Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Columbian Watch is Right 

And not just because they linked here recently. But this article is much better than this one. But only if you actually want to know what Brian Baird thinks about the new budget.

...Forgot to link to Columbian Watch.

Does Pork 

Go better with white or red wine?

Looks Fishy 

Oh look, we just found almost the exact difference between the candidates lying around. Well that's lovely Snohomish County. I'm not saying it couldn't happen. And how about that, in one of two counties with e-voting (there are absentee and provisional ballots, so it's not out of the realm of possibility). And from 33 precincts! This is just sloppy folks.

Open Thread 

Tomorrow through Sunday are going to be travel or spend time with my family in California days. So light or no posting then.

Seattle Budget 

The City Council passed the budget. I'm not sure I like the fee increases for swimming pools and other sports facilities, but overall it looks pretty good.


No major service cuts in the King County budget this year (first item). We're not imprisoning as many people and the sales tax revenue is increasing.

Also if you scroll down to the 4th item you'll see that Eastern's faculty have unionized.

...A Word file of the budget I found on the KC web page. I don't know if it's the final product.

Hey Woodinville 

Tent City is gone, but you've still got criminals. I mean really you're willing to put up with people who trash a church, but the homeless are horrible?

Edited clarity.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Teri Nielsen 

Cowlitz County Clerk Teri Nielsen will leave at the end of the year. It's strange because she's only halfway through her term. But she feels she can't do the job anymore because there isn't enough funding.


No sir.

Hand Counting 

Following up on Brenda's post, King County will be filling out ballots that are clearly intended for one candidate, but the voter screwed up and put a check or an X or filled it out with the wrong color ink. I would hope every county would do it that way. Also there's been some discussion of what judge is hearing the case: U.S. District Judge Marsha Pechman for what it's worth.


You've probably heard crazy people who oppose single payer saying that you can just go to the ER if you're uninsured. I'm sure you can find many holes in that logic. But the most obvious is that people are still paying for it. So Valley Medical is raising its levy by 40 to 43 cents per $1000 of assessed value largely because of their coverage of uninsured people.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Spokane Fire Trouble 

There may be cutbacks. As this article (that for some reason I can access despite it being on the SR website) says.

Under the latest budget projections, Williams said it appears the department will lose 58 firefighters and one civilian mechanic from its 2004 force of 330 uniformed and non-uniformed employees. The cuts amount to a $4.6 million reduction from what would become a $29 million budget for fire and emergency medical services.

The cuts come as the city struggles to reduce next year's general-fund budget by $12 million, after cutting $6 million last September. Higher costs for salaries and health benefits combined with sluggish growth in tax revenue are among the main causes of City Hall's money woes.

Fire department cuts would reduce the department's 24-hour on-duty staffing from 63 to 54 firefighters. That's 25 fewer firefighters than the city deployed around the clock in 1984, when there were half as many fire and emergency calls.


Natasha has word from the state party.

The data we are collecting from auditors includes typos, and other incorrect or missing information. In each instance we need to track down the source of the problem. They could represent simple mistakes in reporting or worse, they could represent uncounted votes.

With problems such as these, the likelihood that we will need a manual recount is growing.

She also directs us to the state Dems' fundraising page (also on the sidebar).

OK, But 

So Tacoma didn't release nude pictures of Crystal Brame. Now they seem to want a medal. Oooh look at us we did the right thing eventually. But the fact that they were even considering it is pretty sick.

Tent City 4 

It's now arrived in Finn Hill.

Repubs Sue King Couny 

It seems that our pal Chris Vance is at it again. His noble party has now sued King County in Federal District Court over supposed "irregularities" in counting votes. It seems that King County is counting votes where voters put an X or a checkmark instead of completely filling in the oval as vote for the associated candidate. Apparently Vance is opposed to this exercise in good sense. By filing the suit in Federal Court, perhaps Vance hopes to end up before ta Reagan-era Judge who will stop the recount and award the election to his party.

Why do these guys hate democracy so much?

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