Saturday, October 01, 2005

You Hate To See The Racists Win 

But shit, move if you're afraid for your kids. Fuck, somebody's got to stand up to this shit. But saving your family is more important than the principal. And really even without the racism, who wants to live in Kelso?

Thousands of Pro-Monorail Write Ins Prove Anti-Monorail Sentiment 

Gosh what a bunch of wankers at the Seattle Times.

Local Blogging Around 

Eastern Washington Edition!

Mike from Hard 7 explains why Bill Bennett is a racist.

Neo Commons has info on Canada's Environment

Musings from the Outskirts of Cognition has a very nice little note on staying in the Catholic Church even if you don't agree with everything.

Sometimes people wonder how anyone can remain Catholic these days. I stay Catholic for the same reason I’m not in Canada. I’m furious with United States leadership but I love the country and I’m not about to leave. I’ll stay and do my bit for positive change. I’m angry with the Church leadership and saddened with the political naiveté and insincerity towards Catholic Social Teaching amoung conservative members of the congregation but I’m not about to leave.
I See Invisable People is greatful forThe Women’s Autonomy and Sexual Sovereignty Movements.

More Airlift Stuff 

Blogger ate my last post on the subject, but I really want to say what amazing people the Airlift NorthWest folks, especially the nurses, are. They have what's arguably the most dangerous job in the EMS/fire service. They get the most amazing equipment. They perform the medical stuff that's still confounding me only in cramped quarters hundreds of feet in the air.

Anyway, there will be two new Airlift nurses soon. The qualifications are pretty steep. Years as a nurse or Paramedic. Being tiny yet incredibly tough will certainly help. God bless whoever gets it.


Slog has some local party's endorsements.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Letters To The Editor Week 

Starts Monday. Get good and pissed about various events, and then send letters to the editor about them. My goal is 10 letters sent (I'm sending 5) and 3 published (I'll have 0 published).

For those of you who weren't around the last few LTTEW's I'm basically calling on folks to write their own letters to whatever papers they find articles that strike their fancy. Don't copy mine, as they aren't very good, and I'm encouraging you to do some actual writing. Anyway, I'll put your letter here, and if it gets published yay, if not, the writing and the sending are important too.

"Various and Sundry Asian People" 

I think we've got a new nickname Von Racebater.

Airlift NorthWest Crash 


Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dear Dave Reichert; 

So it looks like your big sponsor is going to jail. Well good. Tom DeLay was a crook and he deserves what he'll get. Personally, I would have thought you could see this coming before. But someone giving you $20,000 can buy a lot of blinders I guess. But now that you know for as sure as you can be that it was laundered money, perhaps you ought to consider at least giving it back. That way you can have this slogan for your next campaign "Dave Reichert: Not laundering illegal campaign funds since 2005, when, you know, Tom DeLay was indicted."


Carl Ballad.

Tip of the hat to Shaun.

...Edited and sent

Young Democrats 

Have fun in Spokane.

Casey Corr 

The Stranger doesn't like Casey Corr.

Gosh What A Moron 

Not Washington State, but August links to the nicknames Bush has given people over the years. My favorite is "Senator" for Ted Kennedy. Way to go out on a limb. In the fire service pretty much everybody has a nickname. And I'm surprised at how many of the name are just "ie" at the end of the person's name. Brownie. Mitchie. Nellie. And even how many of them are just some play on people's names. Where's the Faceplant? Where's the Hicksville? Where's the Old Man? Honestly, other than Turd Blossom and High Prophet, you could come up with most of the nicknames without knowing anything about the people other than their name.

And how creepy is it that he calls himself and his wife the same thing?


PSE is gonna raise rates pretty dramatically for natural gas. The Washington State Utilities Commission just approved it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Cal Anderson Park 

The Sloggers seem to enjoy it these days.

No on Roberts 

Maria Cantwell will vote against him.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Darcy Burner 

She's got a nice diary on Kos. Go rate it if you haven't already.

In the 8th, 69% of likely voters said that they disapproved of the current Republican-controlled Congress.

64% disapproved of the Bush administration. And only 34% would vote to re-elect Reichert. (To give you a sense: a normal number for a first-term incumbent would be in the low fifties.)

Furthermore, while likely voters in the 8th would choose Reichert over a generic Democratic candidate 45% to 21%, when presented with just a little information about me, they choose me at 41% to Reichert's 31%.

Drinking Liberally 

I'll be there. You should too.

$55 Million 

Seattle gets some playing around with money.

Tony V. 

He was getting better. But still, nowhere approaching good. And now Tony Ventrella bids g'bye to radio. Hopefully KIRO can find someone to replace him.

Ventrella, the collegial Mr. Nice who has graced the KIRO airwaves since January, never really clicked-in with the snarly talk radio audience who loves to see blood in the water at least once a day. Ventrella, a barber and a son of a barber, treated listeners like they were haircutting customers asking after their mothers or if they'd like a little more off the top. It didn't work. Listeners said, "Hell, if I want nice-nice, I'll just talk to my barber."

Monday, September 26, 2005

Tentative Deal 

Machinists may go back to work.

Under the tentative contract, Boeing agreed to boost pension benefits and will not require that union members pay higher medical insurance costs.

And the company pulled back from three new contract demands that Blondin had said before were deal breakers to any new accord being reached.

"We came up with a contract that hits on all the issues," Blondin said Sunday in an interview. "It is now up to our members. It will be in their hands on Thursday."

Blondin said he hoped striking Machinists would be back on the job of building airplanes in the Puget Sound region by Friday -- exactly four weeks to the day after the strike began.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Addition by Addition 

The sidebar was already pretty out of control and I just added another thing. The Lefty Blogs' most recently updated thingamagiger. But now there's a lot of stuff. I'm thinking of cutting the now horribly out of date Kossak bloggers and maybe a few other things. Let me know what you think.

Anti-War Protest Pictures 

A few Washington State Links:

Some Westlake ones from dinazina's diary on Kos.

Bellingham and Seattle.

Republican Cat Fight? 

Oh what fun there might be with Republicans fight fight fighting.

Fish Lake Trail 

I loves rails to trails programs.

Louise McGrody of the Bicycle Alliance of Washington thinks the Fish Lake Trail "has a lot of potential for recreation and transportation." Though Spokane received the rail corridor right-of-way from Union Pacific in 1991, only 3.5 miles are paved, north of Scribner Road near Marshall and Fish Lake.

McGrody says the plan is to pave the entire 22 miles of the trail, which would boost its value for transportation. One hiker pointed out that even now some EWU students use it for commuting, though they must have plenty sturdy mountain bikes to get over some of the rocks and rail bedding.

For a lot of people, though, the lure of the trail is purely recreational. But first, you have to find the darn thing, something this hiker had tried unsuccessfully to do several times. Yes, it's on the city map, but it's a lot more substantial there, where it looks like an accomplished fact, than it is when you're standing among the trees.

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