Saturday, September 04, 2004

Dead Police Dog and the First Amendment

Terri Davis' husband is a K-9 officer for the Bremerton PD. A few years ago the dog was shot to death, and the husband was shot at. Terri feels that the man who did it received too light a sentence; she's trying to get the judge who ruled on the case put out by Kitsap County voters. She made a tee shirt that says "Remember K-9 Buddy. Say NO! to Anna Laurie. Ask me why." She hands out a flier when people do ask her why.

So Davis was doing this at the Kitsap County Fair and specifically in a pavilion there when she was asked to leave the pavilion after one of Laurie's staff members talked to security. The reasons they give for asking her to leave were that she didn't pay for a booth and that she was blocking aisles. The second would be reasonable, except she says she wasn't blocking anything, and the security director of the fair backs her up. As for the fact that she didn't pay for a booth, is free speech now only for those who can afford it? You pay for logistics, and electricity, and a spot to stay, but you don't pay for speech.

Davis is being much more polite, and much more poised than I would be in the situation. She has no plans for any lawsuit. As far as I could tell from the quotes in the article she is still more interested in the Buddy killing than this incident. She doesn't seem to be bitter about having a staff member of the person she's trying to oust getting her kicked out.

That Doesn't Pass the Laugh Test

A group is running ads against Deborah Senn right before the primary. It's a 527 called Voters Education Fund, so it doesn't pass the grammar test either. They will be spending more on TV ads than either candidate. So any way, they are saying that they don't have to abide by campaign finance laws (donation limits, total hard money limits, etc.) because:

"This has nothing to do with the election," said Bruce Boram, director of the 527 group Voters Education Fund. "It's about (Senn) and what she did as insurance commissioner."

Asked why the group wanted to inform the public about Senn's record just two weeks before the primary election, Boram said, "We just wanted to get this information out."

The funny thing is that Bruce Boram also works for Reichert's campaign. And Reichert walked out of a forum because people didn't like his stand on gun control. So somebody should (and I will, but I'm easy to duck) ask him why Boram still has a job if he's so against dirty campaigning.

Letter To The Editor Week, Epilogue

I don't know how to put this politely, so I'll just say it; what the hell? I know plenty of people who read this are passionate, write well, and can synthesize things into a few paragraphs. I mean I read the comments. So it was surprising that nobody (nobody!) else wrote even one letter.

You've all got hometown newspapers. I thought this was a tangible and free way to get some good info out about our causes and to cancel out some RNC stuff this week. And maybe let reporters and editors know that leftys are out there, so um cater to us.

I realize that my ideas aren't going to register with everybody. So while I said it would be neat if everybody wrote a letter, I didn't expect it. But I did think some of you would write something. Maybe you did, but I also thought you'd like to share it here, and obviously nobody did.

While I'm somewhat disappointed (nobody!) I'm not so easily dissuaded. So I'm going to have another letter to the editor week nearer the election.

Nature is for the Wealthy

While there are more reasons than just the fee, attendance numbers at state parks have dropped 21% since fees were imposed on visiting state parks. And it looks like the trend is continuing this year.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Last Letter From Me
But there's still time for you to write something

To: Editor, Puget Sound Business Journal
RE: Washington Reps. seek relief from Enron contracts

Thank God for Representatives Jay Inslee and Rick Larsen. When the FERC and the Bush administration refuse to hold Enron accountable, thank goodness two Washington State Reps. are up to the task. Of course companies shouldn't have to honor contracts negotiated when Enron was manipulating the market. Of course we shouldn't have to pay for Enron for prices they "jammed right up [our] a--hole for f----ing $250 a megawatt hour" to quote the Enron tapes. It's too bad that the Bush administration and the Republican congress are still siding with Enron, and not Western ratepayers.

My Real Name
My Address
My Phone Number

Superintendent of Public Instruction

I haven't a clue how I'm going to vote here. It will almost definitely come down to Billings and Bergeson in the general, so it isn't too bad; I'll get to re-examine my choice in a couple months. I think I'm going to vote for Billings because she's less likely to get over 50% (if any non-partisan races get over 50%, they win --I think, someone can correct me, if I'm wrong). But if less than 50% is the only goal, I could vote for one of the also rans. Blomstorm has a special place in my heart for telling me to "join the 21st century" for not wanting to see president Bush executed (see comments, and yeah, I've linked there a few times now, but it's so bizarre). So who are you guys voting for and why?

Stranger Endorsements

The Stranger's are the only paper's endorsements that matter. And here they are. The biggest surprise was that they endorsed Sidran. And they are supporting Republicans who are "the Craswell Ticket" who they hope will go down in flames in the general.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Latest Sims Ad

He plays up his Eastern Washington roots. I'm a sucker for biography ads, so I'm a sucker for this. But I already voted for him, so I don't need convincing. Also, is past tense the right tense if I've filled out the bubble, but haven't finished filling out my ballot, and haven't mailed it in yet?

Ruderman one of the Dean Dozen

I won't pretend to know enough about Dean's post-primary work to know what this will do for her. He certainly can get some people excited. It will probably get her some money, and that can really make a difference downticket. And maybe it will make some people more willing to volunteer for her.

Edited cleaned up a bit.

Light Posting Tomorrow

I have work and then I'm going to Bumbershoot. So I don't know if I'll be able to get anything written. You should feel free to post your letters to the editor. Or you could just use this as an open thread.

Letter Number 4

To: Editor Tri-Ctiy herald
RE: Health care project receives grant

It is certainly good to see the federal government helping provide healthcare to Washington's uninsured. And a grant of nearly $1 million will go a long way. But with nearly one in seven Washingtonians lacking coverage, it's time for universal health coverage in the whole state. This will ease the burden and rescind the uncertainty of people without healthcare. Washington can do better, but we can't wait around for the other Washington

MoveOn Endorses Patty Murray

Good on her. MoveOn is endorsing 4 women running for Senate. And Patty is the only incumbent. This will probably boost her fundraising a bit.

Letter To the Editor Week Ctd.

If you're so inclined you could write the PI, and ask them how much chapstick they need after kissing McKenna's ass so hard. But do it politely.

Edited for grammar.

Your Presidential Ballot Got Thicker

Nader is on the ballot in Washington. It is letter to the editor week, so someone might want to write a letter to the PI, or you know, every other news outlet that's covering this and urge Washingtonians not to vote for him. Just a thought.

Second Gay Marriage Lawsuit

This is the ACLU lawsuit. It's more broad than the King County one because it covers the whole state and a couple that already got married in Canada. A ruling will probably be passed down next week. And most people think it will eventually get combined with the other one and be heard by the supremes.

Lead in the Water

At two Lake Washington Schools.

Edited because I couldn't even spell lead right.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Inslee's Blog Gets it Right

I've been pissed off about the band-aid purple heart crap at the Republican convention. I never served in the military, but I don't see why anyone would make fun of that service from anyone. We didn't attack Bob Dole or George H. W. Bush for their service. But apparently that's part and parcel of the modern Republican party. What this has to do with Washington State is that the Inslee campaign blog hits the nail on the head. The Republican party has been treating vets poorly for some time, and this is just one more example.

The bottom line is that while we are fighting multiple wars overseas, while there have been almost 4,000 purple hearts awarded to our brave troops in Iraq; the Republican Party believes that a hateful political stunt is more important than the honor of our veterans. This is the real definition of "shock and awe."

A Little Late in the Game

But the state has come out on the right side of the Lake Roosevelt pollution clean up. The more pressure the better.

Letter Number Three
And feel free to write your own, as this is letter to the editor week

To: The Editor, The Columbian
RE: State SAT scores again beat average

Once again Washington has done better than the national average on our SATs. While there are many reasons for this, two are our Democratic governors, and our reluctance to try risky schemes out on our children. Democrats have invested heavily in education for two decades, even while the national trend was away from such things.

We've also avoided the failed experiments that other states have tried. Charter schools and putting public money into private schools through vouchers have failed the people of other states, and we have done well to avoid them.

We've been above the national average for some time, and the best way to continue is to vote for the Democratic candidate for governor and to keep charter schools out of Washington.

My Real Name

Gay Marriage Round Three Kicks Off

King County (although the prosecutor, not Sims, for whatever electioneering it's worth, and it wouldn't be much anyway, since he's still the best on the issue) has appealed the gay marriage ruling.

Reichert is a Crybaby

He won't even sit in the same room as members of his own party who've criticized him. And really not that crazy. They don't like he's an advocate of stricter gun control, or how he managed his office. It isn't like they said he eats babied or something.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Locke In Asia

It'll be his last trade mission. It's in China from Sept. 15th to the 24th. He'll be trying to get Washingtonian investment specifically in the 2008 Olympics, and in Viet Nam among other things.

Heavy Ballot

You need two stamps if you're sending back the King County absentee ballot by mail. Or you could take it into the polling place by hand. Also does anyone else think the pen asking "Did you remember to choose a party?" on the security envelope is adorable?

...I guess I should read the articles I link to instead of having heard the info 2 days earlier and assume it's still relevant.

The county has agreed to make up the difference, using part of $2 million from the state to cover the extra costs of the Sept. 14 primary. So voters only need to put a 37-cent stamp on the envelope.

Letter Number Two

To The Editor, The Olympian
RE: Senate candidate Nethercutt gets moment before convention

George Nethercutt is lying again. From term limits, to port security George Nethercutt can't seem to find the truth on the campaign trail. On Monday before the Republican Convention he said "we have fought terrorists on their own soil" referring to Iraq. In fact George Nethercutt should know that Iraq has nothing to do with 9/11, or any terrorist threat to the United States. When will Nethercutt stop lying?

(name and phone number, etc is in their forum)

...Sadly sent before running a spell check. Stupid me. But It's been corrected here, and they'll run it right if they run it.

NARAL Endorsements

It's how I chose judges. I just blindly follow this for the nonpartisan races. Although it's a bit tougher to follow than it has been in the past. There's probably somewhere where it's laid out better. But I don't see it.

And while I was there, I found this. You can go out and support some of the candidates in the primary who NARAL likes.

Dean and Pelosi in Town Open Thread

...Dean is also going to be doing his own thing at the UW.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Nethercutt at RNC

Does anyone know where I can find the text?

Spokane County Young Dems Registering Voters

They'll have a push in the last 30 days that people can get registered and have it count before the general. Here's the details.

...If you're not registered to vote, go here.

State Income Stagnant, Poverty Up

According to the Census Bureau.

Doorbelling With the Roberts Campaign

I was going to mention this yesterday but it slipped my mind. Two things from an otherwise uneventful day ringing door bells. First, I felt kind of bad supporting Mary Helen Roberts here even though there is a primary. Apparently her opponent has run for office as a Republican before. So while I support one's right to change parties, and encourage people to come to the fold, I have no problem thinking I made the right decision supporting her.

Second, Mary Helen's campaign will have a returns watching party on primary day. September 14 from 7:00-9:00. Call 425-745-9954 for directions.

Letter Number 1

To:Editor Seattle Times
Re:Former GOP officials urge party to "come back to mainstream"

When even members of Bush's own party are taking out full page ads in the New York Times denouncing him, George W. Bush needs to come back to common sense. He needs to consider all sides of the issues, and he needs to work across party lines. Instead he has alienated even moderates of his own party. America deserves a president who can do better.

My Real Life Name
My Phone Number
My Address

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Letter to the Editor Week

Here's my modest proposal. I want everyone who's reading this to write a letter to the editor about some candidate or issue that you feel is important some time between now and the end of the day Friday. Even if only one percent get published that's a half dozen times we influenced the election just this week.

Of course writing about a Featured Dem would be wonderful. But you can also mention some other candidate, we've got so many good ones up and down the ticket. I'll give a special shout out to Mike Cooper, since I'm using his tool. Write about some initiative that you're passionate about. Write about why some Republican is slimy. Write about why a paper's coverage has been good or bad. It takes 10 minutes to write a killer letter, and they'll clean up the crazy syntax and bad spelling if they do run it. Feel free to write more than one if the spirit moves you.

...You can post any letters here if you want to share them. Or if they run a bit long, you can email me.

Open Thread

WiFi on the Ferries

For the Bainbridge Island commuters who want to work instead of take in the views, or you know relax for a moment. And for tourists who really just want to play online. And if you're reading this from a ferry, hi. But there is a pretty cool view, unless it's somehow cloudy on the Sound.

Backyard Blog

The Seattle Times has decided to get people under 35 to blog about local politics. Hello! Some of us didn't need the Times' permission. Anyway I'll include the link in the blogger roll, and hopefully it won't be awful.


To see John Kerry in Tacoma. Or as NWCN is probably reporting, a dozen or so.

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