Saturday, July 09, 2005

Open Thread 

Because you can never have enough!


RIP Andy Stephenson


Watch out Andrew, you might get me to support it.

If the gas tax is repealed, there's a good chance that Murray's prediction will come true. Eastern Washington will simply be discarded and left to its own devices - left to rot, and thanks to its own citizens - people who seem to think that they'll be able to repair their own roadways with the fifty bucks or whatever small amount they'll save per year.

These folks are living in an alternate reality. They benefit way more then they give, and yet they still want to repeal the gas tax increase.

New NW Activism Site 

From the comments:
Hello Friends,

We are writing this to inform you of a new website which has gone up this past week here in the Northwest :


We thought possibly your friends, family, and group members may be interested in it, and if you find it a useful tool, feel free to spread the word and link us to your site should you feel it would be a proper fit.

It is a non profit site in which you can immediately put your frustrations to work on a wide variety of world problems.It will be updated frequently, and strive to always have timely issues one can act on day or night.
We wish them well.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Chapter 11 

The Catholic Diocese of Spokane recently declared chapter 11 bankruptcy in large part because it couldn't survive post-child abuse lawsuits. One of the major questions is how much of an effect will that have on the local parishes. The Diocese's newspaper has some answers:

Under the rules of the bankruptcy code, the bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Spokane, a Corporation Sole, has significant fiduciary responsibilities towards creditors. All those parishes which have money on deposit in the diocese’s Deposit and Loan Fund are a class of creditor, but the primary creditors in this case are the victims of sexual abuse. Their claims total in the tens of millions of dollars.

The central legal question in the diocese’s Chapter 11 litigation focuses on what assets the bishop of the Diocese has to use to settle those claims. In bankruptcy language, the “extent of the estate” of the Corporation Sole must be determined. Attorneys for the Diocese of Spokane and the Association of Parishes had opportunity to argue their positions before federal bankruptcy judge Patricia Williams on Monday, June 27. After much media hype and the resultant tension, attorneys for the Diocese of Spokane, the Association of Parishes, major local Catholic institutions and plaintiffs clarified and argued their positions. Full legal argumentation already had been made in court filings.

Central to the day-long legal argumentation was the nature of a corporation sole. Diocesan attorney Shaun Cross argued that Washington State law created the corporation sole status in order to allow a hierarchical Church like the Catholic Diocese of Spokane to conduct its affairs according to its own internal polity, or manner of structured operation. In the case of the Catholic Church, that means in accordance with the stipulations of Canon Law. Canon Law recognizes each parish as its own “juridic person” – or what that civil law considers to be unincorporated associations.


I don't see us needing air defense anyway in the Pacific Northwest.

Like if Bill O'Reilly Ran Yelm 

Shut up just shut up about Wal-Mart.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Well that could be a problem.

Hey Big Spender 

Thanks to Progressive Majority for the link to this article in the Olympian. Of course being in Eastern Washington and having to go back a lot might add some cost. But Lisa Brown who was the Senate Democratic leader and from Eastern Washington didn't even make the top 10. And why are we just now getting 2004 numbers?

That kind of explanation holds true for lawmakers of both parties. The top 10 spenders in the Senate included seven Republicans; in a reversal from other recent years, six Democrats ranked in the top 10 for spending in the House.

But in the case of Rockefeller, he lumped much of his two-year postage and printing expenses into the second year, 2004, which drove him up the charts to No. 1 -- up from No. 79 out of 98 members the year before.
And yeah, I'm kind of embarased to have voted for 2 people on the House side who made the list.

Christ Allmighty! 

We're all Londoners tonight I guess.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

SCCA Buys Southlake Land 

For a facility for patient's families.

"Traveling far from home for treatment of a serious illness puts a lot of stress on families. Finding housing should be one less thing they have to worry about," said Norm Hubbard, the Alliance's chief operating officer, in a statement.

The building will be five or six stories high and construction could begin in 2007, officials said.

Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em 

Because soon I-901 is hitting the ballot boxes. And I'd bet good money that it will pass. I'm still ambivalant about this one. I do want a smoking ban at the smokey places I frequent. But I really don't really think that it should be statewide. Give me a King County smoking ban, but I don't need one statewide.


Gregoire opens a clinic in Port Angeles.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Drinking Liberally 

I'll be joining Goldy and hopefully some of y'all tonight. The Montlake Ale House, 2307 24th Avenue E. 8 PM. I might go for something truely bold in my drink selection, and instead of Pepsi, get an ice tea. But maybe not, let's not go overboard or anything.


Well Horn and Weeks are out of the monorail commission. You can read their letters here. Hopefully this will help move forward, and get a plan that works.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

A Bum 

The thought crossed my mind while reading this article that Dino Rossi hasn't had an actual job in a year an a half and isn't even looking now.

"I'm not sure politically or professionally what I'm going to do," Rossi said. "Everybody has designs for my life. But I'm going to figure out what to do.
Gee, maybe when it was obvious that you would lose your election challenge you should have started polishing up your resume. I mean I've been unemployed for long stretches, but you've got to keep looking. I don't know what the plan is to feed his family at this point. If he goes right into run against Maria mode, it will be 3 years where he hasn't had a job, by the time he's asking for votes. That's all Dino is at this point; some bum who quit his last job early and looked for one job, got huffy when he didn't get it, and now complains that other people actually hope he gets a job. Man, that's the best the R's can do! No wonder Washington is a Democratic state.


I've resisted this whole silly thing up to this point, but what the hell, go hit skippy so he can get 1 million hits on his blog on year 3.

Leslie Liddle 

Labor issues rarely get enough coverage. Probably by me too. So this Capitol Chat was interesting.

First of all, the governor didn't opt to do that, the Legislature chose to save aproximately $10 million by delaying the increases for nonunion employees, much like in past years, when they didn't even provide state employees a raise. It just goes to prove in my estimation that the Legislature continues to balance the state budget on the back of its most important resource, that being its employees.

We are legally bound to represent everybody in the bargaining unit for which we've been chosen to be the exclusive representative, and we've always done that and continue to do that. WPEA prides itself on being one of the most innovative and highly skilled unions that represent state employees. We do what we believe is our absolute best to promote state employee issues and rights and the benefits of state employees. We were on the forefront of PERS3 and of collective bargaining because we saw there was no benefit for employees in the collective bargaining system we had previously...

Moderator: The WPEA is a local of the United Food and Commercial Workers, which has threatened to leave the AFL-CIO, along with other unions like the SEIU and the Teamsters. What does a split in the nation's labor movement mean for state workers?

Liddle: Essentially I don't believe it will mean much for our representation, but there will probably be more funds coming back to AFl-CIO affiliates so locals can do more fund-raising and organizing. What they're really fighting over is the money that the affiliates contiribute to the national -- the affiliates want more local control over the funds.

Moderator: Would you expect to see more competion between state worker unions?

Liddle: No. It certainly could happen if AFSCME stays in the AFL-CIO, they will certainly be covered by AFL-CIO constitutional provisions, which say you don't raid a sister union. But if those unions pull out of AFL-CIO then they may compete, and there may be some fighting. I don't think in the next couple of years that anyone will have the time to do that.

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