Saturday, December 10, 2005

More on the Candidates 

From NPI.

Rep. John Ahern 

I guess he doesn't think that Christmas is a holiday.

Dues Due 

Start punishing the people who won't pay their union dues. Tenure might be tricky to deal with, but I think we can start.

“The agency said it would begin the termination process if we didn’t respond by the 12th,” said Karen Gibeau, a worker in the de-partment.

Gibeau didn’t sign a union card until Friday because she felt the Washington Federation of State Employees did not tell workers they would be required to join under the contract negotiated last year, she said.

She and others wanted to know whether they would be fired Monday if they didn’t join, or whether they had more time, she said.

“As has been the case all along, you can’t get definitive answers from anyone you ask,” she said. “And yet the process seems to be moving forward.”

Steve McLain, director of the state’s Labor Relations Office, said the notice given to Employment Security Department em-ployees is in line with what other agencies are doing, although he did not know of any other agencies that had set a deadline.

If workers don’t show the agency they have their union membership in order, they will receive a second letter advising them to do so, and they are entitled to explain their case, McLain said.


Since I volunteered for Mike Cooper's Lands Commissioner campaign pretty extensively, I'm a bit surprised that I didn't get an email from him. But in the comments, Kelly got this email from him.

I have been following with interest all the discussions about who should replace Paul Berendt. You may also have heard rumors or seen in the paper that I am considering running for the position. It is true that I have been approached and am seriously considering running.

When my long time supporters in organized labor encouraged me to run, I felt honored and humble.

A decision of this magnitude is not one to be taken lightly and one that should be considered with your partner. I have spent many hours discussing this with Chrystal, as we decide together how to best serve the community in the future. Even though we have not made a final decision one way or the other I wanted all of you to at least have a little information about me. I have attached my resume as well my biography.

Friday, December 09, 2005


$3 Million for the infrastructure basically just for a golf course in University Place. Yeah, the roads won't just be used by golfers, but it seems like a lot to me.

Finicky Republicans 

It's not really their fault that McMorris stepped down. Still they keep changing leaders like it's going out of style. They should understand that anything they do in this state has been out of style for some time now.

Chehalis Rep. Richard DeBolt took over for 2004 but was replaced for 2005 by Granger Rep. Bruce Chandler. After this year's session, DeBolt won the job back for 2006.

In the Senate, Republicans in 2003 replaced the departing Spokane Sen. Jim West, who led the caucus for four years, with Kirkland Sen. Bill Finkbeiner. Finkbeiner last week announced his decision to step down after two years, and Republican senators plan to meet next week to name a successor.
...Looks like a sign of Republicans in disarray.

Switzerblog For Chair! 

Hell yeah!

Who's Running For Chair? 

This isn't suposed to be a comprehensive list, just the people who ran last time and the rumors I've heard. Please feel free to add to the list. I've put up web pages where I could find them.

Dwight Pelz-- His council page, but probably what he'll use if he does decide to make it official.

Mike Cooper-- Same

Dick Kelley

Sandy Gourley

Kat Overman

Greg Rodriguez

Bill Phillips

Eileen Macoll

There is an interesting side note about the women who aren't Macoll; as Jimmy explains, the bylaws say we need a man and a woman in our top two seats. Since the current Vice Chair is a woman, unless she gives it up, we'd have to have a man.

Community column 

The Daily O' is looking for South Sounders to write for it. If any of y'all are interested, this would be a good opportunity.

Now it’s time to give additional residents an opportunity to join the Board of Contributors. The Olympian is looking for individuals from the community who represent key interests in South Sound — areas such as education, health care, business, spiritual life, the environment, and state and local government. We’ll also select three or four individuals from the community at large — a neighborhood activist, a student, a homemaker.

The contributors take turns writing a column that appears on Wednesday’s Opinion page.

We are looking for conservative voices and liberal voices and those in the middle, too. The Board of Contributors should be as diverse as the South Sound community this newspaper serves.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

BioMed To South Lake Union 

I had never heard of them before reading this article. So grain of salt and all that. But if South Lake Union is going to survive it's going to need a lot more people like this willing to shell out some bucks on the infrastructure. They aren't betting on it for sentimental value or because someone who's betting on it for sentimental value owns half the town.

"We're very excited about the Seattle market. We think it's one of the pre-eminent emerging markets for life sciences," said BioMed CEO Alan Gold, citing the growth of research programs at the University of Washington, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute and Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center. "We believe (these institutions) will continue to provide demand for our specific product with their scientific research."

BioMed is a publicly traded real estate investment trust that invests in life science properties in a few markets across the country, including San Diego, San Francisco, Boston, the greater New York metropolitan area, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Gold said, "We are doing 'spec' only in some markets and only as opportunity and the right location present themselves. We think the location in Seattle is excellent."

The Seattle site is a two-minute walk from a number of new life sciences buildings in South Lake Union that house research facilities for the UW, Children's, Seattle Biomedical Research Institute and the Hutchinson center. Additionally, it will be just two blocks off a proposed streetcar line and has good access and visibility from Interstate 5.

Erlandson and BioMed put the property under contract last March, agreeing to purchase the site from owner BBS International Inc. in mid-January. BBS is headed by developer Melvin Brady, who at one time had planned a hybrid biotech office building for the site.

What Now Spokane? 

Progress Washington gives it some thought.

An Excuse 

The Smoking Ban is a good excuse to stop smoking if, you know, the disease and dying weren't enough. But good luck Jimmy.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New Chair 

Paul Berendt resigns. As I said in the comments at Slog, he came to the chair when the party was in disarray. And the ship has been largely set on the right course. Although, we came damn close to losing the governor's race. I wasn't a fan (to say the least) of his getting involved in the primaries. And not just because it usually wasn't the side I was on.

I don't know who the contenders are, but I'll be dusting off the ol' questionnaires. But anything you'd want to know from the candidates, I'll ask them in a while.

...Some jerk writes a diary on Kos that you might want to show some love to.

It's Still KCMU To Me 

But, Seattlest has all you could ever need to know about KEXP.

Silent Night Smoky Night 

Last chance for a drag within 25 feet of doors.

Norm Maleng's Office Responds 

I've been swamped and not checked my mail much recently, so this is a couple days old:

Dear Mr. Ballard:

Thank you for taking the time to write to our office to share your thoughts with us. It is always good to hear from members of the public, even if they do not always agree with the decisions of our office.

To file perjury charges, our office must prove that the defendant made a knowingly false and material statement under oath in an official proceeding.

There is no evidence that Ms. Sotelo made a knowingly false statement. In this case, Ms. Sotelo made her statements in good faith -- she truly believed that the registration address was not a location at which the voter could have lived 30 days prior to the election.

Based on her research, she believed the registration address to be that of a commercial mailbox or storage unit.

In cases where she later discovered that her challenge was made in error, she voluntarily withdrew the challenge.

Pursuant to RCW 9A.72.060, retraction is a complete defense to perjury if the false statement is retracted in the course of the same proceeding in which it was made, before it is exposed, or before it substantially affects the proceeding. In this case, Ms. Sotelo's statements were made in good faith, and in cases where there was evidence to suggest that her information was correct, she retracted her statement and withdrew the challenge.

Similarly, our office is not filing charges against any of the challenged voters whose challenges were sustained for failing to provide a valid residential address in accordance with state law or for declaring under oath that they lived at the non-residential address for 30 days prior to the election.

In such cases, there is no evidence that the statements were made in bad faith.
Many of the voters who failed to list their residential addresses did not realize that they were required to do.
Others failed to list their residential addresses because they had security concerns about listing their residential addresses. While neither of these reasons is an acceptable excuse for circumventing the law, it appears that the voters' statements were not made with any criminal intent.
As a result, our office will not be filing any perjury charges against the challenged voters in these cases.

I hope this information has been helpful in explaining our position on this topic.


Leesa A. Manion
Deputy Chief of Staff
King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office
I'll get to a reply when time permits.

$4.5 Million 

Well at least he did a shitty job. Seriously, if Safeco is paying him that much to get the hell out of town, why would we want him in the Senate?

Washington State Republicans 66.6% Hate the Baby Jesus 

I guess.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Buh-bye, Jimmy 

Recall succeeds.

And take "Little Jimmy" with you, you Fucking Pervert.

Open Thread 

The time stamp is acting a little wackie but discuss the various events of the day.

Inside the Mind of the Spokesman-Review 

On this day of what I hope is the end of Jim West's political existence, here is an extensive discussion by S-R Editor Steve Smith about his efforts to make his newspaper more transparent to its readers.

I would forward the article to Seattle Times King Frank Blethen, but I try to avoid confusing the terminally stupid. If you can imagine a transparent newsgathering process at the SeaWhoreTimes, then the level of your optimism far exceeds mine.

Drinking Liberally 

I will not be there. Tragic. But true.

Cantwell Popular 

Well 60% of Washingtonians like her and she's got good re-elect numbers against McGavick.

McMorris and Reichert Give Back Sewer Money 

Well good on them. Ol' Doc still loves hizzself some direct proceeds of bribery. Someone should have some sort of ethics investigation. Well never mind.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Natural Gas And Heating Public Buildings 

I don't think of the cost of gas because the heating bill is included in my rent. But the price spikes are making it tough to heat some schools that are of course much bigger than most people's houses (McMansions excluded).

"The state isn't going to magically give me more money just because gas prices went up," said John Steach, director of support services for the Richland School District.

Districts built their budgets last spring, and few predicted the larger-than-normal spike in energy costs.

Kennewick School District budgeted about $350,000 for natural gas for all its schools.

"With a 27 percent increase (from Cascade Natural Gas), it's going to push it over to about $480,000, and it might be even more, depending on what the weather brings," said Ken Smith, maintenance, operations and grounds manager for Kennewick schools.

I Love Stephanie Coontz 

Just in case you wanted to know.

Max Paine Field 

Washblog discusses the possibilities for Paine Field.

Doc Hastings 

Still light on ethics. But at least he's willing to take a tough stand as pro education.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Minority Leadership 

John at Evergreen Politics speculates wildly about who will be the next Republican leader of the state senate. We'll know soon enough.

Maybe That's Why Brenda is More Articulate Than Me 

Or maybe neither of us are 10th graders taking the WASL. But there is a pretty pronounced gender gap. That's worst in the writing section. Here's a graph lifted off the Trib site so I don't have to do any more work.

Free WiFi For Capitol Hill 

It's an ambitious project, and ironically free WiFi costs some money. So read about it here, and maybe toss some scratch if you're so inclined.

Naked Ladies Zone 

Responding to the court order, Mayor Nickels is proposing a zone where strip clubs will be allowed. And where better than somewhere between Safeco and Boeing Field? You can hop from the Krispy Kreme to the nudie bar to the ball game. But what I like is crooked old Colacurcio's lawyer.

Levy said if the proposed zoning ordinance doesn't affect the location of existing clubs, he doesn't have a problem with it. He said club owners are focused on overturning the ban.
As long as my client can have an unfair advantage, I'm happy. Nice that when they were collecting signatures to overturn the 4 foot rule it was all about freedom, and now it's about still being the only nudie bar in the area.

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