Saturday, October 16, 2004

What Taboos?

Maybe one of my Republican readers can help me out here. I understand that you like your marriage traditional. And you don't want activist courts deciding these things. I don't agree (or even really know what an activist court means). But fine. But at a rally in Olympia yesterday the anti gay marriage people came from all over the state to oppose it.

One of them illuminated us with this gem:

"Marriage has already degenerated," Pereyra said. "The taboos of the '40s and '50s are now commonplace."

Now maybe there was a larger context but is she talking about interracial marriage? What other marriage taboos are there from the '40s and '50s? The only other thing I can think of is our high divorce rate. But I think no fault divorce came later than that. At least more commonly.



We didn't hit any of my goals. But I got considered for the first time. And it did result in a nice letter to the Times. So Regina, good work, and really the same for everybody who wrote one. If they were overwhelmed with pro Kerry, or Barbieri letters they may be more willing to run them even if they don't select yours. And at the very least the editors heard your voice and may take it into some small consideration when they are deciding what story to pursue.

Also, at least the people who wrote letters are wonderful writers. I don't know how I got such articulate readers, but wow.

Not in The Seattle Times

Here's another nationally-recognized article by SeaTimes partner Knight-Ridder. Not, mind you, that you can read it in The Seattle Times. Dickfors!

Friday, October 15, 2004

Oregon Family Values

From Orcinus.

It seems to me that the prosecutors in Oregon are as openly political as the prosecutors in Washington.

Given Up?

The clearest indication that we aren't a swing state that I've seen so far comes from the BC04 web page. I was looking around their Washington section and specifically at their section called "Washington News" that archives press releases (News Releases as they call them) that are relevant to Washington State. Anyway their most recent one is from September 3.

Last Letter

Subject: Healthcare Workers
To the Editor:

It's amazing that our healthcare workers still don't have the coverage that would provide them the care they give to us. Thank goodness the staff at St. John's hospital is there for us. Now lets get them the care they deserve, and are rightly demanding in the one day strike Thursday. I support them 100%



...That should say my last letter. You are free for the next few hours to write something

Freeway Blogging

Many of you are undoubtedly a fan of The Freeway Blogger and know that he conducted a Freeway Free Speech Day earlier this week. I was delighted to see that people from Seattle, Port Angeles, Bellingham, Orcas Island, Richland, and along Highway 2 all participated. Great job, friends!

Governor's Race Money

Rossi holds a slight lead over Gregoire in the total raised. $4.74 Million to $4.6 million both numbers as of October 5. Rossi has a pretty significant lead in cash on hand, but hasn't paid for TV ads yet as Gregoire has. The Daily O says over a million dollars more on hand, but doesn't give the exact figures.

A wild card is the Republican Governors Association. They've spent some $52,000 and may spend up to $1.54 million on attack ads. Maybe they are attacking apostrophes, but probably Gregoire.


I maintain that endorsements don't matter much if at all. But someone in or near the 5th district might want to write a letter to the editor to the Tri-City Herald thanking them for endorsing Barbieri.

Letter To the S-R

Martha sends out this gem to the Spokesman-Review about how the Barbieri campaign works with young people:

As a young person, I would like to encourage all young people to vote for Don Barbieri for Congress. Barbieri cares about issues that are important to us like higher education, jobs, and the environment. But, with Barbieri, it isn’t just rhetoric. He has a glowing record that includes his work with Gonzaga University and Sacred Heart Medical Center. At the Spokane Regional Chamber of Commerce he led the effort to collaborate with other chambers to improve the region’s quality of life. He was a leader in bringing the business and environmental communities together to protect our aquifer.

More importantly, throughout his campaign he has reached out to young people and listened to what we have to say. He visited local colleges in the first week of his campaign to speak with students. You will often find him at Cougars, Eagles, Bulldogs, and Pirates sporting events talking with fans. His campaign is staffed by young people and the office is usually full of young volunteers.

Don Barbieri cares about young people in Eastern Washington and knows that our state cannot succeed without them. I am voting for Barbieri on November 2nd to make sure young people are represented in Congress.

The Senator VS. The Weasel

Senate debate watching in Spokane. It's free. And Barbieri will be talking to the crowd.

Remember When

I said that I thought the DCCC ads attacking Reichert were good but not brilliant? Well there's been a twenty something point shift in the polls since they started running. So I stand corrected.

...Edited clarity

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Letter To The Editor Week Continues

Subject:Ferry bomb patrols to grow
To the Editor:

With our ferries a target of terrorism, it's about time that the Federal Government stepped up and paid for security. Right now the Washington State Patrol and Coast Guard are picking up the tab. But terrorism is aimed at the whole country, so the whole country should fight it.


name, address, etc


Oil spill in Commencement Bay. The Times doesn't know how big or what caused it, but it's reached Vashon Island.

Voter's Guide


Dean in Town

From the Democracy For Washington page:

To Support Washington State Democrats & Kerry/Edwards!
12:30pm this Saturday, October 16th
Pier 30
2431 E. Marginal Way S. (MAP)

INDOOR RALLY on the waterfront South of downtown, behind Starbucks Headquarters.


Featuring Remarks by: Senator Patty Murray, Senator Maria Cantwell, Attorney General Chris Gregoire Insurance Commissioner Deborah Senn & Representative Laura Ruderman


Free & Open to the Public - discounted parking for $3 on site

RSVP johnkerry@wa-democrats.org - To volunteer call 1-866-Elect-JK


So I just got a call from one of the papers I wrote to asking about my info, making sure that the letter was actually sent by me. And that I hadn't sent it to another paper (I had). So they said I was being considered for placement of my letter. But that they would want exclusivity rights to it. That's no problem for the other papers, but I've already posted it here and on Kos. I think I have a duty to tell them, so I don't know what that does as far as publication, or frankly the rest of Letter To The Editor Week 2.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Beecher Celebration

From his blog:

Come celebrate with us on the 18th of October between 5:30 and 7:30 PM at the Pioneer Street Café in downtown Ridgefield - 207 Pioneer Street.

It is a fundraiser and opportunity to talk with me about the race and what we will be doing in the House next year. We have asked Brian Baird to join us and he will make every effort to attend.

... You can RSVP at 573-0822.

Governor Live Blogging

8:54--Closing statements. Washington state is nice. So are our people. Man these candidates huh? I can't wait until we look back on the exciting days of the Locke administration. Dinocrats?

8:51-- Gregoire: Lets have an independent panel like the panels on base closing for tax loopholes. I don't know the specifics but we should have experts look at it.

8:45-- Roadless rules and thinning forests for wildfires. Gregoire: protect old growth. Protect sustainable forests. Don't agree with DC about roadless rules and new ideas out of the administration. Rossi: Roads now not being maintained. The forests can be working for us.

8:38-- Rossi threw Gregoire a soft ball on stem cell research. She nailed it! 40-70 thousand new jobs in the state.

8:33-- NASCAR: Rossi: I don't know if it makes sense. I haven't seen the proposal but I want NASCAR here. It's like the Super Bowl every year. Gregoire: There is no blank check. I'm not willing to pay one penny until I see there will be multiple economic returns.

8:30-- What's the deal with the panelist denouncing immigrants?

8:22-- Gay marriage amendment question. Gregoire: Constitution to protect rights, not against right. Rossi: I supported DOMA and over riding Locke's veto. Support amendment as a last resort.

8:19-- First regular voter question: Do you support charter schools. Rossi, I support WASL. Rossi home schools, did you know that? There are different types of schools for different children. Gregoire: Invest every tax dollar into public schools.

8:14-- Transit question. North-South highway in Eastern Washington. Is that important to you guys? Rossi: any package should be a statewide package. Gregoire: Mega project 520, North-South highway we need to lead.

8:11-- Rossi is running against Eyman? That's strange.

8:06-- Who the hell understands the bed tax?

8:03-- The rules seem to be too much all things to all people. 4 panelists, and questions from citizens.

8:00-- Jean Enersen should be able to hold her own. She is. He is. Intro bugs me though.

Third Debate Links

Here's another call to action following tonight's President Kerry-Chimp Debate. You all know what to do.

ABC News
Fox News POLL UP. GO!
USA Today
Wall Street Journal
Akron Beacon-Journal:
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune
Orlando Sentinel
Philadelphia InquirerWIMPY POLL. GO!
South Florida Sun-Sentinel WIMPY POLL. GO!
Yahoo News POLL UP. GO!
KOLO-TV Las Vegas
Boston Globe POLL UP. GO!
CNN America Votes Different Poll than CNN - vote in both POLL UP. GO!
The Denver Channel POLL UP. GO!

UPDATE: The Democratic Underground has more polls

TO: craig.groshart@kingcountyjournal.com, mediumnews@aol.com, editpage@seattlepi.com

To the Editor:

Wow, after three presidential debates it's clear that John Kerry will be a better president. He was electric throughout all three.

In this most recent debate, Kerry showed us that he will be help us get healthcare under control. He will do better than George W. Bush on fixing the deficit, and the economy. As he said "Being lectured by this president about fiscal responsibility is a bit like being lectured by Tony Soprano on law enforcement." His plan to stop paying for outsourcing is fair, and makes good sense.


Name, address, etc.

Debates Thread

And a good opportunity to write a letter. Or just comment here. I may go live for the Governor's debate, I don't know.

Drink and Help a Featured Dem

From an email from the Debi Srail campaign:

Join us for a

Wine and Cheese Tasting

October 21, 2004

6:00 PM

Pierce College

International House

9401 Far West Drive S.W.


RSVP Diane 253-564-8744

Donation: $25.00 and a bottle of wine


To the crew of the USS Momsen. And from a part of the state where the downtown is 2 blocks long, let me just say that Everett isn't New York, or even Seattle, but "small town" is a bit of a stretch.

Nice Work Kevin

Kevin Covey sends this gem:

To : editpage@seattlepi.com
Subject : voter registration fraud

This summer, Republicans attempted to discredit the voter registration efforts of anti-Bush groups such as America Coming Together for hiring felons as canvassers, suggesting that ACT was endangering the public safety by giving dangerous criminals access to our communities. It appears these concerns were dramatically overblown, as there have been no reports of crime sprees in neighborhoods canvassed by ACT. Unfortunately for the American public, it now appears that crime sprees connected with voter registration drives may in fact be occurring, sponsored by the Republican party.

Recent allegations of voter registration fraud have surfaced in critical swing states (Pennsylvania, Nevada and Oregon) in connection with the efforts of the Republican-funded outfit, Sproul & Associates. These allegations suggest that Sproul & Associates, working on behalf of the Republican party, represented themselves as a non-partisan voter registration operation (America Votes) to gain access to libraries and other public facilities, whereby they selectively registered Bush supporters and ignored Kerry supporters, going so far as to rip up the registrations for those who selected a Democratic party affiliation, in direct violation of the law. In South Dakota, GOP voter registration efforts submitted with falsified notarizations.

These actions suggest a concerted, nation-wide effort by Republicans to increase their voter rolls by systematically violating election law. This party promised four years ago to 'restore honor and dignity to the White House'. I trust you will cover this breaking story as a critical part of your election coverage to see if they've made good on that promise, or if they are engaging in corrupt and illegal electioneering to subvert the will of the American public.

I've taken out his other info.

Mercer Mess

The Seattle City Council passed Nickles' plan to deal with the Mercer mess.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Regina gives us this wonderful letter in today's Seattle Times. Kudos.

Great right hope

I'm sure that many Seattle Times readers are puzzled by George W. Bush's reference to the Dred Scott decision in the debates Friday night. This evil 1857 U.S. Supreme Court decision, authored by Justice Taney, who has been held in utter contempt in modern times, held that African Americans were not and could not ever be considered to be citizens.

There is a reason that Bush brought it up: in fervent anti-abortion circles, the Dred Scott decision is equated with Roe v. Wade. Bush could not say that in plain language, because it would antagonize every moderate swing voter in the country, but he can say it in code, to make sure that his base will turn out for him.

The religious right constantly compares the contemporary culture war over abortion with the 19th century fight over slavery, with those opposed to choice cast in the role of the abolitionists.

It's too bad that the president is reduced to making coded appeals of support to a small faction of the U.S. population — those who consider abortion to be the only issue in the presidential race.

Again, Bush by his words demonstrates his very unfitness for the nation's highest office.

Open Thread

Storm win! Candidates for governor debate! Talk about anything you want!

Gubernatorial Debates

The SCYDs have the goods as always. The first one is tonight, but it doesn't look accessible to Western Washingtonians. The other two are tomorrow at 8:00 on KING and NWCN, and Spokane's KREM 2. And the last one is on Sunday on KIRO radio and TV and also KREM 2. That one is at 6.

Cooper Email

I'm reproducing this in full, but not bold, or font sized because that would require too much work on my part. It's got some good suggestions for letters to the editor as well as the usual appeal for money and volunteer time (and those are good to take them up on too).

Election Day is three weeks from tomorrow, friends. We only have 23 days left to make sure Mike Cooper is our next Commissioner of Public Lands!

Every person reading this email (and there are a lot of you now!) has done something to help the campaign---and whether you wrote a check, walked your precinct, wrote a letter, or hosted a party, we are asking you to do just a bit more! Think of the old growth trees you’ll save, the long-term family-wage jobs in the forests you’ll protect, and the potential for renewable power you will help to realize!

Here are the TOP THREE THINGS you can do to help elect MIKE COOPER:

Match your gift! If everyone who has given to the Cooper Campaign matched the gift they already gave, we could surpass our fundraising goal! So, whether you’ve given $50, $200, or the maximum $1350 (for the primary), please consider matching your donation. Every donation means more voters we can contact with our message! Click here to donate online!

2. Pick up the phone and sign-up to Phonebank! We are about halfway to our goal---and we have 15 more nights of phone banking before Election Day. We are calling voters all around the state, Sundays through Thursdays until the election, letting them know that Mike will protect the public interest! Call (206) 382-2189 and we will get you signed up to volunteer. We are doing phonebanks at our office at 616 1st Ave, Suite 300 in Seattle

§ Sundays (5:30-8pm)

§ Mondays-Thursdays (6pm-8:30pm)

If you pick three nights between now and election night, you will help us contact 180 voters. If you make it a date and bring a friend, you’ll double that, reaching 360 VOTERS!!

3. Write a LETTER to the EDITOR of your local paper. You can write directly through our LTE website. We’ve provided some links to recently published letters below. Here are three secrets to writing an LTE that gets published:

1. Refer to something published in the paper (an article about the race, about the environment, an endorsement…)

2. Keep it under 200 words and always include your name, address, and telephone number

3. Make it witty, biting, creative, or sarcastic---but most of all, make it interesting!

§ http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/opinion/194234_ltrs8.html?searchpagefrom=1&searchdiff=3

Cooper/Sutherland Debate: Check out the Gig Harbor Gateway’s coverage of the first Lands Commissioner Debate: http://www.gateline.com/front/story/5616836p-5548350c.html

Here are some highlights:

Doug Sutherland says: “We have too many trees”
Mike Cooper says: “Its time to protect our LAST REMAINING OLD GROWTH TREES

Doug Sutherland says, “State Lands DOES NOT belong to the public!”

Mike Cooper says, “This land is YOUR land and it is the source of your clean drinking water!”

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, October 12, Mike will be participating in an on-line candidate forum from 6:00pm-7:00pm. To “listen in” or submit questions, please visit http://www.washingtonvoter.org/default.asp?id=102

Wednesday, Oct. 13 at 11:30am: Mike will speak at the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum (18560 1st Ave NE, Shoreline)

Friday, Oct. 15, Fundraiser at Anne Johnson's Home in Laurelhurst (3649 42nd Ave NE in W. Laurelhurst) RSVP to Anne at (206) 525-3613

Saturday, Oct. 16 at 6:30pm: Mike will speak to the Vashon Island Democrats (10014 SW Bank Rd)

Monday, Oct. 18, 7pm: Mike will speak and answer questions at the Greater Edmonds Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum (City Council Chambers 250 5th Ave N, Edmonds)

Special Thanks

Thanks go to Edmonds City Councilmember Deanna Dawson for all your help over the past month. Thanks to Larry and Tom for your help making signs, and to Chad and Todd and Tom for getting all our signs out onto the streets, and to Gary and the Everett Firefighters for printing them. Thanks to Lee and Jack for your consistent assistance---we love you! Thanks to Eric for all the time you’ve put into phoning and to Lisa for your lovely letters! Thank you Marcy for all your research and Joan for throwing such a great party. Thanks also go to: Diane, Alan, Sam, Dorothy, Bea, Matthew, Dave, Carl {not me --Carl}, Derek, Cliff and Dean.


We've got a great opportunity to make a change in November---and to protect the public interest in our public lands--- but only if Mike Cooper has the resources he needs to win! Please make a contribution to Mike at http://www.mikecooper.org/credit.asp. Please consider matching the donation you made to Mike in the primary…every dollar we raise will go directly to contacting voters!

Letter Number Two

RE: When it comes to funding special education, not everyone sees EYE TO EYE
To the Editor:

Your recent article on special education was quite revealing. It's amazing that in this day and age people still are unwilling to fund this education for children. Thank goodness we have people like Patty Murray willing to fight the good fight for these children. She was absolutely right to say, "The big thing is the money. That's the frustration in the communities struggling to do the right thing." We can do better, but thank goodness we've got someone good leading the charge.


Real name, address etc.

$12 Million

First item

A summary of a new campaign-finance report shows Murray with total receipts of about $12.1 million, including more than $1.4 million raised in the past five weeks. Murray, who is seeking a third six-year term, has about $2.6 million cash on hand as she battles Republican Rep. George Nethercutt of Spokane.

Nethercutt listed $5.9 million in total contributions as of August, with about $2.6 million on hand.

Monday, October 11, 2004

NASCAR Costs Again

I don't understand exactly how the financing will work. I guess the state bonds out for it and then there are fees associated with tickets, parking etc. This money will be used to pay back the bonds. But the numbers are coming in low.

The best estimates to date show that track-related state sales taxes might bring in $2.2 million a year. In 25 years, that would amount to $55 million - far short of the estimated $200 million the public would need to cover. And that doesn't include another $50 million in road improvements near the track, including a new interchange on I-5, that taxpayers also would have to fund.

Another problem with the potential scheme is the state can only take out so much debt. So I wonder what this does to our ability to build roads and other capitol projects. If someone knows more than me, please chime in.

Letter Resources

I still use Mike Cooper's tool. It's simple and you can write anywhere in the state. MoveOn PAC also has a good tool.

Patty Murray

Kos has a nice post on why the attacks against Patty Murray didn't work out.

Rundown of Gregoire

It's pretty quick and dirty, but it's a fine profile. If you ignore the title it isn't too bad.

Letter Number 1

To the Editor:

Your endorsement of Sam Reed for re-election didn't make sense. The only fault you could find with Laura Ruderman was that she wouldn't take a position on I-782. Yet the basis for Sam Reed's support of 782 has already been undermined with a successful closed primary. We've seen higher voter turn out where Reed suggested there would be lower turn out. We've seen the public in most counties figure out the ballots fine, and been able to determine voter intent in most other cases.

Laura Ruderman's positions on voting rights, on voter verified ballots, and on voter privacy far surpass Reed's. Add to that, she doesn't have Sam Reed's history of patronage, and it becomes obvious that you got your endorsement wrong.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Governor Debates

According to this there are going to be three debates in the next 8 days. Assuming I didn't miss a debate today (and since I don't see anything on the webpages that update, I'll assume I'm safe) does anyone have a time? I see there's one a week from today, but other than that I don't know when they are.

Kerry Endorsements

Both The Oregonian and our own P-I have now endorsed John Kerry for President. Both endorsements are right on target and well worth reading.

UPDATE: We should note that the Vancouver Columbian has endorsed Little bush.


It's nice to know the PATRIOT ACT won't be used to see who's checking out library books. That guarantee sure means a lot Mr. Ashcroft. And kudos to the Deming library.

Inslee is on the DeLay Corruption


Social and Economic Issues

I'm glad to see that state Democrats are hitting their Republican opponents on social issues. Stem cell research and reproductive choice are important.

But especially for the governor's race we should focus on economic issues. We need to say after 695 and the other similar initiatives things have gotten worse. Schools are having a tough time hiring teachers. They are having a tough time keeping class sizes under control. Tuition is out of control. The basic health plan is in trouble. We're losing kids from the healthcare rolls. Our first responders are having trouble retaining people. Our roads are in need of repair. And public transit services have gone down.

Other than Cooper who has some plans for using public lands for alternative energy and a few other revenue schemes, nobody has any plans to fix these things. The Republicans want to lower taxes and pretend that no services will be cut somehow, despite evidence. Democrats unfortunately are better, but not wonderful. We need to make clear that more tax breaks means your house is more likely to burn down. Your children are more likely to have a bad teacher. Your roads are more likely to have potholes. Your mugger is less likely to be caught. Your bus will come less frequently.

I know after Sims' loss pushing income taxes this will be tougher. But I still think it can be done.

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