Saturday, May 28, 2005


Northwest Progressive is on top of stopping the latest craziness from Timmih.

American Hajji 

One of the drinking liberally folks has started a blog. To um document his time in Iraq. We all wish him a safe journey to Nameless Soldier. Well hopefully his knowledge of Korean will come in handy.

Trade Mission 

Gregoire is going to the Paris Air Show.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Dear Rob McKenna, 

Seriously, what the hell? You really shouldn't be lauding people who are suing your clients. I mean it was cutesy when Sims did it, but that was because he wanted to lose. Also, he was the client, not the attorney. You'll notice that his attorneys are still trying to win that case. Your office has a constitutional duty to try to win when it's defending a public official.

I don't know why you Republicans hate the state constitution as much as you hate the Federal one (second amendment, and from 2000 to 2004 the electoral college excluded). Is it just a hatred of any rules, or just any rules that bind you?

When I was researching this letter, I noticed that you were once proud that Sam Reed had endorsed you. You'd think the least you could do would be to not praise the people who are suing him based on a pack of lies. But maybe the fact that the BIAW raised a fuckton of money for you (really against having a competent AG) while Reed just said he liked the fact that the two of you were in the same party had some sway there, huh?

So, I guess the point here is that I think you ought to step down. Maybe we can spend millions of dollars and months of our lives unnecessarily hashing this bullshit out. I'm a blogger, so I could yell fraud every other post. I mean I'd hope you could pull strings with some Republican talk radio to let me on from time to time to say I put some random crap into a spread sheet and it proves we need to have another vote. Then you can run again and the situation will be exactly the same as it was in 2004. If the voters agree that doing a horrible job of your job in the interest of people who have given you a lot of money, well the fact that a year has passed since the election, well it's the will of the people, I guess.

Anyway, enjoy retirement!

Carl Ballard



Eastern Washington 

So I've signed up to go fight wildland fires in Eastern Washington if the need arises. So if I disappear for a few days, it might be because I'm lazy, but it might be because I'm digging trail in some God forsaken hell hole. It might be less than 30 minutes between the call and when we start out East, so there may not be time enough to give ya'll a head's up. But since there's a ton of good stuff out there, and I don't update too frequently these days anyway, I'm sure you'll survive.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


OK, moving toward insuring all Washington children. Making our roads better. More money for education and higher ed. Eliminating waste for real, rather than you know, transit. Those are all nice things. But booyah! And, yes, this is a bit old, but I'm sorry I don't check the House Dem. Caucus that often when the session is over.

The new spyware law, originally House Bill 1012, will allow the state Attorney General to seek damages up to $100,000 per violation or actual damages, whichever is greater. Business victims of spyware attacks may also sue spyware purveyors. For example, a company whose software is infiltrated by spyware can take action under the new law.

Open Thread! 


Now that, my friends is a density rant.

Strawberry Days 

Show David some love. I'll buy it at my local bookstore, but he's got a link to Amazon, that might get him an extra few cents when you buy it. So either way.

Eric Anderson 

Tacoma has a new city manager. And from the looks of this editorial, they did a pretty good job of it.

But Anderson’s expertise is not limited to budget-cutting. A closer look at his record shows that he’s had marked success in two other areas directly applicable to Tacoma: urban renewal and computer information systems.

In his 10 years in Des Moines, Anderson presided over a revitalization of its downtown and successful efforts against crime and other social problems in its neighborhoods.

He also distinguished himself in leading a citywide adoption of a geographical information system (GIS).

His savvy in municipal computer systems is such that Government Technology Magazine named him one of America’s “Top 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers for 2004.” He chaired a National Academy of Sciences committee reviewing GIS systems for the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Group Blog 

Yes indeedie! The Oregon Democrats know how to do it, my friends. This is sort of what the SDC did in Washington, but never quite achieved.

Tip of the hat to Evergreen Politics.

I Heart Them Too 

Inslee and McDermott rule on stem cells.

She's Still a Roach 

And her puns are probably just as bad. But Goldy thinks it's possible that Roach was a source for the S-R outing of West. Also, what the hell was he doing hitting on the boy through his mom?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Cascadia Scorecard has had a couple posts recently about density in Seattle. And hypocritical as it is of me to say so from beautiful Vashon Island, I'm all for it.

Everything Gets A Hearing 

I don't know if it's the right way to go or not, but Judge Bridges seems to want to make sure everything gets in. So Republicans can claim fraud all they want. And Democrats can introduce lists as late as they want. I don't know that this is the way to go. Republicans maybe wanted to lose this one so they could claim that they wanted to present evidence of fraud, but damnit that damn judge (who they were hoping to get) is also part of the conspiracy.

So now they'll have to actually present their evidence rather than just complain. And today didn't go well for them. So far all they have is their contention that a county with less people than some Seattle neighborhoods and King County should have an equal number of problems. And since they don't King County must be committing some sort of fraud.

Arnold, a Republican, testified that in the 2004 election, she was able to account for every ballot cast, with her records showing no discrepancy between the number of voters and the number of votes. That kind of accuracy is critical to overseeing an election, she said.

"Without reconciliation, you don't know if something's missing," Arnold testified.

But on cross-examination, the Democrats tried to show a contrast of their own: between Chelan County, which counted less than 30,000 votes from 80 precincts, served by seven polling places, and King County, which counted more than 900,000 votes from 2,616 precincts, with 540 polling places.

"The more precincts you have, the more complexity you have," Arnold said under questioning by Democratic lawyer Jenny Durkan.

Drinking Liberally 

Just so y'all know, I'll be down there tonight.

Trial Name 

I'd been calling it Dino Rossi V. Common Sense. I personally like that one. But as On the Road to 2008 points out it's actually called Borders et al v King County et al because Rossi doesn't "have the courage to put his own name on the lawsuit."

Monday, May 23, 2005


Slog has a discussion of where to put them in future Stranger editions. But they end saying to discuss, but they don't have any comments. So it's really more of a read. I mean unless they mean discuss amongst yourselves.

There's Something About Mary 

Now this is neat. Catholics and Anglicans from all over the world met in Seattle to discuss the roll of Mary in their respective Churches. And they just released the results.

Though not an authoritative declaration by the two churches, the document, also known as the “Seattle Statement,” is designed to promote further study, dialogue and prayer on Mary’s role in the doctrine and life of the church.

The document -- 81 pages in booklet form -- draws from Scripture. It studies the place of Mary in the Scriptures and her place in the traditions of the two churches. The Catholic belief in Mary’s Immaculate Conception and Assumption also is explored in recognition that the two dogmas are among factors separating the two churches.

While the Seattle Statement doesn’t resolve those two issues, it examines the dogmas in a new ecumenical context, said Anglican Archbishop Peter Carnley, Primate of Australia and ARCIC’s co-chair.

Circumstantial Evidence 

What Frank said.

Good News for People Who Can't Stand Bad People 

The PI is nicely understated in their headline. "Setback for GOP in governor election trial" Turns out that the judge they were hoping for when the whole process started just told them you can't say fruad for no reason at the 13th hour and without any proof. I know you'd think the Republicans would have a better strategy than that, but no.


Disappointed Losers who Refused to Quit 

When Dino Rossi gets his head handed to him in Rossi V. Common Sense, can we recall Chris Vance's own words? Anyway, the trial gets started today.


Sunday, May 22, 2005

Nukular Option 

Just in case you want to email Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, here is a diary on Kos.

Dino Rossi is Toast 

Early this morning, I received a message telling me that Dino Saur Rossi's quest to unseat duly-elected Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire has officially come to an end. The message came in the form of a front page article in the ever-predictable Sunday Seattle Times that now admits what everybody already knew. - Rossi has no chance, even before a hand-picked Judge.

It now appears that SeaTimes Publsher and King Frank Blethen believes that he can get away with printing a negative article about Rossi without endangering The Blethen Family Legislation, a private quest that would allow the little Blethens to keep their sordid little newspaper empire in their grubby, dishonest, and tainted little hands. If that is the case, then Iit appears that the White House has abandoned Rossi, too.

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