Saturday, October 30, 2004

Photos From the Whistlestop

Man that looks like a blast.

...More from Ruderman

Open Thread


Clean Up

I criticized them before, so it's only fair to say that again as a lay man that this seems like a remarkably short amount of time to be done with the clean up.

McKenna/ Reichert up in Poll

The PI story doesn't give the numbers, but they are both within the MOE and with large undecides.

UW Scandal Was Old News When Whistle Blower Blew Whistle

Gah! People knew about it in the early 90's! At least 1993 if not earlier.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Spokesman-Review Endorses Laurie Dolan

They endorsed her for state senate and another Democrat for state house. All in a district that hasn't gone our way since the New Deal. Since the S-R is a pay site, I'll link to the Spokane County Young Dems. If you can spare an hour between now and then, and you live in or around the district, give the Dolan campaign or the Young Dems a call.

892 Poll

PI/KOMO Mason-Dixon poll shows 64%-29% opposed to the gambling initiative.

Voting FAQ

Some info from Adam Smith's site.

Bin Laden Tape

Smarter people than me are saying better things than me about the new Bin Laden tape. But I'll add my two cents.

First off trying to figure out how Bin Laden wants you to vote and then voting the other way is just silly. You can't get into his head, and you're not going to discern his motives from looking at a hasty translation of his tape. And even if you could, it would still be silly. Vote for who you think will protect you, who will save the environment, who will preserve your liberties, and expand healthcare. Or whatever issues you cared about before the tape surfaced.

Second the timing was probably not to influence the election. Again discerning his motives isn't possible. But a lot of terrorist attacks that he's been a part of have happened near elections. 9/11 was on primary day in New York. The Cole was just before the 2000 election. 11-3 was just before the Spanish elections. But with this tape, I think he'll claim a victory for himself no matter who wins (like his groups did after Spain), and that's the point of having it so close to an election. But I obviously don't know any more than you about his motives.

Last, I don't think the electorate will be swayed. I thought Kerry would win and, Democrats would make modest gains in Congress before the tape, and I still do. But those were just guesses, just like you, also can't accurately predict future events.

Ads on AAR

What's the deal with the pro McKenna ads on Air America Radio? I guess because of the various campaign finance reform laws passed over the years broadcast stations need to offer air time to any candidate willing to pay. That's fine. But why would a group attacking Senn and supporting McKenna advertise on AAR? Are we where the votes are?


Blogger ate my last post on this topic so here's the quick, less snarky version:

DNA storage laws won't last throughout the end of the year. The evidence will probably still be stored, and the legislature will probably take it up next session. But they tried to last year and didn't.

Doing to Barbieri what they did to Senn

Maybe it's not such a good idea for the US Chamber of Commerce attack a former chair of one of its local organizations.

Is Nethercutt a Nitwit?

The latest Nethercutt TV ad seems to focus on his inability to perform in his own TV commercial, replacing his feeble ad attempting to capitalize on his daughter's illness.

If the point of the ad is that Nethercutt is a bumbling incompetent, then it is very effective. And undoubtedly accurate.

UPDATE: I finally got a chance to see this ad before my Sgnificant Other hit the mute button and saw Nethercutt's approval when his wife covered her face with a piece of paper. I guess Georgie thinks that his women shouldn't be seem or heard. What a dillweed!

Thursday, October 28, 2004


Sign up and the state party will put you to work. This is the last chance to make the state blue up and down the ticket. It's a chance to solidify our hold on the state house and take back the state senate. It's our chance to add two or three more members voting for Pelosi for Speaker. For Seattleites, this is a wonderful way to help Democrats even if your vote for McDermott and state rep probably won't put people over the edge. High turn out in Seattle is the key to the statewide races. Vancouverites (is that right?), you're excused, go cross the river.

Seriously, if you don't want to work with the party (maybe Paul Berendt scares you?) pick a candidate. I've got a link to Murray a few posts down. The Featured Dems can find something for you to do. I'll be calling people and waving signs and whatever else they want down at Casa de Cooper.

Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce Throws in the Towel

Evergreen Politics has more.

Republicans Try to Smear Featured Dem

Larry Springer's opposition is putting up signs that don't have the attribution that campaign signs are supposed to have. They direct people to a website that says that Springer's pro choice views aren't in league with the 45th district. Springer says the signs are illegal and that the website is bunk.

``Those signs have no attribution to them at all,'' Springer said. ``We have been in contact with Kirkland, Woodinville and King County, and the signs are illegal.''

Springer said the site is full of ``fabrications and misquotes.

``I don't mind clever campaigning,'' Springer said. ``I just think it's unethical when you put that kind of garbage in a Web site.''

Open Thread

What the hell will we talk about in a week edition.


Join a couple Featured Dems and others to celebrate/commiserate. It's much more fun in groups. Anyway, here's from a couple emails I've got so far. Feel free to use the comments to add some more.

Debi Srail:

Join us at the University Place Roundtable Pizza on 27th, on election night, starting at 6:00 PM for totals watching and early returns. Those who joined us for our Kerry party, and for our primary watch will tell you that it is a great place for returns watching, with lots of room, good pizza, and 2 TV's. Then at 9:30 we will be moving to the Ale House until the wee hours to celebrate our victory in taking back our country, our state and our district.


P.S. We can still use a few sign wavers for mornings and evenings through election day. E-mail us below at the link if you would like to join us!


Mary Helen Roberts/ Jay Inslee/ Others:

Only a few more days until we can celebrate Mary Helen's and many other
Democratic victories! We would not be here without your support and hardwork
in getting out the vote!

My hope we can all enjoy ourselves on election night and wake up the next
morning with John Kerry leading the way with clear victories for our
national, state and local candidates. My fingers are crossed.

I hope you will join Team Inslee for an election night celebration at the
Edmonds Floral Center. Information on how to RSVP is below. (Team Roberts
just doesn't have that kind of space or technical capacity!)


You are invited to join Team Inslee

on Election Night to celebrate all

your hard work to take back our country!

Please join us to celebrate a Kerry/Edwards Victory,

Jay Inslee Victory and successes for all our

Democratic Candidates!

Election Night Party!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Celebration starts at 8 p.m.

Edmonds Conference Center

(Formerly the Edmonds Floral Center)

201 Fourth Ave N

Edmonds, WA 98020

We will have a live TV feed projected on a large screen to watch returns
come in. Food and drink will be provided.

To RSVP or for questions, please contact Kristin Mitchell at

206-533-0575 or email Kristin@jayinslee.com {Cleaned up a little to format to blogger --Carl}

Also I will be at Cooper's campaign on election night, so I don't know how much posting will be going on. But I'll make sure you've got all the links and threads and such.

Medical Malpractice

Another clear difference. If your child dies and it's all the doctor's fault, Dino Rossi thinks the pain and suffering amounts to $250,000. Gregoire thinks a jury should decide what a loss of a child is worth.

Edited for clarity

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Is Gregoire Outsourcing

This afternoon I received an automated telephone call from Chris Gregoire asking for my vote. My Caller-ID said that the call originated from the 630 Area Code, which is in the Western suburbs of Chicago.

Gee, Chris, there are people in Washington who know how to do this sort of work. Why Chicago?

A Bit Less of a Journey

But no less important. Jay Inslee's campaign is going to make a final push for Dave Ross' campaign. Be there if you can.

Doorbelling for Dave
This is a Volunteer Event
WHEN: Saturday, October 30 - 10:00 AM

WHERE: Dave Ross Campaign HQ
12443 Bel Red Rd, Suite 360
Bellevue, WA 98005

HOST: Inslee for Congress

INFO: Join us on this side of the mountains to volunteer for Dave Ross. We'll bring lunch!

Friend of the Court

Enemy of workers.

Priest Abuse in Spokane

Bishop William Skylstad (of Spokane who I've linked to approvingly in the past) was a priest at the same parish as a prolific sex abuser. He says he doesn't remember conversations about the abuse with parents and children. And now that he's poised to become the chair of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests and other groups are livid. The Seattle Times has an amazing story, but be forewarned there are some graphic descriptions of molestation.

A large part of the article is simply a discussion of the two priests' lives at various times. But where it discusses the crimes, it makes the point that the cover up was awful too:

What now angers Flynn is Skylstad's foggy memory of events she remembers so well. Skylstad has said he doesn't remember meeting with the abused altar boy, nor does he remember Flynn's complaint about the streaking.

"I realized [Skylstad] was not operating as a good person," she said earlier this month. "He is so much a company man that he's willing to deny reality."

Flynn quit tithing earlier this year for the first time in her life. "I love the Lord," she said, "but I don't like the church."


Skylstad said that when he learned of the altar boy's complaint, he didn't alert parishioners or police. He didn't question other boys seen in the rectory with O'Donnell. He didn't take any steps to determine if there might be other victims. "That would have been an almost impossible thing to do," he said.

Skylstad has done some things to make amends. His has been more forthright than many of the diocese around the country. And he isn't trying to paint himself as the victim.

He also has gone further than some bishops to be open about the sexual-abuse scandal. The Spokane diocese initially asked that certain records in sexual-abuse lawsuits be kept from the public, but, unlike the Seattle archdiocese, withdrew that request after local media objected.

Last year, Skylstad wrote a message to "unnamed victims of sexual abuse," saying: "I need and want to continue to seek ways to apologize to you. I will continue to seek to do penance and provide for reconciliation."

Whistle Stop

The folks from Democracy for Vancouver have info that Gregoire and Murray are going to hop on a train and head down to Vancouver for a whistle stop tour. I assume there are more stops (otherwise it'd just be a whistle stop), but I don't see anything with a cursory look at either of their pages.

Sun, 10/31/2004 - 12:00am
Vancouver Train Station
7 PM at the Vancouver Train Station THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!

The Whistle-Stop Tour with Patty Murray and Christine Gregoire is coming to town! We hope to have 1000 people there. Please RSVP for the event to Rachel at 360-693-1268 if you would like to attend.

Only 7 days till the election

...In the comments martha adds "They will be at the Spokane Amtrak station on Saturday (10/30) at 9:15am."

... Pizza Guy gives us "Sunday morning (10/31) at the Kelso train station at 9:30." There's got to be a complete list, but I still don't see it. Maybe I'm an idiot.

6 Days 7 Things You Can Do

Patty Murray has a wonderful list of things.

1. Bring 5 people to the polls with you and VOTE!
2. E-mail your friends about Patty Murray.
3. Canvas your neighborhood to GOTV.
4. Bring food for volunteers.
5. Contribute to keep Patty Murray's message on the air!
6. Work a phone bank.
Few things are as important to Get Out The Vote efforts as the phone bank. Help us get Democrats to the polls by volunteering today!

7. Volunteer for Election Day.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Nethercutt = Magnuson?

I just saw a Nethercutt TV ad showing a picture of Senator Warren Magnuson. Although poor Maggie isn't around to defend himself, I am utterly offended on his behalf. It's hard to imagine any two people with less in common.

The ad also showed a picture of what I thought was a boa constrictor. I later realized that it was Slimy Slade. That comparison is far more accurate, since Slade had his ass kicked by a girl. And Nethercutt is about to.


My sitemeter numbers are almost double what they had been last week. So I'm sure someone must have linked here. But I'm sorry I don't read you enough obviously. And I don't see you on Technorati. So thanks anyway. Seriously, yesterday was my best day where I hadn't just been linked to by patriotboy. And today might break that. Sorry to get all meta on you for a second. I'm done now.


Third time this season (though one was clearly a rightwing poll). President, governor, AG, and some issues. I forgot to ask who was doing it.

I Love

Listening to Air America in my car! Don't get me wrong NPR is still a better place for the news. And KEXP is still the best radio station on the dial. But it's wonderful to have partisans who I support jibba jabbering.

Tent City Moving Again

I don't even know where Finn Hill is.

Cuts At Seattle Fire

An Engine Crew in Phinney Ridge was reduced from a 4 man crew to a 3 man crew. Phinney probably doesn't get as many calls as say Capitol Hill or the Raineer Valley. So if you're going to cut crews that probably logical. But it does make the calls they get more difficult. And the union sees this as a possible portent of worse things to come:

"The decision to down-staff Engine 21 sends an unmistakable message that we are on the slippery slope to 3-person engines throughout the city," said Paul Atwater, president of Seattle Firefighters Local 27, in a letter to members last week.

Atwater said four-person crews make it easier to extinguish blazes while reducing the likelihood of injuries.

Union leaders say this proposal will boost their efforts to put an initiative on the 2005 ballot that would mandate four-person crews citywide.

Full disclosure: I'm testing for the Seattle Fire Department the next time it comes up, but I'll be one of a bout 5000 people, so I doubt I'd actually get in.

...Forgot the link.


AT&T Wireless and Cingular
Sitting in a tree
First comes love
Then comes marriage
Then they consolidate and fire a bunch of AT&T Wireless people and say it's OK because they were duplicating work.

Monday, October 25, 2004

The House Picture

We all know the road to a Speaker Pelosi leads through Washington. Specifically the 5th and 8th districts. Well Kos thinks so too. His list of seats we'll need to win to take the house back include both of them:

Washington 8 (R Open Seat)
An internal poll for Democrat Dave Ross in September had him up 47-37. A poll for the NRCC had Republican Dave Reichert up 52-36. The truth is closer to the middle in this district Gore carried 49-47.


Washington 05 (R Open Seat)
Polls by Republican Cathy McMorris have her leading the race. Polls by Democrat Don Barbieri have him leading the race. While the Spokane Spokesman-Review endorsed the Republican in the state's gubernatorial race, it endorsed Barbieri. It's still an uphill climb -- Bush won the district 56-40.

Last 757

While there's still plenty for Renton to do, it is a bit sad.

So why is Boeing ending 757 production?

Boeing officials cite a combination of factors:

* A sharp decline in orders for the plane immediately following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, which caused the company to scrap plans to introduce a new version of the 757.

* The company's determination that the market niche served by the 757 could be filled by its top-selling ``Next Generation'' 737 models as well as the new 7E7.

The 757 also may have been a victim of its own success, according to a recent Associated Press report from Wichita, Kan., where Boeing produced the fuselage section for the final 757 this past summer.

Aviation industry experts who spoke with the AP said many 757s flying today are less than 10 years old and don't need to be replaced, adding that airlines expect to continue operating the planes for years with Boeing supplying parts and support.

Volunteer in Spokane

The Young Democrats will find something for you to do.


The Columbian will apparently print anything.

Vote For Your Fire District

In Thurston County and in general.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

King 5 Voter's Guide

I don't watch a lot of TV news. But between innings I was flipping through and saw King 5's voter's guide. And they were on the gambling initiative. And the "he said/ she said" style blew me away.

They were like Tim Eyman says you'll save 50 dollars per 100,000 of assessed value while the initiative opponents say it's only 30 (numbers made up, but about right). No mention of the fact that Eyman's numbers were based on insane assumptions. Or even mentioning what the assumptions were. Or that opposition numbers are based on a state survey.

I'm going to start an initiative where everybody in the state owes me 50 bucks. And whenever anyone on King 5 does a report it will look a little like this:

The proponents of the Ballard initiative say that this initiative will give free puppies to any Washington State resident who wants it. And that it won't cost you a dime because magical pixies will pick up the cost. Opponents say that it just raises your tax burden by $50, the initiative doesn't mention puppies, and there are no magical pixies. But we can't tell you what's real or not.

We Sure Love our Military

Look, I think the military is a wonderful thing. Keeps me safe at night. Lets me write smarmy open letters to people I don't like. And they probably do have a net good for the economy in places they are located. But that isn't what they are here for. And that's why the Governor's office's love letter to the military is silly.

I'm for many more jobs programs. I think they serve a lot of good. But how much economic benefit is it when a significant number of your young hires might have to leave (and might die) at a moment's notice?

The Only Endorsements that Matter

The Stranger endorsements. Mostly what you'd expect but there were a few surprises: Reed over Ruderman (and they may have outed him if they were serious, it's tough to tell). And a green for Lt. Governor. Also if you haven't read it yet, check out what politico has a nice rack.

Help Dave Ross

From a post at ourcongress.org:
Hi OurCongress fans,

I'm working with a new national PAC (gotta love that fresh new legally formed organization smell) that's working here in Washington's 8th to help out our buddy Dave Ross. We're all about field: our main strategy is phonebanking, mostly talking to new and unlikely voters, which so far has proved to be a blast.

We've got a phone bank coming up tomorrow morning near University of Washington at 4241 11th Avenue NE. If you'd like to help, drop me a line in the comments, email at da {at} usprogressives {dot} org or on my cellphone at 805-455-3003.

We're also looking for other places to set up a bank next week. If you know of somewhere with 4 or more phone lines that will be willing to host a partisan bank, let me know.

Thanks, and more updates as they happen...


Help Dan and Dave send the Sheriff back to Dodge City.

UPDATE: From Dan: my cellphone's battery died, so I or one of my fellow organizers may be a little slow getting back to anyone who calls. But we will be in touch if we hear from someone.

Murray Election Day GOTV

You can volunteer for her campaign here.

Governor's Questions

The candidates answer questions for the Times. It was a bit disappointing to see how similar they are on some issues. But the truth is that you can see significant differences in healthcare, gay rights, and other issues.

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