Saturday, August 28, 2004

Locke Endorsed Gregoire

I must have missed it in light posting mode. So I'm sure most of you saw this somewhere, but just in case you missed it, here you go.

Dear George Nethercutt;

You've got so little credibility at this point, it shouldn't surprise me that you're lying. But when retired coast guardsmen call bullshit on your smear ad against Patty Murray, it's kind of pathetic even for you. They said "The ad you are running is simply not true, and we request that you remove it from the airwaves." I mean really, what's next, an ad about how you'll limit yourself to 3 terms in the Senate?

Later Skater,

Carl Ballard

Green Lake Rapist

They just put out a sketch and a discription. Anyone with info can call 206-684-8643.

He is described as white, in his mid-20s, about 5 feet 10 inches with a medium build and light-brown, wavy hair. He was last seen wearing a dark sweatshirt or jacket, possibly with a hood; dark cargo pants; and boots.

Median Income Growth

We're Number 2:

According to Census figures released Thursday, median household income in the state grew from $45,186 in 2001-2002 to $46,863 in 2002-2003; a growth rate of 3.7 percent exceeded only by North Dakota's 4.3 percent growth. Idaho and West Virginia were the only other states to show median household income growth while 10 states reported declines and the rest reported no change.

Kerry in Town Open Thread

Discuss John at the Q&A, at the Tacoma Dome, or wherever. Did you like it? Did you go?


I don’t get to attend too many $100 a head fundraisers, so this was quite a treat. Judging from the Convention reports on other blogs, you’re supposed to name the famous people you talked to, as if anyone gives a damn. So here you go: Rick Steves, Rick Steves’ wife, King County Councilwoman Carolyn Edmonds, Mike Cooper, Paul Berent, Featured Dem and future state rep, Larry Springer, who I didn’t talk to, but only tripped over, sorry again Larry. Also, I didn’t say anything to her, but Heidi Behrens-Benedict has a couple band-aids right on her face. Does anyone know what happened?

So anyway the thing starts. Berent goes out and apparently he likes our candidates. Who’d a thunk it? He made an interesting point that we’re contending in all but 5 seats in the legislature, while the Repubs aren’t competing in dozens. He called the opposition to Dems running for US house only token opposition. Have I mentioned before that I’m not thrilled with that kind of talk?

He also said that we were the grass roots. It seemed strange at a $100 a head dinner, but I applauded nonetheless.

Dow Constintine MCd. I thought he did a wonderful job. Funny. He dressed down more and more as the night went on. It was sort of a running gag.

The party was giving awards, like Noah in pairs one to a woman and one to a man. It’s fair and it’s probably good to do it that way.

Ruderman gave a nice speech. Katherine Harris proved how important the Secretary of State is. Voters need to be able to verify their vote on electronic machines.

I was surprised to realize that this was the first time I’d seen either Gregoire or Sims speak at a campaign event. I’d seen Sims before, but not for this. I’d heard them both interviewed on the radio. But live the feel was different.

Gregoire was decent, but not wonderful. She talked about going to Republican parts of the state and getting high turn out. She said that they need jobs, an education and healthcare there too. So this time we have to fight for every vote even from Republicans. She also said that Dino Rossi was hand picked by George W. Bush, but that he should look out for his own election before messing with Washington. She had a nice line that the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth will find no safe harbor in Washington.

Then Sims spoke. He wasn’t on. I don’t know if it was months of campaigning as the underdog, or if he just had a bad night. His introduction of his tax plan didn’t work too well. And since it’s the best thing about his campaign, I hope that it was a one time thing. He got better when he talked about things Democrats achieved. Nobody thought we’d go to the moon, nobody thought we’d get women the right to chose, nobody thought Tom Foley would win his seat until a Democrat showed us those things could happen. And we can change the country and the world with John Kerry.

Then came Garrison Keilor. He was phenomenal. He said he was glad to be in Washington because it was as far away as one could get from New York this week. There was a band behind him, and he would sometimes turn and talk to the piano player, or the drummer.

He said that the Democrats rise in defense of vulnerable people oppressed by bullies. The Republicans are bullies because they want to put the 10 commandments in courts and schools. If they weren’t bullies, they would want the beatitudes.

Liberals need to take back the flag. And we need to take back God. And we need to take back the Star Spangled Banner. The song is about the fragility of the nation. That if that flag hadn’t yet waved, and the British had won the war of 1812 the American experiment would have failed and we’d all hear about Washington and Jefferson as traitors. But instead we won, and we’re a nation. And then he had us all sing the Star Spangled Banner.

He talked about how something has gone wrong with Republicans. They used to be about fiscal discipline, but now they spend, spend, spend. And if Bush can’t separate himself from the Swift Boat garbage, he doesn’t deserve to command our troops. Then he led us singing America the Beautiful to end his performance.

Patty Murray finished off the night. She thanked us for our work, but said we need to do more work. Kerry wanted to be here but he just couldn’t. Maria Cantwell is wonderful on energy; she’s exposing crooks. They are working together to get more Washingtonians healthcare. Currently 1/7 Washingtonians don’t have healthcare and that’s bad, and a different president can fix it.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Alex Alben Ads

Scroll down, they're on the right.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Patty Murray Port Ad

Just saw an ad where she details the good stuff she's done for port security. It's her best advertisement yet. I'll put up a link when I see one on her page.

But I'd like to note something she's done in all her ads that I think will become more common. Instead of saying "I'm Patty Murray, and I approved this ad" in a disjointed way, she says "I'm Patty Murray, and I approved this ad because" and then mentions the theme of the ad. I think this works better. It seems more natural.

State Workers Authorized Possible Vote on a Strike

Obviously that doesn't mean that a strike is imminent. But it is another step in that direction. They are looking at 5.2% wage increases for 2005 and 2006. They also want to secure health benefits, and make sure their jobs aren't outsourced.

Doorbell With Srail

Featured Dem Debi Srail is doorbelling this Sunday in the Fircrest precinct. From an email I got from the campaign:

Come help us as we doorbell an entire precinct in one day! This Sunday, August 29, we will be joined by several volunteers from the Coordinated Campaign in an attempt to knock on every door the 411 Precinct. We will be meeting at the usual place, the Cutter's Point Coffee Shop on 27th and Bridgeport, at 2:30 PM, and hope to be finished by 6:00.

You can RSVP at electdebisrail-at-hotmail-dot-com.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Strategic Vision Poll

here. 8/25 MOE +-3%. 8/13 in parenthesis.

Kerry: 49% (51%)
Bush: 43% (42%)

Kerry: 48% (49%)
Bush: 43% (42%)
Nader: 2% (1%)

Murray: 49% (49%)
Nethercutt: 41% (40%)

Good news in the state, except for Patty below the 50% mark. But she's got a large war chest, and is over 50 in most polls I've seen. Also, we're a bit higher than the nation as a whole (if you can judge from poll to poll, and you can't) in our disbelief of Kerry's truth about Viet Nam. So that's a bit strange.

...Although the words "could be true" leave a lot of room for people with a passing familiarity with the story.

Gregoire's Environmental Plan

Read it here(.pdf). I was interested in the section on the regulatory system. It's the toughest piece of the puzzle of keeping the area green. Making sure regulations are enforced, and up to the task is so critical.

Light Posting Through the Week

Well you've already seen some light posting today. But it'll probably get worse until late Friday/ early Saturday. So sorry about that.

777 Order

18 airplanes for sure, and maybe as many as 31 for Singapore.

RIP Bob Dunn

It really is a contrast between people like Dunn and today's current crop of Republicans. It's a damn shame to see him go.

More Info on Kerry's schedule

Here's a little more detail about where he's going to be. And campaign finance is still broken if this is even near true:

The money raised at the Seattle event will not go directly to the Kerry campaign. It is for a fund called "Kerry-Edwards Victory 2004," whose name is on the invitation.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Magnuson Awards

I just got invited for doing volunteer stuff with Inslee in the past. If I can get off work, I'll definitely go. Nothing like seeing Garrison Keillor, and a special guest (please be Kerry, please be Kerry) for free.

Kerry in town Friday

I still think he should spend more time in actual swing states, rather than this pretend swing state. I guess times will be announced tomorrow. But he should be in Everett, Seattle, and Tacoma on Friday.

Logging in King County Owned Lands

Although through magic that I don't really understand the county forester thinks that it will mean that things will grow faster.

FAA to put new Tower in Spokane International Airport

$22 Million not a bad price.

...Oops. I guess I made up a decimal point.

Pelz Wants ST Stations Named by Communities

Right now they are named for the street they let people off at. I think that's simple, and probably correct. But Dwight Pelz wants the station names outside the bus tunnel to be up to locals. If they do change the names, I hope they go nuts, and all of them decide to name themselves Pioneer Square.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Barbieri Ad

Stand up triple. The testimonials from other people work really well. The way he connects business needs to things like education and healthcare. The way he shows that you can both be a successful businessman and a stand up guy. He's all class. The music I could do without.

Sidran Ad

It looks like it's better than the masks at the convention ad. But I didn't see the ad on the Sidran site, or you know, TV so I don't know for sure.

...It's there now. Scroll down a bit.

Gregoire's All White Sorority

Chris Gregoire was in a sorority that didn't allow minority or non-Christian membership. And while she did try to get the policy changed, she was still an active member for 4 years.

King County Councilman Larry Gossett, who was president of UW's Black Student Union at the same time Gregoire was president of Kappa Delta, says Gregoire's brand of activism was a toothless response to racism.

"If we had listened to the kind of logic that Christine Gregoire was putting forth, it would've been another 20 years before we saw any significant gains," said Gossett.

Interestingly it was against the rules for any UW affiliated organization to ban members based on race dating back to 1948. So Gregoire may well have been able to make a bigger difference from outside. Or at least when she became the chair of the UW chapter of the sorority.

PI Endorses Murray

I don't usually cover endorsements. I mean they aren't that newsworthy, and aside from The Stranger, I don't think they sway very many voters (except the Times for Lieberman, woo that did wonders, he'd have won if he hadn't dropped out). But it is a bit unusual that the PI would endorse someone running unopposed in the primary this early. So yay on them for their re-elect editorial yesterday.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Open Thread

Dean and Pelosi in town

The Campaign for a New Majority and Democracy for America are having a fundraiser at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center on Pier 66. It's $100-$1000 so it's too rich for me. It's Aug. 31, a week from Tuesday. Here's what Jay Inslee's page says:

Join Governor Howard Dean, future Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and six members of Washington's Congressional Delegation at Pier 66! The proceeds from this event will go to benefit Campaign for a New Majority, a joint venture of the DCCC and Democracy for America focused on winning back the House this November.

And here's where you can RSVP.

Yet Another Reason to Stay out of Prison

There's E. coli in the beef.

SeaTimes Plays Ethical to Cover Own Ass

On its front page, the Seattle Times applauds itself for firing veteran Times business columnist Stephen Dunphy. The sin, it seems, was cutting and pasting items from the net without attribution.

But I'm not fooled. The clue came when the Blethen gang was "wrestling with the [Dunphy] problem . . . with guidance from the people in the Human Resources Department." As a recovering corporate victim, I know that they included the "people" in Human Resources because they wanted to find some way to get rid of Mr. Dunphy while making it look like Dunphy's fault. Nobody should ever look to these sharks to make any sort of ethical decision. In general, they don't know the meaning of the word. I wonder if Dunphy was asking for more money.

I believe that Dunphy should be forgiven for his cut-and-paste error. Although we would expect better from a reporter for a responsible newspaper, Dunphy was writing for the Seattle Times, a regional, semi-interesting, bush-endorsing collection of wasted newsprint and ink that is run by a corrupt and inbred fourth-generation family cartel who lost its sense of purpose several generations ago. In that context, Dunphy hardly stands out.

What's up with the Giraffe?

The new ad campaign on the primary is out. I like the low budget hokeyness. It says, we're trying to educate you, but not waste your money. But I didn't realize that a giraffe, a pig, and geese were the symbol of nonpartisan races. Is the giraffe a judge? Superintendent of public instruction?

Featured Dems

I think highlighting those 5 went pretty well. We have 2 candidates who are running to keep seats in the D column. And we have 3 who have a good shots at taking out 3 sitting Repubs. I settled on 5, because I figure $20 per person is $100 and if anybody gives more than 100 bucks on my behalf this election cycle, I'd be shocked. And I didn't want to spread the donations too thin (there aren't that many of you readers). Of course this means that some wonderful candidates got left out.

A few hours, and a strong push on election day will make a huge difference. It's more important than money, although that is also necessary.

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