Wilson gets the coveted The Left Shue endorsement. That's the second local blog, I think. I haven't decided how I'm voting in the primary but I won't be joining Chad or Natasha. I don't think there's anything wrong with a protest vote and while I'd prefer it for a better candidate, Wilson is the only one there. If he stood a chance of winning, I'd almost certainly vote against him, but he doesn't so a protest is a protest.

That said, I have no problem working for Maria Cantwell now as everything is essentially a general election campaign. I'm considering putting her in the Act Blue site along with Darcy Burner. I realize that since nobody's given any money yet -- and seriously, why not? -- so it's kind of moot. But the reason isn't that I'm only about 60% to vote for her in the primary, it's because I want to raise money mostly for underdogs, and I think Maria is doing fine on that score. On the other hand I would like to show some support.

Initiative Reform 

Can't say I disagree with any of this.

Tom Tomorrow's Book 

Given that thismodernworld.com was the first blog I ever read, and that I've enjoyed the cartoons since he was skewering the Clinton administration, you might want to pre-order his book. That's his link. I don't know if it earns him some extra scratch or not. Here's from the Elliott Bay Book Company it won't earn anybody any scratch, but they are better people (no offense Nick).


The state workers are getting fucked.

National Journal Ranks WA Delegation 

The National Journal has ranked Congress on a percentage scale from Liberal to Conservative. Here's how our Delegation made out (Liberal-Conservative):
Average: 64.47% Liberal - 35.53% Conservative

Thursday, February 23, 2006


And I thought I wrote snarky letters.

I Know Most Of You Don't Care 

But ferry rates are going up again.

Luxury Boxes 

I know, I know, Seattle has this horrible fear that if one of the sports teams up and leaves that it won't be a real city. As if the fact that our 3 2 biggest cities don't have a football team in their city limits doesn't count. As if a third of our pro sports teams are all that separate Seattle from Jackson Mississippi. That's all silly enough.

But, I'd like to say how offensive it is that the Sonics main argument seems to be that we need better luxury boxes. So they're going to tax the entire community. Fuck that shit and fuck it hard.

Not Just The Farm Team 

We're told time and again that the reason that the reason to elect good Democrats to state and local offices is because they'll be a farm team for getting elected to Congress. While that's important, most of them won't ever run for Federal office. But it's still damn important to get them elected because they do good work where they are.

One Billion Dollars 

Actually, according to a report, the Seattle Center was responsible for $1.15 billion in 2005.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I Love the Way he Phone Banks on my Behalf 

Is it just me, or is this the strangest thing possible to say when you announce that you're getting married?

“We couldn’t be happier,” McMorris said. “We have not yet set a date, but Brian is looking forward to returning to Eastern Washington and being an active part of my re-election campaign.”

Rattlesnake Hills 

I don't drink, so maybe Rattlesnake Hills is an appealing name for your wine, but it doesn't seem like it to me. Anyway, it's now a federally recognized wine region.

Yakima Streetcar 

In Seattle off grade is definitely the way to go. But for less dense cities, streetcars are nice. And a federal grant, is bitchin'.

Happy Anniversary to Bartcop 

This month, Bartcop is celebrating his 10th Anniversary. Happy Anniversary to Bart.

For the past 3 years, I have read every issue of Bartcop. Bart delivers political comedy with an edge that makes the rest of us look like a band of Little bush lovers.

I couldn't get through the week without him. So Bart, Happy 10th Anniversary and keep swinging the hammer.


No gay jokes, but still our best podcast yet. Or judging from how I felt doing it, as I haven't listened yet. If you like the raging debate about Occidental Park, or week old the VP shot a guy jokes, this is just for you.

They're Not Like Hippie Jonnie 

The new house supplemental budget is out. And while it's pretty similar to the Governor's budget and the senate, it's the best of the three. But man alive, the House Republicans are annoying. I haven't heard such whining since The Modern Lovers wrote I'm Straight.

Conservatives still were unhappy, saying majority Democrats in both chambers are too willing to spend down the state's projected reserves of nearly $1.6 billion.

"The Democrats just don't seem to know when to say 'no,' or 'enough,' " said Rep. Gary Alexander, R-Olympia, ranking Republican budget leader.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Occidental Park 

Unlike Daniel, I'm for taking down the trees. Will it eliminate all crime in the park? Of course not. But it will help get people out to the park after the sun goes down especially. And more eyes means it's tougher to commit crime. It'll should work better than the Mayor's bocci ball idea. It's certainly a lighter handed way to deal with crime than harassing the homeless in the park.

When I was attending Shoreline Community College, they were having some trouble getting people to attend night classes. One of the things they found that helped the most was trimming the trees around the lights. People weren't as afraid of going through the parking lot at night. And that's in an institute of higher learning in a relatively sleepy suburb, so I think it would work more in a park in Pioneer Square.

You Broke it You Own it. 

Not Washington State, but funny.

Tracking Local Elections 

This is a good idea. I'd also add that there is a dKosopedia that would be good for the same sort of thing. And might get some of the downticket races some notice from national Dems.

Hey Deaniacs! 

With Howard Dean just in town, it might be a good time to show some love for the party for picking him. So here's the state party, the national party and of course Darcy Burner. Take this opportunity to dispel the myth that an outspoken, grassroots oriented chair is bad for fundraising.


If it's Tuesday, it must be time to head out to the Montlake.

Let Them Eat Cake 

I don't see what the big deal is in preparing religiously appropriate food for Muslim prisoners. I mean shit, I support breaking the anti-alcohol rules for Christian prisoners to have sacramental wine. Surely this less of an accommodation than that. And they are already serving Kosher food.

Medal of Valor 

That's nice.

Monday, February 20, 2006


So add to the 25 foot rule, old folks as reasons that the generally good smoking ban had problems. And I agree with Jon that the lesson here is that you can deal with what comes up in a bill better than an initiative.

The Republican Agenda. 

If it's to pass Democratic bills, then I'm all for it.

Healthcare Deal 

Well it looks pretty good. I can quibble with that I'd prefer more to get the bad doctors out of the system and that healthcare costs are off their peak. But still overall, good work.

Jefferson Jackson Dinner 

Help the Spokane County Young Dems out.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


I agree with most of this. But there's no shame in getting your head handed to you in the burbs on skate parks.

Darcy Burner 

Looks like a good event. And by the way, click here to volunteer or give her money. The volunteering is more important. It is much tougher to calculate. But a billion dollars can't walk a precinct or make phone calls. But if you can't volunteer or want to do both, the money is good too.

Volunteering is Rad 

And you get awards from the King County Dems.

Winery Fees 

I'm not as convinced as the 11 federal lawmakers that have signed the letter about not having the fees anymore.

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