Saturday, September 11, 2004

Well Then

I don't know what to say. People sending letters that to people who aren't able to do anything about their complaint. And it means it'll take a lot more time (and money?) to count votes. And you waste a vote anyway. I'm so pissed off that I can't vote for everybody I want so I'm going to not vote for anybody seems pretty crazy to me. But I got to vote for everybody I wanted to, so maybe I'm not the right person to feel sympathy.

Contract Negotiations for State Workers

As you know the union members are asking for a 5.2% increase in each of the next two years among other things. Locke's office counter offered "1.5 percent wage increase next year, followed by a 1.9 percent increase in 2006." They have until the 20th before the contract expires. They'll meet again tomorrow.

Monorail Recall Fined

For not reporting that they paid a signature gathering firm in a timely manner. It's a $1000 fine. And they have $2,603.18 on hand if I'm reading this right. But of course their recall won't be on the ballot any way.

36th District Primary

I've probably not spent enough time on the race. Either way we're going to have a fine Democrat in the legislature. But it's always upsetting when primaries get this bloody. And why don't we have the money to blanket races we might pick off Republicans in that we do for this race? I mean both sides are on TV. A lot.

Friday, September 10, 2004

What's the Most Important Issue?

I was calling people for Inslee's campaign the other day, and they had me asking people what the most important issue in the campaign is. I was thinking I should ask you guys. What issue motivates you in this election?

Edited grammar

I like how it's Patronizing

I realize the Olympian is trying to help, but this is just incredibly weird. Especially since we aren't voting for president. I mean, what's the deal with throw the other ballots away?

Puget Sound Regional Council

They are expecting some federal dollars. And they are looking for public comment on how to use the money. If you're interested in mass transit rather than cars (or the other way around), you can contact them here:

To offer your feedback on the Puget Sound Regional Council's plan for dividing $326 million in federal transportation dollars, you are invited to council meetings on Oct. 14 or 28. Or you can make comments online at www.psrc.org/ projects/tip/commentform.htm or write to Karen Richter, 1011 Western Ave., Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98104. For more information, call 206-464-6343.

8th District Democrats

Natasha of Pacific Views is also an official King County Democrats blogger. She's been doing wonderful work giving a nice rundown of everybody running for the 8th from both sides of the aisle. They are well worth a read, even if you've already made up your mind. Anyway here's the low down on:


Pizza with the Debi Srail Campaign

From an email I got from the campaign of Featured Dem Debi Srail today:

Because we had so much fun there on the night of Kerry's acceptance speech, we will be watching the returns, eating pizza, and talking politics at the Roundtable Pizza on 27th in University Place from 6:00PM to 9:00PM.

This is a great way to relax after all of your hard work in the primary, and get ready for the final two months of the campaign. It is also an opportunity to meet other volunteers, and folks from other campaigns.

Use this opportunity to ask someone about volunteering if you haven't already. I love walking precincts. It's good exercise, and you get to meet your neighbors, and really make a one on one connection. And it isn't much money, for the campaign, the cost of some hand-outs and maybe some water.

More on the Crazy Senn Attack

So they've registered with the PDC, but still claim that airing an ad about a candidate in the weeks before a contested primary election doesn't count as electioneering. Also Bruce Boram quit the Reichert campaign because he didn't want the fact that he is an unethical twit to hurt the man he's trying to get into office. Still no reply from the Reichert campaign to my email on the subject, but as I said at the time, I'm easy enough to dodge.

Brock Adams Dead at 77

Brock Adams, former U.S. Attorney, U.S. Representative (1975-1977), U.S. Senator (1986-1992), and Jimmy Carter's Secretary of Transportation, has died at his Maryland home after a battle with Parkinson's disease.

I always liked Brock. He was a good Transportation Secretary and a fine Senator. More importantly, he defeated Slade Gorton, something that didn't happen nearly often enough.

We will remember Brock Adams. And Kari Tupper, we remember you too.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Gallup Poll

From Kos. MOE +-5%:


Likely Voters

Kerry/Edwards 52
Bush/Cheney 44

Registered Voters

Kerry/Edwards 51
Bush/Cheney 39

Olympic Task Force

If we can make a profit out of the 2010 Olympics while avoiding the burden of hosting it, that would be wonderful. Of course the twin facts that it's in another country, and much of the world hates us won't be too helpful in getting tourist dollars.

Locke Endorses Bergeson

Second Item

Monorail Bid a go

Contract talks have started with Cascadia Monorail Co. Last night the Seattle Monorail Project board approved it unanimously.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

New Barbieri Ad

It's not as good as the first one, but it's still pretty good. It talks about his economic plan, that somehow looks a lot like Kerry's. I love it when we can all get on the same page like this.


I don't know enough about the specifics of I-884 to know if it's a good idea or not, but I got this in my inbox today, and I think it's worth sharing:

I wanted to ask if you’d be interested in posting something on your blog about Initiative 884, the Education Trust Fund. Earlier this year, over 300,000 Washingtonians signed a petition to put Initiative 884, the Education Trust Fund, on the November ballot in Washington State.

Education is too important to leave to the politicians. I-884 creates a dedicated education trust fund, with a built-in firewall that will protect all education funding from political meddling. The Trust Fund will provide critical new funding for pre-school, reduce class size, and expand opportunities in higher education. I-884 will be funded by increasing the retail sales tax by one percent.

Anything you can do to help spread the word would be much appreciated!

Let me know if you’re interested in helping out or would like more info or a more concise explanation. For more information, visit www.edtrustfund.org



I-884: the Education Trust Fund

GOTV in Vancouver

Democracy for Vancouver is putting on an effort to get out the vote this week. They have the phone number for contacting Scott Stark, the Kerry campaign person, at (360) 606-9096. Remember a good turn out for Kerry is probably a good turn out for the rest of the ticket.

I'd also like to point out that GOTV is a wonderful thing for Seattleites who can't make it out to the swing districts to volunteer for one of the featured Dems. A high turn out in Seattle will make a huge difference in the statewide races.

2 Options Left for the Viaduct

Either it'll be a tunnel or a replacement of the viaduct.

Another Stryker Brigade to Head to Iraq

Also based out of Ft. Lewis. They are there to replace the one that's there now.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Open Thread

Edwards in Spokane

It's tentative, but they Spokane County Young Dems are saying that he'll be there on the 15th.

...It's no longer on the main page, although the link still works. Perhaps martha can fill us in on some details.

Barbieri Passes $1 Million Raised

According to this (.pdf) press release he's raised $1,040,201.60. It's big news for a challenger. The more the merrier. And if you live in the district, but aren't volunteering, you're missing the best opportunity to take back the seat that's going to come along in a while.

Tip of the hat to Upper Left.

Gay Marriage Ruling Pro Marriage

That's two for two. One thing we're going to have to steel ourselves for is the backlash. We're going to have to fight any state hate amendment. We'll have to fight to make sure the people who have ruled in favor of gay marriage don't get turned out. And we've still got to win in the supreme court.

More Negotiations

The state unions are still at the table with the Governor's office. This week could be critical.

Talks scheduled for today, Wednesday and Thursday between negotiators from the Washington Federation of State Employees and Gov. Gary Locke's budget office could determine whether 40,000 state employees ratify their first contract under collective bargaining or form picket lines.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Union Membership Down In State

The Bremerton Sun has an article on the long term state of organized labor in Washington.

In Washington state, representation overall declined since 1983, though union membership has held fairly steady in the past decade and has increased slightly in the past four years.


Washington state ranked sixth highest in the percentage of workers in 2003 covered by a collective bargaining agreement. Of the 2.5 million workers in Washington, 20.9 percent are represented by a collective bargaining agreement, of which 19.7 percent are members of unions, according to U.S. Department of Labor statistics.

ST Still wants to go to the Airport

I've never been one of those people who was freaked out because the light rail line didn't run into the airport. I mean there were always going to be busses. Nobody was going to have to walk or hitchhike the last mile. Still, Sound Transit may be able to get all the way down to SeaTac.

Stay Out of Drug Areas

Seattle is planning on reinstating Stay Out of Drug Areas. People who are convicted of low level dealing will have the option of drug court. One of the restrictions will include areas in the city that they can't go. There are plenty of other problems with it:

Some social services workers are wary. Ron Jackson, executive director of Evergreen Treatment Services, a methadone clinic in south Seattle, said some clients on past SODA orders were arrested when simply transferring buses in a prohibited zone. Others struggled with homelessness when their preferred shelter was suddenly off-limits.


He criticized the program for moving the problem without solving it, and he worried that it may deter addicts from using such downtown services as the needle exchange and medical clinics. "You may in fact be creating a social harm (instead of) a social good."

Still, this can reduce problems in the worst hit areas. And I can't cry too much for a dealer who got off light on the condition they obey some restrictions on movement if they won't abide by those restrictions.

USS Abraham Lincoln Deploys in October

It's a bit ahead of schedule. 5000 less people in Everett probably isn't good for their economy. The article said they are going to the Western Pacific so they aren't going back to Iraq.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Kenmore Gambling

There's an initiative on the ballot in Kenmore that apparently reads "lose a cherished piece of the community or turn Bothell Way seedy." I never thought I'd see the day where more gambling was being sold as a way to keep kids off the street but there you go.

Superintendent of Public Instruction

The Daily O has a nice rundown of the candidates. I voted for Billings, but as you can read in the archives, it wasn't the most brilliant choice I've ever made.

Dear George Nethercutt

Does it hurt to constantly walk around with your pants on fire? And doesn't being on a telephone wire distract from other campaign appearances? I mean maybe that's why you're so far down in the polls.

Hearing your most recent ad about Patty Murray was classic Nethercutt lies. Did you pick 282 out of a hat? And bragging about passing laws with expiration dates in them, and then blaming your opponent for the fact that those expiration dates exist kind of borders on madness.

Also, the tax cuts you describe haven't had the stimulating effects you claim. In fact we've lost jobs since the first round of tax cuts. The Dow and the NASDAQ are down since then.

And of course if "Congress shouldn't pick winners and losers when it comes to tax relief," why have you picked giving relief to the wealthy over of the rest of us? I'm loathe to give assholes election advice, but maybe if you told the truth a bit more, people wouldn't hate you so much.

For ever and ever yours,

Carl Ballard

Maybe PCBs Are Tasty

Lake Washington has 50 sites that contribute, or are thought to contribute to PCB contamination. Obviously this means that the fish are less safe.

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