Saturday, December 17, 2005


I hate the anti-monorail crowd.

New Viaduct 

David Della is for it. Because um. It's cheaper if you ignore the need to replace the seawall. And the fact that we'll have to replace it sooner rather than a tunnel.

Columbia County Public Hospital District 

Yikes. That will be tough to make up.

Just So We're Clear 

If you want to protest the war then you have to trudge down on the bus, you can't shop afterward and hold one of your signs at the same time. If you're protesting, I don't know, the fact that the Jews don't celebrate Christmas, then you get free parking and presumably Westlake's security won't tell you to move.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Wild Horse Wind Power Project 

Looks exciting:

“So far, work is on schedule, and crews continue to build roads for the project,” Lenz said. “We want to express our appreciation to the public for their cooperation during hunting season.”

No hunting was allowed at the wind farm site, spread across 9,000 acres on Whisky Dick Mountain.

Work at the site began Oct. 17, and it’s estimated that the first turbine will generate power sometime in July or August.

Lenz said there are several contractors at the site, including Horizon Wind Energy overseeing some aspects of the work. One of the main contractors is Renewable Energy Systems American Construction Inc., a British firm that does much of the site preparation, road and foundation work and builds power transmission facilities.

Lenz estimated there are about 45 workers at the site, and that number could climb to as high as 200 when work later peaks.

Renewable Energy Systems is the same contractor for PSE’s 83-turbine wind farm at Hopkins Ridge, 15 miles northeast of Dayton in Columbia County. The $200 million wind farm was completed Dec. 1.

Hopkins Ridge has a maximum generating capacity of 150 megawatts. A PSE news release indicated it operated at an average output of 111 megawatts in a 24-hour period on Nov. 26.

The two projects make PSE the only Pacific Northwest utility company to wholly own and operate its own wind farms.

He's All Wright 

Richard Wright has entered the race in the 4th.

Bird Flu Bird Flu 

It's coming and Thurston County is starting to prepare.

The outbreak could become a pandemic if the flu starts being transmitted easily between humans. If that happens, health workers here want to be ready.

“The fact that it's spreading and it continues to spread increases the likelihood that it could change to a form that can pass from per-son to person,” Thurston County Health Officer Diana Yu said. “When it first appears in your community, you can keep it from spreading by isolating those infected people.

“We are already on the lookout.”

Yu has spent the past month speaking to health care providers about how to handle a pandemic. The response would include efforts to quarantine infected people, and could mean starting a separate flu clinic for people showing symptoms. That would protect patients at local hospitals from being exposed to the virus.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Money Money Money Money Money 


Gregoire proposes sending another $40 million to the local school districts.

They Deserve A Raise 

For all the hard work of voting themselves a raise last year, Spokane County Commissioners have decided to give themselves another raise. Kudos folks, because 2 to 3 times the median income of the county you represent is just about right.

Compton Report 

Well with Compton out, I guess we'll get to see a process unfold for the seat. Of the choices Belltowner mentions, I guess Wills or Podlodowski are the best. Sigh.

House Votes to Cut Education 

By a vote of 215-213, the House has cut education funding to pay for Republican tax cuts for their friends and financiers.

As expected, Hastings , McMorris, and Reichert voted exactly like their owners told them to. I guess we can delete "educating our children" from the tiny list of Republican Family Values.

UPDATE: I should have referred to Hastings by his proper name: Richard Mengele "Doc" Hastings.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Not much time for fundraising, but Sam Reed wants the primary pushed up to August to have more time to iron out the crap.

The Future 

Ben Gitenstein has some ideas about what to do with the surpluss.

Dear Patty Murray; 

I want you to know that I adore you. I've worked on your campaigns. I mean nothing gets the blood boiling more than making hours of phone calls for a woman. I've voted for you when I was able. I'm a proud supporter of your policies and your fight. And that's why I was so disheartened to see that you are the Democratic Senator who's taken the most of Jack Abramoff's sewer money.

I mean shit, after the first gangland style execution, you should have been a touch worried. To say nothing of the hopeless corruption. I hope there is an innocent explanation. And I hope that you'll find a way to make this right. Either by giving the money you got from his associates to charity or giving it back to the people who gave it to you like Senator Dorgan is doing.


Carl Ballard

Note, aside from Lynn's post, I also heard about this from reader R.T.


Poor Baby! 

A Seattle Weekly article by Phillip Dawdy says:
[King County Sheriff Sue] Rahr has largely stopped talking to the P-I, convinced that it is being unfair to her.
I sympathize with Ms. She's the Sheriff. How dare a major local newspaper presume to question Sue "I covered it up and then lied about it" Rahr! Surely kissing Dave Reichert's ass makes her immune from criticism. How very sad.

Dear Bill O’Reilly; 

I’m a bit confused by the war on Christmas. I mean if as you say we’re a Judeo-Christian country, shouldn’t we be celebrating more than one holiday. Because you say it is, I know that “happy holidays” is a bad greeting. But surely we can find something to incorporate the fact that Christmas is the one true holiday this season with the fact that America is a Judeo-Christian country. Something to ponder anyway.

Merry Judeo-Christmas,

Carl Ballard

P.S. Is there still room on your shit list, because I’d really like a spot?

This one was sent right away.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Darcy Burner on Kos 

Another nice diary.


Is now Washington State's biggest union.

Drinking Liberally 

Seattle Area readers, head on down.

Montlake Ale House
2307 24th Ave E

Monday, December 12, 2005

Open Thread! 

If You're Interested in Working For A Senator 

The Washington State Dems' Caucus is hiring.

Counting Votes Makes Chris Vance Nervous 

And also fat, I guess because we do it all the fucking time.

State Party Chair Questions 

DFW has some. They are too issue specific for me at the end. That's for our candidates. Still her you go.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Gas Taxes 

It's a good thing we didn't suspend the gas tax after all.

I Still Can't Believe They Replaced Inslee With This Jackass 

But man oh man is Doc Hastings a crook. I mean 40% more funding and he still can't start even a cursory investigation.

Good Job Maria 

From The Trib via Fired Up Washington.

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