Saturday, May 14, 2005

Open Thread 

Ticket Scalping 

Could be legal soon. But I think we need a better name for it.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Spokane Citizen Wins Award 

Although this major award rarely leaves the Capital, this week the Buzzflash GOP Hypocrite of the Week is none other than Washington's own Jim West.


Bob Ferguson's idea for a transitional hotel for the homeless is a fine idea. But it isn't a substitute for Tent City. It's a pipe dream to suggest that if we buy some land in the middle of nowhere and let the homeless go there with certain restrictions that there will be no need for a Tent City.

Also, I do wonder about the timing of this. He's in a tough race against the point person on the council on Tent City. He's really been nowhere on the issue up until now.

ST Looking at the Eastside 

They seem to be throwing out lots of ideas at this point. Maybe they'll be more cogent down the road.


Looks like we'll be keeping the big bases. We'll be losing some guard units in the state.

The biggest gainers would be Naval Station Bremerton, which would gain 1,400 personnel, and Fort Lewis, which would gain 230 employees. McChord Air Force Base, which adjoins Fort Lewis south of Tacoma, would lose 567 employees, and several smaller National Guard bases would be closed.

Air America Window Stickers 

KPTK, Air America in Seattle, now has bumper and window stickers. Contact Heather (heather [at] am1090seattle.com) or you can download and print your own.

Next Friday (May 20), Jay Marvin will be the guest host of KPTK's Ed Schultz Show (noon to 3 p.m.). Jay is the morning host of Boulder's Progressive Talk AM760 and recently escaped (actually he ran screaming) from WLS Chicago, where he was the sole progressive voice on a Rush the Fat Druggie station. Jay is also an old friend from our Border Radio days and I think you will enjoy him.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Should it Take More Than a Week 

For Safire's auto response email to work? I mean it was the Sunday paper two weeks ago, and I receive it today.

Tri-Citian as I Might-Citian 

I know I should be more interested in Francois Forgette's appointment to the USU board of regents in its own right, but I can't get over the headline using the phrase "Tri-Citian."

Life Sciences Fund 

Gregoire makes it official. It would have been nice if it had come with embryonic stem cells. But I can certainly live with that. Life sciences are certainly a part of healthcare. And it would have been nice if it was new money instead of tobacco money, but again I can live with that.

Also Lisa Brown did a good job of making sure that the fund wasn't just a Seattle program. Unlike transit that does the most good where people actually are, this is reasonable to spread around.


DI Again 

I know, I'm beating this thing to death without adding anything more to the conversation. But dang the Discovery Institute is annoying.

Look DI, you want to get into schools, do it the same way plate tectonics did it. Do it the same way evolution did it. Do it the same way quantum physics did it. Start in peer reviewed journals. Design experiments that can disprove your ideas. The peer reviewed journal articles should come to some time since vertebrate existed. Convince colleges and universities that you're right. Keep publishing peer reviewed journal articles. Maybe then a few more popular science magazines. Then more mainstream mags and papers. And finally our schools. But trying to start in schools before you've done the rest in that order, is patent insanity.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Al Franken 

Hell Yeah!

Just for K 

No, not the guy from The Trial. Daniel. East Lake Samammish Trail news. Starting in July they'll actually make it a reality.

``I'm ecstatic,'' said King County Executive Ron Sims. ``We've finally completed it after a tumultuous process.''

The seven-mile Sammamish leg of the trail is all that remains to be built on the former railway that runs on the eastern shore of the lake.

Sections in Issaquah and Redmond have been open for a year, but the middle section has been held up by litigation.

The main opposition group, the East Lake Sammamish Community Association, withdrew its appeal of the process in March and ended its contract with its attorneys.
Of course any news on trails is going forward is good news. More biking, more walking. A way to get around the East Side without a car is always wonderful.

Just like they "won" the Election 

Chris Vance is crazy. I swears to God, this timez I'm gonna win!

Local Idiot v Rock the Vote 

Our friends at Rock the Vote met Local Idiot Michael Medved, the Dennis Miller of the Northwest. Here's the interview. Mr. Medved is quite a piece of work.

And speaking of our old pal (and notorious turncoat) Dennis Miller, his CNBC show has been cancelled and Friday is his last day. Set your VCRs.

I'm sure that Dennis will land on his feet. Or maybe QVC will have a show called Worn Household Possessions of Comedians Who Are No Longer Funny. But I am CERTAIN that his rethug pals will take care of him. He's their kind of sellout.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Light Posting for the Rest of the Day 

But use this as an open thread.


Man alive. When the court ruled in Rossi V. Common Sense, I called it a split decision. But Goldy does this thing where he actually reads the ruling, and comments on it in long form. And it doesn't look good for Dino.

Monday, May 09, 2005

More on (Moron?) Discovery Institute Nonsense 

From WashBlog.

All Your Base Closures 

At least one of Naval Air Station Whidby, Naval Station Everett, or Fairchild Airforce Base are probably going to be cut in the base closure recommendations out this week.

All three bases ultimately survived previous base-closure rounds, a testament to each base's overall military importance, supporters say. But when the preliminary list of planned closures comes out in the next few days, there could be trouble for one or more of them.
Frankly, I think that base closure without something in its place is a huge mistake anywhere in the country. Obviously the paramount reason to have bases there is to protect the nation. But ultimately federal money is a tough thing to lose suddenly. Perhaps, some more VA hospitals. Maybe the Department of Peace headquarters. I don't know exactly what.


Washington has hundreds of various park districts, transit districts, fire districts, school districts, library districts, etc. Freakishly, I used to know the number, but now I have no clue. Much of what they do of course is good. I love my library. My fire and school districts are the only local government out here. But Columbian Watch is right that it can lead to Balkanization.

Clean Cars 

Gregoire signs the clean cars bill.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Things I Hate Reading 

the Discovery Institute in Seattle

I mean that's like Toys in Babeland in rural Utah. Or abstinence only brothel. I'm not saying we kick them out, but seriously, could they just stay in Kansas?

Payne Field Reevaluation 

Snohomish Exec Aaron Reardon has appointed the mayors of Mukilteo and Everett to chair a new commission to look at what to do with the field.


Kitsap Pundit has an interesting discussion of polls' impact on the political culture. I think it's quite interesting how that works. Strictly speaking, it has nothing to do with Washington State, but eh.

Norm Rice Strikes Again 

When we last saw Norm Rice, Seattle's Most Ineffectual Mayor Ever, he had left City Hall and had disappeared into the Federal bureaucracy, presumably to do no further harm. Unfortunately, he didn't disappear far enough and now has a major scandal (other than Neglect of City) to his credit.

As the Times article makes clear, nobody is accusing erstwhile Mayor Rice of being a crook, but only of failing to understand the workings of the Federal Home Loan Bank that he headed. In other words, incompetence. Second verse, same as the first.

Norm Rice once had a reputation as a good City Council member who was destined to be Mayor. And although Norm spent a lot of time and effort to become Mayor, once he gained the office he had no idea what to do with it. Merely being Mayor Nice just didn't do it and Seattle has been catching up ever since.

Public Art 

The Times has an interesting article about art in public. It's more a history lesson than anything to do with specific news. But I think I'll take this time to mention some of my favorites. For them, I'll define it as art that you can get to for free, but not necessarily paid for with public money. It'll mostly be Seattle, but there's some more.

Of course everybody loves the Freemont Troll. It's so funky and bizarre, how could you not love it?

One of the most strangely interactive pieces of art is Waiting for the Interurban. Of course there were the Abu Grahab style hoods over their heads. People do take ownership of them.

I like the baseball glove outside Safeco Field. And the hole in the middle of the glove was particularly apt last year.

The Sound Garden is truly an epic wonder. That you get different sounds every time you're there. Wow.

I don't know what it is, but I love Korean War memorials. In most memorials there's people in an epic struggle, or names of the dead. But artists commissioned to do Korean War memorials usually show it as an epic struggle against frostbite. And there is something elegant about the one in Olympia that's set apart from the rest of the Capitol.

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