Saturday, September 18, 2004

Library Sale

At Magnuson Park.

Rock the Rez Vote

The Lummi Nation is trying to increase voter turn out.

Edit spelling

Dear George Nethercutt;

Pick one: Either stop telling Western Washington residents that you're our neighbor because you live in Bellevue, or stop complaining about Democrats saying you've abandoned Eastern Washington.

Don't get me wrong, I love Bellevue. I'm from Western Washington. And I certainly don't begrudge you campaigning over here. But given that you're trying to convince us Western Washingtoninans that you're one of us, it isn't out of bounds to point that out to people East of the Cascades.

Kiss kiss,

Carl Ballard


Amtrak will add two new round trips a day from Seattle to Everett. The thinking is that right now people don't use the ST one because it's too inflexible. You miss the 5:13 train and you've got to take a bus all the way back.

Friday, September 17, 2004

More State Contracts

Now only the higher ed teachers classified staff are without a tentative contract.

5th District Republican Primary

Martha has a good post over at OurCongress about the Republican primary means for Barbieri's chances in November.

Matheson and the Constitution

Since she's the nominee, I was looking around Sandy Matheson's web page to get more of an idea of who's going to upset Doc Hastings come November. Anyway, I noticed she has a copy of the Constitution. That lady is all class.

My Favorite Thing to Read

About any debate is this chestnut about the first Gubernatorial debate "an opportunity for the candidates to question each other." Now if we could just get rid of the moderator questions.

Initiative Rundown

Democracy for Washington does the lifting so I don't have to:



Dino Rossi says he'll increase education and social services and not raise taxes. And he doesn't say what he'll cut. So I guess he'll just use magic. I mean the man doesn't have much of a record to speak of, but the one thing he does talk about is the no new taxes budget he passed with major help from Locke and others. And that hit education and social services. So I don't know why he thinks he can do it this time.

I Think NWCN is Ignoring Me

Over the past few weeks, I have repeatedly asked Northwest Cable News (NWCN) to explain their error in reporting John Kerry's Portland crowd of 45,000 or so as "10,000." I have not been favored with a reply.

I did follow NWCN's reporting of Kerry's August 28 Tacoma Dome crowd and noticed that NWCN failed to mention a specific crowd size. NWCN also failed to show a wide shot of the crowd and only showed a fixed shot of the stage. KIRO-7 had wide shots showing a sizeable crowd that the Seattle Times reported to be 20,000.

As many of you know, NWCN may be found on cable systems throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and Northern California. Perhaps NWCN is trying to soft-soap Kerry's overwhelming acceptance for the benefit of its viewers in the remote (and more Republican) parts of the Northwest.

Or maybe it's something bigger.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Nether Nether Land

Go there now!

In a place far, far away called Nether-Nether-land, George Nethercutt's campaign is construing a long list of deceptions about his own record and Patty Murray's. In this Netherworld, George is able to create his own magical land - a place far, far away from the truth.

Family & Education Levy Passed

In hopefully the last election results thread until November, the F&E levy gets more than the 60% 50% it needed. They should be able to weather the absentees:

LEVY YES 57494 60.97%
LEVY NO 36807 39.03%

DeLay Ethics Probe Killed

If anyone from Hastings' district wants to complain, Kos has the details:

Doc Hastings (WA-4)

...Or if you don't want to pay for a long distance phone call, here's a web forum. They won't let you through if you aren't from the district.

Monorail Recall

Back on the ballot.

36th LD

I don't think anybody has called it, so let me be the first (I feel like that Bush cousin who works at Fox News, except not). I don't see Woldt winning from this far back:

Helen Sommers (i) Dem 8,832 52.1%
Alice Woldt Dem 8,131 47.9%

Edited grammar

Dolan Weekend

From the Spokane County Young Democrats:

This weekend, the Spokane County Young Democrats will host members of the Young Democrats of Washington for a weekend of good work and lots of fun. We have a number of friends coming over from the West Coast to campaign for Laurie Dolan. We will be canvassing on Saturday from 11-3, and from 8-10 we will be bowling with Laurie. We will be out working for Laurie again on Sunday. The most exciting part of the weekend, however, will likely be a candidate dinner from 4-7 on Saturday. The Kerry-Edwards Campaign is sending Wade Sanders, a member of Sen. Kerry's "Band of Brothers," to be our special guest. It is a great honor to host Mr. Sanders, and I hope that all of you will attend our dinner, as well as participate in the rest of the weekend.

Nethercutt and Wild Sky

Second Item. Nethercutt is changing the classification of the Wild Sky proposal. Specifically he wants to create a new category of wild land and put Wild Sky in it. All this ostensibly to placate Rep. Richard Pombo, the chair of the House Resources Committee. But Nethercutt couldn't be bothered to lobby Rep. Pombo when the rest of the state caucus was writing him a letter.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Ultimate Canvassing

Patty Murray's campaign is trying to knock on 15,000 doors this weekend. Obviously they'll need a lot of people doing knocking.

State Union Gets Raise

If the legislature approves. 3.2% in 2005 1.6% in 2006.

Kenmore Cardroom Ban

Looks like they'll have gambling.

YES 1641 48.15%
NO 1767 51.85%

Nethercutt Wants 9 Debates

I like the sparing over the number of debates. It gives us something meaningless to talk about. Like this post for example. I say 9 is a fine number, but one in each Congressional district is a pretty insane way to decide where things are held. Who knew, I finally found something I agree with Nethercutt about.

PI Calls it for Senn

Aside from the 36th, that's pretty much all the contested races. So mourn the candidates who you were rooting for who lost; celebrate those who won. But get off your duff and work for them.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Second Election Thread

I can't find a statewide figure for who's voting for what party. But since no Secretary of State candidate has any opposition, I'm going to pretend they work as a substitute. I know lots of people (myself included) don't fill out the bubble sometimes when there is an unopposed candidate, but I don't see why it would happen more for one party than another.

Laura Ruderman 189,847

Sam Reed 127,158

Jacqueline Passey 3,310

...Shaun's take.

...PI calls it for Gregoire.

...IsraelHand's take.

..36th LD is a barn burner

Helen Sommers (i) Dem 1,252 50.7%
Alice Woldt Dem 1,217 49.3%

Helen Sommers (i) Dem 1,698 51.1%
Alice Woldt Dem 1,627 48.9%

...Last update tonight with just over half of the precincts in for the state:

Deborah Senn Dem 157,937 54.1%
Mark Sidran Dem 133,968 45.9%

Primary Results Thread

Some Resources:

King County.
Seattle Times

Better stuff when the polls close. By the way it's at 8:00 for those of you who haven't voted yet. Get a move on!

...Secretary of State

...Very early results have Gregoire way ahead and Senn with a big lead. These numbers will almost certainly get closer as the night goes on:
Ron Sims 2,355 20.63%
Christine Gregoire 8,331 73.00%

Deborah Senn 3,468 56.95%
Mark Sidran 2,621 43.04%

Ron Sims 38,897 23.38%
Christine Gregoire 119,398 71.78%

Deborah Senn 82,593 53.28%
Mark Sidran 72,419 46.71%

...Family & Education Levy. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it needs 60%:

YES 9321 52.18%
NO 8542 47.82%

...I love King County. Here's how we break down under party preference of the ballots counted thus far. All absentees, and they tend to be a point more conservative if CW from 5 years ago that I keep hearing is still accurate:

DEMOCRATIC D 44914 72.00%
REPUBLICAN R 16846 27.01%

...Looks good for Featured Dem Mary Helen Roberts, even if the PI can't get her name right:

Mary Roberts Dem 4,280 79.3%
Mike Huisman Dem 1,114 20.7%

...8th District. Still a lot of votes to count, but the leads are pretty commanding:

Alex Alben 2,359 21.02%
Dave Ross 5,808 51.77%
Heidi Behrens-Benedict 3,051 27.19%

Conrad Lee 831 10.73%
Dave Reichert 3,891 50.23%
Diane Tebelius 1,808 23.34%
Luke Esser 1,215 15.68%

...4th District, looks like Matheson:
Sandy Matheson 6,566 59.38%
Richard K. Wright 2,032 18.37%
Craig Mason 2,459 22.23%

...Superintendent of Public Instruction. The people everybody thought would advance are advancing, nowhere near 50%:

Judith Billings 101,994 35.85%
Teresa (Terry) Bergeson 96,692 33.98%


Here are a few of the primary election celebrations going on tonight:


8:00 p.m. at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Seattle at the corner of 6th and University


Trattoria Michelli Restaurant in Pioneer Square beginning at 8:00 PM tonight


Where: The Triple Door
Address: 216 union street
(3rd & Union)
Date: Tuesday, September 14
Time: 7:30 pm til...


Roundtable Pizza on 27th in University Place from 6:00PM to 9:00PM.


7:00-9:00. Call 425-745-9954 for directions

No Mini Casinos

Marysville will just have to make do with the giant one on the Tulalip reservation.

King County Voters Didn't Screw Up Much

12% some of it intentional is a lot better than Thurston County. I wonder what it is about the different ballots that would produce such different percentages?

Primary Day Open Thread

This is for any experiences you might have had voting. If you hate or love the new ballot. Who you're voting for, or voted for. I'll put something else up for results closer to when the polls close.

Monday, September 13, 2004


I imagine most of the people who came here won't be back. Seeing as this is about a state way out West, and you're somehow affiliated with the government of New Zealand (for example, I love the visitor logs). But for those of you who are coming back, especially Washingtonians, I couldn't pass up a chance to pitch the 5 Featured Dems. They all have a good shot at the legislature.

Mary Helen Roberts and Larry Springer are both defending vacated Democratic house seats in fairly conservative areas. Both of their ground operations are solid.

Brian Beecher and Debi Srail both have good shots at knocking out Republican house members.

Laurie Dolan is probably the best pick up opportunity in her conservative Senate seat we're likely to see in a long time. She was close in the last election, and is better known this time around. She is also facing a weaker opponent.

In all the cases, even a little money can go a long way. And an afternoon walking a precinct will go even farther (but Spokane is pretty far out of the way of New Zealand).

GOTV in Spokane

The Young Dems along with a bunch of others is looking for volunteers. Tomorrow will be important for getting out any kinks on Election day. And boost momentum for candidates going into the general.

Half of Thurston County Absentee Voters Screwed Up

Bad news. Especially for people who think the new system is better than Cajun. But election officials are able to deal with most of it. So that's good.

Monorail Recall may be Back on the Ballot

The court punted to the Seattle City Council. Who may or may not have already ruled, but I didn't see any reference.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Maybe it's an Important Post Office

Inslee's campaign has a list of things that Congress is doing tomorrow instead of re-authorizing the assault weapons ban.

Thanks to the General for the link and the suggestion. Here is what Congress is doing today:

1) Changing the name of a post office
2) Changing the name the Veterans Affairs building
3) Recognizing Bill Clinton’s birthday (an acute irony in that they are letting his legislation expire)
4) Changing the boundaries on some national parks.

Open Thread

Set the agenda. Such as it is with this page.

"Thousands of Families at Risk of Homelessness"

As a result of Bush administration cuts to housing vouchers. So says Stephen Norman, King County Housing Authority director.

Edited punctuation.

Doorbelling in Snohomish

I love Mike Cooper. I think he'll be a wonderful lands commissioner, and I've been doing some volunteering for him in the past. So yesterday I got a call from his office. After the introductory pleasantries:

"Are you free Sunday"
"Could you do some doorbelling for Mike Cooper"
Sometimes I'm a man of few words. And then she lays this on me:
"OK wonderful we're meeting in downtown Snohomish"
I thought two things simultaneously "Snohomish has a downtown?" and "That's pretty far away. Don't you have listed somewhere that I live in King County? You tricked me by asking me if I could do it first and then giving me the location." But I said:
"Sounds wonderful"

So I get there and what do you know? It isn't just Mike Cooper. It's Hans Dunshee and I-297 too. Dunshee is wonderful. He's a force of nature. And I don't know much about 297, but it seems good; I'm not fond of nuclear waste. But 3 brochures are more heavy than one.

It was Dunshee's list, and he really wants to hit every registered voter. So I talked to a lot more Republicans than normally when I do doorbelling. That's pretty good in a district like that. And Cooper is going to have to do decently there to win statewide.

The only highlight if you want to call it that was the first naked person of the season.

Final Sims Ad of the Season

Back to tax reform.

US Chamber Are the anti-Senn Scumbags

How can it be possible that they can spend a million and a half dollars on one group that's only running one set of ads against one candidate? I mean "stripper gate" involved campaigns getting money in the thousands of dollars. And it was such a huge deal, all the papers went crazy for months. I realize this has nothing to do with strippers, but neither did stripper gate.

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