Saturday, October 23, 2004

Open Thread

In the hope that you won't notice I just got home from work, watched the world series and then threw up some quick posts. And you know, for what you have to say.

Yakima Herald Endorses Matheson

I don't put too much stock into these, but this is a bit of a surprise.

Get Them a Contract

Why the hell has Snohomish County gone 19 months without it's police having a contract?


That's the number of Seattle area homeless according to the One Night Count.

Let Them Vote for Goodness Sake

The Times has an article that aside from being evil is also stupid. Basically Marsha King is terrified of the elderly. And she doesn't like the fact that some with diminished capacity vote. Oh the horror!

Not in The Seattle Times

Here's your weekly national story by SeaTimes co-owner Knight-Ridder that, as usual, was ignored by their Seattle partner.

Friday, October 22, 2004

At Some Point

They're going to have to re-name Bellevue Kemper Freeman.

Cooper Ad

I'm having trouble accessing it from Mike's site. So try out Evergreen Politics.


The state supreme court just ruled that union locals giving money to state candidates counts toward the parent union giving money. So it will make it tougher for labor to get their message out.

I Don't Think He Actually Read It

But Bill Virgin Responds: "Obviously we're not going to agree but thanks for the note. Bill Virgin" Well you're welcome Bill! Anytime I can call you a jackass in the future, let me know. Same if I can assail your fitness to write business news. Or make fun of your writing style.


So the coast guard thinks they did a good job with the clean up. I talked to people in Shoreline who are seeing deposits. The spill itself got from the Tacoma Narrows to Northern Maury Island. I don't see how this can be acceptable. And as Kathy Fletcher of People for Puget Sound says, "That's kind of a bureaucratic way of saying the operation was a success, but the patient died."

They Sure are Spending a lot to Oust Senn


Air America Comes to Seattle

On Monday, KYCW-1090 becomes KPTK-1090, an affiliate of the Air America Radio Network.

For those interested in radio history, KPTK-KYCW was once KING-AM, part of the King Broadcasting empire. Somehow I think that Mrs. Bullitt would be pleased.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Dear Bill Virgin

So this is what passes for business news now? First of all, when you start an insane rant, is it really a good idea to after an Oscar winning director, a best selling author, a cartoonist, a former press secretary turned peace activist, and a radio host who never did anything to anybody? And by the way there's a reason jackasses like you think the Clinton administration was "a more frivolous time" he actually stopped the millennium bombing. And that Muslim extremist plot to use planes as bombs. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Lets take the two major claims in your article in order. The first is that while no president can do much for the economy, Bush does a lot of good for it. To wit:

There's been a lot of fatuous talk about presidents creating or losing jobs. Here's a news bulletin: They don't. Bush didn't lose jobs any more than Clinton created them (of course, if the Dems want to take credit for the bubble economy of the '90s, they can also take credit for its collapse, since it was already in full retreat by Inauguration Day 2001).

What presidents can do is tinker at the margins, and to create a climate for businesses to generate jobs (or do the sorts of things that discourage job creation). This Bush has done with not one but two tax cuts (which, despite what you have heard, substantially benefited the middle class) that helped tide the economy over its rough spot and set the stage for a recovery.

Well here's another "news bulletin" the best Republican at creating jobs (Nixon 2.2% more when he left office than when he went in) is worse than the worst Democrat (Kennedy 2.3% and he didn't last that long in office). Of course that stat only goes back to the Coolidge administration, so I'm sure you'll find some way to figure it was wrong.

More specifically the tax cuts you praise (as well as the wars, and his increases in domestic spending) have lead to skyrocketing deficits. These are forcing businesses away. They know that they will have to be paid back either by tax increase or loss of services, interest rate hikes, or probably some combination of all three. They know that they are going to have to pay the cost in the future and are leaving in droves.

But as you say "by far the most serious economic issue of our times also happens to be this campaign's big-ticket issue: global security." You give that one inexplicably to George W. Bush. I mean the guy who couldn't be bothered to read a report entitled "Bin Laden Determined To Strike in US" before 9/11 and wouldn't stop reading My Pet Goat while the terrorist strikes were going on?

Here again any halfway competent Democrat would have done better. Could they have stopped 9/11? Who knows. What we do know is that the last Democratic administration stopped the terrorist plot on the millennium. You remember that, the mayor didn't let us celebrate at the Space Needle because Clinton's people had just captured all the bad guys.

There was also the plot where radical muslim Filipinos to use planes as weapons. Do you remember reading about that? No? Me either, because Clinton stopped it. When we were hit under Clinton's watch it was Republicans who were disgusted with his taking out Bin Laden's training camp, and what was believed at the time to be his chemical weapons factory.

I think I've found someone to add to your list of generally deplorable people. Bill Virgin.

... Tip o' the hat to Rosenblog who not surprisingly has a different take on Virgin's insanity. Also forgot the link, so here you go.

Shame on Boeing, Microsoft, and Weyerhaeuser

There are flyers going around complaining about the gas tax for transit proposal the legislature passed after the voters rejected something similar. It was a business initiative that Boeing, Microsoft, and Weyerhaeuser supported. Even though it was suposedly a bipartisan deal (Rossi and most Senate Republicans supported it), it is being used to attack Democratic senators Mary Margaret Haugen and Jim Kastama. And guess who's picking up part of the tab.

"I think some of these large interest groups will have less credibility when they come down to Olympia," said Gov. Gary Locke, who lobbied for the gas-tax-and-transportation package as a pro-business, job-creating measure.

Lawmakers, he said, have reason to be wary of big-business entreaties and calls for bipartisanship support for their agenda.

"They'll say, 'Yeah, you're urging us to do the right thing and yet your contribution to the other party will then be used against us for doing the right thing,' " he said.


In the past two years, Microsoft has given The Leadership Council $30,000, according to the Public Disclosure Commission. Boeing gave $22,500, and Weyerhaeuser nearly $30,000.

Doorbell With Featured Dem Mary Helen Roberts

Last Chance. From an email I got from her campaign:

With less than 2 weeks to go, we are making one last push to Get Out The
Vote in support of Democrats in the 21st District.

The Committee to Elect Mary Helen Roberts is joining with the Kerry for
President campaign to reach supportive voters in precincts with high
Democratic but low voter turnout. We want to remind as many people as
possible to get to the polls and turn in their absentee ballots. And we need
your help.

If you would like to show your support for Mary Helen Roberts and John
Kerry, we will be doorbelling in the 21st District (rain or shine):

Saturday, October 23 at 9:00, 1:00 and 4:00

and we'll be meeting at the

Edmonds Education Association, 2nd Floor
19707 - 64th Avenue W.
Lynnwood, Washington

Please let me or Ben Mustin know if you will be able to help us get out the
vote for Mary Helen Roberts and John Kerry!

Ben is also seeking volunteers who can help coordinate precinct activities
on election day!

Thank you for your continued support!!


Kate Kingery
Campaign Manager, Committee to Elect Mary Helen Roberts
(206) 523-4182
(206) 778-1444 (cell)

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Senate Debate Thread

I'd live blog it, but blogger is being annoying.

Ruderman Ad

I blogged about the state car Sam Reed is using to travel to campaign events. Well Laura Ruderman has a new ad about it. It's pretty hokey. But there you go.

Cuts in B'Ham Fire Department

They may be pretty severe. The downturn in the economy is a part of it. But the Tim Eyman initiatives have also played a part.


Some legislators will be meeting in Marysville. They'll be meeting with Snohomish County Citizens Against a Racetrack, Fans United for NASCAR, and other pro and con groups. You might want to contact your legislators.

Rent Fahrenheit 9/11 for Free

Michael Moore has arranged for people in Seattle to rent Fahrenheit 9/11 free starting on October 26. Here's a list of participating stores:

Belltown Video - Seattle, WA
Blockbuster West Seattle - Seattle, WA
Broadway Video - Seattle, WA
Scarecrow Video - Seattle, WA
Silver Platters - Seattle, WA
University Video - Seattle, WA
Video Connection - Seattle, WA
Video Quest - Seattle, WA
Video Theater - Seattle, WA

And his Estimates Were Low for the Primary

Sam Reed is predicting an 84% turn out for the November election.

NCAA Finds Problems at UW Athletic

Neuheisel OK.

Education Initiative

Honest mistake? Probably, since a judge changed it. I didn't even notice it when I was looking through the voter's pamphlet. But the title is wrong. Basically it's an increase of the sales tax by one cent on the dollar. But since we don't have a one hundred percent sales tax, it's a 15% increase. The title says 1% increase.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Spokesman-Review Endorses Barbieri

Ourcongress.org tells us of the S-R's endorsement of Don Barbieri. Although the S-R requires a paid subscription, ourcongress provides an excerpt:
Democrat Barbieri's impressive resume shows that he works effectively in Republican-dominated circles. He is the former chief executive officer of WestCoast Hospitality Corp. and still is on the board of directors, and he has served as president of the Spokane Regional Chamber of Commerce. He also has worked on statewide economic development commissions and served a nine-year stint on Sacred Heart Medical Center's board of directors.

At the same time, Barbieri's social views hew more closely to those of The Spokesman-Review's editorial board. He is pro-choice on abortion, against a constitutional amendment that would bar same-sex marriages and supports the expansion of government funding into embryonic stem-cell research.

He also has done impressive work in the private sector in securing housing for low-income residents, a problem that has bedeviled Spokane for years. And on the vital issue of the war in Iraq, he demonstrates a healthy skepticism of the executive branch while supporting the troops.

The combination of overall experience, business-based pragmatism and a more moderate approach to social issues makes Don Barbieri a solid choice to serve the citizens of the 5th Congressional District.

And now the bad news: The S-R endorsed Little bush and Dino. This just goes to show that even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again.

As if you Needed Another

A wonderful reason to vote for Mike Cooper:

State Rep. Mike Cooper, who this year successfully sponsored legislation directing a consideration of certain oil-spill precautions, agreed.

"We have got to, as a state, take a look at our capabilities," said Cooper, D-Edmonds, chairman of the House Fisheries, Ecology and Parks Committee. "We would be literally overwhelmed if we had an incident like the Exxon Valdez, or even a cargo ship spilling a couple of hundred-thousand gallons."

Open Thread

Delay buys himself a Nethercutt

And a Hastings. From The Campaign for America's Future, here's the money that several of our fine Congresspeople took from Professional Exterminator Tom DeLay:

Nethercutt - $18,014
Hastings - $5,930
Dunn - $2,205

DeLay should have saved himself some cash. He should know by now that he can have Nethercutt's vote for nothing.

Bad Judgment

Sam Reed took a car owned by the state to an editorial board meeting for the Everett Herald. I know this seems like a petty thing, but it's using state resources paid for by the tax payers for electioneering. He says that he was in Everett on official business, and since he was already there, he just used the car to go the last little bit.

"My campaign car is my '95 green Subaru," he said. "It's full of yard signs and pamphlets that I need for my campaign functions. But when I'm already in a community and have been invited to a newspaper editorial board, heck, we're not going to get out and rent another car just to go to the newspaper."

Any such use has been minimal, he said, without detailing previous examples.

Reed said he doesn't use office space, staff time or taxpayer- financed telephones for his campaign. His state campaign headquarters is in rented space he shares with Land Commissioner Doug Sutherland a few blocks from his Olympia office.

Here's why I don't buy it: It was a campaign aide who drove the car. So the aide went up to Everett with them for official business. Also Everett has a pretty good bus system. So it isn't like that conflict was necessary just to get around. But, heck, you'd have to pay a buck per person each way to do that. Better use state resources.

The other complaint (that the Sec if State even has a luxury car) isn't particularly important to me. I mean at my last job the company car was a Reliant that I don't think could go freeway speeds. And smelled kind of funny. But I don't mind the state owning a 2003 Buick Park Avenue as long as it's used for official use. But Ruderman says she'll sell the car and use her own.

Update link

Port Of Vancouver

Democracy for Vancouver point me to this article on the problems with port security nationally, and specifically in Vancouver. DFV also wonders why this story isn't also running in the Columbian.

The main problem with increasing security at ports such as the Port of Vancouver is not only the effectiveness of the security, but its primary funding as well.


In response to Bush's proposed budget cuts to port security, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) presented an amendment to the senate's budget proposal that would increase grants for port security by $454 million for Fiscal Year 2005. The increase would bring total funding for port security to $500 million-which is still only half of the $1 billion ports have specified as needed to bring security levels up to snuff. Despite Murray's efforts, and the current administration's stated goals to enhance national security as part of an anti-terrorism program, the amendment failed in a 10 to 12 vote of the Senate Budget Committee. On the amendment's failure, Murray issued a press release in March in which she comments on the amendment's failure: "Port security is a national priority, but this White House and Congress continue to push massive [costs] onto our local ports and communities."

Senate Debate

You can get an archive of the first debate here. The one tomorrow should be easier to get a hold of. King 5 will air it.

Monday, October 18, 2004

1.1 million tons

That's just the amount of oil cleaned up. Apparently it might have been a faster clean up if we had better prepared for work in fog and darkness.


I was out at Mike Cooper's doing phone calling. They are targeting women in precincts that went for Cantwell and Southerland 4 years ago. So that's some specific outreach with fairly limited resources. But there were a good number of people there (I'd say 10, but I didn't count).

I think it can be helpful to get that kind of info from the campaign. It makes you feel like you're part of the team. And I do like that. It's a sense of involvement you don't get from other campaigns. On the other hand I don't really need a 10 minute introduction to call people and read a script.

Also Pioneer Square is deader than a doornail after 8:00 on a weekday.

NARAL Endorsements

here. Good for picking judges. Also if you want to get involved, according to their mailer there's stuff to do most nights between now and November 2. Phone banking. Beer and phone banking the 28th. Weekends they want help doorbelling. Call 206-624-1990 to help.

Subpoenas for the Spill

There are only a few boats that could have caused a spill this big. So hopefully it will be fairly easy to get to the bottom of this.

Petty Officer Adam Eggers wouldn't say who the subpoenas were directed to. He said investigators believe the vessel responsible for the spill is at least 65-feet long.


He {DOE spokesman Larry Altose --Carl} said cleanup crews were at a further disadvantage because the vessel responsible for the spill had left the scene and has not been identified. Investigators have narrowed the list of suspect vessels to two.

Sunday, October 17, 2004


Jay Inslee and Jim McDermott are organizing Western Washington volunteers to bus over to Spokane next weekend to volunteer for Don Barbieri. I wish I could make it. But my only revenue stream comes in on Saturdays.

How far will you go to make a difference? How about 280 miles? We're organizing a weekend trip to Spokane to volunteer for Don Barbieri. We'll take care of transportation, food and housing -- you bring yourself and comfy shoes!

Congressman Jim McDermott will be there to kick off the ride on Saturday morning at the Inslee for Congress Headquarters. Then we'll head for Spokane to work for Don.

We have a fun Saturday evening planned, and housing will be provided by Barbieri campaign staff and volunteers.

Sunday morning, we'll so some more work for Don, and head back west to be home by Sunday evening.

For those of you who don't know Don, he's a great candidate for the open seat left by George Nethercutt in the 5th Congressional District. This is one of the most important races in the country, and we have to get out there and help put Don over the top!

King County Stuff

How are you guys voting on proposed charter amendments 1A and 1B, advisory measure 1, and advisory measure 2? Right now I'm leaning toward No on the proposed charter amendments and 1B if it passes. I'm pretty sure I'm voting for measure 1 because the summary has the words "beginning to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct." And I guess I like a gas tax to pay for it (measure 2). But a good argument might sway me one way or another.

Absolute Last Chance

Monday is your final possible day to register to vote in person. Go down to your county office and fill out a form. Maybe you aren't 18 yet but your birthday is before election day. No problem, hike down and fill the form out. If you're lazy and haven't got around to it yet, last day. I realize in some places that's a long drive. And most people reading this probably are registered to vote. But this is the last last last chance for anybody who isn't.


The lotto was sold to Washingtonians as a way to increase education building without having a tax increase. The Everett Herald has an article exposing some problems. Accounting of where the money is going is tough. And the state doesn't do it. But when the Herald did some heavy lifting, they found some problems. Obviously the money goes somewhere. But not to schools in the way people originally wanted it to.

A computer analysis by The Herald found that Snohomish County generates the third-highest amount of lottery revenue in the state, about $52 million in 2003.

But the county didn't get back a similar share of lottery profits.

Local school building projects received about $2 million- the best estimate that could be deduced by cobbling together figures from a variety of state sources.

If a 4 percent payoff for Snohomish County schools seems like a puny return, consider this: Other communities in the state received nothing.

Over the past two years, according to state records, not a single dollar of lottery money went to build schools in 18 of Washington's 39 counties.

Open Thread


Democracy for Washington has a nice list of the people running for executive office in the state. If you want someone to go volunteer for, this is a good list of possibilities.

Some of them Probably Weren't Christian

But it's still a good thing to do.

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