Saturday, February 18, 2006

Crime Map 

That's a fun feature at the Longview Daily News.


Brenda had the story a couple days ago, but that's amusing.

$270 million up in smoke, but then WA got high
Without the toke, but WA got high
It’s not speed but weed,
And I know why
cause the state got high
cause it got high
cause it got high

South King County Health 

Well this article starts off pretty blunt:

Residents there suffer higher incidences of infant mortality, adult death rates, chronic diseases, mental health problems, motor vehicle and firearm injuries, and complications from illicit drug use.

They are more likely to be fat, depressed and diabetic.
But then there is a good explanation of why.

South County has drawn lower-income families and immigrants seeking cheaper housing. There has been a corresponding increase in racial and ethnic diversity.

Low income continues to be the foundation for most poor health indicators, said Krieger, chief of the Epidemiology, Planning and Evaluation Unit for the health department.

King County residents generally are living longer and are healthier, but there are serious disparities based on where they live, their race and ethnic origin, and their income, according to the report.[...]

AIDS and HIV have become chronic diseases as more victims are living though they now need special health support, he said.

Excessive weight, lack of exercise, depression and lack of access to health also showed increases especially in South County. The overweight and obesity rates were significantly higher in Covington, Auburn, Kent and Federal Way areas than in the rest of the county, and they contribute to chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.
Then the good news:

Most of us are living longer. The rate of adult smoking is declining and is now at 15 percent. Control of asthma is improving based on declining numbers of hospital visits. Incidence of colorectal cancer is down. Motor vehicle and firearm injuries are dropping. The rate of hepatitis A and B is down.

Adolescent births are declining. Air quality is improving based on the number of good air days versus moderate air days. More children are immunized but the county is still shy of the national goal.

Chronic diseases including cancer, heart disease, stroke, chronic lung diseases and diabetes are still the largest contributors to ill health. The killers are cancer, heart disease and stroke.
And here's the report itself that includes all of King County.

Washington Won't Discriminate 

Looks like a good coalition with more to come.

...Their website.


Gregoire's numbers are leveling out.


Blogger has been bloggered for a while. It's doing something funky with the time stamps and it ate my last post last night that I'm still a funny, funny man.

Friday, February 17, 2006


The Farm Bureau are a bunch of jerks.

Replacing Murray 

Seems early if you ask me. I'm not as convinced as many people that he isn't running for reelection, but I don't know. If you run for the senate, you have to start over. If you stay in the house, you get powerful committee assignments. One of my reps explained to me why she'd never run for the senate, "I can't necessarily pass anything as a committee chair, but I can block any bad legislation that comes up." Also, you have to learn a new set of arcane rules.

...Some editing. And as a clarification, the quote may not be exact, because it's from many years ago and from memory.

Bellingham/Whatcom Economic Development Council 

Nancy Jordan will start there.

From Ted 

Ted Rall emails an update:


I just wanted to update you on the status of my potential lawsuit against Ann Coulter. Following is my latest entry to my blog. You will note that I am not asking you for additional pledges, but rather hoping that additional people, especially those with deep pockets, step forward to make this a real possibility of prevailing in court rather than a wimpy shot across the bow of the Right. So if you know anyone like that, or have access to the big liberal blogs like Daily Kos and Atrios that have millions of readers, please ask them to consider taking part.

In the meantime, thanks for your pledge. I'll let you know, probably next week, whether or not we have raised the funds (in the mid-five figures) necessary to do this right. If so I'll give you payment instructions. Regardless what happens, I'm in awe of your willingness to step up.

Very truly yours,

So again here's the post on how to pledge. And yes, I realize this has diminishingly little to do with Washington State.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Pot Smokes Cherries 

Marijuana is now Washington's #8 crop, overtaking sweet cherries.

This will come as no surprise to the folks at Smoking Liberally.

The Platform 

Go to your precinct caucus March 4 and influence the decisions on the platform. If you're in the 43rd, ask McDermott what you can do. Otherwise, here's the current platform (.pdf); got anything you'd like to add or take out?

No Need to Make a Federal Case 

Looks like the Feds won't charge West.


Shaun endorses Darcy Burner and asks that you give her some scratch. I'll add my own ActBlue site when I get off my lazy ass. And surely she'll be a piece of it.

Murray & Cantwell ask for Special Prosecutor 

Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell have joined 34 of their colleagues to ask for a special prosecutor in the Jack Abramoff case.

Parking Lotgate 

The guy from the Back to the Future movies and Spin City is being asked to dismiss the case against Colacurcio.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Kevin Van de Wege and Deb Eddy 

Yay for them both.

Dear Speaker Chopp; 

Please don't think of what I'm about to write as a blanket criticism of your speakership. I agree with about 95% of the stuff you've done since becoming speaker. And most of the rest of the other 5% I could at least understand.

So I'm bemused that you'd kill Fair Share Health Care. It would have been a wonderful way to free up some money in the budget and at the same time help out some of our state's least well off workers.

We had the votes to pass it in the House and it would have shown the party working for healthcare for all Washingtonians. Instead? The status quo. When we have a real chance to make a real difference.


Carl Ballard



Maria Cantwell is keeping your rates low.

"Officially Out of Questions" 

So, the Capitol Chat with Sheldon . I don't mind that they didn't ask my question. But I do mind this:

Moderator: We're officially out of questions. Final thoughts?
I know, I know, wrong county. But honestly, I did ask for a correction some time before the questions. At the least, you'd think they could just say out of time. Or am I reading "out of questions" wrong?

Rollin Street 

I'm not a huge Vulcan booster, but I do think this will be good.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thank You 

An email I got from Equal Rights Washington:

It is vitally important that the Governor and legislators who
supported the recently signed anti-discrimination bill receive
thank you e-mails from their constituents.

If you have not already done so, please take a moment to thank
the courageous state leaders who stood with us to get the bill
passed after nearly 30 years of hard work. Use the link below to
send an e-mail to your supportive elected officials:


With Governor Gregoire's signature not yet dry on the
anti-discrimination law, right-wing forces declared their
intention to see it thrown out in next November's election.
By thanking pro-equality elected leaders today we are letting
them know we will stand with them to defend Washington's new
anti-discrimination law:


Our state of the art legislative contact system will look up
your elected officials and allow you to send them a personalized
thank you note. Please click here to send an email to Chris
Gregoire and supportive state legislators:


Please forward this message to your friends, family, and
co-workers. To defend this law against a repeal effort we must
continue to build our movement--please help by forwarding this
message. United we win.

Yours in Equality,

Fran Dunaway
Executive Director
Equal Rights Washington
Fighting for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender equality.

Drinking Liberally 

Hey losers! Come to the DL on Valentines Day. I'll be there.

Domestic Violence 


Monday, February 13, 2006

My Question for Sheldon 

I'm going for the easy one:

Isn’t it a conflict of interest to hold a seat on both the Thurston County Commission and the Washington State Senate? How do you make decisions where your roles may come into conflict with one another?


I'm in for 30 bucks.

A Hoot 

Unlike Belltowner, I won't be able to attend on a Thursday, but a debate between Ron Sims and Ken Hutcherson (Who apparently nobody having him speak can spell his name right) looks to be a blast. Go Ron!

Open Thread 

The "Seattle Chill" Explained? 

A post on Craig's List- Calgary lists 9 factors to explain the so-called "Seattle Chill." If you disagree, the author's email address is listed. I'm not sure about most of these, but I sometimes find that #3 - Geography to be a real pain in the reichert.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Fair Share Health Care 

Let's make it happen.


I don't know the whip count, but damn we need some more senators willing to repeal the 60% for school levies.

The House has passed SHJR 4205, but it doesn’t have enough votes to pass in the Senate, said Dan Steele, governmental relations director for the state’s School Directors’ Association.

A concern that led to the 1944 supermajority requirement was that school districts would hold “stealth campaigns” by publicizing elections only among supporters. But today most voters statewide – including 70 percent in Pierce County – receive absentee ballots, said Pierce County Auditor Pat McCarthy.

“The issue of whether anyone can get the wool pulled over their eyes is moot,” McCarthy said. “It’s really unfair to have the higher benchmark of 60 percent.”

Tim Sheldon 

If you want to ask him a question, you have until Wednesday. I'm not sure of anything right now, but I'll probably have some question by then.

Self Made 

One of the things that pisses me off about the land use initiative is the notion that in Washington State anybody is self made. That the government, and in fact society, is just some impairment to wealth. But nobody in this country is self made. We have a hell of a support system, especially for rural people like myself.

But to the initiative writers there's no value in your property not being flooded because your neighbors paved over all their land. There's no value in not living next to a waste dump. There's no value to your property when a school gets put up in the area.

The fact that you're living in America and in Washington pretty much means that the deck is stacked in favor of rural land owners. In most of the world the rural areas are depressed and if we hadn't made some real efforts, exempting farm income from taxes, paying farmers to leave their land fallow, exempting farms from our estate taxes, promoting our agricultural products from Washington potatoes, chickens, apples, wine, and maybe beer, the people who the initiative seeks to compensate would be much worse off already.

I'm sorry other rural folks, but get over yourself. This initiative will defund the state and local governments and will have an adverse effect on their ability to enforce many of the rules that have made rural areas function so well.


That Lapin what a hoot.

Drinking Liberally Podcast? 

Well not quite, but here's senators Marilyn Rasmussen and Ken Jacobsen on making a beer commission. And it is in .mp3 format for your listening pleasure.

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