Saturday, June 25, 2005

Dear Washington State College Republicans; 

I see none of you has taken my call to enlist in George W. Bush’s military, so I thought I’d try again. I mean a week or so and none of you respond? That’s pretty pathetic if you ask me. Where’s your support of the troops? How the hell can you help the war effort if you’re sitting on your ass? Hump some sand young men and women!

Karl Rove just recently implied that liberals want to destroy America by opposing torture. I’m not really sure I understand his logic. But it seems to me that a powerful way you can back his faulty logic up is by joining the military. Hell it would show that at least a few of the recent batch of recruits aren’t liberals.

I’m not saying you can’t become a politician after the war. Like all good Republicans, you can oppose things like the Murray Amendment to support the VA when you get back from a tour in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Seriously, what are you Republicans or a bunch of Republican’ts?

Carl Ballard


And here's the first letter. Unlike most of these where I just drop it after one letter, I think this one will be more fun to push for a while. So expect to see more letters in the future. And please please please, College Republicans if you're reading this, (there is a link with all the letters I send) don't be a wimp. I know you have no desire to put your life on the line for this country, but at least respond. Is that too much?

Doc in Hot Water 

Thanks to Goldy, we learn that Pasco's own Doc "Doc" Hastings (R-Stupid) has his very own ethics scandal. Here's my favorite quote:
For the past two weeks, Democrats have been trying to link Hastings to Abramoff and the lobbyist's former employer, Preston Gates & Ellis, an influential law and lobbying firm based in Seattle.
Now, I didn't realize that these various ethics scandals were the Democrat's fault. Silly me. But what did they expect from a bunch of traitors?

Of course, I think that Old Doc has a very good defense. He can say that he cannot confirm that he was in England in 2000, but he really can't be sure because he has his head so far up his ass. On the other hand, it would delight me if the "family member" who came along on his little junket turns out to be aa 18-year -old "niece."

Open Thread 

Internet Cafe Blogging as my computer sucks monkey balls right now.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

NASCAR in Kitsap 

That was out of the blue. At least to me. But you have to admire their ability to doublespeak:

No timeline for the track was announced, and ISC officials said the company is studying construction costs, traffic, noise, air quality and other issues. The company also will "determine the level of public incentives" available to help pay for the project.

Fix the Roof When It's Sunny Out 

First off, the estate tax is lower than when Gregoire took office. So the first paragraph is at the least misleading. But fine.

Some critics of the Governor just drive me batty. I mean really she should have been psychic so she'd know that we'd have higher revenue forecasts? Honestly! If I just assume people will give me money, then I can push taxes down to zero. Yay!!!!

Viva Viva Viva KC Airport 

SouthWest and Alaska Airlines may be moving to Boeing Field.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Best of Seattle 

It's that time of year again. I'm with Goldy except for the radio thing. Next year, hopefully he'll be the best radio personality but this year I'm going to go with Dave Ross. Anyway, like last year, I'll take myself out of the running so's not to dilute the lefty vote. And, yes this is silliness that doesn't actually matter. But isn't that true of 99% of what's in the Weekly?

Dear The Washington State College Republicans; 

First of all, I love the two toned look Brendon Kepner has in his picture. I'm on sort of a personal quest to bring two tones back. But that isn't the personal quest I'm writing the WSCR officers about today.

No, today I'm calling on you to serve George W. Bush in a way much more valiant than studying or hating Democrats. I'm calling on you, and all young war supporters to join George W. Bush's military. After all, many of you just graduated from college and presumably have nothing better to do (and don't tell me office work, or political campaigns are better than fighting for freedom in Iraq). And there is a bit of a recruiting problem. Show those anti-war wimps that this month we won't miss our recruiting goals by a few thousand.

Now I know what you're thinking. "Don't they shoot at people in the Army? That's not for me!" Well, perhaps, but that's the price you pay for winning elections. Surely you didn't intend to pay it with other people's lives.

Anyway, here are a few links you might find helpful. At the very least you could put them on your web site.


Semper Fi!

Carl Ballard

...Edited and sent

...Also, in case you're interested in sending your own, here's the web page

Drinking Liberally Spokane 

Of course there isn't just the Seattle Drinking Liberally (or as I'm calling last night the East Side Drinking Liberally). Spokane has one that according to Martha is going quite well.

We Speak - Berendt Listens 

As we have often recommended in this space, Democratic Party Chair Paul Berendt wants the Republicans to fork over $48,000 in court costs. From KIRO-710 News:
June 22, 2005

State Democrats want Republicans to reimburse them about 48-thousand dollars in court costs for contesting Governor Gregoire's election. While the Democratic Party wasn't named in the lawsuit filed by Republicans and Dino Rossi, Democrats say they spent nearly three-and-a-half million dollars for the defense. The request goes before Chelan County Superior Court Judge John Bridges who dismissed Republican claims that the election was fatally flawed by errors. Democrats have received a 730-thousand dollar refund of the cost of the hand recount. Now they say Republicans should pay for the cost of depositions and collecting evidence, such as photocopying expenses. State Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance says attorneys are preparing a response.
Next, its time for a motion for attorneys fees and sanctions. One step at a time.

Things You Learn at Drinking Liberally 

Atlanta has something called the Pothole Posse. Presumably not a posse comitatus.

Natasha from Pacific Views? Drop. Dead. Gorgeous!

Where old basketball teams used to be located.

That no matter how big a poly sci nerd you are, there's always someone bigger than you, and oh look, he's sitting across the table.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Open Thread 

We'll see what happens edition.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Easy Marks 

But still, it's fun to see one of the General's soldiers go after the Gonzaga College Republicans (an odd formulation, like we'd think that it was the Gonzaga Retirement Republicans). I'd work on Operation Yellow Elephant, but the state level stuff doesn't work on their web page, and they won't return my emails asking for more info (but at least they haven't put me on some sort of hellish mailing list either).

Baird Running Again 

Just in case you thought he'd sit this one out.

House Party 

From my email:

This Thursday, June 23, we are holding our first National Fair Share for Health Care House Party Day. A house party is a great, informal way to meet other people in your local area who want to change Wal-Mart. Please take a minute and RSVP for the house party planned in your area. Your support will help us spread the word and make a difference in the campaign to change Wal-Mart.

To RSVP for a house party near you, please click here:


The goal of the House Parties is to bring together people from your community who will sign on as Citizen Co-Sponsors of the Fair Share for Health Care Act, which will eventually be presented to your local political leaders. At the House Parties, you will learn about the "Fair Share for Health Care" Act, discuss your lobbying strategy, and plan an event in your community in order to get other citizens to join you as Citizen Co-Sponsors.

All you have to do is show up -- the house party host will have an informational packet containing all the materials you need. You will also be a part of our national conference call with a special guest -- where we will discuss the overall strategy for our Make Wal-Mart Care About Health Care initiative.

This is your chance to make Wal-Mart - not taxpayers - pay its fair share for health care. The "Fair Share for Health Care" Act, a bill requiring large corporations to pay a minimum amount for worker’s health care, started in Maryland but we need to spread it to all 50 states. By attending a Fair Share for Health Care House Party, you are taking a critical step in enacting such legislation in your state.

Please RSVP for a house party today:


With over $10 billion in profit, it is morally bankrupt and un-American that Wal-Mart fails to provide its employees with affordable health insurance. Together, we can hold Wal-Mart accountable and make them live up to their responsibilities as America’s largest corporation.

Thank you for all that you continue to do,

Paul Blank


I don't know that I care about the results. I'd vote for Edmonds from the 1st regardless of who wins the nominating convention on the 28th.

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