Saturday, July 02, 2005

At Least There Are 20 Eastern Washington Liberals 

In my interview with Frank Sennett I mentioned Drinking Liberally, and he joked that it wouldn't work in Spokane. But damn it looks like he was wrong-o. Hell it looks like they're doing better than the Seattle one sometimes. But we do have two chapters, so that splits stuff up some.

Speaking of Drinking Liberally, Nick, when is Ed Murray going to be coming to the Seattle one?

Um Bullshit 

The party can of course nominate anybody they want. And in King County they have. I can't really complain. Ivan wants me to be a PCO and I'm not. So I don't get a vote. Fair enough. And if you don't like Edmonds, you don't like Edmonds. But I've seen her operations in the past, and there's no way in hell she doesn't work hard. So fuck Paul Berendt.

Democratic Party Chairman Paul Berendt said, "I think Carolyn should bow out gracefully and support the nominee of the party." He added, "It's no great surprise to me that Bob won. He's smarter, he's harder working and Carolyn has made a lot of people angry."
...By the way "made a lot of people angry" is code for not wanting to burn Tent City to the ground, and make sure the Burke-Gillman Trail actually works for bikers. Because those are the two issues where she's made people angry. Well the first one ought to be normal Democratic compassion, and the second one is not only common sense, but is also a winning issue.


Looks about right to me.

The Dem's Response 

So Murray gave the Democratic response to Bush's weekly radio address. I heard part of it on the radio and it was pretty good. Does anybody know where I can get the text?

Thursday, June 30, 2005


Murray and Cantwell both supported it. I read somewhere that Inslee will oppose it Dicks will support it and most of the rest of the moderate D's are still up in the air. I'm not sure how I feel on this one.

I'm generally a trade guy, although I definitely don't like all the provisions. We have to include protections for the environment. We need protections for labor rights. I'm sorry, I don't want to compete with 12 year old girls who work 12 hours a day. I'm sorry, I don't want cheap wood if it destroyed a rain forest. But I do want trade to build Central America up. And to help our economy.

I Know It's Moot 

But I've been a writer the whole time. Not a very good one. But that's for another day.

Marko Liias 

WashBlog makes its first endorsement. Give if you can because the suburbs are where it's at. Also time is much more important than money (although don't be stingy on that either). You'll be hearing a lot of people asking to give in the future. Me included. I know you can't give money to everybody out there and the same with your time. But two things to consider when you're thinking about this stuff:

1) Early money is better. It attracts more money and can be used to set up something good.

2) For small races even a few hours can make a huge huge difference.


I'm not as sure as many people that Seattle will become a one paper town. Or one daily. But this is certainly going to go in that direction.

...The Decision

Where Does Rossi Stand 

What Goldy said.



Local agriculture and businesses can access the global marketplace, but the state’s niche is quality not quantity.

Other states may beat Washington in terms of mass production of goods, “but they cannot hold a candle to the quality of agriculture that we have here in Washington state,” Gregoire said. “I believe that’s the future.”

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Open Thread 


Dear The Washington State College Republicans; 

Think George W. Bush means you when he said:

And to those watching tonight who are considering a military career, there is no higher calling than service in our Armed Forces. We live in freedom because every generation has produced patriots willing to serve a cause greater than themselves. Those who serve today are taking their rightful place among the greatest generations that have worn our Nation's uniform.
Me either wimps.


Doc feels Heat - Melts 

From Raw Story via TPM, ity seems that Doc "Doc" Hastings (R-Incompetent) came up for air just long enough to realize that he was actually the Chairman of some sort of Ethics Committee.

The Winners 

Other than Ferguson winning, it's not terribly noteworthy. But NWProgressive has the list of winners for the King County nominating convention for King County offices.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Going Down with Little bush 

From SurveyUSA via kos, we learn that Preznit Chimpy isn't very popular in Washington State. Short version: 41% approve, 57% disapprove.

Ahh What Could Have Been 

Team Monorail wants another chance.

Team Monorail, led by Montreal-based Bombardier Inc., has been saying since January that it wants another chance to bid on the monorail project.

"In feature after feature the Team Monorail offering is clearly superior to the current Cascadia proposal," the team's Web site says. For example, Team Monorail says it would offer 22 trains rather than the 13 proposed by Cascadia, meaning a higher train frequency and larger system capacity.

Team Monorail also says its system would cost significantly less, listing a total construction and operations cost of $1.3 billion compared to the more than $2 billion cost of a Cascadia bid. According to Team Monorail, that would mean the SMP would have to borrow between $1.7 billion and $1.8 billion.

Post Bush Speechifying Thread 

For your post Bush speechifyinowait. For your post Bush. No. For you to post.


Sorry to get personal for a moment, but my first fire in a building. And I'm first in! So yeah, I'm going to tell a bit of a story here, and I hope you'll forgive me because it's probably boring for most of you. More Washington politics to follow, now that my computer seems to be working again.

So as I've mentioned once or twice before I'm a volunteer fire fighter here on Vashon. I'm still a rookie, but I've been responding for a while now, and I spend some nights at the station. And normally that means medical calls. Sick people mostly. Some trauma: car crashes, falls, etc. But rarely is there any fire. And when it is it's illegal burns outside, or a car fire. Cool stuff, but nothing in a building.

But I go on some of the fire alarm calls (my boss is awesome) and it's usually nothing. Anyway, today there was an island wide power outage. So I'm home. And I've got nothing to do. So a page for a fire alarm at K-2, the big factory on the island. No big deal, probably caused by the power outage. Chief gets there, and we look around. Nothing.

But the Chief says to me, "thanks for coming out." and I sez, "well one of these is going to be the real thing." I go home for more not doing anything. I haven't taken my uniform off and I get another page for a fire alarm in the same area (not a re-kindle thank God, but maybe 5 blocks away). So I figure it's another something triggered by the outage, but still good to investigate when I've got nothing to do.

So I get there just behind the engine (I'd have beat them in if I'd had lights and sirens on my Carola, but that's another story). We get there and I head over to the engine. Chief says "get on" and we go to another building.

Other volunteers are arriving at this point, and we're putting on our gear. So another fire fighter and me head in to where someone smelled smoke with a couple fire extinguishers. There's wispy white smoke at the ceiling, but nothing too bad, and there's no obvious signs of where the fire started.

So we're looking around. And this place is not super clean, to say the least. So we're climbing over shit, groping for heat. And eventually a second in crew comes in with a TIC (thermal imaging camera) and they find it right away. And it's nothing, just an old heat fan that's already out. But it's still hot and still smoky.

So yeah, not exactly the greatest story ever. But I did get to go around the fire scene in full turn outs. And it definitely was a hoot. You know, real live on air, holy crap something's going down fire.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Lisa Brown 

Evergreen Politics has the goods.

There were a couple of issues that had languished in previous sessions that I thought needed to be brought to the fore. We were able to pass a landmark mental health bill that will improve the quality of treatment for people grappling to overcome mental illnesses and substance abuse problems. It was a dramatic accomplishment to expand mental illness parity. We made up for $82 million in federal funding cuts.

We also voted on civil rights legislation for the first time since my freshman year in the House. It did not pass unfortunately but at least we brought it to a vote.

We also passed an Operating Budget and a Transportation Budget for the long-term.

Going into this session, we were hopeful that we could get some good environmental legislation passed. Previously bills had typically passed in the House but not in the Senate. So that was a leadership priority. The Democratic caucus was not unanimous on this. It was significant that we received support from moderate Republicans and some rural Democrats so were able to pass bills adopting more rigorous auto emission standards and requiring that public buildings meet “green building” standards, both big wins.

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