Saturday, December 04, 2004

Phosphorus Near Lake Watcom 


Vance Liked Recounts 

Thanks to Columbian Watch (look how I linked at the same time as I mentioned you and not half a week later) I found this article on how Vance wanted a recount for the 1st and 38th districts. And he thought that the state should pay for them. But maybe Vance's memory has changed since then what with it being almost two whole years ago.

On Dec. 6, state Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance called for a recount.

Vance’s position was endorsed by Snohomish County Republican Party Chairwoman Frauna Hoglund.

Vance argued that because the problem lies with the county’s ballot scanning machines, the Republican party should not have to pay for the recount.

Abuse and the Church Part 1 Gazillion 

The Inland Register may not be the least biased source, especially on this issue. But it is worth reading that at least one person abused in the Spokane Diocese still holds Skylstad in high regards.

Garza says she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder some 25 years after the abuse took place. Since leaving Religious life, she fought with depression, despair, a sense of hopelessness born of the false belief that she had somehow betrayed God, betrayed her vocation.

“You have to understand, these aren’t easy times,” she said during an interview in Spokane last month. “When I talked to Bishop Skylstad, it’s not like we’re just getting together and having a chat. You go in there with such a heavy heart and such despair, when you’re in the depths, you’re really reaching up to have somebody hear you, and when somebody does reach down and helps pull you up, that’s incredible. I don’t say that lightly.”

Hand Recounting Machine Votes 

I'm not sure that's the best way to do it, but Snohomish and Yakima counties have paperless machines. So they'll have to be hooked up to printers (boy oh boy I'm glad we delayed that until 2006), printed out and then counted. Of course voter verification is kind of late at that point.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Open Thread 

For chit or chat, or maybe both.

Hand Recount 

It's happening, it's official, it's the whole state. Also we're going to court to make sure that all the ballots get counted the same way.

ST Thinking Longterm 

The 3 county region is expanding rapidly. By 2030 they think there will be another 1.2 million people. So Sound Transit is trying to figure out how to accommodate them all.

I-297 on hold 

Well for the most part. For those of you who like to know the judge ruling, it's U.S. District Judge Alan McDonald. As always, I know nothing about him.

For now, I-297 will not be applied or enforced with respect to activities at the nuclear reservation "except to the extent that it prohibits the import of mixed waste to Hanford," McDonald said.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

I Don't buy it 

Progressive Majority Washington has a post about a Democracy for America meetup in Seattle. Apparently Dwight Pelz thinks that the party isn't that important in the grand scheme. I don't buy it. The blogs are wonderful (and thank you for reading this one); the meetups are a wonderful tool for organizing; think tanks would be a nice thing; 527's did good work. But ultimately blogs, and meetups and think tanks can't field candidates. Kos and Atrios could do some fundraising, and to a smaller scale I did too, but it pales in comparison with what the party can do.

The party is the center that the blogs, and think tanks, and other lefty groups orbit. On the federal level at least they are the only ones that can coordinate with the candidates. They provide a structure for labor, and environmental groups, and the newcomers to all have a voice at the same table.

Now I realize that if you're Pelz and you're at a meet up, you might be a bit more in favor of a decentralized position with your language. And it is important to keep these people engaged. We're just not as important as bloggers, or meet upnicks, as we are as Democrats.

Snohomish Scooter Rules 

The County voted 4-0 to put some restrictions on scooters in the county. You have to be 16 or up. Helmets are mandatory. There is a maximum MPH of 25, and that's a defacto limit on about half of county roads. And they are banned explicitly from county land.

Steve Ohlenkamp 

The redistricting in King County is heating up. They already named the 4 positions appointed by the council, and Steve Ohlenkamp as the chair. Of the 5, the only one I know is Michael Mann who used to work for Jay Inslee and I think now works for Mayor Nickels.

As I've said in comments, there are a few dynamics at play to watch out for. First is how many suburban districts have a quarter or so of their population in the Seattle city limits. These would make them more Democratic. If there were 3 districts like that (one in the North, and two in the South), it would probably mean a lock on a council majority. Also it would mean that they would have to consider city interests as opposed to just suburban ones. So density and public transit might get a higher priority even than just a Democratic majority that exists now.

Second is what incumbents are going to have to run against each other. Other than Pelz they are all at least possibly going to run for county council again. So that's 12 people vying for 9 slots. It could mean 3 interesting primaries. It might mean Edmonds against Hague in a North/East general election.

Third, other than just Seattle versus the rest of the county, the county is overwhelmingly Democratic. So should our council reflect that, or have as many swing seats as possible?


Damn that John Kerry for keeping some money after the fact to devote to local party causes.

Locke May Stay 

According to te P-I, Gary Locke will remain as Governor until his successor is selected.

And here I thought that's why we have a Lieutenant Governor. Silly me!

Tougher Automotive Standards 

Rep. Ed Murray supports tough emission standards as a fight for the next session:

"I think this is legal and doable, and intend to introduce it early in the [next legislative] session," Murray said.

The idea of imposing the tougher standards here was endorsed recently by most members of a task force that included government officials, environmentalists and representatives of some of the state's largest businesses.

Although there aren't specifics in place yet, the main thrust would be to model the law on California's current one. That would mean a gradual phasing in of the standards.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


While I haven't given up hope of a hand recount changing the outcome, it's become increasingly clear that Rossi will probably be the next governor. So lets talk about what we want from the state for the next 2 years with a Democratic legislature and a Republican governor.

Roughly speaking I think our priorities fall into two categories. First what do we want to pass? Can we expand healthcare? How do we pay for the initiatives that passed? Does our transportation spending mean more roads, or more mass transit? How much borrowing are we willing to do? Can we increase some taxes to pay for things and if so what? And in all of this how do we get a governor Rossi to sign this legislation?

Second are the things we want to avoid. A state hate amendment if gay marriage is upheld in the courts, or even if it isn't. Any restriction on abortion or other reproductive choice.

I think we can go on the offensive and pass things that Rossi will veto, but they should be good laws. We should be more concerned at least in the first few years with getting good legislation passed, not just symbols or forcing him to veto popular things. I think the closeness of his victory and the power of Democrats will make Rossi compromise more than if he'd won by a few percentage points. But we will see.

So I'll ask you, what do you want to see in this session, and what should we avoid? How do we work with Rossi? Where do we take a stand and where do we compromise?


First off, that name sure took a lot of thought. Let's see we're a company. We do medicine. Comed? No! Medco? Sure, I'm done thinking for the day, let's rip off consumers and hope that state and local governments don't figure it out. Withholding information from doctors, what could go wrong, we're Medco damnit!

But steering away from the conversation that I imagine started the company, do you think that if this had been settled earlier it might have swayed 43 people? Because while it is a tiny victory 43 is a tiny number of people. And really it would only have to have swayed half that number.

Endangered Species 

Bush is proposing rule changes that will make it harder to protect salmon and scale back the Northwest Forest Plan. And he'll never ever ever never swear to God and hope to die even consider breaching a dam.

Administration officials said these changes would have little impact on efforts to recover more than three dozen runs of salmon and steelhead in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. But they were unable to pinpoint which fish species - or which river systems - would see the most dramatic changes in habitat protections.

Officials acknowledged that Mark Rutzick, a lawyer who had sued the government over salmon protections for years on behalf of the timber industry, helped design the habitat plan. Last spring, Rutzick was appointed a special counsel to the fisheries service for salmon recovery.

Environmentalists said the critical-habitat plan was an alarming new turn in salmon recovery and were suspicious about the motives.

Primary Primer 

The Weekly has two articles on the new primary. One is just a recitation of facts. The other is George Howland ranting about the parties and what the legal challenges might be.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


N in Seattle's Daily Kos diary is looking to fund the final last recount (if we lose).

Small Businesses 

We're behind the national average. We're growing at 2.5 percent where the nation grows at 3.9.

Not Attending 

The Chinook won't be part of the Lewis and Clark bicentennial. Although other tribes will be.

The tribe says it will boycott events sanctioned by the National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, saying the council's decision to include another tribe in the region threatens the integrity of the Chinook Nation's identity.

"We went to great lengths and effort to keep them on board," said Amy Mossett of the Circle of Tribal Advisors, a bicentennial council affiliate. "But we're not forcing Lewis and Clark on anyone."

Count Every Vote Vigil 

In Bellevue. Democracy for Washington has the details.

Monday, November 29, 2004

$84 Million 

ST is getting $84 million mostly for LINK and some for commuter rail.

Open Thread 


TDO Part 2 

The Seattle PD is trying to get the liquor control board to institute new rules that would have a statewide effect similar to the TDO before it was replaced by something sensible. There's still time to complain to the LCB though, as the rule changes haven't been decided yet.

Eastside Blue 

It's surprising how blue the Eastside was this year. This article and this map suggest that the Southeast is still as conservative as ever. But except for Medina and a few other pockets, the county doesn't get red until Lake Sammamish in the East and to pretty far south.

Also, I always thought that if Republicans wanted they could figure out a state rep or county council seat in Seattle that was competitive. It would be an H that hugged the water. But seeing as only one precinct in my imaginary most Republican district in the city went for Bush (and it looks like it's the only one in the whole city) I'll have to reconsider that.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

DFW Wants to Hear From You 

They'll be asking more questions of the candidates for state chair. Two things I've been thinking about since I asked the questions are 1) GOTV that I talked about and 2) who they'll support in the national chairmanship (state chairs get a vote). Unlike me DFW will make an endorsement. They want to hear from you about that and about people running for other positions in the local system.


Obviously. Other than my family telling me they think there's a good possibility of a president Arnold, California was fun.


Why oh why 42 people?

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