Saturday, October 08, 2005


I'm OK with all of this except the off reservation stuff. And I'm nervous about the no-limit bit. But I don't have a problem with the number of slots, or the state getting a cut.

In the wake of Katrina, Mississippi put such a high priority into restoring their casinos. Making exceptions so their river boat casinos could be off the water. We absolutely don't want that to be that dependent on gambling.

Mid Size Cities 

The biggest losers in the gas tax increase are the midsized cities. They pay in at nearly the rate of King County cities and don't have the megaprojects built 50 years ago that are now crumbling. So they pay more and don't get as much back. The biggest loser in this is Spokane (second item).

I do have to say that Frank is missing a few things. The things he suggests for Democrats either doesn't have dick to do with the gas tax or would need it. He wants Democrats to "roll everything from biodiesel to regional light rail into a sensible package tied to a scaled-back gas-tax increase for essential road repairs." Since the gas tax money is prioritized to safety, a no on 912 is a no on "essential road repairs."

Also he makes another Viaduct faulty argument. Again if you live outside of the RTID you're paying to replace the Viaduct. The rest is being paid for at the local level. So if locals want to pay for the only solution that deals with the seawall, the solution that will last considerably longer so the folks outside of the region won't have to pay again to replace it nearly as soon, it really shouldn't concern people in Spokane.


Democracy for Washington wants your input.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Steve Hammond will be gone and with him the nutty idea that a TV is more important than a human.

But What do the Nicastros Think of the 4 Foot Rule? 

Everybody (sane)'s favorite former city council member's brother and mother speak.

Doc Doc Doc 

Doc Hastings seems to be that wonderful political mix of Bush's intelligence, DeLay's uprightness and Cheney's intellectual honesty. In other words, the perfect Republican.

Letter Number 5 

TO: Puget Sound Business Journal
RE: Costco Q4 profits beat expectations
Stephen Phillips
Phone Number

Hopefully Costco doing well time and again will help show that the best way to do well by shareholders is to do well by employees. Pay people well, give them benefits and they'll want to keep doing well. They'll be willing to work well and not just the minimum. And low turn over means less training costs for new employees. Hopefully other companies will follow suit.

Arts Walk 

I love the Procession of the Species. I'm pretty sure I mentioned it last year, but I'm just saying.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Mark your callendars for December 6, the day West goes.

They Must do Something 

CoolAqua wonders what the House Ethics Committee is doing since they aren't doing anything about the DeLay charges. Or anything else.

Considering the fact that Doc Hastings House Ethics Committee doesn't meet, and isn't investigating anyone, its hard to reconcile why they have no resources. How much are US Taxpayers paying Hastings to do.....nothing???

Some Thoughts on Sims 

So on Tuesday, Ron Sims came to Drinking Liberally. It was both a hoot and a holler. But there are a few things I'd like to add.

First, um, thanks for coming it was awesome, but aren't you in the middle of a tough campaign? Isn't there something better that you could be doing? Maybe I'm wrong. In any event, politicos, should probably at least bring remit envelopes, or some way to volunteer in the future. The hard sell will get you no love, but it doesn't hurt to mention it.

Second, he held the room brilliantly. He engaged even where people disagreed with him. He was smart as hell. He was willing to make the case where he disagreed with people. Aside from the death penalty, where he admitted his wishy-washy-ness, he had a ton of passion.

Third, Nick, I've got your buttons.

Fourth, people, it's Drinking Liberally, not free beer Tuesday. We were pretty short on the bill, and that's not acceptable.

Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel 

Kick Ass!

Letter Number 4 

TO: The Everett Harold
RE: Prosecutors can seek death for child killer
Stephen Phillips
Phone Number

Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Thomas Wynne has issued a ruling that it's constitutional for the state to kill child criminals. I can't speak to the legalities, but I hope that sense of something better will prevent us from ever putting anyone who committed these crimes as children to death.

Open Thread 

Hey, Write a Letter 

After all, it's letter to the editor week. And CC me carlballard at vampiressuck com. Otherwise we'll never meet my goal that I thought was modest at the start of the week.

Naked Ladies 

Oh the City of Seattle is regulating strip clubs. 4 feet between the naked ladies dancing and the customer is the big thing. Are we a laughing stock? Yeah probably. But regulating industry isn't such a bad thing. Grinding on someone isn't speech.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Letter Number 3 

TO: Tacoma News Tribune
RE: Numbers deny malpractice crisis

Stephen Phillips

It sure would have been nice if the initiatives to deal with medical malpractice rates incresing were happening in a state where malpractice rates were doing more than keeping up with inflation. In the past 2 decades their rates have been the same. While much can be done to help improve malpractice rates, the solution should be found in the legislative back and fourth, not in initiatives written by special interests.

Franken is Coming 

Back to Seattle.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Purchasing Index 

I don't exactly understand it, but it's increased in September in Western Washington, and yay I suppose.

An Al-soran? 

Probably, but here's a nice interview with Al Runte.

Letter Number 2 

To: The Yakima Herald-Republic
RE: Hastings supports Delay as victim of 'political vendetta'
Stephen Phillips

Doc Hastings, who still hasn't returned Tom DeLay's laundered 5,930, is using the same talking points as Mr. DeLay. This is quite disappointing coming from a man who may be tasked to sit in judgment of Mr. Delay in the House Ethics Committee. It's even more disappointing for those of us who believe that the judiciary ought not be politicized?

Mr. Hastings wants us to believe that a prosecutor who has indicted mostly Democrats only goes after Republicans. He wants us to believe that the grand jury that indicted Mr. Delay was partisan. Mr. Hastings wants us to believe that the only people who can adequately sit in judgment of the man is someone who voted for him for Majority Leader and took his money.

...Geebus, shouldn't write before caffeine, I guess. I'll leave the typos, but if it gets published, surely they'll clean it up.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Memorial Service 

Mark Noble may have done the most for Washington State firefighter's safety than anybody ever. I hate so much that his cancer got to him. I think I'll live a longer, better life because of him. So let's remember the man.

Oh Potheads 

I'm surprised there weren't any arests.

Farming Crisis 

I don't know if federal money is the solution, but our farms are being hard hit this year.

A wheat farmer and western regional manager for the McGregor Company, McConnell was one of many who warned of a crisis facing farmers caught between low prices for wheat and soaring costs for fuel and fertilizer.

During the hearing at Columbia Basin College, legislative committee members heard growers and agriculture leaders predict a wave of farm failures
as costs outstrip income on many family-owned operations[...]

Another badly needed measure several speakers cited is for the state to work with farm groups and the federal government to bring the loan price for soft white up from $2.74 a bushel to $3.24 a bushel.

McConnell and others urged lawmakers to strengthen efforts to cultivate overseas markets, increase funds for agriculture research by the state's land-grant colleges and avoid taxes and regulations for which costs are passed on to producers.

Although the plight of wheat farmers was the focus of much of Friday's testimony, officials from other sectors of agriculture in the state also spoke about how they too are being hit by the increased costs.

``Most commodities are going to be in the same picture,' said Kevin Bouchey, chairman of the Washington Asparagus Commission. ``We're caught in the box.'

Drinking Liberally 

Be there tomorrow and see Ron Sims.

Montlake Alehouse
2307 24th Avenue E.


They're going to build another condo project in Belltown. I may be in the minority here, but I don't care if Paul Allen owns every foot of land between Lake Union and Pike as long as he develops it good.

Located at Fifth Avenue and Lenora Street, the 150,000-square-foot project is expected to include 170 housing units of between 675 square feet and 1,500 square feet, plus 4,000 square feet of retail space.

Though not precisely part of Vulcan's major developments in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood, the new project is still somewhat related, officials said.

"As we begin to develop several new residential projects in South Lake Union in the coming years, it's also the perfect time to move forward with our development in Belltown -- they will all offer convenient access to downtown and a variety of amenities for the growing number of urban dwellers in Seattle," said Ada Healey, vice president of real estate, in a statement.

Letter Number 1 

To: The Seattle Times
From: Stephen Phillips
Phone #

RE: Bush nominates Harriet Miers to Supreme Court

I don't see why George W. Bush would nominate someone without a paper trail who the country knows nothing about. I mean it's not like he released the records for the last judicial nominee. Hopefully, unlike Judge Roberts, we'll get to see all of her work for the administration and she won't dance around questions asked her by the body Constitutionally obligated to advise and consent to her lifetime nomination.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Eastside Dinner 

Looks like a bit of fun.

Amassing on the Border 

The Minutemen don't want the Canadians coming in either. I mean what with their politeness and universal healthcare, who could blame them?

DOT Does It Right 

The Northwest Progressive Institute lets us know about their successes. And why legislators are voting for the gas tax increase for their first ever tax increase. So vote No on I-912.

August Wilson 


Park & Ride 

ST says they will build another one in Puyallup.

I'm not thrilled with P&R's over more routes more places and density. But the good thing about the P&R's is they do have a bit of permanence that can be built around, even if usually they aren't. Since it's for Sounder, it'll probably get more stuff than if it was buses. And because of this:

Puyallup, a city of 36,000 residents, already has one parking structure planned near its train station. A private developer soon will build it to serve the state Department of Social and Health Services building, which is under construction near the station.

That building will have some retail space on the first floor and 145 parking slots on the upper three stories to accommodate about 90 DSHS employees and clients.

Get Out 

Evacuation plans for East King County.

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