Saturday, August 21, 2004

If he can't even Manage his own Finances

I wouldn't trust James Holschen Jr with mine.

Everett Transit Tax Referendum

ET is going to have a tax referendum on the primary ballot. Service has already been cut some, but if the tax increase passes, then ET will go back to the old schedule. If it fails service will be cut even further especially on weekends.

This article talks about how such cuts could hurt the disabled.

Judges Elected in Primary

It's still good, even though less people will probably be voting in this primary.

Nurse Strike

Group Health is going to be without their nurses for a week, unless a contract can be agreed on by Monday. The demands are keeping medical care affordable, and higher pay.

Tim Eyman has Gone From Annoying to Crazy

After the Washington State Department of Revenue with US Census figures showed that because of the recession and recent tax cuts, the tax burden in the state is lower than it's been in decades, Eyman had this to say:

"A government agency can say that the tax burden isn't that bad, but anybody reading their tax bill will quickly dismiss that notion," Eyman told The Spokesman-Review newspaper in Spokane. "In particular, property taxes are obscene and unsustainable."

I mean come on, who you gonna believe, Tim Eyman, who has no stake whatsoever, except for the initiatives that he pays himself to run, or the state? And it isn't like he actually provides other facts to bolster his claim. Just said that since a state agency said it it must be false.

Friday, August 20, 2004

PI Editorial Board Interviews

TVW has the PI Editorial Board interviews for various positions. You can listen to some of them free here. I assume governor and Atty. General will become available at some point.


It must be campaign season because I was polled for the second time in as many weeks. This time by a group called "Helping Hands Support." Based on the questions I'm guessing they wanted to get results that would show that Washington (or wherever they are calling) is actually a hotbead of rightwing support. No highlights because it was a robocall and thus I couldn't have interactions with an actual human.

ITEP on Sims' Tax Plan

The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy likes Sims' tax plan(.pdf). I'd say pay particular attention to the graphs on page 2 and 4 for tax fairness if the plan gets implemented. I don't know anything about ITEP, but just looking around their webpage, they look to be a somewhat lefty group.

WEA Endorses Billings for Superintendent of Public Education

The main disagreement was over WASL. They don't like Terry, to say the least. At least they didn't endorse David Blomstrom.

And as a side note, AIDS drugs have come a long way if Billings got the disease in the Early 80's and is still OK.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Democrats on Rossi

Here's a good place to go if you want the goods on Dino Rossi.

Tacoma Judge Upholds DOMA

It's a federal case involving bankruptcy of a lesbian couple from BC. I don't know how much of a setback it is.

Survey USA Polls

From Kos


SurveyUSA (PDF). 8/15-17. MoE 4.1% (8/3 results)

Kerry 51 (51)

Bush 43 (43)


Murray (D) 53 (51)

Nethercutt (R) 39 (40)

Doorbell with the 45th LD Candidates

Although Jay Inslee does have an opponent, he's campaigning for other Democrats. His campaign is recruiting people to go door to door for the 45th legislative district candidates, including Featured Dem Larry Springer. Here's the info:

WHEN: Saturday, August 21 - 10:00 AM

WHERE: Larry Springer's House
700 20th Avenue W
Kirkland, WA

HOST: Jay Inslee

INFO: Join us as we knock on doors for Larry Springer, candidate for the State House in the 45th Legislative District.

It doesn't say when it ends, but I'm pretty sure it's noon.

Featured Dem: Mary Helen Roberts

There seems to be some interest in the Democrats running for the legislature where our time and money can make a difference. I'm featuring a few Democrats and hopefully it will funnel some cash, and more importantly boots on the ground to their campaigns. The last Featured Dem is Mary Helen Roberts.

There is a primary, so she may not be the nominee, but Roberts is one of the best people running for office this season. Mary Helen Roberts is a longtime advocate for children. I know there isn’t an anti-children lobby, but as the Children’s Campaign Fund’s chair, she has actually gone out and done things. Here’s what they stood for last year under her guidance.

The seat is the one currently held by Mike Cooper. His run for Commissioner of Public Lands made it an open seat. While there are 3 Democrats elected in the district, it isn’t a sure thing, especially in an open seat. So you can really help sure it up for the Democrats.

You can volunteer here. I'm signed up for doorbelling Aug. 29th.

She rather primitively doesn't take internet contributions. But she does let you know about more traditional ways.

If you would like to help the Committee to Elect Mary Helen Roberts, please send donations to:

Committee to Elect Mary Helen Roberts
6710 128th Street SW
Edmonds , WA 98026

We can also take credit card donations over the phone by calling (425) 745-9954.

In accordance with the Public Disclosure Commission: The maximum allowable donation is $675 per election. The primary and general are considered separate elections. If contribution exceeds $100 please include your employer, occupation, and employer address. Your contribution is not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


From Democracy For Washington, I learn that there is going to be a Get Out The Vote push by the Wellstone Action Fund. They will train volunteers the weekend of Sept. 11 and 12 in Seattle if you can make it.

Cantwell's Democratic Address

I missed it but thank's to Shaun for catching it, so I don't have to. Anyway here are some choice exerpts on energy policy.

"America is not a third-world country that can't guarantee power to its citizens. We are not a country without resources, technology or ingenuity," Cantwell said in the weekly Democratic radio address.

"But we are a country without mandatory rules for performance and coordination of our electricity grid, because Washington Republicans and their special interests refuse to do what's right for the country by passing new electricity rules that hold violators accountable."

Home Healthcare Workers Contract

They just negotiated a contract with Catholic Community Services, who are the largest employer of home healthcare workers in the state. A 4.3% raise. A better dental package. Although CCS is the largest in the state, there is still a lot more work to do. Especially for the state employees.

BPA Rate Cut

The Bonneville Power Administration said it expects to reduce wholesale power rates between 5 percent and 7.5 percent beginning Oct. 1. The federal agency supplies wholesale power to several Northwest utilities, as well as individual large companies.

Harbor Island Fine

Washington Group International, who were working on clean up of Harbor Island were fined nearly $50K for illegal dumping into Elliot Bay and worker safety problems. And let's just say that the whistle blower, Ron Slater, deserves a hell of a lot of credit there. He's had his career hurt to do the right thing. I don't know if I could do the same thing in his situation.

Sims Runs on Sound Transit

Some people had been saying that ST would hurt him. I never thought that. It was always popular in the metro area, and unpopular, but relatively unknown in the rest of the state. But Sims' decision to run on his chairmanship of ST seems to be working.

But recent polls suggest King, Snohomish and Pierce county voters' perception of Sound Transit may be more favorable than it has been in years. Democrats apparently are especially supportive: Those with a favorable impression of the agency in one survey outnumbered those with an unfavorable view, 58 percent to 23 percent.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Spokane County CEO Resigns

CEO is Spokane County Exec. I guess. Anyway Francine Boxer was arrested for DUI, and it was her second offense. And while I think her license should have been taken away, I don't think you resign over this. Especially if you're still pleading innocence. It didn't have her party, so maybe one of my Eastern Washington readers can fill us in on that.

11,600 net new jobs

We account for just over a third of the new net jobs created in July, most of that was in the Puget Sound area. But our unemployment lags behind the rest of the country by half a point.

NWCN Update

As our regular readers may recall, our drones here in the Report War Room caught Northwest Cable News (NWCN) in an apparent lie after NWCN reported that the Kerry crowd in Portland on Friday was "10,000." As we all know, every other source reported that the Kerry crowd was between 40,000 and 60,000. Despite three automated responses, NWCN has yet to answer or provide a source for their report.

As most of you have probably guessed, I am the least of the many peons toiling away here at the Report's spacious Conference Center and Bait Shop, located just west of the Pysht Hilton. Please stop by and say hello. Although I normally spend my days trying to outwit my cat, I will forego that simple pleasure and hereby pledge to follow up on this. I plan to pester NWCN each and every day until I get a coherent response. Squeaky wheel and all that. And as Muffin will tell you, I can be quite the pest.

Note: NWCN carried Kerry's speech live and I watched. Any idiot could see that the crowd was far more that "10,000."

Note II: NWCN is owned by Belo Broadcasting of Dallas, who also owns KING-5 and KONG-6/16 in Seattle, KREM-2 and KSKN-22 in Spokane, KGW-8 in Portland, Texas Cable News, and 15 television stations and 5 newspapers across the country. Although Belo CEO Robert W. Dechard is big buddies with George Dubya, Belo's reactionary Dallas Morning News reported that Kerry's crowd was 45,000.

3 Strikes Law Hits Lower Level Criminals

There have been fewer 3 strike prosecutions than people expected since I-593. 229. There have been murders, and rapes, but 94, more than any other category were robberies.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Laurie Dolan at League of Women Voters Forum

The details from her webpage.

City of Spokane Council Chambers
808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.

Wed. Aug 18th starting at 6:30pm.
Arrive early; seating is limited.

Inslee Energy Plan

I'd like to say for the record that the posts on Inslee's blog written by Inslee should be posted by Inslee. It's jarring to see "posted by matt" and then read stuff in the first person, and realize it's Inslee. And then at the end "--Jay Inslee" I don't need that. But be that as it may, this post by Inslee is a good one. And yes, he probably could use an editor, but who couldn't?

At our rally with the Sierra Club, the Steelworkers, and the Washington State Labor Council we celebrated this unique alliance between the labor and environmental
Community, and highlighted the dynamic plan known as the New Apollo Energy Project that I am leading in the House of Representatives. Our plan will accomplish three ambitious, but achievable goals:
1: Break our addiction to Mid-East oil so that no American son or daughter ever has to die for oil
2: Stop global warming, and
3: Grow three million new jobs in high tech industries in the next six years.

You can find more about our effort at www.apolloalliance.org.

Contract Signed

I didn't see it online, but I heard on the radio that the grocery union contract was signed. So some counties still are working on the old contract, and some are using the new one. If anyone has a link I'd be grateful.

Washington National Guard Family Readiness Fundraiser

Washington National Guard Family Readiness a group based out of Walla Walla is having a raffle to get supplies for the troops. Kleenex, cameras, and candy, according to this article. You can email thestation@charter.net for more info.

Capitol Hill Improvements

The PI has a nice article on what the city is doing to improve Broadway and Capitol Hill. Things to improve the business of the area. Some of those things include:

*Extending the Alcohol Impact Area.

*More police patrols.

*Changing zoning so buildings can rise over 40'.

*City façade-improvement grants

Tax Refund Loansharking

Currently if you have a refund on your taxes, you can get a loan from many banks and other similar institutions. Seattle City Councilman Rasmussen is proposing that when you get those loans they have to inform you of potential pitfalls. They will also have to disclose other options. These options usually have lower interest rates, but aren't immediate.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Statewide Motor Scooter Laws

The ban has come to a few cities. I don't care about the noise. I don't think it's too unsafe. But plenty of people disagree with me. And some of them are in the legislature.

Open Thread

Chit chat.

We're Slipping

Washington seatbelt use has gone down from first to second in the nation. Damn you Hawaii!

Was There an Estate Tax I Missed?

The Seattle Times had an editorial on Sims' tax plan. They call it "impractical." They were pretty hedgy. They had nice thing after nice thing to say about it but then said that it would never get through the legislature, so fuck it (note, that may not be an exact quote).

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