Saturday, October 29, 2005

How I'm Voting 

In crappy sestina format! Note that all the stats may not be accurate:

Another November and the Irons
Are in the fire.
There seem to be 912
Reasons to reject
Any of the roughly 900
People running for various offices. But I’ll vote

Ron Sims, or just about anyone before I vote
David Irons.
Eyman’s got I-900
And that should be enough to light a fire
For a "no." And Kirby and John: enough to reject

Is so bad it will get a no vote,
A reject
From David Irons.
And in a more civilized time, you’d have to fire
The propagandists who put on 900

Or so shows on that initiative. About $900
Thousand in kind-for I-912.
We absolutely shouldn’t fire
Sims with our vote.
And I’d be happy if Irons
Never came back after the voters reject

The man like his family will again reject
Him. Of the 900
Reasons, the most compelling is that he hit ma’ Irons.
I-900, I-901, I-330, and I-912
I vote
No. But I’ll hold my fire

On 336. Vashon Island Fire
District: Please reject
Gayle Sommers, David Hoffmann, and R.W. Turner with your vote.
People say the Port is the 900
Pound Gorilla, but with the weight of Molloy, Berkowitz, and Davis it’ll be 912
Pounds. And I still hate Irons!

Maybe we can fire Tim Eyman with a no on 900
Maybe if we reject the bad initiatives like 912
Wes cans makes our vote as strongs as Irons.

Also: Nick from Electoral Math's votes in normal person form. And a sestina by Kipling that he presumably put more than 15 minutes into.

...And of course Elizabeth Bishop also probably took more than 15 minutes.

Sims Ad 

We're not going to cut transit and we're not going to pave over King County. Hell yeah!

Tee Hee Hee 

There's enough for this Western Washington guy to be amused. Some of my favorites:

You know Walla Walla, Washington is a REAL town, not just cartoon!

You install security lights on your house and garage and leave both unlocked.

You know the names of the Tri-cities.

Another Airlift Crash 


Republicans Against I-912 

Now I'm not exactly sure how you can support the party of George W. Bush and claim to be a moderate. It means you're for doing nothing in New Orleans when you had the chance and outing CIA NOC's. But at least from time to time some of the moderates can get one right.

"For a lot of the politicians, this is a vote (the public vote on 912) that they realize is best argued on the merits rather than turned into a partisan issue," Stanton said. "I was on a podium with John Carlson," the radio talk show host and I-912 supporter, "and he talked about sending a message. This is not about sending a message," Stanton said.

"Or if it is, it's about sending a message that transportation's important.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Penny Arcade 

For those of you who don't understand this article in The Stranger, here, here and here's some back ground but you have to scroll down for the last one. Also, when ThinkGeek gets back up, a link to the merch mentioned.


Na na na na 

Hey hey hey. Good bye.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I Wish I Could Find The Link 

But I just heard Pam Roach on the radio telling people to stock up on supplies for a year, or else the Mormons would have to save you in the earthquake. And she was giddy. Google News let me down, but someone must have the goods.


Dear Mike McGavick; 

Congrats on announcing what folks who care to know already knew, and that's that you'll be running for the Senate. How many times do people do that these days anyway? I'd guess a billion, but that's not an exact number. Anyway, I'd like to say something about the Seattle Times article that covered the announcement. It quoted you thusly:

McGavick said he wanted to change the political culture in Washington, D.C., which, he said, "is all about character assassination."
Now I don't know if this is the boilerplate that every politician throws out or if it's something with more substance. I'm hoping that there is more to it.

I wonder what you feel about the character assassination of Joe Wilson. I mean to out his NOC wife so that the president could keep claiming that Saddam was about to get nukes! Holy shit! So here's what I'm wondering: Would you vote to remove any official up to and including the President if it was found that they had anything to do with that outing or any cover up? I mean otherwise you're just spewing bullshit.

Enjoy a year and change of this crap!

Carl Ballard.

...Dang it's tough to find an email for these Republicans. I can certainly see why they'd want to represent one of the most tech savvy states in the nation.


What Darryl said.

What gets me, though, is that some of the proponents of I-912 seem to think they know better than the engineers. They “know” that WSDOT and the engineering reports are misleading. They want a “better” plan, as if they knew the first frigging thing about the topic. I am not sure why anyone would give credibility to these arm-chair engineer-wannabees.

Actually, many I-912 supporters don’t pretend to be engineers. They are the proponents whose arguments do not arise from such quackery, but instead arise from a pure, simple, and transparent motive: they are sore about Rossi losing.

These folks are certainly entitled to their opinion, but I wish people didn’t have to die over a lost election.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Michael Young Responds 

Sort of. I'm not sure why a week old press release would count, but my refutation in italics.

David Irons for County Executive
1075 Bellevue Way NE, PMB 134
Bellevue, WA 98004

Friday, Oct. 21, 2005
Contact: Julien Recoussine (425) 453-6482


Having responded in the past to media stories and inquiries about personal family differences, the David Irons campaign will not respond further. And I suppose that barrs the county party chair as well? Mr. Irons notes that Ron Sims' campaign manager stated their plan to begin 'mudslinging' this week and what's being seen now is result of this plan. Two things: First that's made up pretty much out of your ass. I mean Goldy has pretty much disproved it. Second, do you really need to put "mudslinging" into quotes? And a bonus third question, what the hell is up with using single quotes; is Julien Recoussine retarded? Seriously hire someone who knows the difference between " and '. David Irons further notes that it is apparent that as Ron Sims continues to slip in voter polls as opposed to the shoe polls? Really, what other polls would you be talking about?, he appears less willing to discuss the issues of concern to voters. "I want to talk about finding real solutions to King County congestion relief, activating measurable changes within the Elections Office and regaining public trust in county government. Mr. Sims prefers the game of smoke and mirrors, instead," states Irons. Yet I dare you to find it in this press release, he added ironically.

Questioning the timing of the fabrications and by "fabrications" he means accurate quotation of his mother just as the absentee ballots are in the mail, Irons further states, "If you talk with other members of my family and the people I've been working with for years, you'll find that my reputation is intact."I'm pretty sure Goldy did. And they she said that you hit her and ripped a phone cord out of the wall when she tried to call 9-1-1. Also she said that you lied about your resume. Also other people said you had a short fuse, and another one said you made up things about your 1999 primary opponent

Fellow County Councilmember Kathy Lambert had this to say of the recent developments: "I've worked with David Irons, side-by-side, for over four years now and I know that he's the same person today that he's always been ...… respectful, considerate of others and a good friend."First off, congrats on finding a woman who David Irons didn't hit. That's a rare find in and of itself. But maybe you could find someone who's fate isn't tied that closely to Irons'. Just a thought.

Deliver the Letter 

NPI writes a letter to the governor and various media outlets.

Given the powerful testimony of transportation experts and other leaders, backed up by engineering reports from WSDOT and outside firms, we believe the public deserves to be fully informed about the true hazards of the Alaskan Way Viaduct and other dangerous structures statewide.

That is why we are writing today to urge you to post appropriate "Warning" signs along the length of the Alaskan Way Viaduct and other hazardous structures, informing motorists of the imminent danger in the event of a moderate earthquake.

Should I-912 pass at the polls, thus indefinitely postponing critically need replacement or repair, we also urge you to instruct WSDOT to shut down to public access those structures deemed unlikely to survive another earthquake with the same magnitude of the Nisqually quake or even greater.


Still a respectable number of airplanes.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Open Thread 

Probably light posting the rest of the week.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Google is Strange 

I can't argue with that.

One of these days 

The right wing are so full of shit. It really is quite amazing. But I'll tell you, when I read a post like that, it was almost enough to get me on an outing campaign. Hell I had the post written. I'm so sick of Sharkansky lying about what's in the post. I'm so sick of people thinking that hitting your mother is somehow a policy difference.


DNR will auction off about 260,600 acres of land for oil and natural gas. Very interesting.

Officials say the land's geology indicates it has potential for natural gas and methane coal-bed accumulations, but only 75 wells deeper than 5,000 feet have been drilled in the area, which is about half the size of Louisiana.

Sprawl and Housing Prices 


Sunday, October 23, 2005

See Wilson Wednesday 

You can see him speak for $35.

Dear Chris Vance and Michael Young; 

I'm curious to know about how much you knew about David Irons' beating up his family? I mean I guess the rumors had been swirling around since he ran for the County Council. And you both as chairmen of the Washington State and King County Republicans should have heard them. Certainly you could have asked him something like, "um, remind me again why your parents won't vote for you."

I mean this is the exec. of the biggest county in the state and one that you made up problems about the voting systems of. It's the most important campaign this off year. So you drafted a guy who hit his mother then ripped out the phone cord so she wouldn't call the police. He's the best Republican in King County? Can we assume that ever other Republican in King County running for office is even worse? Or do you consider beating up women no big deal? I mean this is kind of an extension of your policies on women's' rights. Not that much of a leap from blocking pregnant women at abortion clinics to beating up your own mother.

Keep finding incompetent candidates!

Carl Ballard

...edited and sent

Jason Scott Roberts 

He's plead guilty to first degree murder in the cop killing, and it'll be 25 to 32 years.

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