Saturday, January 07, 2006

Open Thread 


Belltowner gives us his long awaited post on districts. Now how's about libariez.

Even Losers are Returning the Sewer Money 

Good for Nethercutt.

Friday, January 06, 2006


An interesting history of streetcars in Spokane specifically and the wider U.S. more generally.

And then picture this: By 1920, the United States had more than 1,200 separate electric street and interurban railways. And it was a robust, profitable going concern, utilizing 44,000 miles of track under the stewardship of 300,000 employees who served 15 billion annual passengers.

About that time, GM started to purchase countless electric passenger rail companies and rip up their tracks. For the harder to get at publicly owned rails, FBI files show that GM doled out brand-new Cadillacs to rail officials "to convince" them switch to bus service as a way of decimating the electric rail systems — and eventually sell more cars — in all major cities.

Good For Maria 

She's giving the Abramoff sewer money to charity.

Democrat's Plan 

It's a winner.

Silly Republicans 


Separation of Powers 

The State Republicans are opposed to it. Who knew?

Secondly, Republicans shouldn’t be bashing the power given to courts right now. It was less than a year ago that after Governor Gregoire was sworn into office, the Republican Party with Dino Rossi tried to USE THE COURTS TO UNDO THE REUSLTS OF AN ENTIRE ELECTION and INSERT THEMSELVES INTO THE EXECUTIVE POSITION.

Their argument about the gay-marriage ruling is that the courts shouldn’t be able to overturn a decision made by the legislature - yet the Republicans had no problem using the courts to try and overturn 2.9 million votes from average citizens.

Goldy for City Council 

Goldy puts his name in to replace Compton.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Open Thread 

Light posting fo' the rest of today.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Laura Ruderman 

Can someone explain to me why people aren't fond of her? People say they want someone who can raise money, who's able to expand the base and who can connect to the grassroots. And maybe someone who knows a thing or two about the technology. Then when you say Laura, they're like "no, no, no, no, no" and when you try to press them on that, they're squishy.

Well Ruderman was able to raise more than a popular incumbent Republican for statewide office. She more than anyone else is the reason we're competitive on the Eastside. Before her if a Dem ran from Bellevue or Issiquah, they were defacto joke candidates. Now, not so much. She won the 45th in part because she outworked Backlund and was able to secure the grass roots. And on tech, she's still a freakin' Microsoftie.

I know, I know, she lost her last election. But that would also exclude the only "serious" candidate left.

Phil Talmadge 

Rumor is he's out, but I can't confirm it.

Hastings is Crooked 

In case you needed to know


Belltowner has a couple posts on parks. I'm a big fan of Occidental during the day. But yeah, it does get creep pretty quickly after dark.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Drinking Liberally 

I don't know if I'm going to be able to attend this week, but you definately should head on down to the Montlake Ale House.


Man, I'm sure it's annoying to have to pay for stadiums and not get your NASCAR track, but I'm still opposed to it.

Carl Wins a Neiwert 

The Pacific Northwest Portal has announced its Neiwert Awards:
"Best News Digest

Want a quick recap of what's happening around the state and the Pacific Northwest? You'd better head straight on over to Carl Ballard's Washington State Political Report. The Report undoubtedly provides the regional progressive blogosphere's best news digest, with frequent links to what other blogs and traditional media outlets are covering, as well as brief commentary from Carl and his guest bloggers. Even better, the Report is easy to read and covers developments and news items that are often ignored by other progressive bloggers. Our thanks to Carl Ballard for continually and reliably delivering such a great abstract of local political news and views."
Congratulations (and an early anniversary present) to Carl!

Updated to satisfy the schoolmarms in our crowd.

Monday, January 02, 2006

On Blogiversaries 

Peace Tree Farm just turned 3. And on the 16th, mine turns a delightful 2 years old.

Oh Christmas Tree 

The things you can do with your tree in the South Sound.

Subdivide and Conquer 

More lots. Especially in Eastern Washington.

Green Legislature 

The environmental groups may well be able to make it happen.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Think Tanks 

I'll add a few since I can't log on.

Permanent Defense. But that's the same person.

Progressive Majority

The other Democracy For Orgs.Democracy for Vancouver. Eastern Washington Voters.

They Are Annoying 

The wrapping bus ads do bug me. I'm sure it would be even more annoying if you were a bus commuter.

Growth Management 

In Snohomish County.


Darryl has some suggestions for a serious new year.

Spokane Diocese 

They have a plan for the victims of abuse by priests.

In outlining a process to pay claims, the plan calls for a trust to be established for managing and administering money and claims. Two trustees would be named and in turn would appoint three people to serve as claim reviewers.

One claim reviewer would be a doctor or psychiatrist, another would be a mental-health expert and the third would be a retired judge or attorney, diocese attorney Shaun Cross said.

Together they would weigh sex-abuse claims by reviewing questionnaires and studying depositions and other credible evidence against priests.

Claims would be valued according to five categories, ranging from clergy showing pornography to a child (which could bring a victim $15,000 or more) to intercourse with children (which could award up to $1.5 million to a victim).


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