Saturday, October 09, 2004


Starting Monday I'm going to start a second letter to the editor week (because the first one went so swimmingly). The last presidential debate and the first Senate debate are going to be soft targets. But other newsworthy stuff is going to happen over the course of the week. And there are plenty of candidates and initiatives too.

Because the last letter to the editor week had 6 letters (5 by me) and one published, I'm hoping for more. So here are my fairly modest goals: 20 letters written or 5 published. Starting Monday, email your letters to the editor to me (carlballard vampiressuck com). I'll keep a running tally, and no, trolls , your letters don't count.

Paine Field

SeaTac can only take so much capacity. And it seems to me that it makes sense that as the county grows, their main air transit grows too. And it makes sense to have something North of Seattle. Expanding the airport seems to be a vital way to keep ahead of demand for travel. So I'm glad that a County panel thinks that. And it isn't surprising that there are people opposed to it.

Other than the Headline

You should read this Democracy For Vancouver post. It talks about how the National Republican Senatorial Committee is canceling a million dollars of ad money on Nethercutt's behalf. Of course he isn't toast, there are still 3 weeks and change.

He Bugs All of Us

DeLay is coming into the area to raise money for Dave Reichert. Shaun has the deatails, and points out to any moderates who might be lulled into thinking Reichert is a moderate like Dunn that his views align much more closely to Tom Delay. And he does some much needed fundraising for the DCCC.

Friday, October 08, 2004

SUSA Snap Poll

Shamelessly stolen from Kos:

Washington (498 adults who watched debate in full)

36% Bush
49% Kerry
14% No Clear Winner

Debate Links

Here's another call to action following tonight's President Kerry-Chimp Debate. You all know what to do.

ABC News
CBS News
Fox News POLL UP. GO!
USA Today
Wall Street Journal
Akron Beacon-Journal:
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune ANOTHER WIMPY POLL. GO!
Orlando Sentinel POLL UP. GO!
Philadelphia Inquirer YET ANOTHER WIMPY POLL. GO!
South Florida Sun-Sentinel POLL UP. GO!

note: At 8:20 p.m. Moclips Daylight Time, CNN shows a Kerry lead of 90%. So go vote while you still can.

UPDATE II: More polls up and running:

Yahoo News
KOLO-TV Las Vegas
AOL News
Boston Globe
CNN America Votes Different Poll than CNN - vote in both
The Denver Channel

Open Thread

Have at it.

Tanker Deal Dead

I'm one of the few Washingtonians opposed to the deal. Now that there won't be a tanker lease scheme I just hope the money is put to good use, and not you know, pork somewhere else.


Although Rossi would want to repeal I-120 if he's elected governor, he probably wouldn't be able to. But in this week's Stranger Amy Jenniges makes the case that abortion is still important in this cycle.

Women who seek abortion services are virtually unrestricted: There is no parental-consent law, no waiting period, and no law mandating a partner's permission. Clinics routinely offer abortions during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, and some have an upper limit of 14 weeks. State law allows for abortions, in certain circumstances, until 24 weeks. Most insurance covers abortion, as does Medicaid, and for procedures not covered by health care plans, groups like the CAIR Project help women with funding. If you live along the I-5 corridor, finding a provider is pretty damn easy. All in all, Washington is a pretty great state for those of us who own uteruses.

So it was a bit of a shock when leaders of the state's top pro-choice advocacy groups--Karen Cooper from NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, Chris Charboneau from Planned Parenthood VOTES!, Linda Mitchell from the Women's Political Caucus, and Ramona Oliver from EMILY's List in Washington D.C. --took over a third-floor banquet room in the downtown Red Lion hotel on September 22 to raise a stink about protecting choice in Washington. Armed with the voting history of Republican candidates like George Nethercutt (running against the incumbent, Senator Patty Murray), and a circa-1992 video of gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi boasting about his work against the pro-choice I-120, the four women stressed the anti-choice slant of these two men. They also stumped for pro-choice candidates--like Christine Gregoire for governor and Murray--and said it's crucial for voters to elect them in November.

"We have worked hard for years to keep Washington pro-choice," said Cooper. "And we intend to continue to keep Washington a pro-choice state." Oliver, who had flown in for this event, backed Cooper up: "[Rossi and Nethercutt] have said that their position on choice doesn't matter," Oliver said. "It does matter. And women will defend the right to choose."

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Doorbell With Mary Helen Roberts

Featured Dem Mary Helen Roberts is going doorbelling a week from Saturday. From an email I got.

There will be another day of doorbelling on October 16 if you are available. We will meet at the Lynnwood City Hall parking lot on 44th east of 196th, at 10:00 am and walk the area for a couple of hours

Labor Council Colloqium

A good diary on Kos from someone who was there.

House: Labor does not expect to re-take the House, much as they would love to - it's not a matter of a lack of desire.

Locally, he claimed Ross has a 10-point lead over Reichert in WA-8. I hope this is true, and I am a bit suspicious of it being that wide. In any case, I think we need to go all-out for Ross over there. I am signed up to do precinct walking in the 8th (41st LD specifically) next weekend.

They're also bullish on Barbieri in WA-5. No word on WA-4, and he spoke about WA having an 8-1 Democratic delegation.

Barbieri Attacks Taken Off the Air

The Spokane County Young Dems have the goods.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Candidates

They were both on KUOW earlier today. I only caught the tail end in the car, so I don't know it it's worthwhile, but it probably is.

Rainier School District Contract

3 year contract

Friday night's deal would freeze base pay in the first year and grant a 1 percent increase the second year and 2 percent increase the third year. Eligible teachers also would get a 4 percent step increase each year of the contract.


International Speedway wants the state to pay for a quarter billion dollars of the building costs of their new racetrack. The theory is that they will pay back the loans with tax revenue from the track. I don't know what sorts of guarantees there are that the track will make that much money. At the very least I'd hope we can make sure to put the onus on International Speedway.

Under a proposal jointly introduced by Snohomish County, the city of Marysville and ISC, the state and possibly the county would be asked to raise about $250 million through the sale of bonds to build the track, estimated to cost $300 million to build. The state would also foot the bill for road improvements around the track, including a possible new interchange on Interstate 5. No estimates have been made for the cost of those improvements.

The $250 million in bonds would be repaid with tax revenue generated by the track. The land would be leased to ISC, local officials said during a 90-minute legislative-committee meeting.

The track developer would pay $50 million toward the track's construction, the city's chief administrative officer, Mary Swenson, told the Legislative Committee on Economic Development and International Relations.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

CNN Chicanery

Last night, CNN pulled their VP Debate poll when they saw that Edwards was winning. Just before CNN's sneaky trick, the results were CNN: C-18% E-78% 137,117 votes. Don't let them get away with it! The poll is back up, so please help me teach CNN a lesson (scroll down to the bottom of the right-hand column).

UPDATE: CNN killed this poll after Edwards passed 70%. Weasels!

Spokane Debate Watching

Join the fun, Spokane residents.

Spokane TV Station Refuses to Air Republican Lies

The RNC was making up lies about Don Barbieri's father. And since they didn't have any evidence to back it up, KAYU the local Fox affiliate decided not to run it. Don't worry though, slander fans, the rest of the area TV stations have no problem with it.

Spokane residents who want to thank KAYU can email them at kayutv@kayutv.com or call 509-448-2828.

Shorter Representative Pombo

In a Times editorial:

George Nethercutt's Wild Sky bill was a sensible compromise. In the spirit of bipartisanship, I had to refuse to even let it come to a vote in my committee. Damn you Democrats!

Also, it's nice that a man elected from California would speak for "the majority of Washingtonians."

Murray/Nethercutt Debate

So the first debate is a little more than a week away. Like Kos with the presidential debates, I'm going to have a thread for your questions you'd like to see Nethercutt asked.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Win Back Washington

Ross and Barbieri joint fundraiser in Bellevue (.pdf). October 16. The cheapest seats are $50 and a 10 hour commitment to one candidate.

Open Thread

Lets say WNBA Western finals edition. Is Sam on fire or what? It looks like she's on pace for a double double at this fairly early point. But this thread is open to whatever you want to talk about.

...Wow, that was a hell of a win. 82-62. Sam and Bird got double doubles. LJ with 27 And Edited for grammar.

Republicans For Dolan

Featured Dem Laurie Dolan isn't the partisan some of the people on this side would probably like. But she may be able to actually win the district for the first time in 60 decades. Although she's definitely a Democrat, she has garnered some Republican support including a former Republican state senator.

"Laurie Dolan knows how to solve problems," said Wendle. "She developed a nationally recognized program to help homeless kids, she helped balance the budgets during hard times, and she always puts the needs of kids and families first."

Dolan noted that a number of local Republicans have offered financial support for the campaign as well, and she is grateful for the bi-partisan encouragement.

"I believe Spokane can have it all," said Dolan. "But to get there, we need to work together, we need to focus on creating jobs and opportunity-not politics.

The Other Debate Again

I swear it's like they don't want people to actually see them debate:

Both candidates vying to represent the sprawling 8th Congressional District will go head-to-head tonight in a televised debate sponsored by the King County Journal and Bellevue Community College.

Republican Dave Reichert faces Democrat Dave Ross in the hour-long public forum, which begins at 6:30 p.m. and will be shown live on The College Channel, Comcast Channel 28.

It will also be broadcast live on KBCS, 91.3 FM. A panel of reporters from the Journal and the college will first question both candidates, then take questions from the audience.

Last Chance to Register to Vote

The deadline for mailing in the ballot has come and gone. But you can still go to your County Election office. The Daily O has the goods.

Saturday was the deadline for registering to vote by mail in Washington, but those wanting to go in person have until Oct. 18 to register at Thurston, Mason and other county elections offices. That last-minute activity could push registration totals up slightly.

"We surpassed 52,000 voter registration, which I believe makes us by far the largest in the state," said Bill Monto of Citizen Action, which mounted its efforts mainly in King and Pierce and to some degree Snohomish counties earlier this year.

VP Debate Links

Here's another call to action following tonight's Edwards-Snarl Debate:

ABC News
CBS News
Fox News - POLL UP - GO!
Wall Street Journal
LA Times
Akron Beacon-Journal: POLL UP. GO!
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune
Orlando Sentinel
Philadelphia Inquirer
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Expanded list courtesy of Democratic Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe.


UPDATE: If you have lots of time, Kos has a comprehensive list of links.

Governor's Race Poll

Stolen from Kos


Ipsos-Public Affairs. 9/17-20. MoE 5%. (No trend lines)

Gregoire (D) 49
Rossi (R) 43

the part of the state that won't burn in Hell for all eternity


Monday, October 04, 2004

Gore in Town

At a fundraiser for Gregoire that's probably prohibitively expensive. But if you've got an extra hundred bucks lying around, there you go.

Lunch with Al Gore and Chris Gregoire
Friday, October 8th
Westin Hotel - Grand Ballroom
1900 5th Avenue, Seattle

Silver Guest $100
Gold Guest $250
Co-Chair $ 1000

VP Debates or Storm?

If I had cable like I did a month ago, it'd be watch the Storm, listen to the debates, and maybe run into the computer to mention stuff on Kos. I think I already know the particulars of the VP debates. Cheney is ancient, and grouchy. Edwards is affable, but mean on the details. But it would be nice to know what Dick is lying about.

On the other hand how often do you get a chance to see a Seattle team be this close to a championship? Since I've been here a few Husky teams, and they don't really count. I mean that was before BCS, so you watch the games, and then some wonks decide who's best.

OK, if the Storm lose, this will be the last sports related post (stadium deals and the like excluded) for a while. If you want more sports with your politics, there's always Porch Monkeys (formerly bartcopsports).

Meet the First Lady

Theresa Heinz Kerry will be appearing on Wednesday, October 6, at Seattle Central Community College Student Activities Center, 1718 Broadway East, Seattle. The gates open at 4:00 p.m. Tickets are required, but you can print out your own ticket here.

Kids Today

Hundreds of Spokane area students did a die in downtown. Those would be big numbers of anti-war kids in Seattle. So it's doubly awesome out East.

Toxic Waste Near Kent

There's some toxic waste in an abandoned mine. The state is still figuring out what if anything to do with it. It may leach into the Kent water supply, but it isn't an immediate concern. But this is the sort of thing you want to tackle before it becomes a problem.

In the late 1960s and 70s haulers dumped an estimated 4,500 barrels of toxic waste and poured about 200,000 gallons of oil sludge from tanker trucks into a 60-foot trench.

Virginia Mason Nurses and Flu Shots

In 95% of jobs, I don't care if you get a flu shot or not. And if your boss says you're going to get fired if you don't take one I'd be on your susceptible to disease, crazy ass side in a heartbeat. But nurses (and doctors, and first responders), I'm sorry I have to agree with management.

I Don't Know

How much merit there is to the complaint against Doug Sutherland (third item) has. They do take working on campaigns on government time pretty seriously down there, so this was a bone headed thing if it's true.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

You Have the Right to an Attorney

But you have no guarantee he won't be working out of his car. Because the Thurston County DA's Public Defenders' office doesn't have an office to speak of.

3 Million Dollars

The parties are hashing it out in the 8th. The RNC ads are a little bit pathetic. When their man turned record surpluses into record deficits the notion that voting for someone who might be a check on him is a better idea than someone who's independent strikes me as a stupid assed way to go. But I don't know (and of course I'm still hoping he won't need a check come January). Any way the D trip' will need money (their ad is better, but neither is brilliant). Or you could give to Ross directly. Or give him some much needed time.

Hey Ladies

I was worried a while ago about our state's lack of female candidates for the House. But this article has at least placated me somewhat about our overall ability to elect women. Although "choose a new congresswoman or two" is still pretty far out there.

The state could become the first in the union to have a female governor and two women U.S. senators.

The state, which has boasted America's highest percentage of female legislators for the past decade, is expected to extend that string. It could continue with its rare female-majority Supreme Court, elect more women to statewide office and choose a new congresswoman or two. The next state school superintendent is guaranteed to be a woman.


The lawyers for Gregoire's biggest nemesis in her time as AG gave her campaign money.

Overall, Gregoire has received more than $100,000 in campaign contributions from law firms on both sides of the tobacco battle. Contributors include law firms that split a pool of $93 million for the work they did on the state's behalf. The money was paid by the tobacco industry as part of the settlement.


"It raises questions that could have been easily avoided," said Douglas, president of Tobacco Control Law & Policy Consulting in Ann Arbor. "I'm frankly shocked. It doesn't mean she's going to do the tobacco industry's bidding, but the appearance is ugly."

Gregoire defended attending Koplow's fund-raiser in New York and accepting contributions from attorneys at his firm. "These people are friends of mine now. I spent more time with them in two years than I did with my own family," she said.

She noted that New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer also attended the fund-raiser.

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