Saturday, February 11, 2006

Legislative Action Committee Day 

Go lobby with the KC Dems if you want to head down to Oly.

I Refuse to Believe 

That we can't do a better job than the Republicans in finding a candidate to run against Doc Hastings.

Giant Eastern Washington Worm Found 

Scientists at the University of Idaho have found a gigantic white worm near Pullman. This worm is three feet long and smells like lilies.

The second-largest Eastern Washington worm was unearthed several years ago near Pasco. It is called the Doc Hastings Worm and smells like Tom DeLay's ass.


Y'all need to get these up sooner. Not as good as the first, but still a hoot. I'm not sure I can really approve of seriousness and the weekly outing is already getting old.

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Washington Farm Bureau Responds 

I'm not sure they realized that they were being made fun of, but here's the response:

Thanks, Carl, for the note. I appreciate the information. I have forwarded your thoughts to Dan Wood, our Property Fairness Initiative coordinator, for review.

Despite the initiative's shortcomings in your areas of concern, I hope you have a chance to step back and see the improvements the initiative will offer in other areas of property rights protection. We think it is a very worthwhile pursuit.

Thanks again, Gary Joiner
WFB Director of Member Relations

Transportation Lobby Day 

Better Donkey has all the details, but head down to Oly if you're interested.

Start: 02/16/2006 - 9:00am
End: 02/16/2006 - 6:00pm

WHAT: Transportation Lobby Day
WHEN: Thursday, February 16, 9:00am - 6:00pm

PUD's Support Clean Energy Initiative 


The Washington Public Utility Districts Association’s board of directors voted to endorse the initiative following some initiative language changes brokered by Congressman Jay Inslee, D-Wash.[...]

The signature drive for the campaign will begin as soon as ballot title language is finalized, something that could happen as soon as next week, said Marc Krasnowsky, spokesman for the NW Energy Coalition, an energy conservation group and one of the initiative sponsors.

Changes in the initiative language preserve PUD control over services the utilities provide, protect their customers against excessive rate increases and recognize energy efficiencies and fish-friendly improvements the utilities have made to their hydroelectric dams since 1999 and into the future, Krasnowsky said.

“Maintaining local, ¬community-based control over utility services is the reason PUDs were created in the first place, so we appreciate the sponsors’ willingness to listen to our concerns,” said Steve Johnson, PUD association executive director.

What Natasha Said 

I won't pretend to fully understand BIOAg's after reading this. But, um, support the House budget, I guess.

Jesse Jackson's Counterpart? 

Wow, the Clark County Republicans seem to think that Ken Hutcherson is Jesse Jackson's equivalent because they both called for boycotts. Now this was kind of surprising to me as I hadn't realized that Hutcherson had secured the release of hostages, run for president, worked in the civil rights movement for decades, in fact had any actual accomplishments whatsoever. I was under the impression that he played football and now he hates gays.

America is a decidedly better place because of Jesse Jackson. Gay bashing football players are a dime a dozen. Although sadly, they do agree on gay marriage. So maybe that's what they mean. Oh! Wait! They're both black too. I almost forgot what with the color blind society we live in now.


A chance to tell her what you think on the issues of the day if you're in Spokane.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dear The Washington Farm Bureau; 

I was reading the initiative that you just filed and I'm not certain I can support it. Don't get me wrong, the premise is a good one: The government shouldn't be allowed to enforce it's zoning laws without a substantial penalty. I get that. And why not give more money to rural land owners? It's not like they're getting a disproportionate amount of money from the state and local governments now.

But I'm sorry to say that the initiative doesn't go far enough. See there's nothing like a meth bust to lower property values. Suddenly the land that's been your since your family stole it from the Indians is considered "toxic" and the area is considered "unsafe" and "crime infested." Do you know what that does to land values? So why not force police departments to pay the neighbors when they arrest people for cooking meth in their homes? It would be a wonderful way to stop the horrible threat of arresting meth cooks.

With All The Respect in the World and then Some,

Carl Ballard

...Edited and sent!


Patty Murray responds to Jeff Richardson about the need for executive oversight.

No Shame 

Dori Monson is probably a communist. At least if having been to Cuba makes it so.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Go support Orcinus.


It would have been nice to have Barbieri as a Congressman. Oh well, at least he's doing good work.

Hanford Clean Up 

Bush's budget has the $690 million for clean up. And that's a much better number than the 0 it's been in the past. But it still appears to not be as good a previous commitments.

I had a professor who said that nuclear waste in the groundwater was great because they could track it much better than most conventional methods. But on the off chance you aren't a ground water hydrologist, this is probably not the best of developments.

Yippy skippy 

I like the new look over at skippy the bush kangaroo.

Because Tackling Someone is not "destructive when applied off the" Field 

Wow, I like Adam Kline, but that's silly.

One Less Car 

I'm with Belltowner, this seems piddly compared to, you know, a transit system that actually works well. But it's better than nothing, I guess. I'd like more passenger only ferries. But getting transit off grade is more important for the dense areas.

$12 million 

Gee, I can't think of a better use of our resources than subsidizing WalMart.

Preston, Gates, Ellis & Abramoff 

I'm not amused, Bill's Father

WA Foreclosures Down 29% 

From Realtytrack, real property foreclosures in Washington State are down 29% from 2004. Here are is the quarterly breakdown, the 2005 total, and the percentage decrease:
Washington 4,214 4,375 3,287 2,989 14,865 -29.07
.Nationally, things are much worse, with 8 States showing an increase of over 100%:
Overall U.S. foreclosure numbers climbed steadily over the course of the year, with more new foreclosures reported in every quarter . . . . This trend appears to be moving the real estate foreclosure market back to its historic levels.
So goes life for much of America in the Little bush economy.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


My senator is looking at creating "a large-scale, public-demonstration, solar electric-generating facility." I'd think solar would be something that both sides of the aisle can agree on because it's a good energy source. Clean and efficient. Won't run out any time soon. And hopefully not too costly in the long run. And because of the fact that they get more sun, it'll be pork for east of the mountains.

Virginia Anderson 

She'll be gone soon as Director of Seattle Center and as such there will need to be someone else who begs the Sonics to stay.

Eastside Light Rail 

That would be bitchin'.


There's still a couple hours' time left to vote. Here's my post on the Vashon Hospital District. Just go with SEIU.

Mitchell Rupe Dead 

Murderer Mitchell Rupe is dead. I hate to speak ill of the dead, but if he was too fat to hang I hope that he's too fat to enter heaven.

UPDATE: On a much sadder note, Former Snohomish County Sheriff Patrick Murphy has passed away at age 54.

Contact Your Legislature 

Lynn wants you to tell them about clean fuel.

Drinking Liberally 

Come and muscle your way into the podcast. Or at the least just have a brew or something.

Inslee Rocks 

He's making sure your phone records stay yours.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Hey Eastsiders 

DFA Eastside Candidate Forum.

Debi Golden, from the 48th state legislative district, ran a very tight race in 2004 on a shoestring budget against Rodney Tom in the statehouse, losing only by a whisker. Now she's after bigger game - Luke Esser, a Republican state Senator that loves to pander to the Fearmongering Right.

Eric Oemig, from the 45th state legislative district, will be running against Senator Bill Finkbeiner. Until recently, he was the host of community access TV's show Moral Politics.



Gary Alexander Gary Alexander 

Ask whatever questions you might have for the Ranking Member of House Appropriations.

Public Financing 

Doesn't have much chance of passing, but it would be awesome.

Sales Tax Deduction 

Cantwell just got a 2 year extension through the Senate.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tim Eyman 

What a jerk.

Seahawks Thread II 

Coach is huge!

Tax Cuts 

Everybody wants their carve out of the surplus. Of course each of these individual little tax breaks are on the table, but where's the discussion of the whole tax structure?

Superbowl Thread 

So two things:

First of course GO HAWKS!

Second, I'll be looking for the Pepsi commercial because a family friend may be in it. They shot a commercial some months ago and then nothing. So if Jimmy Fallon brushes some lady's face in a Taxi, it's my Mom's friend's daughter. But she isn't sure if they haven't just scrapped the whole thing.

My prediction Seattle 31- Pit 9.


Great point:

There's nothing to love about Eyman's latest initiative ploy, however. In his queer quest to overturn the discrimination ban, he conflates it with "quotas" and "set-asides."[...]

That doesn't mean managers have to hire unqualified lesbian candidates, and it doesn't mean they can't fire incompetent gay workers. And it certainly doesn't mean they have to reserve spots for this newest protected class.

Don't believe me? Then look around your office and the other businesses you frequent. Do you see set percentages of minority workers, women, immigrants and folks using wheelchairs everywhere you go, like the world's some kind of living diversity poster?

Fat chance, right? Well, the same law banning discrimination based on sexual orientation has long outlawed workplace bias against people because of their race, creed, color, national origin, sex or disability.

So who are you going to believe: Tim Eyman or your own two eyes? He's pushing this phony anti-quota initiative because he doesn't have the guts to openly advocate for an employer's right to discriminate against gay people.

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