Saturday, December 31, 2005

Support Your Candidates 

If you've got a favorite candidate running for office today's the last day to give them cash and have it count for the quarter.

State Democratic Party

Jesus Loves You 


Happy New Year Frank 

Frank Sennett has a collumn on the war on New Year.

But to the argument that this is merely the latest bit of cynical misdirection from the intellectually bankrupt chattering classes, I say: Hey, look—a bunny![...]

Don't those who stubbornly insist on honoring their own cultural heritage by marking the so-called "Chinese New Year" realize this country was built on a proud Julian-Gregorian foundation?

Friday, December 30, 2005

The O.T. 

Open Thread

Why Jeff Was Saxed 

Progressive Majority Washington lets you know all the details.


Blogger bloggered my last post, but I'll just say that yay for us for having 3 women at the highest statewide elected offices.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


The more of Gregoire's budget I hear about the more I like it.


Why oh why does the media give a shit about a lying sack of shit like him?

Ever Wonder What's In The Walla Walla River? 

Well a new study suggests that there's all sorts of fun stuff.

Analysis of the water samples indicated that most of the bacteria came from a variety of sources, including farm and domestic animals, wildlife and treated human waste from wastewater plants and septic systems.

The report calls for more detailed monitoring and field investigations to pinpoint specific sources of bacteria. A closer look at how storm runoff is managed by cities is also indicated, researchers said.

The bacteria levels in the Walla Walla and Touchet rivers have placed them on the state's list of polluted waters that do not meet water quality standards intended to protect swimmers and recreational users.


They're quite proud of Lisa Brown in Spokane. And with good reason.

Seattle City Council 

Belltowner has more on Compton's seat.


The state minimum wage is going up with the new year.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rodriguez Out 

He was the one I was leaning toward supporting. Oh well.

Is it really down to Pelz and Talmadge? Pelz is a trainwreck. I'm sorry, he was fine on the county council but he's one of those people who's ashamed to be a Democrat.

His point was that, in the larger scheme of things, the Democratic Party doesn't matter much. What matters is developing the infrastructure of the broader left, from think-tanks to labor unions to community organizations, of which the Democratic Party is only a small part. He offered the now-familiar thumbnail sketch of how the right has developed a well-funded and well-organized infrastructure to roll back decades of progressive achievements.
I know. I commented on it at the time. He was running for a non-partisan seat. Blah blah blah. I love the other organizations (seriously, give one of the Paying The Bills groups money) but the Party has to be at the center. And we ought to get a leader who actually wants to lead. I know Belltowner thinks he's dreamy, but that really isn't enough. And Talmadge was already shaping up to not be my first choice in the governor's race when he dropped out. So man am I not excited by either of them.


Some religious groups support it.

Republican Whip 

What loonie will get to herd the other loonies in the state senate? You've got the choice between Mark Schoesler, Joyce Mulliken or Dave Schmidt. Personally, I can't imagine a more thankless task. We're going to have all sorts of legislation that the Republicans don't like voting for and don't like having to defend. From gay marriage to healthcare for children.

Women at Drinking Liberally? 

I don't know what the world's coming to but apparently in Spokane, ladies show up to the D.L. Go figure.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

George W. Bush is "Semi-Communistic" 

Something's been bugging me about the FBI conducting surveillance on the Quakers, PETA and the Catholic Workers. And it isn't just the civil rights problems. No, what stuck in my craw was the fact that in 2001, George W. Bush has quoted Dorothy Day, the co-founder of the Catholic Workers in a commencement speech at Notre Dame in what was at the time a lame assed attempt to sell his faith based program.

"Any effective war on poverty must deploy what Dorothy Day called 'the weapons of spirit,'" Bush told the crowd.
Now, let's be real. It was just a cynical attempt to try to play well with the Church. And he didn't know who Day was. He just knew that Catholic Worker had the word Catholic in it and he was pandering to the Notre Dame crowd.

But the fact is that of all the Catholics that he could chose to quote, he went for the one that his FBI would later call "semi-communistic." I'd say this tells us a bit about the man.

Cross posted at Kos.

Home Heating Assistance 

Tough year.

More than 1,000 families have already received money — about $350 per house, on average — and another 1,000 have appointments with the agency next month to get the money. The agency’s funds already are spoken for.

With 35 to 50 people still calling the agency for heating help every day, it seems the funding hardly made a dent.

“At this moment, it is very disheartening for all of our staff that has to tell someone, ‘We don’t have enough money to help you,’ ” said Kaufman.

While the amount of money Kaufman’s agency gets from the federal government has stayed basically the same since 1981, the number of people who need help has gone up steadily. This year, it spiked.

You're a Funny Man Brian 

A funny, funny man.

Drinking Liberally 

I'll be there. Maybe if I show up early enough, I'll catch the end of the Zags game.

Montlake Ale House
2307 24th Ave E

Monday, December 26, 2005

Gotta Eaves Drop From Somewhere 

And where is better than Yakima?

End The War Town Halls 

Democracy For Vancouver has the location of one at the Fort Vancouver Regional Library down there and where to find some more.

I'm Glad I Voted For Malloy 

Because he's still stirring up trouble.

City Size 

Vancouver is looking at annexing 65,000 people and thus becoming the second largest city. This is an interesting thing to me. Because of the question of what is a city? Obviously, there are the boundaries that we put up. But I'm not sure how they're more a city for it.

But any of the larger cities in the state could surely annex either smaller cities or unincorporated urban areas. Seattle could (and I think should) pick up the unincorporated areas to the South. Tacoma could grab University Place. Spokane could expand East or add itself Spokane Valley. Belleve could expand or join up with Seattle.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Tumwater Gardens 

The state is setting up rehab an appartment complex in Tumwater to help reduce homelessness. It's part of a larger plan to halve homelessness in the next decade.

After struggling to secure federal grants to pay for the $3 million project and getting a conditional-use permit from the city, BHR can begin work on the project, overhauling one of the city’s most beleaguered apartment buildings into a respite for people with mental illness.

They’ll gut the 20-unit Tumwater Gardens complex to create the 34-unit facility, with kitchenettes in each apartment so residents can live independently, but with staff on duty at all times.

While neighbors of the facility initially expressed concern about people with mental illness living next door, many now support the project, which will transform what residents and city officials called an eyesore where drugs and crime were rampant.

In the building’s courtyard, where workers removed trash and the carcasses of at least two dogs after the previous residents moved out, BHR administrators plan to plant a garden.

Police had notified neighbors several times that sex offenders were living in the apartment complex, which is two blocks from an elementary school, said Janice Colmer, who works across the street.

Now, neighbors can be assured there won’t be sex offenders next door; residents of the new facility will be screened, and no one with a history of violence or a criminal record including sex offenses will be allowed to live there.

They will be people with major depression, manic depression or schizophrenia who will get the consistent medication and treatment they might lack because of their inability to find stable housing, according to Hoefling.

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