Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's Pelz 

Well good for him. Now let's go out there and win a greater share of both houses of the legislature, keep the Senate and take a couple (or all three) of the House seats still in Republican hands.

Cantwell Wobbly on Alito? 

From Jane at Firedoglake:
Maria Cantwell is reportedly quite wobbly, and might be succeptible to pressure. If Cantwell falls, Murray will potentially fall too.
Its time to contact Maria and remind her that that she's a DEMOCRAT. Call her at 202-224-3441, fax her at (202) 228-0514, or email her here.

And here's the contact information for Senator Patty Murray: 202-224-2621, Fax (202) 224-0238, or email

Kos tells us that you can send a free fax here or here.

...[From Carl] This got buried by my posts on the trainwreck and my letter to the Olympian, so I've bumped it up to the top.

Update [from Brenda]: It looks like the email inboxes for both Cantwell and Murray are full. Good news, I suppose. Also, the first free fax service seems to work better.

Dear The Olympian Online Editor; 

I want to thank you for all the wonderful things that you've done to make the Daily O one of the best web pages out there. The Capitol Chat is wonderful: Gives us regular folks the chance to interact with the newsmakers. Also, I adore that you have comments to go with your stories.

I do have one concern and I'm not exactly sure what the answer is. David Goldstein recently wrote a post where he talked about how Kevin Carns is a professional troll (someone who trolls the comment threads of blogs to hurt the discussion there). Given the way that many of the comments on stories are rightwing talking points that have very little to do with the story they are commenting on, I'd wonder if any of them are being paid by the Republican party and what the proper response is for your paper. Trolls are a part of any well read comment thread, left and right. But certainly your readers have a right to know if Republicans are paying their operatives to post at the website under assumed names.

Carl Ballard


...Significant editing, added link, and sent.

Train Wreck 

Amtrak crash West of Spokane.

The incident happened at about 1:05 a.m. when an Amtrak train from Portland — a locomotive and four cars — derailed on single, mainline track about two miles west of Sprague, Wash., according to Gus Melonas, spokesman for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway.

The train was in an upright position, he said.

Initial reports indicated that 86 passengers and 6 crew members were transported by bus to the gym of Sprague High School, said Amtrak spokeswoman Tracy Connell.

Melonas said some crew members were taken to a local hospital but no major injuries were reported.

$900 Million 

Bill Gates is going to eliminate TB.


It'll be on the Washington historic register, a step to get it on the national register at some time. That would mean more likely to get grants for restoration. And then apparently become a restaurant.

...Now with fixed link

Higher Education 

Submit your questions to the Presidents of Saint Martin's, Evergreen, South Sound Community College, UW, and WSU.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Full Time 

Just to show how bi-partisan I am, here's a Republican bill I support.

Sally Clark 

Seattle, meet your new City Council woman Sally "A Woman But Not of Color" Clark.


I had long resigned myself to the fact that I'm the only person in this town who likes Erin Hart, but I'll be sad to see her go.

Pit Bloggers 

I'd like to make a Superbowl bet with a lefty Pittsburgh blogger. Maybe $50 to a charity in the winner's town. Are there any good Pittsburgh bloggers who you think would be amenable to that, or should I just Google?

Shaun is Right 

John Boehner is one of the worst of the worst. A mighty impressive feat in this Congress.

Claudia Kauffman 

I guess it's announcing season. And Dean, I know I'm always making fun of you here despite how much I love Progressive Majority, get a second pen.

From the Debi Srail Campaign 

Former (and maybe future) Featured Dem Debi Srail is running again this year. From an email from the campaign:

Debi Srail to Run in 28th District for Vacant State House Seat

Debi Srail, a Democrat from Fircrest, will be running this year for the Washington State House of Representatives, 28th District Position 1. The seat will be left vacant by retiring long-time Representative GiGi Talcott.

Srail garnered 47% of the vote in the 2004 election against Talcott, a very strong showing against the long-term incumbent. This time, with the seat open, she hopes that her years of public service and high name recognition will translate into a win.

“I have lived in the area for over 50 years,” explained Srail. “I attend city council and school board meetings in all of the several cities that make up the 28th district. And as a teacher at Curtis Junior High, I have met many of our local citizens as parents and students.”

Srail also has done her share of campaigning in previous election years. In the 2004 election she personally visited the homes of literally thousands of voters, and this year plans on visiting thousands more. “I’ll be starting our doorbelling efforts in Fircrest, and moving out from there. We have learned that each community has its own flavor, its own needs, and we are campaigning accordingly.”

Among the new things this year will be campaign kick-offs for each city, starting with Fircrest on February 8th, and with additional events in each city of the 28th district during the following weeks.

Srail sees three main issues for the 28th district--- healthcare, education, and livable communities, including our transportation infrastructure. “We cannot pretend to care about family values if we don’t care about how our families live. There is no excuse for families in Washington State to be without healthcare or access to quality education.”

One of the things Srail intends to take to Olympia is leadership. “I don’t think that our area has been represented well in the past. Electing Tami Green in 2004 was a step in the right direction, and she has done a great job of bringing the issues that face our area to the front, but she has had to do it alone. Working as a team, I know that we can make the voices of the various communities in the 28th--- Lakewood, Tacoma, Dupont, Steilacoom, Fircrest and University Place--- heard in Olympia.”

For more information contact:
Committee to Elect Debi Srail State Representative
PO Box 65370
University Place, WA 98466
Telephone: 253.565.7674
E-Mail: dsrail@msn.com
Hopefully a website to come.



Antidiscrimination Bill Passed! 

HB 2661 passes, final vote: 25-23. Goldy has more.

Isn't it nice to have a Democrat as our Governor?

Thursday, January 26, 2006


I'm not sure it's the best thing in the world for a city that can afford libraries to have library districts. But it is both amusing and sad that the Vashon Library is open later many days than the main Downtown Seattle Library. I'm not sure that a separate library district is the way to go, but I could be wrong. What they really need is more blue hairs selling used books for a quarter. That will solve all their problems.


Dean over at Progressive Majority Washington lets you know who the Republicans have given up trying to oppose. And if it means that Hans' seat is finally safe, hot damn!

The postcards, sent out by the "Speaker's Roundtable" (another funny name, since the GOP hasn't held the speakership since 2001) targeted State House Democrats in the 16th (Bill Grant), the 17th (Deb Wallace) the 26th (Pat Lantz and Derek Kilmer), the 28th (Tami Green), and the 47th (Geoff Simpson and Pat Sullivan).[...]

Typical GOP targets such as the 44th (Hans Dunshee - 54% and John Lovick - 58%), the 23rd (Sherry Appleton - 55%), the 25th (Dawn Morrell - 54%), the 45th (Larry Springer - 51%) and the 1st (Al O'Brien - 53% and Mark Ericks - 51%) were mysteriously left off the list. Appleton, Springer and Ericks are freshmen legislators and typically would be seen as more vulnerable.

The Falafel is too Easy 

Not sure exactly what topic I'd like to "Bloviate with Bill" but I am going to write a little satirical letter following all the rules (except maybe with Carl Ballard instead of the real name, haven't decided yet). But I haven't decided on the topic and Falafel: Tasty Snack or Sex Toy? seems too easy.


If the anti descrimination law passes there will be some good times going on. Equal Rights Washington has the details in an email they sent me:

Bellingham: 5 PM at Taco Lobo, 117 W Magnolia Street

Kitsap County: 6:30 PM at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Bremerton

Olympia: 5 PM at Plenty's Restaurant, Downtown Olympia

Seattle: 6 PM at Paramount Theatre, 911 Pine Street

Spokane: 6 PM at Rainbow Regional Community Center, 508 West 2nd Avenue

Tacoma: 5:30 PM at Tempest, 913 MLK

Tri-Cities: 6 PM at Center for Positive Living, 210 East 3rd Avenue, Kennewick

Wenatchee: 7:30 PM Saturday at Cellar Cafe (SHINE Event), 246 N Mission Street

Yakima: 6 PM at Rainbow Cathedral MCC, 225 North 2nd; 7 PM at First Street Conference Center, 223 North 1st Street
I was planning on heading over town tomorrow night, so I may stop by the Seattle one.


The lovely and talented Cienna Madrid stopped by Drinking Liberally and had a very nice write up. I would like to say that while Darcy Burner needs the volunteers more than Jay Inslee does, he is a good one to go to if you are in the area. Not as much fun as Mike Cooper or Carolyn Edmonds, but up at the top of the list.

The General Needs Help 

For those of us, like me, who regularly salute The General, help him if you can. After all, it's the patriotic thing to do.

Aaron Brown Reappears 

In a recent interview, our old pal Aaron Brown discussed the current state of TV news. My favorite quote:
Truth no longer matters in the context of politics and, sadly, in the context of cable news.
Unfortunately, Aaron didn't mention the utter mendacity of the Washington Republican Party.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Good Idea 

Although with this state, we could probably get more than 15% by 2020. Still it's good to have a proactive ballot measure. Why we can't pass something in the legislature, I don't know.

A statewide coalition of conservation groups, labor, farmers and clean-energy businesses plan to file an initiative with the Secretary of State’s Office on Wednesday that would require the state’s larger utilities to increase the amount of renewable resources in their electricity supply to 15 percent by 2020.

Supporters of the initiative said the measure would help protect electricity consumers from volatile fuel prices, boost the state’s green energy economy and decrease dependence on foreign oil.

The initiative filed by Washingtonians for Energy Security also would require utilities to fully invest in low-cost energy conservation available in their customer service areas.

The Postcard 

The Republicans are proud of this.

[Rep. Bill] Grant said a woman in his district called to say she’d made her children memorize the face of the man on the card — who lives in Pierce County — believing he was a threat in her Eastern Washington neighborhood. Other Democrats had similar stories of confusion and anxiety from constituents.

“As a woman and as a mother, I have to tell you I’m appalled that the safety of our children is being used for political gain,” said Rep. Deb Wallace, D-Vancouver. “Citizens have been completely misled in our districts. They need to have an apology.”

She and six other democrats also demanded an apology from DeBolt, but he did not give one.

Grant said he received a personal apology about the fliers from Deputy House Republican Leader Mike Armstrong of Wenatchee. Armstrong did not deny the account, but declined to comment on what he said was a personal conversation with a friend.

I'm Hilarious 

But that's what happens to people from Vashon.


I have to say that's a lot of money. Thank goodness it won't be wasted this session. But I do think it's amusing that a French company is hoping for a different (read Republican) make up for the leg next year so that they can waste the tax payer money. Sounds about right.

...Link. And there was some editing.


I'm not at all happy about that.


Darryl is upset at his Republican legislators and isn't shy about letting them know.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Preacher Threatens Local Geek 

And the plan is to buy and then sell Microsoft stock to destroy the company. I'm convinced - this guy is craaaaa-zeeee!

Kevin Carns: Convicted Murder 

What a jackass that convicted murder Kevin Carns is. Of course, I'm using convicted murder "as a metaphor" for something. Maybe how law enforcement prefers our bill:

Tom McBride, executive secretary of the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, said his group supports the Democrats' bill and has concerns about the GOP measure.

Equality Rally 

I'd like pictures, and a working link, but looks like we done good.

More Cuts at Knight Ridder 

Knight Ridder, 49% owner of the Seattle Worthless Times, announces more cuts, apparently to prepare for a sale of its newspapers.

Drinking Liberally 

I'll be there, although I could have better things to do.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Open Thread 

Speak your piece, because I'm out for the day.

Benton County Dems Blood Drive 


Licata Will Be City Council Prez 

Well good.

Paul Allen 

I think it's strange that they needed the football for this article, but overall interesting.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Go Hans! 

Dunshee rules.

The Snohomish legislator wants state-imposed caps on donations from individuals and companies to be applied to limited liability corporations that are controlled by the same people.

Dunshee's proposed law stems from a running battle with Hank Robinett, a developer and Snohomish County Republican legend. Robinett, members of his family and companies they control regularly give to Dunshee's foes, and the lawmaker contends it's done in a way that skirts campaign finance laws.

Allowing one person with multiple companies to write checks from each one gives that person the ability to legally breach the cap, he said.

"Everybody ought to play in the rules," Dunshee said. "Local developers rack up huge amounts of contributions above the limit that the public must play in."

Cell Phones 

Maria Cantwell is going to crack down on people buying your cell phone records.

Football Thread 

Go Hawks!

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