Saturday, December 11, 2004

ST Fare Increases 

The increase will depend on how many zones you go.

I'm Hoping for Willingham 

But UW football's new coach is probably going to be someone I've never heard of. And before you say boo for me mentioning a sports thing, remember these people in the past have been the highest paid people in the state.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Flight Attendants Picket Low Wages, and Lay Offs 


"The informational picketing in Seattle is part of a national effort calling for action by Congress and regulators to end the practices that allow companies to abuse the bankruptcy process in order to strip workers of their retirement security and health care, impose devastating wage cuts and destroy careers," according to a statement by the Association of Flight Attendants.

Open Thread 

Blogging from the library as a quaint breze and modest rainfall have taken out my home connection. Aah rural life!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Recount Totals 

They're coming in fast and furious at the Sec of State's office. Or not. But a few smaller counties are already done counting. So far Gregoire picked up 18, Rossi picked up 21 and Bennett lost one. The numbers are subject to change, so they may be different when you click.

Gregoire and the Black Vote 

The Stranger has an article arguing that Gregoire didn't do enough to woo the black vote. They point to her handling of the sorority incident. And say she was too concerned with the rural vote that she would never get anyway. They say she didn't meet publicly with members of the black community.

I have to say only seeing her speak once, at a Democratic party function in Seattle, she was very concerned with getting out to Eastern Washington and not so much about the base. I don't know how that translates to the black community. I do think she took a fairly broad base of the left including African Americans for granted. And she won them but lost percentages. Clearly more than she gained in the Republican areas of the state.

Cary Moon 

The Stranger is giving Moon an opportunity to say why we shouldn't have a tunnel or any highway. I'm still behind the tunnel but there you go.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Locke in the Times 

Yes, I realize this is a bit late. But here's his muddled bizarre recommendations for the next chair of the DNC. As Shaun says "It's the farmers, stupid."

Walmart is Evil 

So Tumwater doesn't want Walmart in their town. Fine. So they pass a law banning big box retailers for the next 6 months. The meeting was set for 7:00. So Walmart (being Bush supporters, they naturally hate Democracy) decided they couldn't risk the will of the people and emergency filed their application at 4:00.

Sammamish Budget 

2005 and 2006. And they didn't raise property taxes. Now if only all cities could have major increases in land values (it looks like 9%, but the article words it funny, so I'm not sure) there would be no need to ever raise taxes ever again.

Kingston-Downtown Passenger Only Ferry 

Service starts Jan. 18.

Oral Arguments 

The state supremes will hear arguments in the recount case will be on Monday. The counting can start before then (presumably setting aside desputed ballots to come back later, but the article didn't say).


Way to go Governor Locke. If only you'd mentioned your support for environmental laws, a few years earlier.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Staying Involved 

We’re all feeling bad about the Republican win on the national level. And Rossi’s narrow lead in the governor’s race. It’s too bad, but there are some things that you can do to help set us on the right course. I’ve composed my top 10 ideas; I’m not doing everything on the list, so you can pick what best matches your talents, and monetary situation. But it’s important to stay involved.

1) Run for office. You know that school board member who keeps talking about “so called evolution,” or that fire commissioner who would rather have lower property taxes than a safe community? If you’ve ever thought “hell I could do better than them,” prove it. I’m sure your local Democratic Party can find something that they’re gearing up for, especially if you live outside of Seattle.

2) Join your local Democratic Party. I know we’re not as good as Jesus, as pure as driven snow or as victorious as Cesar. But we’re still good people committed to making the state, the nation and the world better. And with you we’ll be even better.

3) Contribute to the Democratic Party. If you join there will be a small fee. If you’re able to, we could certainly use more for the next campaign.

4) If you’re not convinced about working with the party, and you’re not convinced to contribute, at least contribute to a local candidate. They’ll be coming up soon enough, those school board members, and others.

5) Or volunteer with them. One more person will make a huge difference in the 2005 elections where so many of the people will be unknown, and where turnout will be tiny.

6) If you aren’t convinced that the party is the right place for activism but you still want to be broader based than working with specific candidates, join an activist group. MoveOn, and ACT are wonderful Ceasefire does amazing work. Democracy for America and Democracy for Washington are both getting off the ground in a big way.

7) Get active in your union. So the Republicans don’t want you to be able to have any workman’s comp. They think ergonomics aren’t important. They won’t fund OSHA. They sure as hell don’t want to give you healthcare or a dental plan. Well the best way that you can stay safe and keep those things for yourself and people just like you is in your union. If you aren’t in one, the AFL-CIO have a good resource for starting one where you work.

8) Write letters to the editor. I know from the two letter to the editor weeks we’ve had that there are some wonderful letter writers reading this right now. With a war still raging in Iraq, the dismantling of social security, and a new legislative session starting up, there’s plenty to write about.

9) Write letters to your elected officials. They give cover to people trying to do the right thing. Your letter puts pressure on them when they want to do something crazy. At the very least, they do get read.

10) Start blogging. It’s simple. At it’s cheapest it’s free. You get to be a part of the chattering class (sort of). I started this blog because I kept reading Kos and I kept using Washington as an example of everything. And I started thinking “I wish there was a blog that dealt with local issues.” And then decided enough is enough, and just started it. I only wish I’d started earlier. Especially if there’s something in Blogtopia (y!sctp!) that you don’t feel is getting enough attention, step up.

Is it Just Me 

Or does Pearl Harbor Day seem more like remember 9/11 day in December? I mean in case we forgot that we've been attacked since then. Maybe I'm watching too much TV news.

North Thurston County School Bond 

I guess a bond failed pretty bad in November. So it's back to the drawing board. And won't be voted on until 2006.


The Spokane Diocese makes it official


Granted there's all sorts of craziness with averages median. But damn. The average median home in King County costs over $300,000.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Open Thread 

Because there's a lot I miss.

Viaduct Plan 

Nickels' plan for the viaduct. It's the tunnel. I support it wholeheartedly as a part of my plan to just fucking do something before the next quake. But I guess from hearing on the radio that there won't be anything until 2009. 2009! For Christ sake. Speaking of the radio, Nickels' spokesman was horrible on KUOW today. By the by, is there anything creepier than driving on the viaduct while listening to people say how it could collapse in the next quake?

Dear Komo News, 

I caught your report last night on the hand recount. It wasn't a particularly remarkable piece until you got to this statement:

Despite a recent unscientific Komo 4 News Web poll that indicated most people do not want a recount, Gregoire says she believes most people do want to see the hand recount.

There is so much wrong with that. Why the hell would you even bring that poll into your "news" except to sew confusion. I mean not only is it "unscientific" it's insane. Your viewers are by definition not a good sample. You don't broadcast in Eastern Washington so your poll skews to a certain demographic. I tried to find the exact wording for the poll, and couldn't even find a current poll, so that lowers the numbers even more. When you pretend that a web poll is news, you insult your viewers.

But even if you feel it is news at least give some context. Instead you made Gregoire's opinions subservient to a web poll. She's the story, not your website.


Carl Ballard

...Forgot the link. Obviously everything past the ellipses weren't sent to KOMO.

Step Up 

Moe wants to know (and I'm with him) why Gregoire wouldn't appear at the Democrats recall recount press conference.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Marysville School District Recall 

It won't happen after all.

PDC Complaint Against Goldman Bogus 

Earlier I had a problem with something else that Goldman had done. I never thought it was illegal, and Sutherland's complaint about him giving money to the party wasn't correct.

Sims Proposes Nondescrimination Laws on Gender Preference 

I guess it would only apply in unincorporated KC. But it would be a step forward.

A scheduled vote tomorrow has been postponed while council members and attorneys review other provisions of the ordinance, which would update existing laws that prohibit discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations and contracting.

Two jurisdictions in King County already protect workers on the basis of gender identity: Seattle, which took action in 1999, and Burien, which followed suit last month.

Republican County Council members Steve Hammond, David Irons and Kathy Lambert oppose the ordinance on grounds that there are enough anti-discrimination laws and they don't want to impose additional burdens on businesses.

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