Saturday, April 30, 2005

I Love Cascade Bikes 

In case you were wondering. Look at the good work they're doing in Seattle. They also do great work in the North end.

Nice Work Assholes 

Goldy said it better than me, but really what the hell? The only thing I differ with Goldy on is that of course we should investigate people who lie to the police. People who make it tougher to catch child molesters. That's what Republicans are now. SP, Rosenblog, and local hate radio is pro child molestation unless they denounce this bullshit. I'm sorry, but that's the way it goes.

Open Thread 

Friday, April 29, 2005

Good Samaritan Law 

It's only a shame that we need this in the first place. Seriously, how difficult is it to call 9-1-1? Still it's good of the leg to sign pass it and Gregoire to sign it.


So the pro-gridlock righties are trying to get an initiative to repeal the recently enacted gas tax. They seem to think that user fees are good, except you know, when they are enacted. They think that Viaduct users should die.

Rossi Sez. Nossi to the Senate 

Again. When someone denies running this much, it usually means that they aren't running. I know righties still seem to think Hillary is going to run in '04. Then again, the 180 he took after the governor's race was something to behold. So who knows.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bush Press Conference Open Thread 


Priciest Washington Zip Codes 

Forbes has released its list of the most expensive Zip Codes in America based on the average home price. In Washington, Orcas Island - 98020 was #59 ($1,052,500) and Medina - 98039 was #98 ($891,311). Medina's place on the list assured after Forbes looked in the bottom of Melinda Gates' purse.

Oddly, Texas didn't make the list. Not even Crawford, despite years and years and years of unbridled greed.

Seattle Fire Fighters 

They got most of what they want, but not a guarantee of 4 man fire companies in the city charter. It could mean hiring 50 more firefighters and a COLA.


It's almost like there were problems everywhere. My only hope is that Skelitor goes after Pierce and Benton counties with the same vigor that he went after King.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

History Link 

Pizza Guy gives a shout out to historylink.org. I hadn't been on it since I moved to Vashon, and was looking at some of the flavor of the past. I like this article about J. E. Mace who keeps finding bags of opium.

Legislative Reportcard 

Blue Washington has a list of important bills this session and an agrigate of how the reps and senators voted.


From an email from SEIU local 1199:

RENTON – Nurses and hospital employees at Valley Medical Center are celebrating a strong vote of support from their community for increased funding for their hospital.

Voters in Public Hospital District 1—which includes Renton , Kent , Covington , and parts of Bellevue and Tukwila—have voted by over 54 percent in ballots tallied so far to increase the levy that supports the hospital.

``We're just delighted and grateful to the voters,'' said Konnie Kampagna, a registered nurse at Valley
who made hundreds of calls to voters from SEIU's "Barney" Mobile Phone Center.

“This vote of support shows that the community is concerned about maintaining access to quality care and is willing to invest in the health care system,” said Diane Sosne, a registered nurse and president of Service Employees International District 1199NW, Washington’s largest union of nurses and hospital employees.

Over 440 registered nurses and 530 LPNs, nurse's aides, housekeepers, dietary workers and other employees at Valley are united in SEIU 1199NW.

As employers like Wal-Mart cut back on health coverage for employees, demand for care in hospital ERs like Valley Medical Center’s is exploding as many uninsured patients putting off getting care until they have no choice but to seek care at an ER.

After the vote, funding for Valley will increase by over $10 million per year.

SEIU members joined forces with Valley physicians, administrators, and community volunteers to make tens of thousands of calls to voters from the SEIU “Barney” Mobile Action Center , a purple 18-wheel tractor trailer that has been converted into a mobile call center. Purple is SEIU’s official color.

The Barney was parked at the “Yes for Emergency Care” Campaign headquarters adjacent to the hospital. SEIU members put in over 200 three-hour shifts of phone banking to build community support for Proposition 1.

Ethics Rules Change - Hastings Panics 

We can only imagine the consternation today within the Doc Hastings Brain Trust (average IQ = 23) when they heard (or when someone read to them) the news that Fat Denny Hastert might abandon the House Ethics Committee Rules that were changed in January to protect Hastings Mentor and Sugar Daddy Tom DeLay.

Poor, poor Doc. He was only meant to be the bought-and-paid-for Chair of a toothless Ethics Committee that never meets, but now they are threatening to make him DO SOMETHING!!!! And even worse, after he threatens to investigate every Democrat wthin 20 miles, they might expect him to do something about his Old Buddy Tom. What, oh What will Doc do?

Here's my suggestion: Resign and promise never to seek public office again. Then you can join Rick White, Slade Gorton, future one-termer Dave Reichert, and the rest of your sleazy pals as the paid lobbyist that you are destined to be instead of the shameless shill that you presently are.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Open Thread 

It'll be like this for a while I'm afraid edition.

Fare Enough 

Ferry fares will go up 6% across the board. It seems strange to me that it would be so uniform, but OK.

Local Geek Hires Religious Nutjob 

It seems that our boy MicroSoft Billy has been paying former Christian Coalition leader and notorious nutjob Ralph Reed $20,000 per month for the past five years.

Note to Bill: When you lie down with dogs, you get up with a bad haircut.

Monday, April 25, 2005

NWP Just Keeps Getting Better 

As explained in this diary on Kos.

2 More Kerry in Town Things 

Nick points out that he's speaking for free with Senator Murray on Monday May 2 in the morning.

Also Shaun is fundraising to go to the expensive one. $250 is a big goal, but you never know unless you ask.

Dear Frank at Hard 7, 

Western Washington spends more and gets less year in and year out, but one road project and you've shit your pants. Seriously, I hope you put as much effort complaining about how Western Washingtonians have been funding your schools, hospitals, roads (to nowhere as opposed to through the biggest metro area in the region), agriculture, and frankly your way of life for decades. Call it wasteful-side-centric. Call it can't-get-their-house-in-order-so-they-suckle-King-County's-teat-centric.

And just what Eastern Washington legislators are you talking about? Lisa Brown won't be up for election in 2006, so that leaves 2 Democrats in the house with targets on their back in a pretty safe district. We could lose every Eastern Washington Democrat and still keep the legislature. Not that we're in any danger of that happening.

And let's not forget seismic engineers say that another quake could down the Viaduct, potentially killing hundreds. But for you if there isn't enough pork attached, Eastern Washington Democrats should be against it. Maybe you should write a post about how Eastern Washington Democrats are risking their seat to save lives. Sounds like Democrats everywhere, they're heroes.

If there was something similar in Eastern Washington, you can bet your ass that us generous Western Washingtonians would be out there funding it. It's kind of what we do for you.

Your ever humble servant,

Carl Ballard

Tip of the hat to Martha of the Spokane County Young Democrats in a comment


Wrap Up 

OlyScoop tells us where to find wrap ups of the session.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Done on Time 

The legislature has adjourned Sine Die on time for the second year in a row. I think it has something to do with me, because they didn't do that before I had a blog.

Some Days I Miss Olympia 



Carl, stop with the horrible puns in the title. Geez. Anyway, ST plans to add another train to the Seattle-Everett route in September. Then it will add a couple more in '07. Hopefully that will attract more people. A year or so ago, there was talk about adding AMTRAK trains along that route, but I guess the agency is having a problem or two at the moment.


The house passed the gas tax, so we can actually make improvements to the transit system. I like people who complain about the tax because they drive so much, they'll really be hit in the pocket book. News flash, you're going to be hit hard idling in traffic for years after the next quake without this tax. If 99 and one of the floating bridges go out, you'll spend more money on gas than the tax increase if you drive that much. But then it will go to the House of Saud, so that's much better than to fixing the roads you claim to use all the time.

One of the local righties was squawking about this something awful earlier today. I might have to move out of King County because of the CAO, and maybe I'll have to move out of Washington all together. And many of his callers agreed. I wish they'd move to Mississippi or some other state where they've decided hardly any taxes and hardly any pavement is the way to go. Get them the hell out of our sane state.

...In the comments, Chad points to the text of the bill.

Blog as a Verb 

It's one of those things that drives me batty. You didn't blog about something, you wrote about it. I mean this act of sitting in front of a keyboard isn't some unique new experience. Sure there are no editors, and we don't make much money, but ultimately we're writing not blogging.

I think in setting ourselves apart from writers in general, we perpetuate the myth of people writing in our bath robe. For the record, I'm in a button down shirt and nice pants. But the shirt isn't tucked in, and that's fairly typical for when I write. But I'm getting off on a tangent.

The only time I succumb to calling it blogging is when I do a "local blogging around" bit from time to time. Whenever I write that title I wish I had a better option.

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