Saturday, August 27, 2005

Margaritas For All 

Pelz and Constintine are having a joint fundraiser.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Open Thread 

I'm on duty tonight, and it looks to be a busy one. So hopefully the joint will be jumping without me.

The Ad 

I haven't seen the TV ad, but I will say that the radio ad seems fine to me. That said, you can use all sorts of ID, not just your driver's license.


Real Change ponders what's next for the troubled institution.

Friends of Fircrest has been a major advocate for keeping the doors of Fircrest open and keeping the people affected by the pressures, the residents, at the forefront of the debate.

“ With the time, money, expenses it would take [for care in the community], if you have it here it just makes sense, it’s cost-efficient,” says Hamley. “You don’t need the numbers if you stop and think about it. Its cost-efficient to use the facilities they have available here.”

Fircrest offers a variety of services to its residents including 24-hour nurse care, an on-call doctor at all times, a dentist, infirmary, a clinic with psychiatrists and behavioral counselors, a kitchen preparing over 500 meals a day, a pharmacy, and an activities workshop giving residents a chance to work and get compensation for simple tasks.


I've got nothing to add to this

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Not Just Righties 

Geebus, I wish Gregoire would come out forcefully against I-912. At least her campaign responds when people in the alternative media ask.

Drink the Water 

I'm pretty sure it was the fluoride in the water in New York that kept my teeth from falling out. Anyway, Bellingham is trying to figure out if they want it in their water.

Dear Stop The Gas Tax! 

What? I'm not good enough for you make shit up about? You'd rather spend your time making shit up about an 18 year old? Ooh big man trying to outdo someone just out of high school on intellectual grounds. And the saddest part is getting your head handed to you!

I guess I'll have to get more outrageous. More congestion will cause you to eat babies. Babies damnit!

Kiss kiss,

Carl Ballard


Open Thread 


Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Did you realize that we aren't spending the money I-912 would repeal? I'm not what you might call an economist, but it seems to me that if we do nothing between now and November, all the projects will take longer. So remember, Wilbur and Carlson and the rest of the 912 crowd are responsible for months of delays even if their batshit insane initiative fails.

Machinists Insulted 

By Boeing's contract offer.

"They spent the better part of yesterday (Tuesday) preparing this complete offer, but failed to even come close on any of your issues," the union said in his message to members.

It described Boeing's proposal on pensions -- the top union issue -- as a "meager" incraese.

There were "virtually" no job security provisions in the company's offer, the union said.

And Boeing refused to "fix the team leader" issue, according to the union -- an issue that a veteran 777 machinist at Boeing's Everett plant told the Post-Intelligencer last week is "very important." In the past, a person with seniority on a team could become its leader for a particular area. If someone with less seniority were appointed to that role, the union member with seniority could appeal through an established process. That system changed in the union's current contract, dissatisfying some members.


Sadly, the contest in King County 7 is going to have to be more about Pete Von Reichbauer than about Geni Hawkins.


The Supremes OK the West recall.


OK, it's a bit wonky for an open letter, but still a good first try.

I think many voters will peg you as a coward for such a halfhearted position, but I think they are dead wrong. In particular, it takes courage to criticize the Transportation Package for being weak on congestion. We both know that many of the provisions of the Transportation Package will help relieve congestion, including a chunk for Puget Sound ferry operations, the Puget Sound capital construction account, the urban arterial trust account, the county arterial preservation account, and the transportation improvement account.

I suspect that we both recognize as “weak on congestion,” the tax monies that flow into the “special category C account.” This slab of pork contradicts your anti-congestion position by prioritizing projects that add “capacity to move people and goods safely and at reasonable speeds without undue congestion” a paultry third behind projects that address “accident experience,” and “fatal accident experience.”

Community College in Bad Business 

The Seattle Weekly reports that the North Seattle Community College Foundation has branched out into the credit counseling business and is raking in huge profits, cheating the students, and attracting IRS attention.

Here's our promise to you: In Washington State, nobody will ever face any sort of penalty for anything that went wrong. In this State, any public employee has an open license to steal and has nothing to fear but paid administrative leave while everything gets covered up.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Open Thread 

Drinking Liberally 

Come for me stay for um. I don't know.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Heratige Park 

I used to love Heratige Park when I lived down in Olympia. But I guess the state should step up on its portion.

Unfortunately, things haven't gone as well across Fifth Avenue with the state's portion of the Heritage Park project. Majestic trees near the bathhouse were toppled. The birch trees planted near the shoreline -- blocking the view of the lake -- have died. The grass is brown, not green, in most places. And the terraced slope leading from the Temple of Justice to the lake's edge fell victim to landslides after the vegetation was removed.

It's been one giant blunder after another.

The Arc of Statehood walk along the lake's edge is a nice addition, but for most Olympians, Heritage Park is a giant disappointment -- and, in the minds of many, a colossal waste of $10 million.

In an appearance before The Olympian's editorial board, director Bremer said the Legislature has given her agency $1.6 million to complete the park. Lawmakers have sent a strong message that this is it -- no more money for Heritage.

On the Record 

Finally Irons comes out on the record opposing I-912. And while it is weak and pathetic, what else would you expect from David Irons. It's nice but he sure isn't answering questions from me or Goldy about it. And I can't see anything about his opposition on his website. Although in fairness to David Irons, his website is pretty shitty. But still small favors and all that.

No inks because I'm amused that Goldy's vigil is higher up on Google than the Irons page, and I'd hate to help change that.

UW Scores Well 

Washington Monthly magazine, home of Kevin Drum, has ranked the University of Washington as the 14th Best University for America. The UW comes in ahead of Yale, Harvard, UCLA, the University of Chicago, and, not surprisingly, the University of Texas.

Instead of the usual criteria, like counting the number of sheep at the fraternity houses, WM used this standard:
While other guides ask what colleges can do for students, we ask what colleges are doing for the country.
The article also included this tidbit:
The University of Portland, for example, finishes third in national service while Harvard lingers down at #75. Harvard obviously has far more resources than the University of Portland, and there's no question that it could match Portland's remarkable performance on service, if it chose to make a similar commitment to emphasizing that value among its students. But, at least by the criteria we set, it has not.

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