Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Out West 

Or still in I guess.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Open Thread 

Probably light posting this week, but here's a preview of what I would write if today wasn't a holiday, I wasn't going to a concert tomorrow, have to work full time, have a ton of reading for my EMT class, and have to have a duty night:

The week's big news will be the Democrats kicking Republican ass. I would probably link in equal measures to mainstream sources, and the blogs. But the blogs would be more fun. There maybe would have been an open letter to Rossi's lawyers possibly calling them Shyster McJackass. I don't know. I'd still be working on that.

I talked to Carolyn Edmonds and have re-sent her the questions, and she may answer them this time. I guess stuff got lost in the shuffle, and I should use my real name with people I know in real life. I guess.

Probably an open thread or two.

Brenda will probably post at least a few funny things over the course of the week. She does that most weeks.

I guess I'd probably mention how the first half of a chapter of Strawberry days is brilliant, but I really don't have time to read it right now. Maybe things will be calmer next week. Maybe I'd pine for Niewert to do a book tour.

Some strange economic news in the Biz Journal.

Why the Union Bulletin barely counts as a real paper.

Or maybe something original. But probably you won't be missing much.

And I will try to put something up, but it isn't at the top of my priority list. Um, technically this is an open thread, so go about your business.

Sunday, May 29, 2005


An interesting article on the treaty with the Yakima nation, and how it's been interpreted and used and abused over the years.


If you'd like to support Progressive Majority Washington, here's a nice way to do it.

What: Progressive Majority Massage-A-Thon. All massage therapists are Licensed Massage Practitioners in the State of Washington and are volunteering their time.

Where: On Capitol Hill at 1220 10th Ave East, Seattle WA (please pre-register for your massage)

When: June 19th, 2005, from 9:30am (start of first massage) to 4:30pm (start of last massage)

Cost: Each one hour massage is $60 or more if you would like to contribute further. 100% of money goes to support Progressive Majority.

Contact: Please pre-register for your massage. To do so, call or email Darcy Rubel at (206) 271-3485 or email at darcy@hyphen9.com

We want people to feel good about supporting Progressive Majority every day, but on June 19th, it's going to feel GREAT!


The Northwest Progressive blog points me to a wonderful column opposing a Measure 37 type law for Washington State. My favorite thing is the refutation of the idea of a need for such a law based on some crazy notion of takings. Of course the Constitution already deals with that.

The meaning of the "takings clause" relative to land-use restrictions was answered in 1926 by a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in Village of Euclid v. Ambler Realty. The court upheld the constitutional validity of a local zoning ordinance that restricted the use, and therefore reduced the value, of property.

In a string of "takings" cases since then, the Supreme Court has consistently held that local land-use regulations are legitimate exercises of local government authority so long as the restrictions, in the court's words, do not go "too far." The court has interpreted that a regulation goes "too far" when it serves no legitimate public purpose and/or leaves no reasonable economic use of the property.

Proposed laws such as Measure 37 are not needed to assure protection from "unconstitutional takings" because the Fifth Amendment already does that. What such state laws really aim to achieve is a dramatic lowering of the bar for when compensation must be paid. Rather than require payment only in situations when no reasonable economic use remains, such measures would instead require that government pay in all instances when any "reduction in value" occurs.

Joe's Cautionary Tale 

Our friend Joe at Left Edge North provides a tale that pretty much summarizes what we are up against.

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