Saturday, February 04, 2006

Open Thread 

Beats working on the blog.

More of this Please 

Good to get all these people in the same room to see about the future of Seattle.

Storm Thread 

My power's back and so's my interweb. So anything happen to you?

Friday, February 03, 2006

I'm Not Sure 

What the problem with a protest vote in the primary is. I mean if you're willing to come back in the general election, the primary seems like a good place to vent your frustration. If you're angry about the war, or you're angry about cloture on Alito, or whatever, it's a way to show that you're angry without actually doing harm to the eventual candidate. Of course, the price of admission is coming back into the fold and supporting the most liberal candidate with a chance of hell of winning the general election.

So I guess I don't understand the recent spate of posts attacking Wilson. If he were running as a Green or a Libertarian, I'd agree. Bring them down, they're hurting the party. But this is a responsible way to run a protest candidacy, one that doesn't take votes away from the candidate.

Musical Number? 

Well maybe not. But it will still be a good event I think.

All our Democratic Congressmen from Washington are holding a reception on Feb. 18th for Darcy Burner to help her become our 7th Democratic Congresscritter from this state. I envision a musical number with all of them dancing in unison, show-casing their newest member-to-be. If they wanted to try it, I bet we could find a good dance coach to help out. More likely they'll talk about how important it is to our nation that we take this seat in the 8th and then ask the attendees to contribute to Darcy's campaign. The drum roll of Congressmen who will be speaking for Darcy:

Congressman Brian Baird
Congressman Norm Dicks
Congressman Jay Inslee
Congressman Rick Larsen
Congressman Jim McDermott
Congressman Adam Smith


I'm all for finding ways to lower healthcare premiums. But let's remember that the people rejected the ideas of the groups lobbying Gregoire.

Reichert Hates the Weak 

Republican David Reichert (R-Hastert Puppet) voted to cut the Federal budget in several critical areas:
The House {Wednesday] narrowly approved a contentious budget-cutting package that would save nearly $40 billion over five years by imposing substantial changes on programs including Medicaid, welfare, child support and student lending.[link]
Voting with Reichert were Representatives McMoron and Do-Nothing Doc. This is reason enough to send all three of these clowns to their lobbyist futures.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Deadline Coming Up 

Pretty soon we'll have all the bills out of committee that are getting out of committee. Except when we break the rules.

John Erection 

Er Boehner.

If John Woody is the least corrupt person the Republicans could find, man are they in trouble. The Washington State hook of course is my own Congressman Jim McDermott.

This is a story that starts with a affair. John and Alice Martin thought their son in law was cheating on his wife. So they were scanning the local area for cell phone traffic (with a baby monitor if memory serves) hoping to find their no good son in law and his hussy girlfriend having a conversation. But instead they found a conference call Newt Gingrich was having with several other members of the Republican caucus. Including John In My Pants!.

The discussion was on the fact that Newt had cut a plea agreement with the ethics committee that said that what he did was bad enough to warrant a $300,000 fine. It could have been much worse, but one of the things Newt agreed to was that he wouldn't orchestrate a response. So catching him orchestrate a response was kind of a big deal.

So McDermott (the Co-Chair of the Committee) releases the tapes to the Times. And John Pocket Rocket is so outraged that he's been trying to sue McDermott ever since. Most of the time it gets approved in the lower courts, goes to a higher court and gets batted back down because there's still a First Amendment.

Anyway, if conspiring to break house ethics rules isn't your cup of tea, now might be a good time to donate to either the D-Trip or McDermott's legal defense fund.

The Correct Response to Eyman's Signature Gathering 

From Majority Rules.

Do not get into an argument with the signature gatherer and do not stop people from signing if they still want to. But you are allowed to speak all you want and encourage people not to sign. That is free speech. Try it and you'll be amazed at how effective you can be in persuading people not to sign.

Open Public Meetings 

The Seattle City Council is having a retreat and Josh Feit gives you the agenda because someone has to.

A Couple Folks 

Had the 3238 story before me. So credit where credit is due to Darryl and Liberal Washington.

Mike! High-Pitched & Squeaky 

After attending a Mike! McGavick! campaign event, Geov Parrish described Mike!s voice as "high-pitched and squeaky." I didn't get the full effect until I heard a Mike! TV commercial today. It sounded like a mix of sandpaper and helium. Utterly irritating.

Ballard Radio 

Well I haven't listened yet, but if it's not embarrassing, I don't know what is. Anyway, it's really Goldy's baby.

...Actually it was pretty good. "He was silent." Yeah! "It's hard to shock Dan Savage." I also like the background noise. Although, why do I sound the most drunk when I've just had some soda?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Aah Republicans 

Maybe it isn't fair to pick on Daniel R. Miller who after all isn't going to win the Republican primary. And I sort of agree with him on trade, at least from what the article says. But honestly, how can you be running for Congress and not have an opionon?

Miller, 36, of Olympia, has taken a break from technology law studies at the University of Washington to campaign full time, he said. He is running on his opposition to free trade agreements, which are traditionally supported by Republicans.

Despite Baird’s strong questioning of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Miller said he has little or no comment on that issue — and he has little to say about the nation’s budget deficits, taxes or even abortion.

Democracy For Washington 

It's having a membership drive if you're interested.

Settlement Deal 

The Spokane Diocese is offering $45.7 million to victims of sex abuse.

House Bill 3238 

The house passed a raft of sex offender legislation today. And most of it is the sort of thing you've been hearing about. 25-year minimums for teachers, coaches, and strangers who rape or molest children or other people in special need. But they also slipped in HB 3238. It reads in relevant part:

1 (1) A person is guilty of distributing a false sex offender
2 community notification bulletin if, with the intent to alarm, harass,
3 or intimidate any other person, he or she distributes information
4 designed to resemble a sex offender community notification bulletin
5 knowing that it is not a sex offender community notification bulletin.
6 (2) Distributing a false sex offender community notification
7 bulletin is a class C felony.
It passed the house and all but one Representative (Skinner) voted for it and they were excused. That means that DeBolt thinks what he did was so bad that it should be a class C felony. It would have been a hell of a lot easier to not be a sleazy jackss. But then he'd have to switch parties, and we don't want him.

Third Tuesday in August 

It's a day that makes more sense for the primary. And the Senate passed legislation to make that the day.

Summer Nights at Gas Works 

The City's favorite Superfund site will be hosting Summer Nights on the Pier this year.

Time To Win It Again 

From an email from ERW:

Equal Rights Washington’s Fran Dunaway responds:

“It’s unfortunate that the principle of basic equality is the target of this year’s right-wing organizing drive disguised as a ballot campaign.

“Fair-minded Washingtonians rejoiced at the history we made together with HB2661, in extending equal rights throughout the state. But we and our allies also anticipated that our opponents would go to any length to see that discrimination continues in Washington , and we will do what we need to in order to protect equal rights. We are mobilized, we are motivated and we are ready. We won on Friday and we will win again in November.

“We don't need this in our state. This is about everyone. Washingtonians don't discriminate and we don't divide communities. And the sponsors of this initiative are about to learn that the hard way.”


The Drinking Liberally article in the P.I. is fine although, I wouldn't say "several members" had "Tourette's syndrome" more like just the one lady. And she was quieted by a simple "children present." But I missed the beginning, so I don't know.

But what I'd like to touch on is the way that the paper couldn't even quote a couple of swear words that someone else said. I mean she didn't call him "(blank)", she called him "asshole". And that's one of the areas where we are better than the traditional media. They feel a need to present the news in a way that won't offend a two year old. Because they are the biggest news consumer. I on the other hand don't care about two year olds. In fact, if you're a two year old and you're reading this, sorry, this is adults talking, go somewhere more appropriate, teens are allowed, but frankly just barely.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Open Thread 

Worst. Plan. Ever! 

McGavick has a plan to save Social Security. And it really is the type of thing that could only be thought up by an insurance guy. If nobody collects, then we'll be rolling in surplus. And so we just beg the American people to not to take what they're entitled to.

...some editing


The State is sending some of its employees postcards with their social security numbers on them.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Neiwert Writes Cantwell 

Our pal Dave Neiwert has written a friendly letter to Junior Senator Maria Gorton Cantwell.

Bring It Motherfucker 

Tim Eyman doesn't just want to do everything he can to weaken government, now he also wants to make it legal to discriminate against gays. If we play our cards right this could be the 912 of this year. Except without the initial support. We could use it as a bludgeon against pro discrimination Republican legislators in the 'burbs. Maybe we dub it the arbitrary firing and loan discrimination initiative. I don't know.

To the Editor, Seattle Times; 

Thank goodness for people like Senator Murray. A woman willing to stand up for principal on the Alito nomination. A woman who is willing to see that the Supreme Court doesn't always side with big corporations over common people regardless of circumstance. Someone willing to ensure that women don't die in back alley abortions. Someone willing to stand against a doctrine that a president can torture people and conduct unwarranted spying on Americans. No matter how the final vote to filibuster, I'm proud of my Senior Senator tonight.


Republicans Win Filibuster 

From Americablog:
Filibuster killed, 72 to 25

The Republicans needed 60 votes to kill the filibuster. They got 72. According to CNN, about 17 Democrats broke ranks with Kerry and Kennedy and voted against the filibuster.
Anyone know how Cantwell and Murray voted?

UPDATE: Cantwell voted Republican. When it was time to take a stand, Maria didn't know where she stood.

UPDATE II: Senator Murray voted to support the filibuster like the Democrat that she is. Bravo!

Update III: Here's the list of Alito-loving Democrats:

Akaka, Hawaii
Baucus, Mont.
Bingaman, N.M.
Byrd, W.Va.
Cantwell, Wash.
Carper, Del.
Conrad, N.D.
Dorgan, N.D.
Inouye, Hawaii
Johnson, S.D.
Kohl, Wis.
Landrieu, La.
Lieberman, Conn.
Lincoln, Ark.
Nelson, Fla.
Nelson, Neb.
Pryor, Ark.
Rockefeller, W.Va.
Salazar, Colo.

Drinking Liberally 

It's tomorrow I may show up early for the State of the Union. Or I may not. Exciting!

Either way, enjoy the drinking game.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

If they Were Serious 

I guess they might apologize in a public way. And might even pay for it if they were more serious than I can imagine a Republican.

Doin' Right by our Fighting Men and Women 

The Dems help the National Guard get insurance.

In the past year the Federal government increased the maximum life insurance benefit soldiers can obtain from $250,000 to $400,000 through the Federal Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance Program. The bill (HB 1343) reimburses soldiers for their monthly premium that they pay while abroad.

“Instead of being called up temporarily, our State’s National Guard are increasingly getting put into hostile areas,” said Sullivan. “It is my hope that they do not need to use this extra benefit but a family shouldn’t have to face a financial crisis in addition to a personal tragedy.”

The Washington National Guard has served the state since 1855. It employs more than 9,000 soldiers, airmen and civilian employees.

350,000 men and women serve in the National Guard throughout the U.S., and have worked for the common good since 1636. About 120,000 citizen-soldiers are deployed all over the world.

Republicans Make Odd Selection 

It's odd that the Republicans wanted Courtney Love as their Chair. But I guess 'roids weren't enough for them.

I saw you in a movie about pornography
You were looking pale and kind of saggy
I have to say it made me woozy
When you fucked Woody Harrelson in the jacuzzi

Everett WiFi 

Hell yes my friends!


Shaun writes a letter to Sens. Murray and Cantwell.

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