Friday, December 17, 2004

DeLay Rule Update 

Josh Marshall is is asking for an update concerning those U.S. Representatives who, when asked about their vote on the DeLay Rule, promised to respond with a letter. As I recall, our old pal Doc Hastings was on that list.

If anyone has heard from Old Doc on this matter. please let Josh know. Or let us know and we will pass it along.

Now I'm going back to watch Chris Vance, who is apparently conducting a public Seminar on "How to Fake a Hissy Fit."

See a Kennedy 

DFW has the details about Robert Kennedy, Jr. at the Paramount.

Locke's Budget 

This one is somewhat better than the last ones. Obviously the actual budget won't look anything like it after we have a new governor.

Locke in his budget proposal said he is able to address about $1.3 billion of the gap through program cuts, cost-saving initiatives and fund transfers. But the final $510 million -- critical to fund smaller public school classes, higher enrollments at state colleges and universities and other state programs -- would come from tax increases.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


For the light posting today. There may be light posting through Sunday. I don't know what's happening tomorrow, and Saturdays are always slow around the blog.

King County Ballots 

I don't exactly understand the ruling but here's what the Times says:

It is uncertain how many of the disputed ballots will be counted. Election officials so far have found signatures for 245 of the voters. The canvassing board yesterday asked an attorney for an opinion on whether it is too late to accept new signatures from other voters.

Also, I figured out how Phillips' vote could have slipped through the cracks. He's listed as Lawrence. Also, confidential to H, do you have a relative in the city named Avery? Because there's someone with your last name on the list of people who's vote hasn't counted.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Open Thread 

Open Thread edition.


When the Republican party is a liberal elite perhaps you've gone off the right side of the deep end. But seriously, they should nominate Craswell to something every year.

...Now with the correct link

Not Going to Happen 

The Times seems oddly enamored with the possibility that the legislature would decide the election. Given that Gregoire won't ask for it if she loses the hand recount, and the leg is about as likely to grant Rossi the seat as they are to all hold hands and skip down Jefferson Ave singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic, I don't think we have to worry.

ReOrg Schedule 

Library Blogging

DFW has a partial list of the re-organizational meetings that are going to take place in local parties.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Our unemployment rate is still lagging behind the rest of the country. But interestingly, Seattle has a lower unemployment rate than the national average at 5.2. I don't know if that's because it's expensive to live in Seattle (so the unemployed may live in Skyway or other cheaper outlying places, or cheaper rural places even further out), or if it's their policies.

Well That's too bad 

The supremes don't think that there needs to be a unified way to tabulate votes across the state. I would hope a statewide standard for punch cards, another for optical scans, and one for signature gathering can be taken up in the next legislature, so we don't have this problem the next time there's a close election (we can have a whole new set of problems).

It doesn't effect the votes found in King County. We can reasonably assume the Phillips' vote was for Gregoire. If we assume that all the votes are legit, and, that they went in the same proportion as the rest of the county, that's another hundred or so votes for Gregoire. Of course if you assume that the rest of the state had the same irregularities with signatures, then there are probably similar ballots in conservative counties that weren't counted. Too bad the Republicans were just arguing that there should be a different standard for each county.

Transportation Working Group 

The Transportation Working Groupsays we should replace the viaduct and the Evergreen Pt. floating bridge. The first I'm all for. The second not so much. They think a gas tax and tolls are the way to pay for it. The RTID also has other priorities.

...Added the link

I'm not Saying you Should 

But if you want to complain to the FCC about Limbaugh's inappropriate use of the word "dick", remember in the Seattle area he's on KTTH 770 these days. fccinfo@fcc.gov

My letter went a little something like this:

Dear the FCC,

Rush hurt my ears yesterday. Oh the humanity! He has a poddy mouth, and you should probably wash it out with soap. He said "dick" and not as in Dick "dick" Cheney. Oh the horror! Here in the Seattle area he's on KTTH 770 AM. There are children in Seattle, what will they think if for some reason they happen to listen to that sort of bullshit? I hope you'll have a chit chat with that conservative talk station and tell them they don't need such vulgarity as a heroin addict spewing profanity to get ratings. They can have nice things like puppies on their radio. After all, puppies are born Republican, and it's only a few days later that they open their eyes.

Go Get Em!

Carl Ballard

Bender to AFL-CIO General Board 

Good for him. He'll still be the president of the state Labor Council.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Blogger ate my Last Post 

But I wanted to point to this article about King County cities looking toward more protections of watersheds like the County did for unincorporated KC. There are several examples: Bellevue, Sammamish, and many others.

Lead and Copper  

In the drinking water at some Federal Way schools.

They Don't Even Work 

I was opposed to Metro using the new Hybrid buses. I figured that it would be better to put more busses on the road with that money. The buses aren't even efficient.

In fact, at times, the New Flyer hybrid articulated buses have gotten worse mileage than the often-maligned 1989 dual-mode Breda buses they are replacing. Yet the hybrid buses cost $200,000 more each than a conventional articulated diesel bus.


Despite the significantly higher cost and the underwhelming fuel efficiency of its hybrid buses, Metro had little choice but to get them, said Jim Boon, Metro's vehicle maintenance manager. That's because they are the only feasible bus Metro can use when it begins sharing the downtown bus tunnel with Sound Transit's light rail line in 2009.

Besides, the hybrids have their good points, Boon said. The hybrid fleet as a whole is saving $3 million a year in maintenance costs over the Bredas. And they're quieter than regular diesel buses and faster than the Bredas on hills and the highway.

Tough Times for Downtown Olympia 

The quake, the recession, and cuts and other restructuring from the state have hurt downtown Oly.

Why are we Just Hearing About This? 

Haven't the problems with signatures been there for a while? So why did Phillips only call yesterday?

...Nice that they'll get a second look. Two things, first I know this is late, but there should be a way to do this for the whole state. Second, the original question still stands, how did Phillips not have this information. Why didn't someone doing the calling of provisional and absentees notice Phillips' name earlier? Is his position really that low on the totem poll?

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Monkey Mail 

Sorry I don't have a cute picture ala Bartcop. For background. Random Nuclear Strikes was kind enough to link to me when trying to show what's wrong with people who aren't 100% behind their version of what capitalism should look like. Apparently we call WalMart "EEvviill!" Actually it was mostly his take on the Tumwater story. I responded in his comments, and I thought that was the end of it. But apparently at 4:00 AM, he decided to write me an email (although judging from the length, he may have started at 2:00). Everything after this in italics is mine:

Well Mr. Ballard,

After your round of thanks, I believe a thank you for your post is in order. I
probably wouldn't have ever heard of this if it wasn't for you.

You're welcome!

And no, I do not think that being near to a haven of hatred for the current
state of the country is inconsequential. The infestation spreads, as can be
witnessed by this escapade currently under scrutiny by the two of us, until it
hits a barrier of reality.

There's a few things here. First, having lived in Olympia for part of the beginning of the Bush administration (by what I'll assume you mean "the current state of the country") there isn't a hatred of the country. There are plenty of Ft. Lewis soldiers. There's the armory. And frankly, there's nothing but love of the country there. After 9/11 flags sprouted up just like everywhere else.

More importantly, no you can't. If Olympia were larger, Tumwater would just be a blue collar suburb of Olympia. Olympia has a different character than Tumwater, and it doesn't follow that because you don't like one person from Olympia, all of Tumwater is bad.

If you want examples of how this is done by the left, you need only remember the
phrases "fly-over country" and "Jesusland".

Point taken, but I prefer "bile belt" and "hateland."

And as for your rules for quotation, we can refer to a professor of English, if
you so choose. But I do believe that I stayed true to the intention of your
posts title.

I don't think that staying true to the intent is the point of quotes

I call it "nuance". Or do you believe that as a "wingnut", I am unable
understanding the term?


Either way, I provided the linkage so that any correction that needed to be made
could be done by the reader.

Now, onto the topic at hand:


Filing an application before you are discriminated against is not "subverting
democracy", as you so angrily impugn. It is simply filing an application.

An application that you know a democratic process (sadly more on this later) was looking at.

It would be like Locke declaring that as of 1700 Monday, no new white Caucasian
males over 6ft tall are allowed to get drivers licenses and my dad running
down to get his at 1400 on Monday.

I don't know your dad, but what are you 14? And (a) Locke doesn't have the power to do that. (b) The supremes would overturn it anyway. So your dad should just let the courts work their magic. So should WalMart, rather than say the law shouldn't apply to them.

You can support discrimination all you want, just be sure to accept the
criticism for doing so from the likes of folks like me.

And yes, a number of municipalities do have ordinances restricting the ability
to build shops whose business is sexually related, and that is morally
incorrect (and should be constitutionally incorrect as well).

See how that works? One issue, once stance, no double standard necessary.

Because the stand of let locals do what they want is too complex for you?

While I would agree to an ordinance restricting their location, not near schools
and such, just as I wouldn't want a Wal-Mart near a hospital or other emergency
facility, but a ban on them is, on its face, wrong.

But oddly, you forgot to address the issue of discrimination against gay/lesbian
bookstores. I do believe that if that happened, say, in Auburn, against someone
trying to open a gay/lesbian oriented bookstore in their downtown shopping
area, the entire contingent of lawyers who work for the plethora of GLBT
organizations screaming.

If you want to talk about odd, how about your examples? I don't know about the specifics of Makebelieve land, but I would probably be opposed to such a ban. GLBT bookstores don't have a history of violating labor laws, discriminating against women, and depressing wages. Also the Tumwater ban was on size, not on being a specific store.

A better example would be if a GLBT store wanted to open up in Auburn. And they outlawed bookstores all toghether. I'd still be against the ban, but if it applies to everybody, it applies to everybody.

I also doubt that if the situation currently happening to Wal-Mart, and W-M's
subsequent reaction, AND the council's subsequent admission that they will be
going through the application with a fine tooth comb looking for an uncrossed
'T', that you would be talking about 'subverting democracy' (also, a city
council is not a democracy, but more on that later).

I'm going to cut you off at the pass, you seem to be saying that if W-M fills out a form wrong they should get special treatment. Let's keep that in mind when you quote from your dictionary

Next up, I would like an investigation into the city council members so as to
see into the connections of those who proposed and support the ban to other
businesses in town. Will a Wal-Mart hurt their or their friends or relatives
pocketbook? Because the tax dollars they will get back from Wal-Mart will help
the town, but not them.

I have no idea what people's friends and relatives stand to lose if WalMart goes in, but you obviously have no evidence that there is any wrong doing.

Think of the cry of "Halliburton"; from those on the left and you will see where
I am coming from.

There have been investigations of Halliburton, and the army found they were stealing your and my tax money. They also provide substandard food to our troops. Also, good; use of semicolon.

Also, they are being quite hypocritical since they have already let a Costco and
a Home Depot be built there. Or do they plan on making them close down?

They've been there for some time. They pushed a moratorium on building stores over 125,000 square feet, not on stores that have already been built.

Lastly, why is Wal-Mart evil?

Lastly is relative, isn't it? Other that what I already mentioned, they systematically discriminate against women.

Is it because they're a company who doesn't give all of its employees full
medical/dental and opposes any unionizing efforts?

That too

I think that over half of the small businesses in America are that way. Are they
evil too?

Some are, some aren't. Rick's subverts democracy, they are evil. Toys in Babeland doesn't, they aren't.

Or is it because you are being swallowed into the anti-corporate religion?

Well I try to keep my personal life off the blog, but most Americans are part of a religion that believes that it's easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven. And they believe that you can't serve God and mammon.

Maybe you should look into the free market theory.

I have, but thanks for the tip. I'll do you one better since we're talking about corporations, here's what Adam Smith thinks of them in the Wealth of Nations:

The exclusive privileges of corporations, statutes of apprenticeship, and all those laws which restrain, in particular employments, the competition to a smaller number than might otherwise go into them, have the same tendency, though in a less degree. They are a sort of enlarged monopolies, and may frequently, for ages together, and in whole classes of employments, keep up the market price of particular commodities above the natural price, and maintain both the wages of the labour and the profits of the stock employed about them somewhat above their natural rate.

Oh no! It looks like he dislikes them more than me. He thinks that by their very nature they are "enlarged monopolies."

But I can see how reading things like that might make you "Hulk-out" at your
keyboard (red eyes and all), so just remember one thing;

Me and that Adam Smith. He actually invented capitalism as a way to make sure he could get cheap shirts. He kept ripping them when people talked about corporations.

Unions are just about the worst thing that a person could get involved with at
the workplace. They breed incompetence and sloth and do nothing but steal money
from the pocket of the worker for their "services".

No they don't. Do you believe that police, firefighters, and pilots are incompetant and slothful?

In my experience, if you need a union to save your job, you are, more than
likely, an idiot.

Man, you hate the police! If you ever get robed, you should tell the cop he's most likely an idiot.

Oh! And I almost forgot, a city council is a 'Representative Democracy' if they
are elected and an 'Administrative Democracy' if they are appointed.

The Tumwater council is elected. By the people of Tumwater.

A "Democracy" is not an up or down vote of a board or council, it is a vote by
the citizenry.

The citizenry empowered them to make that up or down vote.

So if the city of Tumwater had put up an initiative that the community had
approved separately, and W-M had paid or bribed a large section of the populace
to vote in their favor, THAT would be 'subverting democracy'.

Also trying to say that laws shouldn't apply to them.

Let me make THIS lesson easy for YOU:

SOUNDS like FUN but I have no problem quoting ADAM Smith, so your silly word GaMeS won't be too tough.

If you have to use words that you do not know the definition of so as to make
your point, you have already lost the argument.

Subvert – [root from Latin, 'sub' = 'under', 'vert' (vertere) = 'to turn'] /
transitive verb meaning "to overthrow or destroy something established", also
"to corrupt, as in morals"

To say that something just doesn't apply to you. A law for example.

Since W-M did none of this (at least I think that the city of Tumwater is still
standing and the city council met later that afternoon and no one was bribed or
abused), I do hope that you realize that were engaging in a rather egregious
case of hyperbole.

Get over yourself and join us all in reality where we can see that Wal-Mart
followed the city's rules, even as the city council attempted to change them in
order to discriminate against them.


Good use of a paragraph!

Democracy – [root from Greek, 'demos' = 'the people', 'kratein' = 'to rule'] /
noun meaning "government by the people", also "a country, etc, with such

Yes, but obviously the "demos" part means that it applies to people. So for instance you can't say some people are above the law. It isn't perfect, as they say, the prince and the beggar are equally barred from sleeping under the bridge.

But none of it applies to things that aren't people. WalMart isn't people. Pretending it is also subverts the "demos" part of democracy.

You might want to take the last definition and consider exactly who is trying to "subvert democracy" here?

Done! Still WalMart

Have a good week,

You too, enjoy a banana or something

...Edited for HTML and clarity.


In 1998 Kelso had a landslide. They went to the feds to get some help, as disaster areas do. And they got $3.6 Million. Now they want it back. Some of it there is a case for (the rebuilt sewer lines), but it looks like most of it went to relocating people. So that seems like something Kelso should keep.

I Stand Corrected 

It looks like Willingham will get the UW job after all. I hope actually hiring someone who has a history of winning and good academics will be part of a trend away from sleaziness and corruption.

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