Saturday, September 24, 2005

Officially Sleazy 

So sez the Spokane Human Rights Commission of West.

"I didn't want to bring this to them, but they urged me to. I thought the City Council and FBI should handle this. Now they've said this is better left to other agencies – which is what I told them in the first place," Oelrich said.

A lawyer for West said the commission has no authority to rule on West's conduct.

Under the city charter, the Human Rights Commission lacks any powers to adjudicate Oelrich's complaint, said attorney Carl Oreskovich. There are no legally binding rules of evidence in hearings before the commission and Oelrich couldn't be cross-examined, he said.

How to Help Sims 


Tim Eyman 

What a sleazbag.

Huh? Let’s recap: Two days ago, Tim urged us to donate salary to him, instead of I-900, because I-900 is “going to pass overwhelmingly.” The very next day, a poll shows I-900 losing.

This has to make you wonder: is Tim Eyman delusional, or is he just a pathological liar?

In any case, Eyman is a fucking joke. His primary motivation seems to be lining his own pockets and those of his friends.

State Fire Marshall Resigns 

Here's how important the Fire Marshall's post is: As a political nerd and a firefighter in Washington State, I didn't even know we had one. And now we don't.

Cantwell Below 50 in Republican Poll 

From Kos.


Cantwell (D) 49 (46)
McGavick (R) 39 (38)


What the fuck?

Friday, September 23, 2005

2 Fires Back To Back 

I'm tired, so probably no more posting today, and you can use this as an open thread.

I Know This Will Sound Far Fetched 

To some of you who believe the stereotypes about Olympia, but I remember a time when it would have been difficult to draw half dozen people to an anti-war march down there.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Crazy Indeed 

But close that door!

Kent Hotel/Condo Complex 

$20 Million

The project -- dubbed Project Springboard -- will include a 74-room LaQuinta hotel, 120 condominiums, 23,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, and a 350-stall parking garage.

The city gets public access to the parking in exchange for transferring some of the land under the project to developer Plan B Development, according to an announcement.

The city also plans to build a 33,500-square-foot plaza adjacent to the development, which also would service Tarragon Development's Kent Station project, which will feature a 14-screen theater, a branch campus of Green River Community College and numerous restaurants and shops.

Marysville Schools and Lynwood Mayor 

I love that absentees are still trickling in.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

If That's Where I Think It Is 

Awesome for more green space. And near Northgate. But I'd like to see a map or something if someone's got one. The words are only so helpful.

Tee Hee Hee 

I didn't vote for myself this year, but Chad would make a wonderful Republican.

Republicans Disenfranchising First Responders 

So this actually makes more sense than the Republican claim that the troops were disenfranchised in 2004. So I sent my absentee ballot in early because I thought that I would be in the South working for FEMA. So I filled it out lickity split, sent it in and forgot about it. I had heard the ads saying sign your name legibly but that wouldn't match the one on file for me. So I did my normal sloppy signature.

So apparently the county has sent stuff to me, and when it arrives I'll send it back and oh look, I did vote. But if I'd been in the South, it'd have missed me. And with the size of the mobilization, it's surely true that the new voter verification standard that the Republicans pushed to make a non issue of their election non issue disenfranchised at least a few Washington first responders. So thanks assholes.

Darcy Burner 

I'm sold on Darcy Burner. She came to drinking liberally unannounced and did a hell of a job. I'd been neutral on that race this far out but now I'm a convert. She's articulate, smart, quite funny. She really had a grasp of the issues, and I wish I'd taken notes.

At this point she doesn't have a platform fully fleshed out, but her she thinks her history will make her strong in the Southern part of her district where the most ticket splitting is going on. But she definitely did talk about issues. She talked about universal early child day care. There are already programs in place, and we need to see what works and expand it. She talked about moving toward gender equality. She talked about expanding healthcare.

A couple of things that she didn't do well: She didn't answer my question. I don't just mean she gave me some politico run around. She was talking about campaigning and how it's getting better, and I asked her what surprises she's encountered on the campaign trail and she didn't have an answer. Also she got pretty jargon heavy when she was talking about Microsoft. Granted it was with another ex Microsoftie, but she was saying what level she was, and who she was replaced with and she might have been saying adults on Charlie Brown style, "waa waaa waaaa wa waaaa." Maybe that plays well in Bellevue. Who knows?

Still a solid performance and enough that even with a primary, any non hurricane money, you might want to send her way.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Results Page 


Drinking Liberally 

Be there or be sober. Or in my case both.

Every Tuesday, 8:00 pm onward
Montlake Ale House, 2307 24th Ave E


Tim Eyman wants your money so he can raise your taxes.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Vote Tomorrow 

That's all.

Open Thread 


What Andrew said.

Hold Outs 

Pay your dues people.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Red Cross 

You know. Red Cross.


Interesting article about Whatcom County Hispanics.

The Sexy Problem 

The Seattle Times had an interesting story (and that's an interesting story in itself) on disaster preparedness.

Even though the city has determined that earthquakes — not terrorism — represent the greatest threat, the federal government has given Seattle roughly seven times as much money over the past five years for homeland security as it has given for seismic retrofitting since 1990.

The federal focus on man-made attacks helps explain why there is a waterfront warning siren that can detect radiological dust, but a plan to stash four trailers full of cots, radios and water for thousands of displaced residents around the city has yet to be implemented.[...]

Indeed, FEMA's regional headquarters in Bothell covers Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska. And while FEMA has some supply stockpiles locally, its nearest logistics center is at an airfield 800 miles away, near Santa Clara, Calif.[...]

Federal disaster assistance was evolving even before the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks four years ago.

Consider Project Impact, the FEMA program that dispensed grants to cities for seismic retrofitting.

Seattle got $1 million from Project Impact and focused on retrofitting city schools. Local officials credited the program with saving lives during the 6.8-magnitude Nisqually quake Feb. 28, 2001, which injured 410 people and caused more than $2 billion in damage.

But on the same day as the quake, the White House killed Project Impact.

Asked about the coincidence on CNN that night, Vice President Dick Cheney said: "Lots of programs that make lots of sense or that have nice titles to them nonetheless don't work."

The city of Seattle has continued Project Impact on its own.
It just goes on and on like that. There are a few things that are important to think about. Part of this is the we're on our own mentality that makes funding our first responders, that much more important. It makes it that much more important that we actually make the Viaduct workable. Part of that is a big No on 912. We have to fund these things and we can't just debate the best way until the big one. The tunnel wasn't my first choice, but it's been decided and we have to have it or people are going to die.

Also, this isn't a failure of the federal government it's a failure of the Bush Administration. They cut life saving programs. If the Nisqually quake had been nearer an urban area it would have been a massive loss of life. Living in Olympia at the time, I'm still amazed that nobody died. We lost a ton of buildings. Hell the dome of the Capitol moved. We had to take down the 4th Ave Bridge. The next one will come and the pace oretrofittingng, the pace of rebuilding will make the difference in how many people die.

But I guess earthquakes aren't sexy enough to deal with. Not like terrorism. Not that he's dealing with that either. I mean he sure didn't fund port security.


We really should do better than this:

We have a very nice Technology Director who doesn't have authority to make design changes to the Voter File. He's not on the Executive Board. This is the same as a technology director at a major corporation not being invited to the table when business decisions are being made. He's also the Chair of the Technology Committee, which must ultimately be frustrating.

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