Saturday, October 22, 2005

West Lawsuit 

Oh Jim, maybe next time, don't rape boys, or use your position for sex. Then the papers won't have anything to report on. That's easier than suing over an accurate story. But I do like the S-R's fighting back.

Spokesman-Review Editor Steve Smith said Friday he doubts West will ever make good on his threat, but wishes the mayor would file suit prior to the special election, so voters would have more information before making their ballot choice.

"We're confident that in any legal action brought by Jim West and anybody else associated with this story that we'll prevail in court on all counts, on all levels," Smith said. "We stand behind our stories without qualification."

That's What Happens When You Take Lots of Cash from Big Pharma and DeLay's Sewer Money 

Dave Reichert raised the most money of any of the state's Congressional delegation. He's raised $937,000 and has $455,00 COH. Darcy Burner has raised $105,000 and has $44,000 COH. Randy Gordon is at $78,000 raised and $49,000. And yes, I linked to both of their fundraising sites. No I haven't given a penny to either yet. But you know. Give if you want.

Drug Reform 

Not the intent of the post, but what I got out of this is that Norm Stamper is a dirty hippie.

Mills Closing 

It's pretty tough for Aberdeen and Cosmopolis that Weyerhaeuser is going to be shutting down some mills.

Ballard for judge 

I'm writing myself in for Court of Appeals Division 1, District 1, position 2. I don't think people should run unopposed, even positions that I don't think should be on the ballot at all. I'm sure Susan Randolph Agid is more qualified than me, but I figure I'm about as qualified as Harriet Myers.

I'll get to some more specifics when I'm done filling out the ballot. I guess you could call them endorsements, but more just the way I'm voting.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Stranger Endorsements 

Nickels, despite, you know, not showing up got their nod. Otherwise pretty much what you'd expect based on previous reporting. Endorsements. Cheat Sheet (kind of tough to read).

Blane Airport 

Wow that's almost as many votes as the monorail. Between that and the stadium vote I really can't figure out why 695 was the only vote that local politicos took seriously in this state ever.

House Party for Randy Gordon 

If you want to check him out and you're near Issaquah.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lacy Fireworks Ban 

Lacy fireworks ban. I'm generally for fire works bans.

Who Knew? 

That attacking your family could be so hilarious.

Dear Gentry Lange; 

Thank you for your prompt replies to my last email. I am truly sorry it took so long to get back to you. And thank you for violating your no replying to hate mail rule just for my little ol' email. I do have to wonder about a few things though:

First, you think that's hate mail? You should see the kind of stuff you get from me if you do end up throwing the election to a man who beat his own mother. If "elephant shit for brains" is the worst thing I say in that one you'll have gotten off easy.

Second, what the hell kind of policy is not answering your mail because you don't like what people wrote? I mean I thrive on responding to people I disagree with. Shit it's what I'm doing right now. If you won't even respond to your critics except to point to a statute that's tangentially related to the matter at hand, (on the second try) you really aren't ready to govern a county more populace than New Hampshire.

Third, I guess you can't take your name off the ballot. And that's fine, I didn't expect you to as they are about ready to be mailed out. By "get the hell out of the race and endorse Sims" I mean to say that there are a whole series of things that you can do including declining any invitation to a debate, posting on your website and any email list you have that you support Ron Sims' re-election, and voting Sims.

Have Fun in the Sun!

Carl Ballard


Dave Somers 

Go doorbell for him some time this weekend.

Come meet Dave Somers supporters (and me!) in Snohomish County this Saturday morning for some coffee and doorbelling. Come either Saturday at 11 or Sunday at 1pm, or both! Help us get Dave's strong environmental message out to Snohomish County residents! I'll be doorbelling in the Lake Stevens area and they have other areas for people to go, so contact Jerry with Dave's campaign at (425) 387-9009 and tell her you are IN!

Real Journalism 

Goldy scoops the journalists by telling the same story that they were told by David Irons' family, and not, you know, being horribly obtuse. So David Irons' family is on the record that he's a "tool throwing, obscenity spewing, resume faking, police report falsifying, mother beating, lying, cheating campaign trickster for whom his father, mother and sister refuse to vote."

Why Democrats Matter 

It's only one person's life, and yeah it's a tug at your heart story more than it is an actual news story, but Ethel Adams' story is a good example of why having a competent, Democratic insurance commissioner is a Godsend. If it was a Republican they'd say some crap about the market and then that would be that.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Who (or what) is a Mark Wilson? 

I just saw a Bartcop ad for Mark Wilson, Democrat for Senate from Washington State. Does anyone know who this guy is and, for that matter, where Suquamish is? And why did he included Butters Storch in his family picture?

Old Mark wants your ideas. Email him here and tell him what he can do with his campaign.

Gentry Lange Responds 

The man who would be your next KC exec can't quite manage to cut and paste on his first try.

I usually don't respond to hate mail. But you clearly have never read the rules:
But don't worry, on his second try he manages to figure out the cut and the paste.

I usually don't respond to hate mail. But you clearly have never read the rules:

Withdrawal of Filing
A candidate may withdraw in writing through Thursday, August 4, 2005. There shall be no withdrawal period for Declarations of Candidacy filed during special filing periods. Filing fees are not refundable. (Reference RCW 29A.24.131)
I'll add my two cents when I get a minute, but it may not be until tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Columbia County Fair 

It may be canceled this year.

Dear Gentry Lange; 

Knock it the fuck off. Seriously. You seem to think handing the executive to an anti-gay corporatist is the way to do good by the county. Over the state's best elected official on gay rights, a man who's fought the good fight on transit, a man who proposed an income tax when he ran for governor and has made the county work despite I-695 and a generally sluggish economy.

I remember during the 2000 election waving signs for Democrats and the Greenies would yell "Al Gore is a corporate whore" at me. And it turns out they should have added "but at least he won't start an illegal war." Now I doubt they are sorry for handing Bush the presidency, hell some of them seem downright proud. We'll have 4 years where the exec will face some tough times. We can either have an exec who's with us or one who's with the big corporations. We can either have an exec who said "sue me" when the issue of gay marriage came up or one who voted against domestic partner benefits.

Yes you have a right to run. And discussing traffic and that you don't like Dibold are nice. But you also have the right to get the hell out of the race and endorse Sims, the only person in the race who has any possibility of moving lefty issues.

And don't you dare tell me that this is more than a vanity exercise. To run for exec of a county larger than a dozen states with no political experience. If you were a serious person, you'd run for council or for a post on the Shoreline city council.

Also, lets look at your endorsements: the Seattle Greens (people who couldn't tell the difference between Gore or Kerry and Bush), David Cobb (who thought 4 more years of war would be a wonderful idea), Joe Szwaja (who thought McDermott was as bad as any Republican) and The Progressive Party (who I've never heard of). So congrats on having a wide variety of people with their heads up their asses and nobodys. Between them, you might be able to roll back gay rights and decent public transit in King County.

Later Skater!

Carl Ballard



Bush is not liked in Washington State.

SurveyUSA asked, "Do you approve or disapprove of the job George W. Bush is doing as President?" They asked in all 50 states, and the Washington State numbers are like such:

Approve: 38%
Disapprove: 59%

And that's fun in and of itself, but a few numbers struck me. Eastern Washington:

Approve: 51%
Disapprove: 48%


Approve: 75%
Disapprove: 22%

Now I don't know how much this is reflective of the fact that we still have Dan Evans type Republicans here, or if that's in line with the rest of the states' poll numbers. But really, a quarter of his own party can't stand the guy.

...Sorry to give anybody a heart attack, main numbers fixed, thanks to Paul

State Unions Fight Off Decertification 

But it probably shouldn't have been an issue in the first place. Although in fairness, I don't know exactly what you need to decertify.

The whole convention is interesting. Without knowing who I'd like if I was a member, the fact that all the incumbents won reelection is a bit dispeariting.

"It left me with the impression that leaders who win by election are cultivated," Graber said.

"We're not going to get new ideas, and we're not going to get a shake-up, and we're not going to get a change if that is the way people are chosen.

"People who are going to run on issues only, people who are going to run without a constituency -- they're not going to make it, and that bothers me."

Graber also pointed to the rejection of two proposals to change dues that members pay, lowering the rate for low-income workers and raising the cap for high-wage workers.

She said the proposals had support but died amid confusion over how much money was at stake. The union needs to be more financially transparent, she said.

Drinking Liberally 

I won't be there this week, and probably next, but feel free to enjoy some Ballard free drinking liberally.

Montlake Ale House, 2307 24th Ave E. It starts at 8 in theory, but there's usually people there by 7:30.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Puyallup City Hall 

Let's ignore competative bidding because someone wrote something in 1922.

The resolution lays out the council’s intent to bypass traditional competitive bidding. The Legislature this year changed state law to allow Puyallup to attract private money through a more streamlined process.

For instance, a developer might see through a project from start to finish and invest his own money, perhaps adding condominium units he could sell.

The city already has set aside $12 million through a $13.7 million bond it issued about a year ago.

The remaining bond money is being used for ongoing construction of a senior center/condominium building at Pioneer Park.

The area around the park already has become a magnet for city development. In recent years, Puyallup has opened a $9.9 million library and a $2.2 million pavilion that hosts the local farmers market and private events.

A Seattle company is working on a conceptual drawing of the City Hall complex, which likely will cover an entire city block along the city’s main drag. The city owns most of that block on South Meridian Street.

Freedom is About Confusing Yard Signs 

Seriously, what the fuck?

Interfaith Dinner 

Looks like fun was had down South.

Sax Facts 

A web page to expose Snohomish County's most corrupt council member. Tip of the hat to Progressive Majority.

Darcy Burner 

Another wonderful diary on Kos. Go recommend if you like.

Open Thread 

Tolilet Humor 

Darryl, subbing for the General, writes a letter to the Minutemen.


Seriously, what the hell?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Local Blogging Around (Sort of) 

Vashon Island Edition!

Artistdogboy has some words to say about a lack of hope living in the Bush administration and with a Republican Congress.

Blatherwatch has a story about Alan Prell, and yes I've linked to something he's written since then, but limiting myself to the Rock was going to make something like this happen. At least I didn't link to myself.

Speaking of myself, here's the worst picture of me ever (yes that is a garden hose). Not a blog, but it's tough to find good Vashon blogs, sue me.

Ooh Scary II the Ooh Scarying 

Darryl has more analysis of the County Republicans' silly assed complaint that people move.

Cassandra Brotherton 

Democracy for Washington wants you to write her in for Water District 111.

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