Saturday, June 11, 2005

Dear Jim West, 

So you're using the power of God to stop having sex with men (and boys?). Good for you! I don't know why exactly it is that God didn't work before. But you know, I often get The Lord Of All Creation and public humiliation confused. So maybe that's what happened to you.

The power of prayer can certainly accomplish many things; I once prayed that rightwing loonies would be exposed for being hypocritical jackasses. And then you popped along. Outed to the world.

Of course sometimes The Lord works in mysterious ways. For instance, if I'd known that I'd have to read about you masturbating in the office, I might have just prayed for God to change your heart to make you more compassionate. I mean ick. The story stopped being fun at that exact moment. Or at least as fun as a story that involves you sexually abusing small boys can be.

Anyway, good luck asking God to deny you the urges He gave you. Also if it doesn't work and you're caught up between school age kids and recent high school grads, go wit the later.

... A little editing and sent.


All right, Shaun and Jerry (warning: Republican, but mostly apolitical blog) both think I should answer this, because it has a lot to do with Washington State politics:

Total number of books owned: I don't like this question. I know that's not a good way to lead off the meme, but what can you do? I'd guess a couple hundred. But I'm not going to go count them. Besides, I don't really see the value of owning books, and I should probably own less. I mean the King County Library System is a quick bike ride down the Vashon Highway.

Last Book Bought: Strawberry Days.

Last Book Read: The last book I finished was called Re-Electing Lincoln. I got into kind of a Lincoln kick after I read Assention Vacation. But I think I'm over it now. Currently I'm reading Strawberry Days, and a book for the EMT course I'm taking.

Five Books that Meant A Lot:Anything by Vonegutt. I'd say my favorite of his books is Cat's Cradle. It's so out there, but still fun to read. It's one of the few books I re-read regularly.

My favorite short story, Graffiti, is in the collection We Love Glenda So Much by Julio Cortazar (sorry no link, I think it's out of print, and I didn't see it on the EBB page, but look for it at your finer used bookstores). I don't know if that's a cop out or not. I loved everything by Cortazar except for Hopscotch, the book he's most famous for. It's about Argentina during the Peron era. And it's a love story in one person's mind. Oh, and it's told in the second person, and it totally works. And because it's Cortazar, there is a hell of an ending. Other Cortazar short stories that amaze me are Tara (there's so much word play, and the version I read was translated, because I don't speak Spanish), The end of the Game, and Press Clippings.

Don Quixote is amazing. That's technically two books, so that makes up for the last answer being a cop-out. If I had to chose between the two, I'd say book two is the better one. I love the conceit that people had read the first book. And the Muslims being kicked out of Spain is an interesting side note, that makes you think of history in strange ways. And how can you not love Panza getting his own island? I mean really.

Eats Shoots and Leaves. Lynn Truss is funny. And shockingly I remember the lessons more or less. And I can say that my use of a comma after an "and" isn't just me doing bad gramar, it's the Oxford comma. So a victory all around there. And I actually have my copy at work, where it comes in handy office monkying.

And I'll round the list off with The Partly cloudy Patriot. It's like those wonderful stories on NPR except without the screechy Okie voice.

Jim West Healed by Religion 

Our old pal Jim West has found a new excuse to hang on to his job. This time he's using a recycled Little bush excuse - God told him to.

Like John, I wonder if he met God in a chatroom?

Why I’m a Democrat 

Valerie Smith is looking for folks to say why we’re Democrats. So here’s what I sent her:

I’m a Democrat because I believe that we have to help the least among us. If that’s healthcare for children, the elderly or the poor, if that’s education for people who’s family can’t afford to send their children to private schools, if that’s women who need abortions, if it’s gays or African Americans being discriminated against, if it’s working folks trying to get a fair shake. I’m a Democrat because the Democrats stand with them.

I’m a Democrat because I understand that the Constitution is more than the just Second Amendment. I’m a Democrat because I understand that the Bible is more than just Ecclesiastes 5:17. Because the Declaration of Independence is more than the words “our creator.” Those and other important documents to us have a context that we have to understand.

I’m a Democrat because I understand that law and order means more than just locking people away. We need drug rehab. We need to give people the opportunity not to commit crime. We need to keep people out of desperate straights in the first place.

I’m a Democrat because we’re the party that won 2 world wars, ended segregation in America, contained Communism, founded the UN, set up Social Security, saved the Kosavars from genocide, produced the longest economic expansion in American history, and avoided nuclear confrontation in Cuba.

I’m a Democrat because we understand how to balance budgets. At the Federal level, Democrats were responsible for the largest surplus in American history. At the state level, we understand that roads, hospitals, and transit come with a cost, and we’re still willing to pay that cost.

I’m a Democrat because Bill Clinton actually caught terrorists.

I’m a Democrat because Jimmy Carter knew how important human rights were to foreign policy.

I’m a Democrat because LBJ ended legal segregation in America.

I’m a Democrat because John Kennedy was willing to look our demons head on and still remind us what a wonderful country this is.

I’m a Democrat because Truman set up a sane international consensus after the Second World War including the UN containing Communism, and the Marshal Plan.

I’m a Democrat because FDR showed us that we have nothing to fear but fear itself as he ended the depression and won World War Two.

I’m a Democrat because Wilson showed the world what a sane foreign policy and America what a sane economic policy would look like.

I’m a Democrat because Democrats haven’t sold weapons to Iran. We haven’t given aid to the Taliban.

I’m a Democrat because we have humility. Can you imagine a Republican apologizing to the country the way Clinton did after the sex scandal? Let alone the way JFK did after the Bay of Pigs? Taking any personal responsibility for anything? Shit George W. Bush couldn’t even figure out anything he’s done wrong in 4 years.

I’m a Democrat because we stand for clean elections. Here in Washington we actually passed good legislation dealing with this despite the fact that our problems were much smaller than Florida and Ohio who still haven’t done anything to address their problems.

I’m a Democrat because we’re the party of cities. We fight for transit. We fight to get people to live near each other. We fight to get affordable housing. We fight to make cities livable. We fight to make cities a great place to work. We fight to make cities engaging.

Finally, I’m a Democrat because of my family. My Mom who worked for Bella Abzug. My Dad who explained to me at a young age that Republicans favored the wealthy, and Democrats stood up for everybody else. My Grandmother who fought the good fight on women’s rights her whole life, and my Grandfather who threatened to kick me out of the family when I turned 18 if I voted for a Republican for president (I think he was kidding, but I’m not sure. Anyway, it never happened). I couldn’t imagine being anything else.

Cantwell v. Random Idiot 

From kos:
"This is a Republican poll, so take with appropriate grain of salt. But regardless the actual numbers, it's clear Rossi is the only person who can make Cantwell sweat her reelection.

Strategic Vision (R). 6/7-9. MoE 3%. (5/15-17 results)

Cantwell (D) 40 (41)
Rossi (R) 52 (50)

Cantwell (D) 50 (50)
Dunn (R) 39 (40)

Cantwell (D) 51 (49)
Nethercutt (R) 38 (38)

Cantwell (D) 55 (54)
Vance (R) 35 (35)

Cantwell (D) 50 (50)
White (R) 38 (37)

Cantwell (D) 50 (49)
McGavick (R) 36 (36)

Rossi has been very clear -- he doesn't want to move his family to DC, hence he won't enter the race. He's clearly itching for a rematch of the governor's race, and will likely bide his time.

The rest of the potential challengers have low name ID, so what we're seeing are Cantwell's base numbers -- 50 percent. She's not out of the woods, but she's not a top tier race against any of those non-Rossi challengers. This would be at best a second-tier race at this point."
Jennifer Dunn will never run as long as Slade has a job as a lobbyist - as everyone knows, they are one and the same person. Nethercutt and White could never live on a mere a Senator's pay now that lobbying is filling their respective pocketbooks, and Vance could never afford the feed for his multiple chins. And who (or what) is a McGavrick?

Friday, June 10, 2005

Open Thread 

Lazy Blogger Edition?

Water Over The Dam 

Or maybe not. But:

So few salmon have materialized this spring -- 160,000 fish are no-shows, about two-thirds of the total expected -- that fishing for the spring chinook run was severely curtailed. Puzzled fishery managers are searching for the cause.

That's the sobering backdrop to a key court hearing today before U.S. District Judge James Redden, who is expected to order federal agencies to start operating the dams in a more fish-friendly way. In the past, the judge has simply bounced the agencies' salmon-recovery plans back for more work and let them keep running the hydropower system as before.

The dams help keep the lights on across the Northwest -- but also kill some young salmon as they pass through on their way to the ocean. Partly because of the low salmon counts and partly because environmentalists and fishermen are making headway in court, the idea of knocking out four dams on the Snake River is again getting a push.

It's still a long shot, a highly controversial notion rejected by both Democratic and Republican administrations. The Seattle City Council's endorsement of the concept focused Eastern Washington's ire on city leaders like little else in recent years.

Cities and Kyoto 

Greg Nickels goes to Chicago to push the adoption of the Kyoto Protocals by cities.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Desperation Ignored 

The local news media is batting 1.5 for 6 in its coverage of the snatching of Axel Cobb (see here and here) by The United States Marines. Semper Fi indeed.

Although Susan Paynter at The P-I broke the story and every news director in town read it, KIRO-TV has a strangely distorted version pretending that the story might not be true. Even a distorted version is better than no version at all, which is exactly what we get from KOMO-4, KING-5, KCPQ-13, Northwest Cable News, and The Seattle Times.

I was astonished when KOMO-4 failed to cover the story during its 4 p.m. news. I am planning to watch the KIRO-7 extended newscast at 6 p.m. to see if the actual story is as bad as the online version.

UPDATE: Even with an hour to kill, KIRO-7 failed to mention this story during its Thursday 6 p.m. newscast. However, KIRO-7 did update their story last evening to include the following statement:
A Marine staff sergeant said he was shocked by the allegations of kidnapping and intimidation. They understood he really wanted to become a Marine, and he never said "no."
So I guess that's their side of the story.

UPDATE II: Susan Paynter has a follow-up column. No correction - I guess mommie said no.

UPDATE III: Kevin Drum has now covered this story. And unlike one of our amazingly uninformed commenters, he actually read the original story.

Open Thread 


For any Rossi supporters out there. If Dino thought the Supremes were so partisan that they would rule against him in the end, why did he take this to court in the first place?

What Horsey Says 

Pay it Quicker 

I'm not one for this 40 years on the bond. I mean the quicker the agency can get out of debt the better for all concerned.

Let Them Vote 

I think with felons will tend to vote Republican in this state. But I agree with Republicans Sam Reed, Gregg Kimsey, and Toby Nixon. Once you've served your time, you should automatically get the right to vote back. Hell, I'd prefer if they had the right in jail. But that's just me.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Holy shit!

He could pursue his love of chemistry. He could serve anywhere he chose and leave any time he wanted on an "apathy discharge" if he didn't like it. And he wouldn't have to go to Iraq if he didn't want to.

At about 3:30 in the morning, Alex was awakened in the motel and fed a little something. Twelve hours later, without further sleep or food, he had taken a battery of tests and signed a lot of papers he hadn't gotten a chance to read. "Just formalities," he was told. "Sign here. And here. Nothing to worry about."

By then Marcia had "freaked out."

She went to the Burlington recruiting center where the door was open but no one was home. So she grabbed all the cards and numbers she could find, including the address of the Seattle-area testing center.

Army Kidnaps La Connor Teen 

from kos.

Like a Dose of Clap 


Just a Heads Up to Headline Writers 

Eyman Monkeys with State Transportation. Or Eyman wants you dead if you drive on Highway 99. These are just suggestions.

Doc Finally Gets Noticed 

It seems that some members of the press have finally realized what we all knew - Representative Doc "Doc" Hastings, Chairmouse of the House "Ethics" Committee and Eastern Washington Embarrassment, is up to his pointed little head in the DeLay scandal. I predict that Old Doc and his thoroughly fair committee will start never investigating Tom DeLay and his pals as soon as he can possibly get around to it.

And in Other News 

Boeing is still crooked.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Best Letter Ever? 

Maybe. In any event, a hell of a letter by Goldy. If it were me, I'd go for calling on Pieper to resign. But there's nothing like catharsis in just telling someone to "eat me".

Try Our Downtown Store 

So I'm really not a city/suburb guy. I love the 'burbs. But dang. I was trying to find something fairly specific at the University Village (it's close to Drinking Liberally) today. And all of the cloths stores were like "well we probably have something like that in our downtown store." I'm certainly not one to tell stores how to run well. But if one of them had a bit more selection, they would've had my business. I mean this is part of why the burbs don't bring people out to them the way that downtown does. Because it is worse when you get out of Seattle.

Drinking Liberally 

I'll be there tonight. I had heard tell of one in West Seattle, but I can't do much most Mondays, so eh?

Court Bashing 

While I'm not thrilled with elected judges, Shaun is absolutely right.

That's simply nonsense. It's the complete lack of evidence to support any of the claims and accusations Rossi and his supporters have tossed around so recklessly over the last few months that makes it impossible to overturn the Judge Bridge's ruling. Dino apparently hasn't read the news today, let alone the actual ruling, so he falls back on more reckless claims and accusations, even in quitter mode. I'm glad he's a quitter, of course, but that's what he is. Hardly the foundation for a widely rumored US Senate race.

For those in the hinterlands, the Washington Supreme Court justices are elected by the very same people that Dino Rossi claims supported him. Why would he assume those people are incapable of selecting judges who are guided by the rule of law rather than partisan considerations? Actually, since the departure of Phil Talmadge from the Court, I really can't think of a member with a notably partisan background, and I don't think Phil's tenure on the Court was ever considered excessively, or even particularly, partisan. Even the justice most widely regarded as a conservative, Richard Sanders, is too much the libertarian maverick to fit comfortably in a Republican stereotype.

The Court is basically made up of committed legal professionals who serve in the interest of sound jurisprudence than partisanship on either side of the political equation. Rossi's remark demeans the Court and the electorate which elevated them. It's damn near slander and far too typical.

Monday, June 06, 2005


A couple people (I don't remember the first post, and Evergreen Politics is the second one I read today) called Dino Rossi "quixotic." I don't like the word here. Don Quixote was trying to do right when he tilled those windmills and kills sacks of wine. If anything Rossi is a lot more like Panza going along with whatever came up in hopes of getting to rule his island. Only I doubt he'd rule it nearly as well, or be so willing to give it up.

Aah Spokane Protest Warriors 

Patriot Boy is the funniest person on the planet.

I received two emails in response. The first came from reader Kent's sweetheart, Risawn, who's serving in Kosovo, and the second from Commander JJ, who noted that he did his service during peace time.

Other than that, nothing. None of the other forty-eight warriors responded. That includes: Ben Lange, an unemployed student; Daniel Brutocao, President of the Gonzaga College Republicans and member of the school's golfing team; Steven Himes, whose PW profile lists his hobby as "heroics;" Bill Benson, who claims to be an expert in "terrorism threat assessment, physical security;" Jane Provinsal of the Gonzaga College Republicans; and Cody Clary who claims to be a ninja.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not condemning these fine warriors for not responding to my call to sign up for military service. They did the right thing. Unlike me, they understood that fighting in Iraq is not a part of the Protest Warrior mission. They understand that their skills are needed here at home; their fight is with the dissenters.

Let's Be Clear 

While a victory in court is a good thing, we've still got a perception problem. And we should do more to make the case that this case was complete bullshit. I'm not enough of a legal beagle to know if Brenda's idea of sanctions will work. I imagine they can't happen against Rossi, because he was too chickenshit to actually join the lawsuit.

F Dubya Cancelled by Washington State 

Actually, they only cancelled the license plate. But I guess its a start.

All Hail Governor Gregoire 

As you have heard by now, Dino Rossi lost his little egosuit powergrab over in Chelan County. As usual, Goldy has the best coverage, and some of the finest entertainment comes from the comments. In one comment, "Priscilla" asks if the Democrats will seek Civil Rule 11 sanctions against Rossi and his attorneys for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

I join the call. The Democrats should seek court sanctions against the Rossi gang for filing the suit and also for signing motions that were not supported by the evidence. In opening AND closing argument, Rossi's mouthpieces repeatedly referred to evidence that they did not submit, and this is sanctionable behavior. We should note that Judge Bridges specifically said that there was no evidence on the record to support the Republican claims.

The Democrats should also file grievances with the Washington State Bar Association against the attorneys involved. Although the Bar Association will do nothing because it never challenges the powerful, filing grievances will help destroy the notion that the Democratic Party never fights back.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Monorail Contract 

Looks like they'll have something up by June 20th.

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