Saturday, November 12, 2005

Boycott O'Reilly Advertisers 

Following his open support of an al Queda attack on San Francisco, a Daily Kos post encourages everyone to boycott companies who advertise on The Falafel Bill O'Reilly Show and provide a list of Washington radio stations that carry his ravings:
Bellingham KGMI 790
Oak Harbor KWDB 1110
Port Angeles KONP 1450
Seattle KTTH 770
Spokane KGA 1510
Spokane/Colfax KMAX 840
Yakima/Walla Walla KONA 610
Let these radio stations know what you think.

Open Thread 

I'm out for the rest of the night, but feel free to chit chat among yourselves.

Impeachment PAC 

Not really Washington State, but Democracy for Vancouver is raising money for ImpeachPAC.

21st Annual Gay and Lesbian Leadership Conference 

Will be in Seattle. And God love him, but Barney Frank spends more time out here than he does in his home district.

Dear Senator Ted Stevens; 

I appreciate your attempt to ruin Puget Sound as pay back for Maria Cantwell for opposing your pointless drilling in ANWR and even more pointless bridge to nowhere. So what if your plan to overturn the Magnuson amendment increases the likelihood of an oil spill without any tangible benefits? If it makes sense in Ted Stevens' head it makes sense!

Last year the Sound had a series of mysterious oil spills the worst of them stretched from Tacoma half way up Vashon. And not that many fish and birds died. And so what if going on the Pt. Defiance/ Telequah run was a disgusting mess? As a representative of Alaskans you probably thank Exxon for that oil spill every day. Why else would you refuse to even swear them in at your last hearing?

Also, I was wondering if you could sponsor a bridge from West Seattle to Vashon. Sure, there are some problems. There are lots of people in West Seattle. And more than 10,000 on Vashon. So it won't be as useless as your bridge. But given the potential expense, the fact that there are already ferries, and the opposition of the populace, why not?

Keep Wasting Our Money, for the Children!

Carl Ballard

...Edited. Sent.

Friday, November 11, 2005

25 Feet 

Paul Booth lets me be a little bit less nervous about the passage of I-901.

Sounds Good to me. 

Run Peter Goldmark Run.

Overwhelming Opposition? 

Frank over at Hard 7 is angrily sniping at Westsiders for um wanting the state to pay the cost of replacing a state road. He says that there was overwhelming opposition to it in Eastern Washington. But it lost Walla Walla and Whitman counties, the second and third most important Eastern Washington counties after his own based soely on population. I haven't been able to find numbers, but my guess is that it won his home town.

And it's not like the alternative is good for Eastern Washington. If there is a Balkanization, we're fucking Greece to their Serbia. Now I'm for making Eastern Washington cities more viable. Fact, I think growing Spokane and Walla Walla are an important component of a long-term Democratic victory. But not at the cost of Seattle's infrastructure.

Washblog Git Together 

I can't attend this month (but happy birthday me!) and probably won't in future months, as Drinking Liberally is enough to get me to pay the $10.80 for the boat ride, but more than that, I don't know. But tomorrow Washbloggie er Kossak er never mind goings on will be going on.


Well I wrote about this when it was still the future tense. And the anti Tent City activists who used to post here saying that we need more permanent solutions to homelessness and coincidentally away from where they happened to live. Well now that SHARE/WHEEL is losing half of its funding and will have to close a significant portion of its shelters, maybe now they can actually find a way to help out.

Happy Birthday to Washington State 

In his excellent (and always entertaining) Cheers & Jeers, Bill in Portland Maine remembers his friends out here on the Left Coast:
CHEERS and "Alki!" to the Evergreen State. Washington was admitted as the 42nd state 116 years ago. Today we nosh on an apple in your honor. If only we could decide on which kind.
Thanks for remembering that we grow things other than sleazy, lying Republicans.


Hmm. It looks like there's a backlash against something out East. I wonder what it could be.

Mary Verner was elected to the Spokane City Council along with Al French, adding to the moderation of the Council. Both were elected quite comfortably, each garnering over 60% of the vote[...]

Spokane County Prop 1 passed. This is the vote-by-mail proposition to change all of Spokane County over to an all vote-by-mail ballot. It passed easily at nearly 60% approval.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Next 4 Years in Seattle 

Pike Place Politics starts the discussion about what the next 4 years should look like under Mayor Nickels. I'll be happy to pay my part for the Viaduct, whatever that means regarding RTID and King County.

Public transit is of course a bit more tricky. With the end of the monorail, it's pretty much a given that the only rapid transit in the City will be between the Seattle Center and Westlake. And under ground when that gets back up. Seattle doesn't have much control of the public transit in the city, being dependent on Metro and ST.

Development will be interesting. I do feel like a hypocrite every time I talk about the virtues of density from Vashon, but density, density, density. I really like the Belltown buildings that are sprouting up, and I'd like to see more of that up through Capitol Hill, and in places like West Seattle. Although yeah, this two story house here is pretty impressive. Having room mates is my idea of density. Woo boy.

Walla Walla to Boise 

Big Sky Airlines is helping Eastern Washingtonians go East without going West. And if that sentence didn't confuse you, you're a better man (woman/boy/girl/etc.) than me.

Stryker Brigade to Germany 

Well, at least they aren't many IED's over there.

Oh yeah? 

So politics are apparently bad if you're the chair of the Republican party and have held multiple political offices. Jesus Christ on the Cross, Chris Vance is a moron.

Newcastle Sez No to Creationist 

It's good to win elections, but it's much better to beat the crazies.

9th Circuit Split Draws Opposition 

Senator Arlen Spector (R-Scared of Dobson) and Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Cursed by Cheney), respectfully Chair and Co-Chair of the Senate Judiciary committee, have teamed up to oppose Republican efforts to split the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

This makes me happy not only because it is a bad idea but because splitting the 9th was a Slade Gorton (R-Beat by a Girl) pet project. Anything Slade favors cannot be good for the country, so just this once, I'm with Arlen.

NOTE: The Republicans were trying to sneak the split into the budget bill. Fortyunately (for everyone), this bill was postponed today after they discovered that they just didn't have the votes.

I Had My Partisan Views 

Of course on 330 and 336. And while I don't think we're likely to get anything better than 336, it's still good that Governor Gregoire will be getting all sidestogether and trying to hash out some sort of compromise on healthcare reform.

But Gov. Christine Gregoire said Wednesday that after such a nasty campaign between the doctors and lawyers, a "cooling off period" might be in order.

"If I can get them to come together and leave their weapons at the door and have a real discussion about what we need to do here, I'm willing to convene such a meeting," Gregoire said. "But when you've got that much [animosity] built up, I don't know if now's the time to have a constructive conversation."

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tacoma Buying Out Weyerhaeuser Wood Chip Factory 

So they can widen the Blair Waterway.

RIP The Monorail 

A funny little obit from Pike Place Politics.

If By "Great Job Covering the Biggest Political Story in the State" 

You mean fucked up at every point along the way and eventually used his anger to disenfranchise voters, then yeah that's what Sharkansky did. Of course you could have got the same effect by just repeating Republican blast faxes. But in any event it's good that he's gone.

Why We Won I-912 

Common sense and a hell of a lot of hard work.

Some May Call It Gloating 

But we call it justifiable pride. Our congratulations (and our continuing admiration) goes to Goldy, who poured flaming napalm on the David Irons (R-Mommabeater) campaign after the SeaTimes wimped out (again). Goldy helped Ron Sims (D-Smart) give Irons what may fairly be described as a horrible ass-whipping.

Around 9 p.m., we thought that we felt a sizeable earthquake. It turns out that Chris Vance (R-Established Liar) was harrumphing so hard that all of his 42 chins were rippling at the same time, setting up some sort of harmonic resonance. Carry on, Chris - you make it so very easy to hate Republicans. And I'm always happy to have yet another reason.

UPDATE: More Not-Gloating.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

How Chad's Voting 

In case you wanted to know. And 901 fun quote. "If the filters in your HVAC system can't filter out cigarette smoke, you need better filters."

Results Page 

I'll probably be posting from the Montlake. But feel free to post results here.

...Secratary of State

I-900 - Performance Audits 313474 56.9739% 236732 43.0261%
I-901 - Clean Indoor Air Act 361213 63.8435% 204566 36.1565%
I-912 - Fuel Tax Repeal 275567 51.2082% 262564 48.7918%
I-330 - Negligent Healthcare 276875 49.2389% 285435 50.7611%
I-336 - Medical Malpractice 238072 42.7848% 318369 57.2152%

How Goldy and N in Seattle Are Voting. 

In case you wanted to know. Goldy on initiatives, candidates. N.

Drinking Liberally 

I'll be there tonight.

Monday, November 07, 2005

WSP Going After Speeders 

That'll teach you to speed.

How Shaun's Voting 

In case you wanted to know.

Gay Endorsed 

Wow, Jeff Sax is pathetic.

NPI Endorsements 

For Seattle and Eastside Municipal races.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Lori Sotelo is a Bulky Dark-Haired Man 

Very suspicious indeed.

Getting Smokers Laid 

Well there you go smokers, you'll have to weigh the 25 foot silliness and having to stand outside in this fine weather against your non-smoker friends' health and another chance to meet someone of the opposite sex.

Oh Ick 

So I'm sorry to say that I've been playing Evil Braintrust and farting around with an Excel spread sheet. Oh precinct by precinct analysis is so fun. Sigh.

I've already mentioned that there is a disproportionate number of people from Seattle who the Republicans decided to try to purge. So for a couple reasons (laziness prime among them) I just didn't bother looking at the Seattle numbers. So the rest of this analysis is purely the non-Seattle portion of King County.

I got it in my head that it would be interesting to compare how the precincts that picked voted in the last governor's race (since that's the only one I could find at a precinct-by-precinct level without too much digging) with the Republican shit list.

In 2004, about half (49.47%) of the precincts outside of Seattle voted for Gregoire. The rest went to Rossi or were a tie (She won 50.54% if you eliminate the precincts where there was a tie). So if the Republicans were trying to find the truth here, you'd expect their shit list to find problems in about as many Republican precincts as Democratic.

Well surprise surprise. Of the 149 precincts that I had data for and that the Republicans were challenging outside of Seattle, 37.16% went Republican. There were no precincts that tied, so the rest were Democratic. In other words, the Republicans list where we've already found a 10% error rate with more to come was skewed in favor of Democrats even when you eliminate the Democrats' base.

Some notes on the numbers: I'm an unpaid person who's info wasn't actually checked by anybody (in other words, take it with the grain of salt you took the original Republican list (suckers! Now the local SCLM has to report it)). There were probably errors: for example, I couldn't find ISS 05-3503 or BEL 41-3501 on the county list. This is probably due to their creation or being re-named in the last year but may be due to my being an idiot, or the Republicans fucking up.

...One more thing, I eleminated Seattle precincts based soely on if they started with SEA. That may not be 100% accurate.

Pro Sims Ad 

It is interesting.

Brenda Endorses Russ Wilson 

I heartily recommend Russ Wilson for Renton Municipal Judge. Russ finished law school in the class behind mine and I came to know him fairly well. Russ is a man of solid character, and I believe that he is honest and incorruptable.

Russ served on Nuclear Submarines for United States Navy and is an experienced prosecutor and a fine attorney. Russ has a deep sense of justice and he will stop the system at rubber-stamp justice of the Renton Municipal Court.

If you live and vote in Renton, please vote for Russ Wilson for Renton Municipal Judge.

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